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tagesanzeiger.ch [Switzerland] [DE]
Black Entertainment USA [Weblogs A-D] [EN]
Black Entertainment has been moved to its own site. Please check www.blackentertainmentblog.com for all current updates. The site continues to be my views on the medias perceptions of Black/African American and Hispanic entertainers.
ОБКОМ [Ukraine] [RU]
Газета "Общественная коммуникация"
Rolling Stone: At the Movies with Peter Travers [PodCasts] [EN]
Peter Travers can keep your night out from being a flop
RollingStone.com Politics [Politics] [EN]
RollingStone.com Politics
Rolling Stone: Out There with David Fricke [EN]
Fricke's Picks : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily
Rolling Stone: Out There with David Fricke [Weblog, Music] [EN]
Fricke's Picks : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily
Akismet Blog [Weblogs A-D] [EN]
Just another WordPress weblog
Marvel Podcasts [PodCasts] [EN]
Marvel.com podcast, from Marvel Entertainment.
Comme Au Cinema : Bandes-Annonces de la semaine [FR]
Retrouvez les bandes annonces des films de la semaine.
Comme Au Cinema : Bandes-Annonces de la semaine [Movies, Video Podcasts] [FR]
Retrouvez les bandes annonces des films de la semaine.
Metroblogging Paris [Weblogs M-R] [EN]
Lizard people dude. Seriously.
FIGAROSCOPE - Musique [Music] [FR]
FIGAROSCOPE - Arts [Culture] [FR]
FIGAROSCOPE - Cinéma [Movies] [FR]
LE FIGARO Madame - Voyages [Travel] [FR]
Idées week-end, bons plans loisirs, carnets de voyages, conseils et bonnes adresses. Partez sur les traces de lectrices et découvrez leurs photos de vacances.
LE FIGARO Madame - Célébrités [Celebrities] [FR]
Tapis rouge et femmes de style : l’actualité des people élégants. Les plus beaux looks, les derniers potins.
LE FIGARO Madame - Mode [Fashion] [FR]
L'univers féminin online du Figaro. Mode, beauté, bijoux, déco, design, culture, voyages, mariage, enfants, cuisine... Le Web version luxe.
LE FIGARO Madame - Beauté [Lifestyle] [FR]
News, tests produits et nouveautés : soins visage, corps, cheveux, maquillage, spas. Le meilleur de la beauté passé au crible.
LE FIGARO - Auto & Moto [Auto] [FR]
Bancs d'essai et comparatifs, salons et histoire des marques, l'automobile et la moto sur lefigaro.fr
LE FIGARO - Débats Opinions [Opinion & Editorials] [FR]
L'éditorial du Figaro, les chroniques et les tribunes sur lefigaro.fr
LE FIGARO - International [Regional] [FR]
Toute l'actualité sur lefigaro.fr
LE FIGARO - Sciences [Science] [FR]
Toute l'actualité des sciences et de la médecine sur lefigaro.fr
LE FIGARO - Société [Society] [FR]
Toute l'actualité sur lefigaro.fr
LE FIGARO - Monde - France [Business] [FR]
Toute l'actualité sur lefigaro.fr
LE FIGARO - Médias & publicité [Business] [FR]
Toute l'actualité sur lefigaro.fr
LE FIGARO - Votre argent [Business] [FR]
Toute l'actualité sur lefigaro.fr
LE FIGARO - Décideurs [Business] [FR]
Les dirigeants d'entreprise qui montent sur lefigaro.fr
LE FIGARO - Finances [Finance] [FR]
Fiches conseils et adresses, recettes et bons restaurant sur lefigaro.fr
ElectronicsWeekly.com: Jobs [Job Vacancies] [EN]
ElectronicsWeekly.com - Jobs in the electronics industry
ElectronicsWeekly.com: Product information [Technology] [EN]
ElectronicsWeekly.com - Analysis, research, reviews, opinions and news provided by the journalists of ElectronicsWeekly
JotBlog [Weblogs E-L] [EN]
Powering the Long Tail of Software
The Geek Guy Rants [Weblogs E-L] [EN]
Following Technology in every Direction
Performancing.com [Weblogs M-R] [EN]
Performancing.com - Helping Bloggers Succeed
Blue Collar Mountain Biking [Weblogs A-D] [EN]
Mountain Bike Reviews, News, Deals and How Tos
Casey McKinnon [Weblog] [EN]
Casey McKinnon is an actress, host, writer, producer and pioneer in the new media field who was born and raised in Montreal, Canada.
