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Google launches Inbox, a smart Gmail manager for Android and iPhone
It’s currently available only via invite, so better hope you know someone
4 things you need to know about Magic Leap
What is the mystery augmented reality startup that's raised US$542 million doing with Google's money?
Raspberry Pi will soon have its own display, and it's about time
Touchscreen display lets you turn the mini-computer into a (slightly hefty) tablet
Engadget Daily: New iPad and Retina iMac reviews, the do's and don'ts of social media, and more!
Want to upgrade to an iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3? Maybe you're just drooling over the new Retina iMac. We reviewed them all, so you're covered either way. But that's not all we have on deck -- read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24...
Apple defeats GPNE's $94M patent-infringement claim
A San Jose jury rules against the nonpracticing entity, which had accused Apple of infringing its mobile device technology.

UFO Soap Pumps: Take Me To Your Lever

UFO Soap Pumps: Take Me To Your Lever

If you've seen War of the Worlds, then it only makes sense that if an alien race were to visit our planet, they'd be pretty strict about personal hygiene before making contact with humans. Those tiny bacterial organisms all over our hands pose a real threat to extraterrestrials, so what better way to scrub up than with this alien abduction-themed soap dispenser?


AT&T third-quarter profit falls short even as it adds 2M wireless customers
The company's growth was driven largely by connected devices like the connected car, but there was also a healthy mix of smartphone and tablet growth.

Google Earth for Android is now faster, better at 3D exploration
Heads up, Android fans: Google Earth for your phones is about to get a lot better. That's what the folks in Mountain View are promising, anyway -- they've released an update to the app brings with it snappier performance and improved labels for maps...
Google Can't Fix What's Really Wrong With Email: Us

Google Can't Fix What's Really Wrong With Email: Us

Today Google announced an ambitious project called Inbox , a new way to manage your Gmail that looks like an absolute godsend. There is, however, one thing that Google's clever engineering won't fix, and might actually make worse: The humans sending the emails.


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