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CleverClogs [Technology] [EN]
Short pointers and tips related to web alert services, news readers and personal productivity. Blog by Marjolein Hoekstra (Who's she?)
the pod bay door [Technology] [EN]
random posts from the outskirts
SearchMax [Technology] [EN]
How to use the latest search technology to increase the productivity of your employees, partners, and customers. This Blog will offer insight into how to Maximize Productivity with search.
DonnaM [Technology] [EN]
Information architecture, user-centred design, usability and much more
elearnspace [Weblogs E-L] [EN]
learning, networks, knowledge, technology, community
Strange Attractor [Weblogs S-Z] [EN]
Picking out patterns from the chaos that is the blogosphere.
Portals and KM [Technology] [EN]
This blog shares ideas and hopes to generate discussion on the use of portals, blogs, and knowledge management to provide value to organizations through practical applications. New trends and technologies are covered with a switch to art, music, travel,
Zoho Writer Blog [Technology] [EN]
Welcome to Zoho Writer blog!
Netvibes.com Blog [Technology] [EN]
Netvibes.com development blog
RawSugar:blog [Technology] [EN]
the power of shared knowledge
Official Google Docs Blog [Technology] [EN]
News and notes from the Google Docs team.
Eric Hayes, ehayes, -e [Technology] [EN]
This is a place for me to talk about what the heck i think is going on. -e
FeedBlitz News [Technology] [EN]
The FeedBlitz Blog - news and updates about the best service for emailing RSS, Atom and Blog feeds using email (SMTP). Add email subscriptions to your blog or feed, or subscribe to any blog by email.
The Technorati Weblog [Technology] [EN]
What's up in the world of Technorati.
RojoBlog [Technology] [EN]
The corporate blog for Rojo Networks, Inc.
NewsGator Daily [Technology] [EN]
Make work better
Wetware [Technology] [EN]
Web Search, Technology, Biology, Ideas and Philosophy.
Gilbane Report Blog [Technology] [EN]
Gilbane consultants and analysts on content management technologies & trends
LibraryCrunch [Technology] [EN]
Service for the Next Generation Library: A Library 2.0 Perspective by Michael Casey
Headshift [Weblogs E-L] [EN]
smarter, simpler, social
Anjo Anjewierden [Technology] [EN]
The source code is the ultimate documentation
inkBlots [Technology] [EN]
Feeding a Syndication Nation
Future Feeder [Technology] [EN]
Feeding Technology, Design + Architecture
Tales from the Terminal Room [Technology] [EN]
Monthly newsletter from RBA Information Services with the exception of July and August, which are published as a single issue. TFTTR includes reviews and comparisons of information sources; updates to the RBA Web site Business Sources and other useful res
PassingNotes.com [Technology] [EN]
research stuff and all sorts of other crap
Ken Yarmosh is your access to today's technology insight - TECHNOSIGHT [Technology] [EN]
Ken Yarmosh is your access to today's technology insight.
Knowledge-at-work [Weblogs E-L] [EN]
Personal thoughts about learning, community and social affordances for knowledge creation
Data Mining [Weblog] [EN]
Text Mining, Data Mining and Social Media
An RSS Blog - Daily News and Information Related to RSS Feeds, Syndication and Aggregation. [Technology] [EN]
Daily RSS Blog and news related to RSS, really simple syndication, rdf, blogs, syndication and news aggregation. Information related to marketing RSS, new RSS software releases, beta test opportunities, new RSS directories and discussions of opportunities
The Distant Librarian [Weblogs S-Z] [EN]
Comments on the world of Distance Librarianship
Freshblog [Technology] [EN]
Blogger Hacks, including Categories for Blogger and other Blog Tips, Tricks & Tools.
WorkHappy.net: killer resources for entrepreneurs [Technology] [EN]
killer resources for entrepreneurs
A Consuming Experience [Technology] [EN]
Thoughts on my experiences as a consumer of products, services, people (well maybe not that last one...), from reviews to raves, rants and random thoughts - concentrating on technology, gadgets, software, product usability, consumer issues, customer servi
Common Craft - Social Design for the Web [Technology] [EN]
MAIN: Common Craft Weblog
Mathemagenic [Technology] [EN]
...giving birth to learning...
Phil Bradley's weblog [Technology] [EN]
Internet searching, web design, search engine developments and anything that will interest librarians!
CogDogBlog [Technology] [EN]
Alan Levine's (2nd) blog space for barking about instructional technology
RSS Compendium Blog [Technology] [EN]
by Peter Scott
Knowledge Jolt with Jack [Weblogs E-L] [EN]
Jack Vinson writes about knowledge management, personal effectiveness, theory of constraints and more. Knowledge Jolt provides consulting services to businesses and individuals with a focus on establishing effective work practices.
Science Library Pad [Weblogs S-Z] [EN]
Thoughts on the use of technology and other issues for science libraries and science publishers.
PSFK Trend: PSFK [CyberCulture] [EN]
Global Trends Collaborative
United Press International - Security [Security] [EN]
Expert analysis on threats to North American security and homeland security.
United Press International - Health [Health] [EN]
Health News - UPI.com
United Press International [Top News] [EN]
UPI's Newstrack News Wire.
