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Black and white and red all over & The Downs
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The Recommender: Futuristic Space-Age Hip Hop And Photo Gear With Maja Saphir

The best things on the Internet this week, curated by Fast Company employees.

Maja Saphir

Name: Maja Saphir
Role at Fast Company: Web Photo Editor
Twitter: @MYCS7
Titillating Fact: I am a Chicago native. I was adopted at 5 weeks old. My mother's family is Swedish and Croatian, which is why I have the "j" in my name. My father's family is from Vienna, Austria, and Illinois. My great grandfather on my dad's side, Julius Hess, is the inventor of the early incubator for infants at Michael Reese Hospital. It was called the Hess Bed. In the '60s, after he died, The Smithsonian visited the hospital to collect the incubator for their archives and an exhibit, but at the time, they had difficulty finding it because the nursery ward had been using it as a flower pot.

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YouTube Invests Millions To Keep Its Top Stars Home

New plans include a shift in payment strategy, new video formatting, and partnerships with Hollywood producers.

YouTube wants to retain its stable of digital stars and is planning to invest millions of dollars to do so. The video-sharing website is pursuing new deals that would pay popular content creators--like Fast Company cover woman Bethany Mota--to create shows that will come with promotional guarantees and the possibility of working with Hollywood producers, Re/code reports.

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Paralyzed Artist Continues to Create with Help of EEG
Early prototype of BrainwriterThe technology lets Tempt, a graffiti artist with ALS, continue to his life's work
Alibaba Soars In Largest IPO In U.S. History

Founder Jack Ma now stands as China's richest man with an estimated net worth of $21.9 billion.

Alibaba made its debut Friday on the New York Stock Exchange as the largest initial public offering in U.S history.

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Renault EOLAB Concept Forecasts High Style for Hyper-Efficient Future Cars
renault_eolab_concept-36.jpgDesigners are increasingly challenged to balance aerodynamic data with distinctive brand styling
Colonizing Mars with 3D-Printed Structures
mars5.jpgCalifornia engineer advances extraterrestrial printing technology amid growing trend of Mars settlement plans
Cashless Tipping Made Easy with DipJar
dipjar-1-0_1.jpgDevice allows tipping with credit cards and it is as simple as it sounds - you 'dip' and go
Star Wars-Themed Chocolates Take Shape of Death Star, Han Solo
sweet-belle-cakes-star-wars-1.jpgSweet Belle Cakes makes intergalactic confectionary for less than $25
Future Spacesuits Could Be Skintight
MIT-Compression-Suit-01_0.jpgAn astronaut steps into a loose garment, turns on a switch and voila, it shrinks to fit the body perfectly
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