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Translations of five poems by Julia Piera
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The Most Interesting Man in Virtual Reality
most2.jpgHe doesn't always go on nationwide bar crawls. But when he does, it's via Oculus Rift
Meet Your Ideal Parking Attendant in the Bay Area via Mobile
Luxe Valet ServiceLuxe offers drivers personalized, on-demand valet service in San Francisco
Wristband Lets Users Take Audio Snapshot of Memorable Conversations
The Kapture wristband is a wearable 'audio camera' that lets you retroactively record beautiful audio moments
Experience Theater-Quality Viewing with iPad Air Amp Station
ipadairamp2.jpgKickstarted tablet accessory turns the tiny screen into a high-quality theater sound system
Houseboat Sauna Sustainably Designed for Guilt-Free Enjoyment
saunalatta.pngSet sail on Finnish waters: floating vessel Saunalautta available for vacation rental
Thanks to leadership buy-in, creating GLG’s inaugural social impact program just came down to execution
By catchafire.org After 15 years of working with social good organizations pro bono, GLG formalized its efforts and launched the inaugural Social Impact Fellowship and a skills-based volunteer program with Catchafire.
Ample Safety Features Included in Kid-Friendly 3D Sketching Pen
polyes-q1.jpgThe Poyles Q1 by Future Make has been designed to appeal to adults and children alike
Location-Enabled Jacket Will Tour You Around Paris
Navigate - Tourist Vs Traveller.jpgThe Navigate outerwear will help you navigate a foreign city with vibrations
New York’s Street Art Museum Creates Love Letter Billboard Series
SMoA_Billboard_1.jpgGOOD Cities project creates billboard street art featuring three New York City-based artists.
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