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OpenFarm - The "Wikipedia for Growing Plants
By Rory Aronson Everyone grows plants differently based on their environmental conditions and growing practices. OpenFarm provides a framework for everyone to share their story and for learners to find the best, most relevant advice for them!
Ty Segall, pretty great!
By Erin Joyce
Two pound coin, Wire tap & Ode to a night bus
Site copyright 2003 nthposition.com
Breastfeeding Moms Stage ‘Nurse-In’
By Lou Pizante Good for these mothers and good for Anthropologie for responding to this fast and head on with a mea culpa. My wife and kids are in this video... four times!
Your Groceries Don't Need Their Own Bus Seat, Thanks
By GOOD Magazine Facebook's Jet Burrows and the Analog Lab team have created the much-needed 10 Commandments of Transit.
The Sharp Aquos Crystal for Sprint has no bezels, only $239 off-contract
The Sharp Aquos Crystal for Sprint has no bezels, only $239 off-contractEarlier in the week, Sprint and Sharp announced a new line of smartphones, the Aquos Crystal, which they promised would have designs not seen before.

The first of the line, the 5-inch Aquos Crystal, will sell for just $239 off-contract (a huge discount compared to the $600 iPhone or Galaxy S, for example) and features an edge-to-edge design that has no bezel, a fantastic look for a phone.

To accommodate the display, the phone itself is thicker than current premium devices, and it has a dimpled back similar to the Nexus 7 tablet. The phone has a basically stock Android 4.4.2, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1.5GB RAM, 8GB internal storage (microSD expendable), HD Voice, Wi-Fi Calling, Harmon Kardon speakers (and audio tech) and LTE support including support for Sprint's "faster" Spark network.

Interestingly, Sprint is offering the new "App Pass," a $4.99 monthly subscription service that offers unlimited access to a handful of premium apps including productivity tools and even games.

There is no word on availability of the device.


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Why This Teen-Created Police Accountability App Rules
By GOOD Magazine Five-O, a new police accountability app created by three Georgia teens, is the most comprehensive tool of its kind.
An ALS's opinion of The Ice Bucket Challenge
By Carrie Hadley This was really touching and the video needs to be seen
Water for Us All!
By TreePeople By making a few changes, we can make an enormous impact on the California drought – in Australia, rain water harvesting helped successfully mitigate their drought. Learn how installing a rain barrel can be a great start!
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