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Kepler: Der erste Exoplanet der neuen Mission
Vor einem Jahr schien die Mission des Weltraumteleskops Kepler zu Ende zu sein: Durch den Ausfall zweier Kreiselinstrumente ließ sich das Teleskop nicht mehr exakt genug ausrichten, um extrasolare Planeten aufzuspüren. Doch dann entwickelte das Team eine Methode, durch die sich Kepler doch noch zur Planetensuche einsetzen lassen sollte. Jetzt wurde der erste Exoplanet dieser neuen Mission bestätigt. (19. Dezember 2014)
Soyuz launches four O3b satellites
A Soyuz rocket placed four satellites for a communications network into orbit on Thursday. The...
UK Politicians Keeping 'Options Open' Over Trident Renewal
Edinburgh, UK (Sputnik) Dec 18, 2014
UK politicians are keeping their options open on whether to renew the UK's nuclear weapons system known as Trident, Peter Burt, Research Manager with the Nuclear Information Service has told Sputnik. "No party has yet formally committed to say how many new submarines they would build after the 2016 'Main Gate' decision and the main factor driving this decision will be economic, not politic
Plunging oil price to reset global defence budgets: IHS
London (AFP) Dec 19, 2014
Global defence spending is likely to remain constant for the next two years as tumbling oil prices cut the budgets of Middle East exporters, but swell the coffers of Asia-Pacific importers, defence analysts IHS said Friday. With Brent crude recently falling below the symbolic $60 dollar (48.8 euros) mark - a 50 percent drop since mid-June - the defence budgets of countries in the Middle Ea
SpaceX postpones ISS cargo mission to January
SpaceX announced Thursday that it is delaying a launch of a cargo spacecraft to early...
China's Li visits Bangkok with Thai junta craving allies
Bangkok (AFP) Dec 19, 2014
Chinese premier Li Keqiang is set Friday to sign agriculture and transport agreements on a visit to Bangkok, as Thailand's junta seeks diplomatic support after their coup was given short-shrift by US and European allies. A dual-track railway through Thailand, part of a 1,400 kilometre (870 mile) vision of linking China's southwestern hub city of Kunming with Asia's second busiest port of Sin
US air strikes kill several IS leaders in Iraq: Pentagon
Washington (AFP) Dec 18, 2014
Several leaders of the Islamic State group in Iraq have been killed in US air strikes in recent weeks, dealing a blow to the jihadist forces, the Pentagon said Thursday. "I can confirm that since mid-November, targeted coalition airstrikes successfully killed multiple senior and mid-level leaders" in the IS, spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said in a statement. "We believe that the loss
Challenging Russia, Ukraine moves to drop neutral status
Kiev (AFP) Dec 18, 2014
Ukraine's president openly challenged the Kremlin on Thursday by submitting a bill allowing the former Soviet republic to join NATO and make the Western alliance its defender from Russian threats. The high-stakes decision is certain to provoke a Kremlin outcry and may further complicate the fate of delicate peace talks between Kiev and Russian-backed gunmen tentatively scheduled for Sunday.
India Considering Leasing Second Russian Nuclear Submarine
Moscow (Sputnik) Dec 18, 2014
The Indian Navy is considering leasing a second Akula-class nuclear-powered submarine from Russia, The Hindu reported. According to the media outlet, the possibility of the lease was indicated by India's Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, in a meeting with journalists following Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to India last week. In 2012, India began a 10-year lease of the Ak
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