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Germans face snap polls after govt-making talks fail
Chancellor Angela Merkel unable to convince FDP on several issues, especially immigration
The Padmavati brouhaha
Who gives anybody the right to attack the character of a woman just because she is a film star? Where is the public outrage?
Tackle corruption
‘New India is consumed by guilt’ by Rajkamal Rao (November 20) is timely. Having pledged to expose the dishonest and elevate the income level of the masses, the Centre’s move to demonitise succeeded ...
Merkel says she would prefer new elections to minority government
Talks among four German parties seeking to form a coalition government broke down on Sunday.
Major AI funding boost in UK aims to fuel driverless car revolution
AI funding boost in UK to fuel driverless car technology
When Indian IT hits the pause button
A sharp deceleration in growth and restricted employment expansion in the IT sector have implications beyond the industry’s boundaries
All you wanted to learn about Sovereign Ratings
The Government and stock investors alike cheered last week when Moody’s, one of the top global credit rating agencies, raised India’s sovereign issuer rating to Baa2 from Baa3 with a ‘stable’ outlook.
Warning bells
Recent debacles on listing should warn issuers of the dangers of over-pricing IPOs
Business Line Twenty Years Ago Today
Kesri to decide on withdrawal of support The political storm kicked up by the Jain Commission’s interim report on the assassination of the former Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, seems to be headi...
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