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Popular sources in this category
Harvard Weblogs [EN]
This is the home page of the Harvard Law School weblogs.
GrokLaw [EN] [User Rating: 4]
GrokLaw's SCO Scoop

Complete List
TechLawAdvisor.com [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
copyright, trademark and internet legal issues
kevin.lexblog [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
LexBlog is the leading provider of professionally designed marketing blogs for the lawyer, attorney or law firm. LexBlog’s turnkey Internet marketing solution provides lawyers, attorneys and law firms blog consulting, custom design, hosting, training,...
PHOSITA [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
A blawg blogging intellectual property legal issues of interest: patent, copyright and trademark law!
Media Law [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
A blog about freedom of the press
mamamusings [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
elizabeth lane lawley's thoughts on technology, academia, family, and tangential topics
DennisKennedy.blog [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
Legal Technology, Technology Law and Other Musings
A Sassy Lawyer in Philippine Suburbia [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
A lawyer's commentaries on Philippine politics, law, government, society and culture. Includes a filipino cooking and recipes journal.
Law Office of Tim Warriner [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
Welcome...If you are looking to hire a criminal defense attorney, please contact my office.I handle criminal trials and post-judgment proceedings in California and federal courts, and am eligible to practice in Colorado, Minnesota and Washington D.C.This
Patent Baristas [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
Bio/Pharma Patent News. Freshly brewed chat served up daily.
Between Lawyers [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
technology + culture + law
International Law Blog [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
International law blog - news, background, analysis
May it Please the Court [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
WLF Williams Law Firm weblog of legal news and observations, including a quote of the day and daily updates
Case School of Law [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
Recent Posts
A Georgia Lawyer [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
Forms, news, musings and commentary from a lawyer working for consumers and injured people.
Binder & Associates Blog [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
Pasadena Attorney Blog - BLAWG at Binder and Associates
LegalWeek Blogs: LegalWeek [Law (Blawg), Law] [EN]
Your one-stop gossip shop
WSJ.com: Law Blog [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
WSJ.com on law and business and the business of law.
Overlawyered [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
Chronicling the high cost of our legal system
Naked Ownership [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
A blawg devoted to all things legal in Louisiana.
Franco Castalone: LawTech [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
Technology and legal practice
LawSites [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
New and intriguing Web sites for the legal profession.
beSpacific [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
Accurate, focused law and technology news
A Copyfighter's Musings [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
Derek Slater's weblog. This blog is primarily a place to discuss current copyright/internet law issues. This blog will mostly focus on questions I have about the future of copyright with respect to the Internet and digital media. My posts will generally
Harvard Weblogs [Law (Blawg)] [EN]
This is the home page of the Harvard Law School weblogs.
GrokLaw [Law (Blawg)] [EN] [User Rating: 4]
GrokLaw's SCO Scoop
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