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How To Profitably End Poverty Through Entrepreneurship
By Cat George If we are going to have a chance in hell at putting a dent on global poverty, as entrepreneurs, we need to orient our efforts around removing the constraints faced by women and girls in poverty.
The Entire Country of Sri Lanka Is About to Get Balloon-Based Internet, Thanks to Google
By GOOD Magazine “Project Loon” will make Sri Lanka the first nation on Earth to enjoy complete, coast-to-coast 3G coverage. 
Hey Coke, How About Quitting Advertising for a Year to Save the Planet?
523463782_1280x720Buy The World A Hope is asking Coca-Cola to spend its annual $3 billion advertising budget on protecting the environment
Beirut Residents Protest Garbage Pile-Up in Their City
By GOOD Magazine Waste has been citting in the sun uncollected for a week after a major landfill was closed. 
San Francisco’s Walls Are Taking Fight Back to Public Urinators
peeback san francisco.pngPee-repellant walls commissioned by San Franciso Public Works aim to solve the ongoing problem of public urination in San Francisco
The dual containment of rogue states
Clinton had not sought the presidency merely to find a new enemy or to confront old foes, but to implement sweeping domestic reform. Alas, he would find that such aspirations were to prove untenable.
Artist Buys Billboards to Beautify People’s Busy Commutes
By GOOD Magazine Drivers lucky enough to pass Brian Kane’s “Healing Tool” displays were treated to an eyefull of art, instead of ads. 
A Solution to Virtual Reality-Induced Motion Sickness
LightFieldStereoscope_Prototype1LCD screens developed by Standford Computational Imaging may eliminate VR vertigo
Programmable Robot Provides Endless Play Young Minds Crave
vortex.pngVortex is a highly responsive tool to help children learn the basics of programming with developer’s kit
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