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Psyonix Partners With Tespa For Collegiate Rocket League
The CRL is an expansion on a previous Summer League partnership and participants could earn $50,000 in scholarships.
Atari Sells Pridefest App to LGBT Media, Announces Partnership
LGBT will rework and expand the app, then relaunch it.
David Beckham Joins PES 2018 Legends Roster
PES 2018 will recreate David Beckham’s memorable career, as a franchise exclusive.
Prettying up the Zergling in Starcraft Remastered

The Blizzard art team explains how they learned that Zerglings have grubby, horrifying little hands at the end of their spikes. ...

Gamasutra plays Sonic Mania

The Gamasutra editorial crew tries out Sonic Mania to see why game developers are raving about it. ...

Yakuza 6 Will Finish Telling Kiryu's Story This March
In Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, due in March of 2018, you’ll see The Dragon of Dojima in his final starring role.
Where More Developers Are Being Hired (and Where They Are Not)
Developers may be looking in the wrong place during a job search. Here's how to find out …
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