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This is the problem, you tell some people you're a writer, and they want to be in on the act. They want you to ghost write their life and turn them into a celebrity. Ask them for specifics, and they're less forthcoming.
Common sense and fantasy in a private immigration prison
One former officer actually testified that Aboyade 'ran into the supervisor's hand.
Warren Buffett’s “2 List” Strategy: How to Maximize Your Focus and Master Your Priorities
By James Clear Maximizing your focus can help you to achieve greater goals. Read this article to learn Warren Buffett’s “2 List” Strategy in order for increase your productivity and let the distractions behind.
Peeing On A Homeless Guy - Social Experiment A Social Experiment Showing How People React To A Person Peeing O
By Inspirion In this new clip a guy stands and pretends to be urinating on a homeless person, who of course is an actor. See the reactions of the people passing by...
Wolffepack Backpack Fixes the Bag’s Biggest Design Flaw
Wolffepack Backpack.pngThis Kickstarted backpack stays on even while you rummage through it
Twitter Will Teach The Homeless To Code When Learning Center Opens This Summer

Twitter-funded San Francisco facility NeighborNest will offer a safe place for city's poorest to learn tech and resume-writing skills.

This summer Twitter will open a learning center in San Francisco in order to teach the homeless and some of the area's poorest citizens tech skills, The San Francisco Chronicle reports.

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You Can Now Watch A Full Movie On Oculus Rift

How does the Zachary Quinto-produced horror movie Banshee Chapter look on the much-discussed VR device?

It's been more than two years since virtual reality device Oculus Rift made its debut, and while the possibilities remain exciting, so far the reality has been less thrilling. But today the technology is taking a big step: A full-length 3-D movie that you can strap to your head and immerse yourself in.

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Bright Ideas 015: de toekomst van virtual reality

Wat mogen we van virtual reality verwachten, hoe snel is een hybride auto en hoe vind je nieuws opnieuw uit?

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In deze Bright Ideas bieden we de ruimte aan niet één maar twee artikelen over virtual reality. Niet alleen omdat er op dat vlak veel gebeurt of omdat we het zelf heel tof vinden, maar ook omdat virtual reality tijdens Bright Day uitgebreid aan bod komt. Over twee weken is het zover: op zaterdag 8 november staat het Westergasfabriek-terrein helemaal in het teken van robots, virtual reality, gadgets en andere nieuwe ontwikkelingen. Kaarten zijn nog verkrijgbaar, voor een tientje per persoon. Kom ook!

Keeping a Pakistani Artisan Culture from Going Extinct
By GOOD Magazine Lahore-based social entrepreneurs support local craftsmen by selling men’s shoes named after an endangered goat
Can You Cut Your Water Consumption by 90 Percent for 24 Hours?
By GOOD Magazine A nonprofit challenges people to live off a gallon of water a day, instead of dumping it on their heads
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