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Pakistani Taliban Leaders Reported Killed In Air Strike
Three Pakistani Taliban leaders have reportedly been killed in joint Afghan and NATO air strikes in eastern Afghanistan, Pakistani security sources say.
Afghan forces kill top Pakistani Taliban commander
Afghan security forces have killed one of the top Pakistani Taliban commanders along with at least 10 other militants in an area along the porous border between the two countries, militant sources say.
Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq yesterday, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.
Return of peace to Syria 'almost impossible', Russia says
Russia says the return of peace to war-torn Syria is almost "impossible," more than a week after US warplanes carried out several airstrikes against Syrian government forces, killing dozens.
India's Deployment of BrahMos Supersonic Stealth Missile is Making China Nervous
India's more hawkish foreign policy under Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with a major scoop up of international armaments has Beijing looking to their southern border with concern.
Hawkeye: Russia's New 5th Gen Radar 'Can See a Soldier's Helmet' During Combat
Fifth-generation radar technology developed in Russia provides an absolutely unique resolution, which enables it to "see a soldier's helmet" during combat, a representative of the United Instrument Corporation told RIA Novosti.
China Deploys Stealth Drones to Guard Disputed Islands in South, East China Seas
Amid mounting tensions over disputed territories in the East and South China Seas, Beijing is preparing to launch stealthy UAVs to oversee and map contested waters and islands.
China conducts military exercises in Western Pacific
China's Air Force has carried out a series of military drills and patrols in the Western Pacific region after passing through a strait between Japanese islands, a move that could escalate tensions in the region.
Airstrike Kills Senior Pakistani Militant Leader in Afghanistan
Suspected U.S. airstrikes in southeastern Afghanistan are believed to have killed a top commander of the extremist Pakistan Taliban and several of his partners.
At Security Council, UN envoy appeals for Russia and US cooperation to 'pull Syria back from the brink
Amid the unprecedented military assault on eastern Aleppo, where fireballs from incendiary bombs "light up the pitch darkness," the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria today strongly appealed to the Security Council – particularly permanent members Russia and the United States – to rescue a recently collapsed cessation of hostilities, end the bloodshed and speed aid into the iconic city where,
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