> Commercial Syndication Services


We offer a commercial export service for commercial web sites, integration in fee based services or company intranets. This service features many enhancements:

  • a wide variety of exports formats (most RSS flavors, custom XML, JavaScript, HTML, etc). Custom formats are available upon request.
  • Direct access to headline links
  • You can build a feed by choosing search patterns.
  • and much more over time...

This service is available on NewsKnowledge. Cost is based on the number of original feeds you want to access and on how many custom feed we build for you.

> Personal Syndication Services

For personal and non-commercial usage, most sources listed on this site are available in RSS format. The blue RSS logo on the source information page links to the corresponding RSS feed (if there is no blue logo, then the source is not available for exports). These feeds are available in two flavors:

  • Free Services: basic RSS feeds, containing title and links to the latest article for a given feed. No support requests will be granted for those feeds.
  • Customizable feeds part of the Premium Export Service: choose which RSS version you want, include all items, with descriptions (if available), etc.

These exports may NOT be used in a commercial service (including intranets or software used business purposes). They may however be used on non-commercial web sites, for non governmental organizations, personal use of headline viewers, etc.

These feeds are ideal for Headline Readers, such as AmphetaDesk, Headline Viewer or Radio Userland, and for portal software such Post-Nuke, phpNuke, or Drupal. If you are going to use them for personal reasons or non-commercial sites, you do not need to register with us (however, websites need to comply with our terms of service and display our logo). For commercial usage, see above.

These files are subject to our Terms Of Service.

Service List

The current list of all sources which are available for exports is available in several formats (OPML, OCS, XML) upon request. However, these files extremely large and should not be downloaded very often.

If the feeds in those lists were gathered from public RSS feeds, the location of that feed is given. Otherwise, if the source is build by scrapping web pages, the location of the NewsIsFree provided RSS feed is given.

All the NewsIsFree provided feeds are subject to our
Terms Of Service.

Like Weblogs.com, we publish a list of recently updated sites in OPML. It includes sites which changed in the last hour and comes in two flavors: one with the links to HTML pages for each updated source, and another one which contains RSS links. In addition, both contain the id of the source on this site, and on Syndic8 (if available). Details about the other fields can be found on weblogs.com.

Finally, we offer a number of special RSS feeds:

To find more RSS feeds, you might what to check out Syndic8.

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