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Shedding skin
Two films by Apichatpong Weerasethakul revisited
Do your holiday shopping at companies that do good
By Cat George www.unreasonableinstitute.org/shop
Overfed on Calories, Starving for Vitamins and Minerals
By GOOD Magazine Processed foods make up roughly 70 percent of most American diets.
Black Pete Survives Another Holiday Season
By GOOD Magazine You’re damn right the traditional Dutch Christmas character is racist
Jeans tegen digitaal zakkenrollen? Niet de juiste oplossing

Kledingbedrijf maakt samen met Norton-antivirus een spijkerbroek die 'elektronisch zakkenrollen' via RFID en NFC moet voorkomen. David vindt 't maar flauwekul.

The Ten Trends That Will Dominate 2015
intel.web.576.324Our crystal ball tells us what to look forward to in the year to come
Former LulzSec hacker Sabu doesn't believe North Korea was behind the attack on Sony

Former LulzSec hacker Sabu doesn't believe North Korea was behind the attack on Sony

Former Anonymous and LulzSec hacker Hector 'Sabu' Monsegur does not believe North Korea had the capability to commit such a cyber attack as the one that was perpetrated against Sony Pictures.

"For something like this to happen, it had to happen over a long period of time. You cannot just exfiltrate one terabyte or 100 terabytes of data in a matter of weeks," Monsegur added. "It's not possible. It would have taken months, maybe even years, to exfiltrate something like 100 terabytes of data without anyone noticing."

Sabu led some of the most brazen attacks on corporations in the U.S. before he was eventually arrested and flipped as an informant for the FBI.

"It could be [North Korea]. In my personal opinion, it's not," Monsegur said. "Look at the bandwidth going into North Korea. I mean, the pipelines, the pipes going in, handling data, they only have one major ISP across their entire nation. That kind of information flowing at one time would have shut down North Korean Internet completely. They don't have the technical capabilities. They do have state-sponsored hackers very similar to China, very similar to Russia and very similar to our good old USA."

Sabu also agreed that any terrorist threats, including the ones that just got Sony to halt the release of 'The Interview' were just to create headlines and not real threats. "Do you really think a bunch of nerds from North Korea are going to fly to New York and start blowing up movie theaters? No. It's not realistic. It's not about 'The interview.' It's about money. It's a professional job," he added.

When asked, Sabu says there is a chance the attack could have come from China. "I mean, it's possible. It might be a North Korean inside China." And what of the Korean language used to write the code? "Well, it doesn't tell me much. I've seen Russian hackers pretending to be Indian. I've seen Ukrainian hackers pretending to be Peruvian.There's hackers that pretend they're little girls. They do this for misinformation, disinformation, covering their tracks."

There have been quite a few theories thrown around as to who could have pulled off such an attack and why, and Sabu believes there is also the possibility that an ex or current Sony employee could have pulled off the inside job, downloading all the information from the servers, selling it off, and then leaving the keys to the castle open.


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Matthias Mencke: What Type Is Your Brand? (Part 2)
m_mencke_main1How Typography Impacts Brand Perception
Romans Stage Tango Dance Party For Pope’s Birthday
By GOOD Magazine Happy birthday, Mr. Pope. 
Paramount disgustingly cancels movie theater screenings of 'Team America: World Police

Paramount disgustingly cancels movie theater screenings of 'Team America: World Police'

Following yesterday's decision by Sony to cancel the release of 'The Interview,' Paramount Pictures has blocked theaters from playing the decade-old 'Team America: World Police' in its stead.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, a popular independent theater chain, had planned to replace The Interview with Team America but now says the cancellation is "due to circumstances beyond our control" and that screenings have "been canceled by Paramount Pictures."

Team America was a supermarionation film that focused on ex-North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il's plans to take over the world and "Team America"'s plan to stop him.

The last 24 hours mark a sad time for Hollywood, which has bowed to the demands of cyberterrorists.

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