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This Airport Terminal was Left Untouched for 53-Years, Here's What it Looks Like Now
TWA Terminal 1962

The TWA Flight Center first opened in 1962 as the original terminal designed by Eero Saarinen for Trans World Airlines at New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport. Once intended as a ceremonial entrance to the new adjacent Jet Blue terminal, the Port Authority has since looked at various reuse scenarios for the original head house, which stands empty as of 2015. The Wall Street Journal reported that JetBlue and its partner, a hotel developer, are negotiating for the rights to turn the head house into a hotel. Continue reading for more pictures.

BlackBerry 正式公佈 Passport Silver Edition

先此聲明,上圖這款 BlackBerry 剛剛推出的 Passport Silver Edition 並不是運行 Android 的啊。基本上它是第三個版本的 Passport,大家不要忘記早前加推的 AT&T 版。在形狀上它就像原版跟 AT&T 版的合體,底部變得圓潤但頂部卻保留了方角的設計,而機身的周邊仍是由一個金屬邊框組成,但圖片顯示底部有兩條分界,所以有可能不是一體式;鍵盤周邊是由另一片金屬片包圍。背面的變化亦頗大,其下半部份的底蓋已換上如 Classic 那樣的小方格花紋,不再是霧面;LED 補光燈上移了一點。

規格方面並沒有變,只是預載的 OS 版本(10.3.2)新一丁點而已。最後,它的價錢比原版 Passport 貴了 US$50,要價 US$549(約 HK$4,260 / NT$17,340),按照香港的經驗,當它在美加以外的地方開售之時會變得更貴。官方的開箱影片可在繼續閱讀中找到。

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