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Cree recent surge of SiC Power MOSFETs intros will help Power designers
I have noticed a recent surge of activity by Cree with their SiC line of power MOSFETs over the last two months as well as a new family of 50V GaN HEMT die.
3D Models - Class room
Name: Class room
Type: 3D Models
Author: ID23648
Price: $34.00
File types: max
Description: School class is in 2 colors. There are 2 types of lighting , day and night. Format: max

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3D Models - Nightstand
Name: Nightstand
Type: 3D Models
Author: nai.a_ana
Price: $15.00
File types: 3ds
Description: Modern bedside cabinet.
Based on the manufacturers original dimensions.

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3D Models - Pink Wellington boots
Name: Pink Wellington boots
Type: 3D Models
Author: Energyoverflow
Price: $24.00
File types: blen fbx obj
Description: Pink Wellington boots

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Shack Reels: 10 ways to improve Destiny

Since its release in early September, Destiny has been among the most widely-played games of the fall season. While the quality of Bungie's game is somewhat debatable, it continues to pull in new players and explorers looking for more loot each day.

Of course, it's hard to deny that Destiny can still benefit from a few changes. That's where our own Greg Burke comes in, as he analyzes how Destiny can yet be improved. With that said, he offers up ten ways that Destiny can be improved.

Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward adding flying mounts

Square Enix took a trip to London this weekend for its Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest event, taking along with them some new information on the upcoming Heavensward expansion. The information was revealed during a live stream, which is now only open to channel subscribers. But some of the more notable items were posted on Twitter, including:

That's one new job, two new beast tribes, and all-new flying chocobos. This is only scratching the surface, as Square Enix plans to have even more reveals for the upcoming Tokyo Fan Festival in December.

For more immediate Final Fantasy XIV gratification, there's the upcoming 2.4 patch titled Dreams of Ice. This is the update that will include new story, side, class, and job quests, new items, housing improvements, the Rogue and Ninja jobs, PvP improvements, and the Final Coil of Bahamut. The preliminary patch notes have been released and that list is a massive one. Check out the full list on the Final Fantasy XIV website.

3D Models - Snow Rock 01
Name: Snow Rock 01
Type: 3D Models
Author: Dzejsi models
Price: $99.00
File types: fbx max obj
Description: Very high detailed 3d model of a snow rock

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Pirate Bay начал продвигать новый бесплатный VPN

Последние несколько дней на главной странице «Пиратской бухты» вместо их собственного лого висит промо нового бесплатного VPN — FrootVPN. На странице проекта написано, что сервис базируется в Швеции и находится под защитой шведских законов, предоставляет свои услуги бесплатно, используя несколько 10-гигабитных каналов и не ведёт никаких логов.

Что мы знаем о тех, кто разместил эту ссылку, кроме удивительной толерантности к jpg-артефактам на логотипах?
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3D Models - Low poly elite spearman
Name: Low poly elite spearman
Type: 3D Models
Author: tux
Price: $25.00
File types: max 3ds fbx obj
Description: The model is fully rigged and it contains several versions of clothing, weapons and various other parts.

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3D Models - Ammunition 9mm Parabellum
Name: Ammunition 9mm Parabellum
Type: 3D Models
Author: firdz3d
Price: $15.00
File types: 3ds blen dae fbx
Description: AMMUNITION 9mm Parabellum

- Modeled in Blender.
- Preview image rendered using cycles.
- All scene are included in .blend files.
- Poly count are before sub division
- Great for clos

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