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В Сербию МО РФ отправляет авиарейс с гуманитарной помощью
Самолет военно-транспортной авиации ВВС РФ Ил-76 доставит в Сербию партию груза гуманитарной помощи. Об этом сообщил представитель управления пресс-службы и информации Минобороны РФ...
Дело о банкротстве ФК «Рубин» прекращено судом
Арбитражный суд Татарстана прекратил производство по делу о банкротстве казанского футбольного клуба «Рубин». Об этом сообщается на сайте суда. Рассмотрев в ходе открытого заседания заявление казанской фирмы «ТрикотажОптТорг», суд отклонил ее просьбу о признании «Рубина» банкротом...
Люди эвакуированы из гостиницы в Ялте из-за сообщения о заминировании
Туристы и персонал эвакуированы из гостиницы "Ялта-интурист". Здание полностью оцеплено, в гостиницу никого не пропускают. На место прибыли также полиция, кинологи, пожарная машины. Проводится обследование отеля.
CК: число пострадавших от урагана в Башкирии превысило 40 человек
На три соседние района Башкирии — Краснокамский, Янаульский и Калтасинский — в пятницу вечером обрушился сильный ураган. По данным СК, под обломками строений погибли два пожилых местных жителя. 40 человек пострадали, около 15 госпитализированы.
Google Introduces HTML 5.1 Tag To Chrome
darthcamaro (735685) writes "Forget about HTML5, that's already passe — Google is already moving on to HTML5.1 support for the upcoming Chrome 38 release. Currently only a beta, one of the biggest things that web developers will notice is the use of the new "picture" tag which is a container for multiple image sizes/formats. Bottom line is it's a new way to think about the "IMG" tag that has existed since the first HTML spec."

Study: Social Networks Have Negative Effect On Individual Welfare
An anonymous reader writes: A study of 50,000 people in Italy has found the impact of social networking on individual welfare to be "significantly negative." The researchers found that improvements in self-reported well-being occurred when online networking led to face-to-face interactions, but this effect was overwhelmed by the perceived losses in well-being (PDF) generated by interaction strictly through social networks. The researchers "highlight the role of discrimination and hate speech on social media which they say play a significant role in trust and well-being. Better moderation could significantly improve the well-being of the people who use social networks, they conclude."



By ShanghaiBill • Score: 5, Insightful • Thread

Seeing other people happy could potentially adversely effect someone that is clinically depressed .

This is the exact opposite of what the researchers concluded: That people are adversely affected by seeing other people that are angry and hateful.


Re:/. Is ostensibly a social network.

By BenSchuarmer • Score: 5, Insightful • Thread
</header> slashdot is more of an anti-social network.


The mere existence of Facebook harms my well-being

By Narcocide • Score: 3, Funny • Thread

... and I don't even use it.


Talking to "different" people is bad for you

By Animats • Score: 3 • Thread

This is fascinating. It's not the classic "people don't have social lives in the real world because they are on line too much" argument. The authors argue that following people who are "different" from you is bad for you. They write:

"Compared to face-to-face interactions, online networks allow users to silently observe the opinions and behaviors of an immensely wider share of their fellow citizens. The psychological literature has shown that most people tend to overestimate the extent to which their beliefs or opinions are typical of those of others. There is a tendency for people to assume that their own opinions, beliefs, preferences, values, and habits are âoenormalâ and that others also think the same way that they do. This cognitive bias leads to the perception of a consensus that does not exist, or a 'false consensus' (Gamba, 2013)."

"The more people used Facebook at one time point, the worse they felt afterwards; the more they used Facebook over two weeks, the more their life satisfaction levels declined over time. The effects found by the authors were not moderated by the size of people's Facebook networks, their perceived supportiveness, motivation for using Facebook, gender, loneliness, self-esteem, or depression, thus suggesting the existence of a direct link between SNSs' use and subjective well-being."

This is a new result, and needs confirmation. Are homogeneous societies happier ones? Should that be replicated on line? Should efforts be made in Facebook to keep people from having "different" friends?


If you haven't got a thick skin

By msobkow • Score: 4, Informative • Thread

If you haven't got a thick skin, get off the internet. People will disagree with you, contradict you, post things that make you uncomfortable or that you find downright revolting.

The world is not "your oyster." People who disagree with you and that you find disagreeable have every bit as much right to be there as you. And when you consider the fact that some people find your Bible quotes and homilies offensive (as do I), it soon becomes clear that it's impossible to please everyone.

