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Separation & Speaking in tongues
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NYPD Permanently Assigns 350 Officers to Roam the City with Machine Guns
By GOOD Magazine NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton believes machine guns are necessary to deal with protests.
A Gay Couple Bought JebBushForPresident.com in 2008 and They’re Not Giving it Back
By GOOD Magazine A couple of “high tech bears” from Oregon own JebBushForPresident.com and plant to use it to promote LGBTQ rights.
On painting the images of deities
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New Study Shows Transgender Kids Identify with Their Gender at the Same Rate as Cisgender Kids
By GOOD Magazine It’s not just a phase the child is going through.
A Women-Only Mosque Congregates In Los Angeles For the First Time
By GOOD Magazine The Women’s Mosque of America is apparently the first of its kind in the U.S.
The Quantified Player Comes To Super Bowl XLIX

Along with adding a whole new layer of quant nerdiness to the Big Game, the technology could help the NFL figure out how to make football safer.

When the Seattle Seahawks take to the field against the New England Patriots this Sunday, the players' every move will be quantified like never before. That's because their shoulder pads will have sensors embedded inside that beam statistics—including field position, speed, distance traveled, acceleration and relative proximity to other players—to "receiver tags" placed around the stadium. The data, which is gathered in real time, will then be used to augment NBC's broadcast of Super Bowl XLIX.

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Snapchat's First In-App Web Series Is Coming Tomorrow

Eager to erect a profitable business model, Snapchat is taking a page from Netflix's playbook.

Snapchat is about to start feeling a bit more like Netflix. At least, that's what the company is aiming for with the arrival of its first in-app episodic video series. If the gamble works, you (or your teenage kids) will soon be spending a lot more time staring into the app.

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Google Now Will Finally Pull In Data From Your Other Apps

With services like Airbnb, Lyft, and Pandora, Google Now just got a lot better.

Google's various services have long been more partner-friendly than those of Apple and others, but today the company announced that Google Now—its smart personal assistant—will now support close to 40 different third-party apps.

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Register monitor & Grass box
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