Samstagsrundschau [PodCasts] [DE]
Samstagsrundschau Sa 11.30-12.00, DRS 1 / (Z) Sa 18.30-19.00 DRS 2 Das kontroverse Interview. Zwei JournalistInnen befragen den Gast der Woche. Oder die Sendung, die Bundesräten und Managern, Kulturschaffenden und Politkerinnen die Gelegenheit gi
Echo der Zeit [PodCasts] [DE]
Echo der Zeit ist die älteste politische Hintergrundsendung von Radio DRS. Seit 1945 vermittelt das Flaggschiff der Abteilung Information täglich News, Reportagen, Interviews und Berichte über das aktuelle Zeitgeschehen
VIRUS Radio neuste Generation [PodCasts] [DE]
Taeglich ausgewaehlte Highlights aus dem VIRUS-Programm: Musik- und Filmbesprechungen, Gamechecks, Buchtipps, Interviews mit Stars usw.
Im Anfang war das Wort. Die Bibel [PodCasts] [DE]
Rosemarie Wagner-Gelhaar und Klaus Böllert sprechen sonnabends mit Prominenten und anderen interessanten Menschen über die Bibel.
NDR Info - Der satirische Wochenrückblick [PodCasts] [DE]
Politik kann richtig Spaß machen - vor allem, wenn Peter Zudeick allwöchentlich das Gebaren und die Sprüche der Politiker und anderer Prominenter aufs Korn nimmt. Bissig, aber nicht verbissen.
Der NDR 2 Kurier um 12 [PodCasts] [DE]
Erstklassige Informationen für den Norden.
NDR 2 - Supermerkel [PodCasts] [DE]
Sie wird euch helfen! Jeden Tag startet die Kanzlerin durch. Als Supermerkel hilft Angela den Bürgern in unserem Land, auch wenn die das gar nicht wollen.
N-JOY Pisa Polizei [PodCasts] [DE]
Sergeant Onken auf Streife in Norddeutschland
autoblog [Auto] [IT]
Autopodcast [Video Podcasts] [DE]
Ein autobild.de Weblog
Next Big Hit New Music Mix - Enhanced AAC Feed [PodCasts] [EN]
Hottest new Podsafe Music. Full tracks and songs from independent and unsigned artists... mainstream and underground. Independent music and songs in all genres... R and B, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Singer Songwriters, Dance, Club, Rap, Soul, Alternative, Electr
Bruce Springsteen [Video Podcasts] [EN]
The Bruce Springsteen Born To Run 30th Anniversary Podcast
Digital Photography Tips From The Top Floor [Video Podcasts] [EN]
Short and sweet - with non-techy tips that you can put to use immediately. Covers everything from image composition to post processing. No matter if you use a digital point-and-shoot or an expensive digital SLR. With a good sense of humour, Chris Marquar
tf1.fr - Actu France [France] [FR]
L'actualité nationale, les informations en français.
France 2 - sport football [Soccer] [FR]
France 2 - sport football
France 2 - actualités france [France] [FR]
France 2 - actualités france
LE FIGARO Madame - Société [Society] [FR]
Histoires de couple, grand amour, coup de foudre ou coup de folie... Retrouvez les témoignages des lectrices et partagez vos expériences. Sujets d’actualité ou phénomènes de société, madame.lefigaro.fr vous invite à réagir et à vous exprimer.
Romain Guy's Weblog [Weblogs E-L] [EN]
Playing with Java, Swing and UI Design.
script.aculo.us web 2.0 javascript [Programming Languages] [EN]
script.aculo.us provides you with easy-to-use, compatible and, ultimately, totally cool JavaScript libraries to make your web sites and web applications fly, Web 2.0 style.
Wintersporters.nl Nieuws [Sports] [NL]
Het laatste en koudste wintersport-gerelateerd nieuws van wintersporters.nl.
Eclipse News [Development Tools] [EN]
Eclipse News
Eclipse In The News [Development Tools] [EN]
News, articles about Eclipse
Michael's Minute [Weblogs M-R] [EN]
MichaelRobertson.com - Michael's Minutes
Kyero.com: Spanish Property News [Real Estate] [EN]
Spanish Property News - Fresh articles each day, created by Kyero or hand-picked from hundreds of world-wide sources.
