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nssa.org [Yachting/Sailing] [EN]
NSSA is the highest profile amateur competitive surfing association in the United States.
Sydney Hobart Yacht Race [Yachting/Sailing] [EN]
Sydney Hobart Yacht Race Breaking News
New Zealand Herald - Team NZ [Yachting/Sailing] [EN]
Latest Content for Team NZ
New Zealand Herald - Yachting [Yachting/Sailing] [EN]
Latest Content for Yachting
Scuttlebutt - Sailing News [Yachting/Sailing] [EN]
Scuttlebutt is a digest of major yacht racing news, commentary, opinions, features and dock talk . . . with a North American focus.
Yachting World news [Yachting/Sailing] [EN]
Latest news from Yachting World
CYCA News [Yachting/Sailing] [EN]
CYCA News Feed
MAD BYM Sailing News [Yachting/Sailing] [EN]
Sailing News from around the world.
BYM Sailing News [Yachting/Sailing] [EN]
Sailing News from around the world.
marinamap sailing [Yachting/Sailing] [EN]
News from the World of Boating (English)
Yachting News - Big News Network.com [Yachting/Sailing] [EN]
Provides the latest RSS feeds for Yachting News. For more headlines on Breaking, National, Business, Finance, Sports and World News, visit our home page
Sailing and Cruising forums [Yachting/Sailing] [EN]
Hot new topics being discussed on the Cruiserlog ocean cruising and sailing discussion forum boards.
US Olympic Committee - sailing [Yachting/Sailing] [EN]
Feed of USA Sailing news articles
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