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Report: Leaked Xbox Scorpio documents reveal absence of ESRAM
Despite lacking ESRAM, Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio must be able to run Xbox One and Xbox One S titles.
World of Goo, Little Inferno, and Human Resource Machine heading to Switch
Each Switch game will receive exclusive soundtrack modes.
Disney Infinity developer Avalanche Software reopens as a Warner Bros. studio, working on Cars 3
Avalanche will work closely with Disney and Pixar to create a game based on the Cars 3 animated film.
Get a job: Counterplay Games is hiring a Senior Environment Artist

Counterplay Games is seeking an experienced environment artist to craft visually inspiring worlds and gameplay environments for triple-A PC and console games in San Francisco, CA. ...

Don't Miss: Making a VR game while focusing on sound, sensation, and spatialization

"The overall lesson to draw is that the smallest details within a 3D audio space can contribute dramatically toward creating a sense of presence, space, and comfort." ...

Localizing Yakuza 0 was about balancing clarity and authenticity

Localization producer Scott Strichart explains how he tackled heading up the localization of Yakuza 0 and what he and his team consider when adapting a game for a Western audience. ...

Blog: Breaking down the Japanese mobile game industry's latest trends

Last year, I wrote the articles about the nature of the Japanese mobile game market and so now I briefly summarized the last year's trends and this year's forecast in the industry. ...

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