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Why the US needs a new, tech-driven growth strategy

Government policies shouldn't shy away from investments in technological innovation, new equipment, labor skills, and infrastructure in order to increase productivity.

MS-DOS computer viruses live on in the Internet Archive’s Malware Museum (+video)

The Malware Museum shows us the colorful, obnoxious, insulting computer viruses of yesteryear – and reminds us how much malware has changed since the 1980s.

Why TV companies may soon cut back on streaming access to new shows

Time Warner, which is in talks to invest in Hulu, told the streaming media service it wants to cut back access to new shows such as 'Supergirl' and 'The Flash.' TV companies worry that streaming access could encourage more people to cut back or drop cable service.

Mondentstehung: Frontalaufprall auf die Ur-Erde?
Der Vergleich von Gestein aus verschiedenen Regionen der Erde und vom Mond lieferte Wissenschaftlern jetzt neue Hinweise auf die Kollision, durch die einmal unser Mond entstanden ist. Danach prallte ein marsgroßes Objekt frontal auf die Ur-Erde. Bislang waren viele Forscher von einem eher flachen Aufschlagwinkel ausgegangen. (8. Februar 2016)
A Band of Fire in Sub-Saharan Africa

A Band of Fire in Sub-Saharan Africa
Every year, a massive band of manmade fire emerges in satellite imagery of northern Sub-Saharan Africa in November.

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