If you only want to hang out with like-minded people, form a nice little coffee-clique of people and socialize instead of trying to find "happiness" on the 'net.

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?
An anonymous reader writes: It's the year 2014, and I still have a floppy drive installed on my computer. I don't know why; I don't own any floppy disks, and I haven't used one in probably a decade. But every time I put together a PC, it feels incomplete if I don't have one. I also have a Laserdisc player collecting dust at the bottom of my entertainment center, and I still use IRC to talk to a few friends. Software, hardware, or otherwise, what technology have you had a hard time letting go? (I don't want to put a hard limit on age, so you folks using flip-phones or playing on Dreamcasts or still inexplicably coding in Perl 4, feel free to contribute.)


1926 model news printer

By Animats • Score: 3 • Thread

This is my news printer. Each morning I turn it on, and it prints a paper tape with the Reuters news summaries.

This is 1926 technology. The machine talks to a standard serial port at 45 baud, 5 bits, no parity, 1.5 stop bits.


Re: slashdot

By JazzHarper • Score: 4, Insightful • Thread

people will believe that Einstein said it.



By msauve • Score: 4, Interesting • Thread
</header> Newbie.

From: patl@athena.mit.edu (Patrick J..LoPresti)
Subject: The True Path (long)
Date: 11 Jul 91 03:17:31 GMT
Newsgroups: alt.religion.emacs,alt.slack

When I log into my Xenix system with my 110 baud teletype, both vi *and* Emacs are just too damn slow.. They print useless messages like, 'C-h for help' and '"foo" File is read only'.. So I use the editor that doesn't waste my VALUABLE time.

Ed, man! !man ed

ED(1) UNIX Programmer's Manual ED(1)

ed - text editor

ed [ - ] [ -x ] [ name ]
Ed is the standard text editor.

Computer Scientists love ed, not just because it comes first alphabetically, but because it's the standard.. Everyone else loves ed because it's ED!

"Ed is the standard text editor."

And ed doesn't waste space on my Timex Sinclair.. Just look:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root 24 Oct 29 1929 /bin/ed
-rwxr-xr-t 4 root 1310720 Jan 1 1970 /usr/ucb/vi
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root 5.89824e37 Oct 22 1990 /usr/bin/emacs

Of course, on the system *I* administrate, vi is symlinked to ed.

Emacs has been replaced by a shell script which 1) Generates a syslog message at level LOG_EMERG; 2) reduces the user's disk quota by 100K; and 3) RUNS ED!!!!!!

"Ed is the standard text editor."

Let's look at a typical novice's session with the mighty ed:

[see the real thing here. /. lameness filter doesn't like it]

Note the consistent user interface and error reportage.. Ed is generous enough to flag errors, yet prudent enough not to overwhelm the novice with verbosity.

"Ed is the standard text editor."

Ed, the greatest WYGIWYG editor of all.


When I use an editor, I don't want eight extra KILOBYTES of worthless help screens and cursor positioning code! I just want an EDitor!!
Not a "viitor".. Not a "emacsitor".. Those aren't even WORDS!!!! ED!


When IBM, in its ever-present omnipotence, needed to base their "edlin" on a UNIX standard, did they mimic vi? No.. Emacs? Surely you jest.. They chose the most karmic editor of all.. The standard.

Ed is for those who can *remember* what they are working on.. If you are an idiot, you should use Emacs.. If you are an Emacs, you should not be vi.. If you use ED, you are on THE PATH TO REDEMPTION.. THE SO-CALLED "VISUAL" EDITORS HAVE BEEN PLACED HERE BY ED TO TEMPT THE FAITHLESS.. DO NOT GIVE IN!!! THE MIGHTY ED HAS SPOKEN!!!




By Unxmaal • Score: 3, Funny • Thread

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Lack of Emulation

By pubwvj • Score: 3 • Thread

Apple and other makers are screwing themselves up by obsolescing older software. I need access to my data. The applications that access my data won't run on the newer hardware on the newer operating systems. The result is I don't upgrade my hardware - I just keep making do with old hardware. I buy used computers for our businesses and family needs. I know of other people in the same boat. If the new hardware and OS can't let us use our older applications then we don't buy new. Apple and other vendors of hardware and OSs loses a lot of sales that way. They make nothing when we buy used.

Emulation is not that hard.

Keeping operating systems compatible so old software runs to give us access to our data isn't that hard.

We need backwards compatibility to move into the future.

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