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Opinion: COAC is a security risk for the U.S.

Many have questioned more than once the value of COAC, especially about its memberships self-interests. But now there is serious question about its role in the security of this nation's borders and ports. COAC's obvious weaknesses are two: first, its latest charter; and second, the self-interest of COAC's non-government membership that places protecting and promoting company and industry values over the greater security of U.S. trade infrastructure essential to our nation's economic base. It has value to the Department of Homeland Security that needs to claim it understands both trade and security for the political agenda of the Administration.

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COAC's Charter or Purpose

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3 MORE tabletop exercises for business continuity

This set of 3 tabletop exercises has proven popular over the intervening years, so here's another troika for testing your processes for resilience or recovery.

You know the drill: Appoint a moderator, gather a team representing multiple departments within the organization (and ideally some outside business partners as well) and work through a scenario, one stage at a time. Allow interaction and discussion after each segment's information is released.

Does each department have the necessary processes in place to handle the given sequence of events? How will the necessary communication take place? What unforeseen employee needs might arise? Are business partners adequately prepared?

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Victimized Celebs Blamed for Their Indecent Exposure
Apple on Tuesday issued a statement blaming the posting online of more than 100 celebrities' photos in various stages of dishabille on a highly targeted hack attack to gain access to their usernames, passwords and answers to security questions. None of the cases investigated resulted from any breach in the company's systems, including iCloud or Find my iPhone, Apple maintained.
Finger Print Enhancement Using Minutiae Based Algorithm
The popular biometric used to authenticate a person is fingerprint which is unique and permanent throughout a person's life. A minutia matching is widely used for fingerprint recog...
Security System in Speech Recognition
Speaker recognition is one of the effectively used biometric authentication system that actually identify the speaker on the basis of vocal characteristics. The speaker identificat...
Apple skirts blame in skirtless photo heist, claims NO iCloud breach

Says celebs should have used strong passwords, two-factor authentication

Apple has denied any compromise of its systems in relation to this weekend's celebrity photo dump.…

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