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5 of America’s Most Obnoxiously Whitewashed Mountains  
By GOOD Magazine Mount Denali belongs to a long tradition of white-capped mountains named after white settlers.
A New Weapon in the Fight Against ISIS’ Archeological Destruction: 3D Cameras
By GOOD Magazine The Million Image Database Project wants to give citizen photographers around the world the power to digitally preserve their national treasures. 
from The Selected Letters of Sally Hemings
Site copyright 2003 nthposition.com
Eerste indruk: Huawei Watch, een van de mooiste Android-horloges

Smartwatches zijn er in alle soorten en maten maar de Huawei Watch is met zijn grote helemaal ronde scherm één van de mooiste.

Het uiterlijk en de specificaties van de Huawei Watch waren al bekend, maar vandaag is het horloge officieel aangekondigd voor de Nederlandse markt. Dat gebeurde tijdens technologiebeurs IFA, waar we het horloge voor het eerst even konden proberen.

What’s The Buzz? Why, Your Apple Watch-Controlled Sex Toy, Of Course
lush vibe sex toy psfkCreated by Lovense, Lush can be controlled by two phones from any distance, making for good remote fun for couples
The Picnic of the Future Fits in a Space Backpack
technopicnic-1.jpgDesigned for the Picnic 2.0, the Atelier TERATOMA breaks apart into a table, cup holders, tray and thermal cushions
Here’s Our Dream Cast for a James Bond Film Featuring All Black Actors
By GOOD Magazine After actor Idris Elba was called “too street” to play the iconic British spy, perhaps it’s time for actors of color to reboot the whole Bond franchise. 
Yves Béhar Reimagines the Modern Thermostat
hive.jpgfuseproject and British Gas are bringing a connected home to millions in the UK via an everywhere-friendly design
Toshiba Improves Upon Senior Care with Activity Trackers for the Elderly
Photo credit: ToshibaThe Silmee W20 and W21 activity monitors can help keep the elderly safe without restricting their freedom
Nu Image goes after more pirates, this time suing Popcorn Time users

Nu Image goes after more pirates, this time suing Popcorn Time users

Indie studio Millenium and its infamous affiliate Nu Image are now going after Popcorn Time users who allegedly viewed 2015's 'Survivor' starring Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jovovich.

The companies claim that 16 users in Oregon, U.S., were responsible for over 10,000 unauthorized downloads of the film.

Each of the 16 have been accused of downloading and distributing multiple copies of the film across the BitTorrent network. The studios also claim that the individuals are "habitual copyright infringers."

The studios are also clearly looking to settle quickly and quietly without any kind of court involved since they offered to resolve the case for the "statutory minimum in damages, in this case, $750. In a court, each defendant could be liable for up to $150,000 for infringement.

Rads the suit: "It is our belief that the transfer of data, storing of physical data locally on a hard drive and facilitation and redistribution of stolen data to others should be considered a 'physical taking' under Oregon law and we felt compelled to take this opportunity to fight back and ensure that those who choose to engage in this type of behavior face real repercussions, just as a person would if they shoplifted a DVD or other physical consumer product from a retailer."


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