Bored Housewife [Erotic] [EN]
I am a bored and restless housewife. This blog is for my sanity, but sometimes it gets as crazy as a sorority house full of PMS and LSD, so watch out. Disclaimer: If you came here after searching for porn, you are out of luck, so scram. (...but if you f
Debbie's Dirty Little Diary [Erotic] [EN]
Some of the random dirty little thoughts that may run through my head on any given day. Fantasy, reality, current events, let's talk dirty. Remember the brain is the largest sex organ
developer.podshow.com [Internet] [EN]
Welcome to the new face of radio
World Meteorological Organization [Nature] [EN]
World Meteorological Organization
Le Bar de Gandi - GandiBlog [Weblogs A-D] [FR]
Le Blog de Gandi, pour échanger nos points de vues
swissmiss [Weblogs S-Z] [EN]
tina roth eisenberg | swiss designer gone NYC
Dan's Blog [Weblogs A-D] [EN]
The Official Realmac Software Blog
crazybob.org [Weblogs A-D] [EN]
Bob Lee's Blog - Java, AOP, OS X, and some occasional baby making
ben barren - rss'ing down under [Weblogs A-D] [EN]
After a decade of IBM thinkpads, I shifted to a Apple IMAC G5 20", set up the Airport Express wireless network, plugged in the Shuffle, and synched my O2 XDAii. RSS, Tagging and Podcasting. Just bringing Web 2.0 to Australia.
JINBN Japanese [Business] [JP]
Japan Information Network Business News (Japanese Edition)
flurryblog [Technology] [EN]
The Flurry Blog - Mobile Application Analytics | iPhone Analytics | Android Analytics
Japan Information Network Business News (English Edition) [Japan] [EN]
Japan Information Network Business News (English Edition)
Silver Mac [Weblogs S-Z] [EN]
Think different, you know you can do it !
one digital life [Weblogs M-R] [EN]
the personal weblog of paul burd, multimedia designer
Whisky Magazine [Cooking & Food Reviews] [EN]
Whisky Magazine news feed - Celebrating the whiskies of the world.
Planet Ubuntu [Technology] [EN]
Planet Ubuntu - http://planet.ubuntu.com/
Lire : le magazine littéraire. [Books] [FR]
Lire : le magazine littéraire. L'actualité de la littérature francaise et de la littérature étrangère.
Motorlegend [Auto] [FR]
Motorlegend : l'univers des voiture de sport, voiture de collection et voiture de course
LExpansion.com : High-Tech [Press & Magazines] [FR]
lexpansion.com est un portail présentant l'information sur l'économie et les entreprises
LExpansion.com : Entreprises [Companies] [FR]
lexpansion.com est un portail présentant l'information sur l'économie et les entreprises
LExpansion.com : Economie [Business] [FR]
lexpansion.com est un portail présentant l'information sur l'économie et les entreprises
LExpansion.com : Newsletter High-Tech [Press & Magazines] [FR]
lexpansion.com est un portail présentant l'information sur l'économie et les entreprises
LExpress.fr - Monde [Regional] [FR]
Retrouvez toute l'actualité et l'information en direct sur LExpress.fr, les infos politiques mais aussi internationales , économiques, arts , sportives, célébrités, technologiques, écologie, Science.
Les Cahiers du Football [Soccer] [FR]
Mensuel de foot et d'eau fraîche, en vente en kiosque, 2,5 euros.
Sky News Seven Days [EN]
Sky News Active's light hearted look at the week's news.
Sky News Seven Days [Video News, Video Podcasts] [EN]
Sky News Active's light hearted look at the week's news.
Oregon Coast Beach News [Oregon] [EN]
Covering 160 miles of Oregon Coast: Seaside, Cannon Beach, Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler, Rockaway, Garibaldi, Tillamook, Oceanside, Pacific City, Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, Wadport, Yachats and Florence.
MacRéunion [Apple] [FR]
Club d'utilisateurs Macintosh à l'Ile de la Réunion
GlobalEconomie.TV [Video Podcasts] [FR]
Tous les podcasts vidéo francais sur la politique, l'économie mondiale, les marchés financiers et les nouvelles technologies
nerdcast [PodCasts] [EN]
Nerd|Tech podcast starring SLIM & dUb-ILL about nerdy ish like macs, comics, google, movies, music and video games. iPhone!
anina.net [Weblog] [EN]
a model life
ALLE-AUTOS-IN.DE - Tests und Fahrberichte [Auto] [DE]
Die aktuellen Auto-Tests und Fahrberichte von ALLE-AUTOS-IN.DE
Chip Chick [Weblogs A-D] [EN]
Tech & Gadget's from a Girl's Perspective
Automotive News: Europe [Auto] [EN]
Automotive News: People [EN]
Automotive News: People [Society, Auto] [EN]
AgoraVox le média citoyen [Weblogs A-D] [FR]
AgoraVox constitue l'une des premières initiatives européennes de journalisme citoyen à grande échelle complètement gratuite. AgoraVox est une plate-forme multimédia mise à la disposition de tous les citoyens qui souhait
The Sacramento Bee: Science [Science] [EN]
The Sacramento Bee Online, Sacramento, CA
The Sacramento Bee: Religion [Religion] [EN]
The Sacramento Bee Online, Sacramento, CA
The Sacramento Bee: Environment [Environmental] [EN]
The Sacramento Bee Online, Sacramento, CA
The Sacramento Bee: Education [Education] [EN]
The Sacramento Bee Online, Sacramento, CA
The Sacramento Bee: Editorials [Opinion & Editorials] [EN]
The Sacramento Bee Online, Sacramento, CA
The Sacramento Bee: Technology [Technology] [EN]
The Sacramento Bee Online, Sacramento, CA
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