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Zeebrugge, Belgium

Zeebrugge, Belgium
One of Europe’s most important modern ports is a city of commercial superlatives.

In Illinois, This College Town Won't Be Eclipsed By August's Celestial Event
Jim Blair walks Saluki dogs past a solar eclipse exhibit on the campus of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Ill. With approximately 2 minutes 40 seconds of totality the area in Southern Illinois will experience the longest duration of totality during the eclipse on August 21.

A town of 26,000 will more than double in size as the Great American Eclipse takes place in August. From the local state university to longtime bakery, people are getting ready for it to get dark.

(Image credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Blinded By The Light': Your Contributions To Our Solar Eclipse Soundtrack

While watching the total eclipse, folks might want to follow along with some toe-tapping music about the sun, stars and moon. We've got the playlist for the wondrous sky event.

Words You'll Hear: Eclipse Cheap Seats

A total eclipse sweeps the U.S. on Monday. But most will see a partial eclipse. The question is: Is an 80 or even a 90 percent eclipse worth it? Or should people make the extra effort to see totality?

Photos: The Eclipse Is Coming. Are You Ready?
On Monday, the moon will blot out the sun. Here’s what people are doing to prepare.
Fatal mudslides spark Plumstead teacher to start relief campaign
Ellen Fedele is collecting clothes, food, water, stationery and other life essentials for pupils and others affected in the DRC and Sierra Leone.
High TB risk for medical students – study
Undergraduate medical students in Cape Town are at high risk of occupationally acquired TB
UDF stalwarts lash ANC corruption, factions
Factionalism and corruption within the ANC took centre stage during the commemoration of the UDF launch at the Rocklands Civic Centre.
Police track down man, 28, who 'robbed' Uber driver
A man arrested for allegedly robbing an Uber driver of cash and his cellphone, among others, will appear at Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Monday.
Kensington girl, 12, hit by stray bullet in head amid gang warfare
A 12-year-old Kensington is in hospital after being hit in the head by a stray bullet amid an ongoing gang war in the area.
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