Daily SearchCast - Search Engine News Recap [PodCasts] [EN]
A 10-15 minute recap of past day's news about search engines and search marketing, featuring Search Engine Watch Blog editors Danny Sullivan and Gary Price summarizing stories and sharing off-the-cuff remarks about what happened and what may come. Tune-in
Crossroads Dispatches [Weblogs A-D] [EN]
The generalist synthesist weblog - quite often about innovations in innovation and marketing. Juxtaposing the right brain and left. Yin and yang. Analytical and intuitive. Technical and visceral. Future and in-the-now. Intersection of technology, creativ
W*USA 9 Heath News [Health] [EN]
Health and medical news stories feed from WUSA9.com in Washington, DC
W*USA 9 Local News [Washington] [EN]
Washington, DC
W*USA 9 Consumer News [Retail] [EN]
Consumer, money, and business news stories feed from WUSA9.com in Washington, DC
W*USA 9 Sports News [Sports] [EN]
Sports news stories feed from WUSA9.com in Washington, DC
Karl on Cars [Weblogs E-L] [EN]
Inside Line Videos [Automotive] [EN]
The source for the latest videos of the auto industry's hottest new models, from Inside Line -- the ultimate destination for the car enthusiast.
Inside Line Features [Automotive] [EN]
The source for the latest road tests and features about the hottest new models in the automotive industry from Inside Line -- the ultimate destination for the car enthusiast.
Inside Line Automotive News [Automotive] [EN]
Provocative columns and breaking automotive news from Inside Line -- the ultimate destination for the car enthusiast
Ubuntu Blog [Weblogs S-Z] [EN]
Not quite everything about ubuntu, but close.
Accidental Hedonist [Weblogs A-D] [EN]
Food, Travel, and other Irrelevant Irreverence
Programmable Web: Mashups [Internet] [EN]
Feed of latest interesting mashups built on Google Maps, Amazon, eBay or over 100 other sources. From ProgrammableWeb.
Then each went to his own home [Weblogs S-Z] [EN]
Philipp Kellers weblog
Major Nelson.com [PodCasts] [EN]
Xbox Live's Major Nelson's unofficial blog
Simplicity Rules [Weblogs S-Z] [EN]
Just another WordPress weblog
DS Fanboy [Games] [EN]
DS Fanboy
MétroPole [Transport] [EN]
Actualité des réseaux de transport parisiens sur MétroPole
Loch Ness Welcome [Travel] [EN]
Loch Ness Welcome is the official website of the South Loch Ness Tourist Group
AlloCiné : les films [FR]
Channel description
AlloCiné : les films [Movies, Video Podcasts] [FR]
Channel description
NYT: Science Times [EN]
A podcast by the Science writers of The New York Times, including Andrew C. Revkin.
NYT: Science Times [Science, PodCasts] [EN]
A podcast by the Science writers of The New York Times, including Andrew C. Revkin.
The Year of Coffee Blog [Weblogs S-Z] [EN]
Ceci n‘est pas une café blog.
Rotten Tomatoes: Movies [Movie Reviews] [EN]
Reviews and previews of movies from print, online, and broadcast critics
MacNotables [PodCasts] [EN]
The Mac Experts You Want to Hear From: An unparalleled panel of Mac experts deliver news, information and commentary. The MacNotables include Christopher Breen, Bryan Chaffin, Jim Dalrymple, Adam Engst, Tonya Engst, Andy Ihnatko, Chuck Joiner, Ted Landau,
YourHeadBlog [Weblogs S-Z] [EN]
It's not my head.
uSwitch.com market news [Press & Media] [EN]
The latest industry news from the UK for utilities, telecoms, broadband and personal finance.
uSwitch.com press releases [Products] [EN]
The latest industry news from the UK for utilities, telecoms, broadband and personal finance.
HBO: Entourage [PodCasts] [EN]
New Season! The boys are in full production of their film "Medellin", but will it be hailed as a critical masterpiece or end up on the trash heap of broken Tinseltown dreams? Download behind-the-scenes features and special interviews with the stars.
Ecetera, le chasseur de tête d'étudiants [Weblogs A-D] [FR]
Service de chasse de stagiaires et de publication d'offres pour l'entreprise et mise à disposition d'offres de stages pour les étudiants.
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