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Three films by Luchino Visconti
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New Emojis Give Kids a Unique Language to Speak Out Against Abuse
By GOOD Magazine Featuring images of abuse, alcohol use, and self-harm, Abused Emoji offers children a means to express their complex realities.  
In a Saudi Arabian Video Game, Women Are Finally Allowed to Drive
By GOOD Magazine A Saudi Arabian prince made a game allowing women to destroy evil and drive.
Chinees gamebedrijf laat 'Star Trek-kantoor' bouwen

Werknemers van NetDragon Websoft kunnen aan de bak in dit 'USS Enterprise'-kantoor.

What’s Sleek, Simple, and Could Help End Your Smartphone Addiction?
By GOOD Magazine The Light Phone is the size of a credit card, can go days on a single charge, and does just one thing: make phone calls.
Deze modulaire drone is sterk en makkelijk mee te nemen

De Sprite is een drone die er anders dan andere drones uitziet. Maar is dat ook beter?

Normaal gesproken denk je bij een drone aan een apparaat met vier of zes propellers, die horizontaal verdeeld zijn. De Sprite-drone die nu op Kickstarter staat, doet het helemaal anders. Deze drone lijkt meer op een thermoskan met wieken.


Pirate Bay co-founder to appeal Swedish domain seizure

Pirate Bay co-founder to appeal Swedish domain seizure

An original founder of the Pirate Bay will challenge the seizure of the piratebay.se and thepiratebay.se domain names, it has been confirmed.

Fredrik Neij will appeal the Swedish court's ruling that ordered the two domain names to be seized by the Swedish government. Neij is not interested in the domain names himself though, instead he has concerns with how the court came to the decision to order the seizure.

The court had identified Fredrik Neij as the holder of the two domain names, even though they are held under a third party's name. Since Neij has been prohibited under threats of sizeable fines not to be associated with the operation of the Pirate Bay, and he is due to be released from prison soon, being identified as being the holder of the Pirate Bay domains by a court of law could complicate things.

"The prosecution has alleged two things. One is that crimes have been committed via The Pirate Bay. Fredrik Neij really has no views on this. The second is that he is involved in The Pirate Bay operation," said lawyer Jonas Nilsson.

With Neij's release on the horizon, it is in his self-interest to reject any determination by a court of law that he is in any way involved with the administration of the Pirate Bay.

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What do spiders ask of me? Nothing. Just some room to lay their traps. They ask that I duck my head from time to time. They request the small indulgence that I do not roll up a newspaper and smack their asses into oblivion.
Clipje laat je je smartwatch met gebaren bedienen

Leuk en aardig, zo'n smartwatch, maar om hem te besturen, heb je twee handen nodig. Zo niet met dit bandje.

Handig aan een smartwatch is dat je door even de pols op te tillen kunt zien wat je gemist hebt. Wil je echter interactie plegen, dan heb je meestal toch die andere hand nodig. De hand van je draagpols is namelijk niet bruikbaar. Tenminste, niet zonder Aria.


What Happens When You Put A Sex Therapist, A Conservationist, And A Millennial Entrepreneur On A Boat?

Summit Series, which today announces Summit at Sea 2015, believes great ideas are born when leaders focus on each other and on nature.

The Time 400 Industry Leaders Talked About Sex On A Mountain

In 2013, Esther Perel, a Belgian psychologist who explores how human sexuality intersects with culture, was invited to a private gathering in Eden, Utah. There, she would have the opportunity to mingle with 850 thought leaders from the worlds of science, art, business, philanthropy, and sport.

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