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How to beat Hearthstone Naxxramas' Heroic Arachnid Quarter

Completing Hearthstone's Arachnid Quarter, the first part of the Curse of Naxxramas expansion, is simple enough for most seasoned players. Finishing Heroic, on the other hand, can be a real struggle. The combination of overpowered boss abilities and a bloated 45 health make each of the three bosses much more formidable than in their Normal incarnations.

Take heart, Hearthstone players. With a little deck editing, you can finish them off and claim your reward: nothing. In the long-term, finishing all five wings on Heroic will get you a special card back, but for the moment finishing these three bosses only earns you bragging rights and some battle scars. But who doesn't want bragging rights and battle scars? 

For the most part, you can approach these bosses in one of two ways. The inflated health bar means that Alexstrasza is an obvious choice, giving you a chance to instantly reduce their health to 15 as long as you can hold out until you have nine mana. Pairing him with a control deck--that is, one that emphasizes controlling the battlefield by eliminating threats--is a good way to take them on by stalling the battle until you reach turn 9.

Given that Alex is a Legendary and rare by definition, though, that isn't always a realistic suggestion. You might not have him, and you might not have the dust to craft him. The path to beating these bosses without a pet legendary dragon is a bit harder, but still very doable. Keep in mind that these are essentially combat puzzles. They're not meant to be fair, they're meant to make you think about your deck options in new ways.


2 mana summons 4/4 Nerubian

If you have Alexstrasza, load up your deck with control features. A Mage is particularly handy, with freezing spells to keep the hordes of spiders at bay. Otherwise, a Druid with Innervates can get your dragon out early enough to turn the tide, or you can go armor and Taunt heavy with a Warrior. The Mage is most recommended, though, since a turn 9 Alex will nicely set you up for a turn 10 Pyroblast. 

Without Alex, a sufficient zoo deck with plenty of Taunts should annoy him into inactivity. This is a perfect place to put new synergies like Echoing Ooze + Defender of Argus. His constant stream of 4/4s will have to keep contending with your Taunts while you're free to hit him in the face. Make sure to have some high-level removal options as well, like Claw or Consecrate for groups or Polymorph and Hex for big bads.

Grand Widow Faerlina

1 mana fires a missile for each card in your hand

Faerlina's power makes an Alex-based deck tricky, because the heavy card draw that you might rely on for control and getting Alex out can work against you. It's still a viable strategy if you're careful and shed cards regularly, but this is the one Arachnid Qaurter battle where the dragon isn't as helpful as the others.

Instead, your best bet is a rush or "zoo" deck, with lots of low-cost minions you can put out regularly to reduce the risk of her power. Some might get taken down by her power, but cards like the Leper Gnome, or new Naxxramas cards like the Nerubian Egg and Haunted Creeper can make her power work for you. Alternately, you could use a Warrior control deck with a pair of Armorsmiths. As long as you get them both out early, a lot of that small ping damage will go towards buffing you. Between their ability, Shield Block cards, and the armor Hero ability, you can easily get at least 15 armor and effectively match her health level.


0 mana returns two random minions to your hand

Maexxna is wonderfully predictable. She will always use her hero ability right off the bat, and almost always attack your face instead of sacrificing a minion.

This is another boss where a control Mage with Alex can serve you well, if you use it right. Maexxna has a tendency to fill the board with 1 damage minions, but they can pack a punch since it's so difficult to get anyone out for an attack. Freezing them in place with Mage spells can sufficiently stall the death by a thousand cuts until you can summon Alexstrasza to finish the job. Putting a few cheap healers like Voodoo Doctor and Earthen Ring Farseer will help too, since Maexxna's hero ability means you'll be able to summon them over and over again.

If you don't have Alex, though, this battle becomes much more about Charge minions who can attack before they're exiled, and then brought back out to attack again. You can pull this strategy off with any class, but the Hunter is the easiest way to fill the field with Charge creatures. If you can use an Explosive Trap early, chances are the Haunted Creepers will turn into a field chock full of Spectral Spiders. That will effectively clog Maexxna's board, but assure 7 damage to the face each turn.

Summoning Unleash the Hounds will give you your own 7 damage skill, and pairing it with a damage booster like Timber Wolf will make them a formidable pack. Maexxna's hero ability might send some individial pups back, but that's actually beneficial because you can swap them out for more powerful Charge beasts as necessary. Eventually she'll wise up and start going after your hounds, but by then it should be too late to turn the tide and another good Charge-heavy round will finish her off. A big Charge minion like Leeroy Jenkins or King Krusher is helpful for this strategy if you have them, to finish the job.

Do you have your own strategies for the Heroic Arachnid Quarter? Let us know in Chatty!

