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Proxy adviser says Sprint CEO was paid too much
NEW YORK (AP) — Institutional Shareholder Services, a leading shareholder advisory firm, is telling shareholders to protest Sprint Corp. CEO Dan Hesse's $49 million 2013 pay package, saying it's excessive and not tied to performance. In 2012, he gave up part of his salary after shareholders complained that this compensation formula was tweaked to eliminate a reduction he would have taken for the earnings hit caused by initial sales of the iPhone.
Feds cap maximum fine this year for not buying health insurance at $2,448 per person
MIAMI (AP) — Feds cap maximum fine this year for not buying health insurance at $2,448 per person.
Feds cap fines for not buying health insurance
The latest figure limits what the government can charge people using the personal income computation. Conservative lawmakers and groups that are critical of the Affordable Care Act encouraged consumers to skip buying insurance, arguing it would be cheaper to pay the $95 penalty, but often failed to mention the 1 percent clause.
Das soziale Leben der Tyrannenechsen
Über die Probleme, das Verhalten und die Lebensweise ausgestorbener Tiere wie zum Beispiel der Dinosaurier zu erforschen, hatte ich ja schon geschrieben. Denn schließlich kann man da ja nicht einfach wie bei...
Komputer przeanalizował Beatlesów
Program komputerowy zanalizował muzykę zespołu The Beatles nie gorzej niż niejeden krytyk. Muzyczną sztuczną inteligencją zajęli się inżynierowie z amerykańskiego uniwersytetu Lawrence Tech.
Paracetamol „nie łagodzi bólu pleców”
Paracetamol w żaden sposób nie łagodzi ostrego bólu pleców w części lędźwiowej -twierdzą naukowcy.
[Editorial] Ghosts from the past
2014 marks the centennial of the commencement of World War I. One connection between today and that seemingly long-ago war is how we make choices when the future seems obvious only in retrospect, in what former U.S. Secretary of State George P. Shultz refers to as a world “awash in change.” Max Hastings, in Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War, summarizes his views on how the rulers of Europe allowed World War I to start, then continue with a loss of over 8.6 million soldiers: “It is more appropriate to call them deniers, who preferred to persist with supremely dangerous policies and strategies….”Author: David Titley
[In Depth] Oil sands fight heats up in U.S.
Environmentalists oppose federal lease in Utah.Author: David Malakoff
[In Depth] Dengue vaccine trial poses public health quandary
Experimental vaccine fell short against key strain.Author: Dennis Normile
[In Depth] NIH institute considers broad shift to ‘people’ awards
Approach promises freedom from grant writing but could favor established researchers.Author: Jocelyn Kaiser
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