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Darkcoin Steps Out of the Shadows
Darkcoin has exited beta and is now ready for mainstream use. Also, the software's code is now open source. Darkcoin is the first fully open source cryptocurrency with financial privacy built directly into the software, its developers claimed. Open-sourcing financial software is vitally important, they said, because it instills confidence that users' financial privacy is protected.
Researchers bypass Redmond's EMET, again

Version 5 still a bit soft

Researchers have again disarmed Microsoft's lauded Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) defence tool, and criticised Redmond for not improving its security controls by much.…

RE: как сделать вечный триал?
ORIGINAL: unknownproject Ох.А на чем основаны выводы о том, что метка о кол-ве дней триала хранится именно в реестре ? А метка о количес...
Labor warns of new NBN 'tax' on home buyers
The Australian Opposition is calling for the government to ensure that new premises will not have to pay for a connection onto the National Broadband Network.
Forrester: Customer-Focused Organizations Must Take a Strategic Approach to Identity Relationship Management
Customer-focused companies strive to make their content available to an ever-growing number of connected users and devices on a much larger scale than ever before. Forrester finds ...
From garage to Mars: Improving SMB reach with connectivity
From the garage to Mars, a Melbourne-based flight simulator business is using the NBN to close the geographical divide and level the competitive playing field.
General Motors Appoints First Product Cybersecurity Officer
Mark Reuss, GM's vice president of global product development, says it's crucial to look at vehicle technology 'on a critical systems level.
An Open Source Solution to Shellshock
An open source tool can mitigate risks associated with Bash shell attack.
PHPCompta/NOALYSS 6.7.1 5638 Remote Command Execution
PHPCompta/NOALYSS version 6.7.1 5638 suffers from a remote command execution vulnerability.
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