Wargame: Red Dragon gets free Millionth Mile DLC

Eugen Systems has plenty of reason to celebrate today, having sold the millionth copy of a Wargame title. With the franchise running stronger than ever, the studio is thanking its fans with a free batch of DLC for Wargame: Red Dragon called The Millionth Mile.

The Millionth Mile DLC will add 60 new units for Poland, Czechoslovakia, and East Germany. The new additions include new infantry, tanks, planes, troop transports, helicopters, and a whole new unit called the anti-ship missile (AShM). This latest piece will engage naval ships from across land masses, requiring land-based units to go deal with it before it wrecks their navy.

The Millionth Mile is available now and will download automatically upon booting Wargame: Red Dragon. The game is currently available on Steam.

Вышла PostgreSQL 9.4 beta2. Все активные ветки обновились

imageДля тех кто использует PostgreSQL, есть две новости. Сначала та, что про исправления проблем. Все активные ветки PostgreSQL обновились: 9.3.5, 9.2.9, 9.1.14, 9.0.18 и 8.4.22.

В ветке 8.4.* это заключительное обновление, данная ветка более поддерживаться не будет (если используете, запланируйте апгрейд!)

Самое важное в выпущенных обновлениях:
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Ridley Scott-produced Halo: Nightfall gets first trailer

News of Xbox Entertainment Studios being shuttered hit a week ago, but Microsoft is still moving forward with one of that branch's biggest projects. And as promised back at E3, 343 Industries has come to San Diego Comic Con to offer more tidbits about the Ridley Scott-produced Halo: Nightfall. The first trailer for the mini-series released today, revealing some of the new cast members and offering a glimpse into the story set to take place between Halo 4 and next year's Halo 5: Guardians.

Jameson Locke is an Office of Naval Intelligence agent at the center of a biological attack. An element has been discovered, one which can solely kill humans. The ONI is sent into a pocket reserve in order to destroy it before a rogue faction plunges in and mines it for themselves.

Halo: Nightfall is set to arrive in November and will be included as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

С днём системного администратора

Сегодня вдвойне приятный день: во-первых, сегодня пятница. Во-вторых, сегодня последняя пятница июля, а значит сегодня — день системного администратора. Поэтому примите наши горячие поздравления, господа, товарищи и друзья, труженики бубна и витой пары! Пусть ваши серверы падают как можно реже, а юзеры попадаются толковые, покладистые и ненавязчивые.
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Sonic Boom games coming in November

Sonic Boom, the blue hedgehog's next stab at a reboot, has been dated. The 3DS Shattered Crystal will come on November 11, and Rise of Lyric for Wii U will follow on November 18.

Notably, neither game is being developed by Sonic Team. The 3DS version is coming from Sanzaru Games, while the Wii U title is coming from Big Red Button. This signals a larger effort on Sega's part to rebrand the classic character with modern cartoon sensibilities inspired by animated series like Adventure Time. It's introducing some new cast members to that end, but we've had some concerns. We'll know how it turns out around Thanksgiving.

Минфин решил не снижать почтовые лимиты до 150 евро

Сегодня появилась информация, что снижения лимита (с 1000 до 150 евро) на ввоз посылок в РФ не будет.

Сейчас лимиты на беспошлинный ввоз товаров для одного человека составляют 1000 евро в месяц. Ранее правительство выдвинуло законопроект о снижении лимитов до 150 евро (также планировалось ограничение массы посылки до 10кг вместо лимита 31кг в месяц). Теперь же есть шанс, что проект в силу не вступит, и по-прежнему можно будет заказывать технику из-за границы.
Источники: раз, два
Если информация верная, то это очень хорошие новости.
Get a job: Obsidian is hiring a Visual Effects Artist

Handy with Maya and 3ds Max? Irvine, CA-based Obisidian Entertainment is looking to hire a visual effects artist to work with the designers and art director of an upcoming MMORPG. ...

Don't Miss: Khris Brown on the secrets of great voice acting

Gamasutra speaks to voice director, consultant and game industry veteran Khris Brown to better understand how high-quality voicework in games comes together from a developer perspective. ...

[Перевод] Изучаем алгоритм работы регулярных выражений в Ruby

Согласно Википедии, Oniguruma означает «колесница дьявола» в переводе с японского.

Мы все знакомы с регулярными выражениями. Они являются «швейцарским армейским ножом разработчика». Чтобы вы не искали, какой бы текст не разбирали, вы всегда можете сделать это используя регулярные выражения. На самом деле, вероятно, вы начали использовать их гораздо раньше, чем стали использовать Ruby — они уже давно включены в большинство популярных языков программирования: Perl, JavaScript, PHP, Java и прочие. Ruby появился в середине 1990-х годов, тогда как регулярные выражения еще в 1960-х, то есть почти на 30 лет раньше!

Но как на самом деле работают регулярные выражения?
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