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PressThink [EN]
PressThink: Ghost of Democracy in the Media Machine, by Jay Rosen.
Arianna Online [EN]
Arianna Online is the mecca for all things Arianna Huffington. From her twice weekly syndicated columns to information on her seven published books, Arianna Online offers a tantalizing mixture of politics, wit and wisdom.
Washington Monthly: Political Animal [EN]
By Kevin Drum, formerly of CalPundit
BuzzFlash [EN] [User Rating: 4]
BuzzFlash.com is a pro-democracy, anti-hypocrisy Web site featuring daily headlines, breaking news, and weekly features, editorials, and cartoons for democrats, progressives, independents and liberals.

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WorldNetDaily: Commentary [Commentary] [EN]
WorldNetDaily: Daily newspaper and link page edited by veteran newspaper editor Joseph Farah.