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NASA CIO allows HPE contract to expire, refuses to sign-off on authority to operate

In the wake of continued security problems, NASA's CIO is sending a no-confidence signal to Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which received a $2.5 billion contract in 2011 to address problems with the agency's outdated and insecure information technology infrastructure.

In late July, CIO Renee Wynn, who took over the job last fall, took the unprecedented step of not signing off on the contract's "authority to operate," which expired on July 24.

"I have to applaud Renee for stepping up here," said government security expert Torsten George, vice president at Albuquerque, NM-based RiskSense, Inc. "You can almost call her a whistleblower. It's a bold move. Not a lot of people would have made that move, for career reasons."

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