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A textbook case & The Wally Byam Caravanners Club
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Student Gives Her Teacher Some Great Perspective on Racism

Can whites in the United States truly experience racism? Recently, there’s been more than a few instances where people in the public eye have have tried to make a case for it. Notable recent attempts are #AllLivesMatter---an attempt to negate the systemic violence and racism faced by African-Americans. There have also been a slew of talking heads on FOX News saying the concept of white privilege is rooted in reverse racism. This growing sentiment is why a recent student/teacher interaction captured on YouTube is so important. It shows the importance of perspective when discussing race in America.

In the video below, the teacher’s comments aren’t completely clear, but he’s discussing how racism affects whites. Then one of his students puts the entire issues in perspective. “Racism is based on the systematic oppression of people. White people have never suffered that,” the student says. “Yeah, you’ve tried to say it’s possible. Yeah, in the future it's possible to like have some form of systematic oppression of white people. But it’s never happened.”

The student goes on to show how all too often when whites discuss the issue of race they do so without taking in the historical context of the issue. “You saying it’s not going to be up for argument — it’s kind of like you, as a white man, saying what is and what is not racist,” she said. “That’s what’s been happening throughout the centuries. For you to tell me that, it doesn’t make me believe you, because that’s what’s been said to us for so long.”

Although we can’t be sure what the teacher was actually telling his students about racism, what’s evident is that in his classroom, the teacher has fostered a positive place where students and educators can openly discuss the issue. This type of honest discussion between students and teachers is one tiny step towards a better understanding the complex issue of race in America. 

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Nederlandse game-sector groeit maar rondkomen blijft lastig
De Nederlandse gamemarkt bestaat grofweg uit twee domeinen: entertainment-games en 'applied games'. Eerstgenoemde zijn de spelletjes die we op onze console of smartphone spelen, applied games zijn bedoeld om mensen te informeren, trainen en onderwijzen. Denk aan een 3D-game waarin het lijkt alsof je een een vliegtuig zit. Zo'n game kan mensen met vliegangst helpen. Het aantal Nederlandse gamebedrijven is de afgelopen jaren flink toegenomen, zo blijkt uit het jaarlijks rapport...

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I’m Not Sure I Can Let My Kids Play Football Anymore. Here’s Why.

There’s been a lot more reported in the last few years about the damaging effects of sports like football on the human brain. Specifically, the concussions that happen during practice and the games themselves. 

Football is the sport in high school that has the highest proportion of concussions at just over 47%. College football shows even more, and then when you get to the NFL, it gets much worse. In some studies, the rate of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain disease caused by frequent concussions, showed a rate of 97% for deceased former NFL players.

Here are a number of facts about all of this, combined with graphics that tell the tale, from Newsbound.


Spotify blijft dominant in Nederland (ook na komst Apple Music)
Apple Music had in december 2015 in ons land een marktaandeel van 9 procent, gevolgd door Deezer (8 procent), Google Play Music (6 procent), Napster (3 procent) en Playstation Music (2 procent). De hd-streamingdienst Tidal van Jay-Z staat in ons land nog op nul procent. Dat blijkt uit cijfers van onderzoeksbureau GFK die Spotify-manager Will Page vrijdag naar buiten heeft gebracht tijdens een conferentie in Amsterdam. Sinds de komst van Apple Music in de zomer van...

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Video: Programmeur maakt nummer Daft Punk helemaal in code
Floris Poort Video van de Dag Kleine weergaveBreaking push notifications Tonen in hoofdsectie Programmeur maakt Daft Punk-song na in codeNiet tonen op sectiepagina Zichtbaar

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Koenders eerste minister met 'AMA' op webforum Reddit
Koenders reageert maandagmiddag om 15:45 uur op vragen van gebruikers van het internationale webforum Reddit. Op Reddit bepalen gebruikers wat het nieuws is, door verhalen omhoog te stemmen. Regelmatig organiseert de site een speciale Ask Me Anything (AMA) voor de community. Vaak beantwoordt een beroemdheid dan vragen van gebruikers. Onder meer Barack Obama en Bill Gates gingen Koenders al voor. Vragen insturen op de AMA-thread op de site kan vanaf maandagochtend half 9. De vragensessie is in...

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Are banana peels edible?
Some people put whole frozen bananas in smoothies. Some people might or might not eat banana peels depending on the person. Are they edible? I guess it depends. Monkeys someti…mes eat bananas whole. Most people prefer to throw away the banana peel, though you do not have to. For those who garden eating bananas can be helpful. Banana peels make wonderful compost. Food scraps like veggies and fruits also make nice compost, as well as leaves and other things that naturally decay, like dead animal carcasses that break down over time, but we doubt you put dead animals in your compost. Worms in your compost will also definitely help. If you go fishing compost piles and worms help you. (MORE)
How are managers bonded to shareholders?
1. Shareholders determine the membership of the board of directors by voting. 2. Contracts with management and arrangements for compensation can be made so that management has… an incentive to pursue shareholders' goals. (MORE)
Harrowing, Heroic, Vital: Survivors of the 1980s AIDS Crisis Share Their Stories 

“Gay men who lived through the HIV Epidemic of the 1980s, what was it like?” starts a Reddit thread submitted by “Iowa2017.” 1780 comments later, the forum has become a place for survivors of all sexual orientations to tell their stories. The important thread offers some forgotten reminders of that terrible time: the uncanny number of funerals some people had to attend every week is staggering, the bald-faced discrimination of gay men, and the vital contributions of lesbians as caregivers and activists in the community. Some highlights are below.


“The gay community was basically on their own. The US Government didn't take it seriously, and often avoided the subject, or slung nasty comments about it "being God's revenge", or "They got what they deserved". Please educate yourself about HIV, be cautious, and don't forget those of us who had to live through this.”


I am 43 now. I moved to new York (and came out) in 1989 when I was 17. it was like coming out into a war zone. but besides the grief, the rage and the death all around I want to emphasize how hopeful and spirited we were then. the gay community had cohesion then, their was unity. and visibility, a militant visibility. queer nation, act up, the lesbian avengers, the pink panthers.. these are just some of the groups whose posters and flyers you'd see everywhere. or you'd see them , everywhere, in gangs. everyone looked out for each other then.. I miss that unity. it's absent now.”


It was madness. It was terribly cruel. It was inexplicable and unexplained, for a very long time. Research was underfunded, and in many cases large institutions and public figures rooted for it to be happening. People died suddenly of unexplainable things. Toe fungus! Tongue thrush! Rashes. Eyes welling up with blood. Horrible shit.”


“Everyone knew it was hitting gay men, nobody knew what it was. They called it the gay cancer. People were very superstitious. I had handfuls of groceries and man lectured me on not pressing the elevator buttons with my nose because I could catch AIDS from it. Yes. That happened.”


“In the year I met my partner, 1990 I think, we were invited to more than 60 funerals. More than one a week. After a while , we just stopped going. I just didn't have any grief left to give. It made no sense. Guys would get sick from the only guy they'd ever been with. The guy I lost my virginity to died. Everyone I knew who dated him died, but I somehow dodged the bullet.”


There is a group of people that to this day get little credit for all the hard work they did during the crisis and that was the lesbian community. They were not directly affected by the spread of the virus but so many of them jumped on the bandwagon right at the beginning, gave everything they had helping out wherever they could and in many cases, led the way when things got really bad in the mid- to late 80's. We should all be eternally grateful to them for what they did.”



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