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Squirrel Attempts to Steal Pumpkin from Photographer's Backyard, Becomes Internet Star
Pumpkin Squirrel

Photo credit: Max Ellis

What better way to kick off Halloween than with a photo of a squirrel trying to steal a carved pumpkin? This brilliant image was captured by British photographer Max Ellis. It was made possible by placing a treat inside the pumpkin, making the carving irresistible to at least one of the squirrels. According to the photographer, no squirrels were harmed in this shoot, and that they were probably "much better fed than any other wild squirrels on the planet!". Continue reading for more images.

Humans Can See 1-Million Colors, This Woman Can See 100-Million and Actually Use Them

Concetta Antico is a painter unlike any other, and that's because she's tetrachromatic. This unique condition enables her to see 100-million colors, rather than just 1-million, like normal humans, thanks to extra receptors in her eyes. Most people have three types of cones, which are structures in the eye that designed to absorb particular wavelengths of light and transmit them to the brain, but tetrachromatics, like Concetta, have four cones. Continue reading for more pictures and informatino.

JLab JBuds J4M Heavy Bass Earphones with Travel Case Gets 80% Reduction to $19.99, Today Only
JLab JBuds J4M

JLab's JBuds J4M Heavy Bass Earphones are currently being offered for only $19.99, today only, originally priced at $99.95. All components have been redesigned from the ground-up, using the most sophisticated techniques and materials they've ever used to achieve maximum durability and the longest possible product life. The reinforced exoskeleton on each component provides perfect flexibility for ease of movement, while completely protecting every cable connection and joint. Product page. Continue reading for more images and information.

Notable features:
  • Extra rugged build with aluminum housing, flexible exoskeleton armor on all components, and kevlar reinforced tangle free flat cable.

  • Rich, dynamic soundstage with crystal clear highs, deep, full mids, and tight, punchy bass.

  • Includes 7 sizes of soft silicone ear buds for a super comfortable, noise isolating fit, and a rugged travel case.

[via Amazon]

This is Not an Optical Illusion, Just a Real Rabbit Being Used as an iPhone Case
Rabbit iPhone Case

No, this isn't an optical illusion, or a stuffed animal, but rather a real rabbit being used as an iPhone case. This image went viral online a few weeks ago, and since then, other iPhone owners have begun using their own pets in the same way. While most of the images you're about to see feature iPhones, this works with just about any brand, given that it's not a tablet or laptop. Continue reading for more.

Chinese company Vivo promises 3.85mm-thick phone
Think the Oppo R5 is too fat? There could be an even thinner smartphone on the way
Wii U, I love you: a premature eulogy
The Wii U is flawed. I won't pretend that it isn't and I won't apologize for it either. If the system had an animal equivalent, it'd be that of a damaged pound puppy. And yet, it's my go-to next-gen console for gaming. The reason for that is simple:...
Thanks Gov: free WiFi to be installed in 1,000 public places across the UK
If you're anything like us, free WiFi is essential to your enjoyment of basically every situation. Luckily, providers like The Cloud, O2 and BT, as well as independent hotspots, have you covered most of the time. Plenty of dead zones still exist,...
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