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Cyclodextrins: Properties and Applications

Authored by two experts working in this important field of research, the timely book covers the latest advances in the synthesis of cyclodextrins, their properties and important industrial applications. To this end, the authors describe covalent and non-covalent assemblies, cyclodextrin inclusion complexes, cyclodextrin polymers, and modified cyclodextrins, resulting in an up-to-date overview of cyclodextrin chemistry. An invaluable reference for

Ullmann's Food and Feed, 3 Volume Set

A compilation of 58 carefully selected, topical articles from the Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, this three-volume handbook provides a wealth of information on economically important basic foodstuffs, raw materials, additives, and processed foods, including a section on animal feed. It brings together the chemical and physical characteristics, production processes and production figures, main uses, toxicology and safety information

The HPLC-Expert II: Optimizing the Benefits of HPLC/UHPLC

How can I use my HPLC/UHPLC equipment in an optimal way, where are the limitations of the technique? These questions are discussed in detail in the sequel of the successful "HPLC Expert" in twelve chapters written by experts in the respective fields. The topics encompass - complementary to the first volume - typical HPLC users' problems and questions such as gradient optimization and hyphenated techniques

BASF mit aktuellen Pressefotos zur Bilanzpressekonferenz am 24.2.2017 (FOTO)
BASF SE [Newsroom]
Ludwigshafen (ots) - Ab sofort stehen Ihnen aktuelle Pressefotos zur Pressekonferenz der BASF am 24. Februar 2017 zur Verfügung. Ab 10:30 Uhr MEZ werden der BASF Vorstandsvorsitzende Dr. Kurt Bock und der Finanzvorstand Dr. Hans-Ulrich Engel die ... Lesen Sie hier weiter...

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Neue Straßenglätte-Warnfunktion von NIRA Dynamics erhöht die Sicherheit - auch für vernetzte Fahrzeuge
NIRA Dynamics AB [Newsroom]
Linköping, Schweden (ots/PRNewswire) - NIRA Dynamics hat eine neue Fahrzeugfunktion im Programm, die die Verkehrssicherheit erheblich erhöht. Laufend und in Echtzeit wird die Griffigkeit (Reibwert) der Straßenoberflöche überwacht und von einer ... Lesen Sie hier weiter...

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VIDEO / NASA: Otkriveno sedam planeta veličine Zemlje
Međunarodni tim astronoma otkrio je u našem bliskom svemirskom susjedstvu sistem sa sedam planeta veličine Zemlje, saopšteno je na konferenciji za medije koja je održana danas u NASA-inom sjedištu.
Joburg can still tweak budget
The City of Joburg will present its adjustment budget for consideration to the full meeting of the councils today.
Framework for an Innovative Perceptive Mobile Network Using Joint Communication and Sensing. (arXiv:1702.06531v1 [cs.NI])

In this paper, we develop a framework for an innovative perceptive mobile (i.e. cellular) network that integrates sensing with communication, and supports new applications widely in transportation, surveillance and environmental sensing. Three types of sensing methods implemented in the base-stations are proposed, using either uplink or downlink multiuser communication signals. The required changes to system hardware and major technical challenges are briefly discussed. We also demonstrate the feasibility of estimating sensing parameters via developing a compressive sensing based scheme and providing simulation results to validate its effectiveness.

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