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Saudi Arabia to expand clean energy options amidst fears of future supply shortfalls
The Saudi Arabian oil minister has announced plans to boost its refining and chemicals business and expand into cleaner energy such as nuclear power.
Obamas host final musical event – US president nixes twerking at WH concert
WASHINGTON, Oct 22, (AP): US President Barack Obama said he’s sad that one of his and the first lady’s favorite traditions, musical night at the White House, ended Friday. Obama and his wife, Michelle, have reserved certain evenings over the past eight years to celebrate music that has helped shape …
Success of Nov meeting: A new ‘facelift’ for OPEC – Oil industry set to enter new chapter
Without a doubt, the forthcoming OPEC meeting at the end of next month will be a historic one, with the strong presence of Russia, the biggest oil producer and provided all OPEC members agree to reduce their throughput. It must be conditional on total commitment from OPEC and Russia to …
Nissan Kuwait presents the extended Patrol family – VIP guests enjoy exceptional ‘desert meets city’ driving experience
KUWAIT CITY, Oct 22: Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Co (AABC), the authorized agent of Nissan vehicles in the State of Kuwait held an extravagant event yesterday at Basel AlSalem AlSabah Circuit, one of the largest circuits in the Middle East, to announce the launch of its all-new 2017 Nissan Patrol V6 …
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