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There Are Two Kinds of People in This World, Artist Illustrates a Few of Them
Two Kinds of People

When it comes to real world scenarios, there are usually two kinds of people. In the case of Apple and Google, the decision is split as both operating systems / handsets are on a level playing field - each excel in their own categories. Zomato, a website dedicated to food enthusiasts, has created a few illustrations to show just that. Continue reading to see a few more, including several food-related examples.

Photographers Capture 16 School Meals from Around the World, Some May Surprise You
School Meal

As many already know, trends, nutritional values and economics have influenced menus. Marketing and a push for healthier meals are two major factors which have influenced school meals around the world in the past decade. In recent years, some schools have served breakfasts in the morning before school starts. Only Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Estonia provide free school meals to all pupils in compulsory education regardless of their ability to pay. Continue reading to see a few school meals from around the world.

Researchers use cell-phone data, not precogs, to predict crime in London
Just this year we've seen open data give rise to recreations of Denmark in Minecraft, the ability to compare cities at the same scale and also collections of geo-mapped tweets and traffic lights. But what about a practical application for all of that...
甲骨文的 Larry Ellison 轉職為執行總裁兼 CTO,CEO 之位由兩人擔任
不說大家可能不知道,甲骨文(Oracle)的共同創辦人 Larry Ellison 已經 70 歲了,甲骨文剛剛宣佈 Ellison 會由公司 CEO 之位退下來,不過並不是退休,而是轉職而已。他將會轉任為執行總裁和...
iFixit разбор iPhone 6 и iPhone 6 Plus LIVE!
Мне посчастливилось стать одним из участником процесса разбора новой линейки смартфонов Apple специалистами из iFixit.

Кратко мой график выглядит так (по московскму времени):
18 сентября в 20-00 летучка по скайпу с переводчиками и командой iFixit для координации по основным моментам

19 сентября
в 4 или в 5 — iFixit получают девайсы
в 5-30 — начинает поступать первый материал для перевода
в 10 или 11 — рассылаем пресс-релиз по основным новостным сайтам.

LIVE — пост обновляется
Windows 9 Start Menu Matches Theme By Altering Color

windows9 theme 607x640When it comes to Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 9, much has been said about it already – and until something official is revealed through the mouth of Microsoft via a press release or statement, all of them will remain as just rumors, and nothing else. Like any other good rumor out there, they can be pretty difficult to put down, since rumors are as juicy as a nice slab of steak. Well, it seems that there is yet another leak which concerns the Windows 9, targeting the Start menu this time around.

Apparently, the new Windows 9 Start menu is capable of matching the different backgrounds of the wallpaper that you are utilizing at the moment by changing its color, just like how a chameleon would. A very good example would be the image on top, where the Start menu alters its color depending on the kind of background chosen.

This might be seen by some as a tiny personalization step for the operating system, but it does have its appeal as not everyone loves the standard set up, and with the amount of customization going on these days in our smartphone and tablet interfaces, it pays for Microsoft to throw in something like that in Windows 9.

Windows 9 Start Menu Matches Theme By Altering Color , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.
Video Unlimited Web Player Arrives On PC And Mac Platforms

video unlimited pc1Just about everyone loves to enjoy the latest and greatest when it comes to visual entertainment – although I do not discount the fact that classics too, modern or otherwise, have a place in the hallowed halls of cinematography. Well, one is now able to watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters and hit TV episodes in the blink of an eye thanks to Video Unlimited on Windows and Mac OS PCs, and this is achieved via Sony Entertainment Network’s new web video player.

This new Video Unlimited Web Player would do away with the need for one to to download and view Video Unlimited content via a separate PC application, and it will also offer up Mac OS compatibility for the first time ever. All that you need to do is head on to the Sony Entertainment Network online store, before you make the choice of renting or purchasing a video, and picking “Watch Now.” The in-browser web player window will then boot up, providing you with easy access to playback controls, not to mention the ability to enjoy a full screen mode.

In addition, one is also able to watch owned and previously rented content via the “My Videos” section that can be accessed in the Account Settings. The new web player will be released to all Video Unlimited countries, where among them include Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States. [Press Release]

Video Unlimited Web Player Arrives On PC And Mac Platforms , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.
Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition Retail Disc Version Coming This October 7th

minecraft ps41Earlier this morning, we confirmed the release of the upcoming Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition disc, and here we are with the date of the release – so you might want to make the necessary preparations and mark down October 7th. You know, how life can get pretty overwhelming that we forget important dates as well as anniversaries, so if Minecraft played a really huge role in your life so far in terms of gaming, and you would like to spend even more time with it on your Sony PS4, then it would be prudent to make a tick on your calendar or save it onto your digital organizer.

Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition has been made available to the masses over on the PlayStation Store since the beginning of September, and the launch has been successful to say the least. Well, for those who still prefer something that they can hold in their hands, the retail disc version would be perfect.

Do bear in mind that Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition will come with worlds which are 36 times larger compared to the ones that you might have spent countless hours on when rocking to the Sony PS3. Current players, fret not, as you will be able to import your PS3 saves over to the PS4 Edition. [Press Release]

Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition Retail Disc Version Coming This October 7th , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.
NVIDIA's new GPU proves moon landing truthers wrong
Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, there still exist some people on planet Earth who believe it's the only celestial body humanity has ever walked upon. You've heard it before -- the moon landing was a hoax, a mere TV drama produced by...
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