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Building Confidence with New Baits
I feel that as anglers we sometimes get "hooked" on our go to confidence baits. I know that I have spent the whole day throwing the same baits withou
Strato-G, Chick, Bass Attempt, 1-9 & 10-18, Caden
emoBang Put in at Grasshopper Tuesday....Back end left of ramp solid ice///Out & about on lake, water is 37-38 degree. emoPoke Ice fishing in
BassQuest, Chickamauga, Largemouth Bass, 01/07/2017, None
<br /> Hey everyone, I was able to get out on the water yesterday. It took me forever to find a ramp that was not iced in. Finally made the dro
B-TRACKER, chick, bass, 1/13/18, son
Put in at skull island boy was it cold and windy did'nt take me long to realize we made a bad mistake.We caught 3 fish 2 bass and my son caugh
B-TRACKER, harrison bay, bass, 1/11/18, wife
Put in at HB today started fishing rocky banks started catching fish first stop.We fished until 1 caught about 20 altogether most where quailty fish n
Allison2002, Chickamauga, bass, 1/10/2018, no
Fished mid lake caught one that was 8 lb. on a jerk bait was a good day.
FishingwithRusty, chick, lm, 01018, solo
finally got a chance to go fishing, i was determined to go fishing today. so despite the frigid temps and spending 3+hrs at the ramp trying to
heath423, Chickamauga, Largemouth, 12/15/17
Went out this morning for about 3 hours. It was a slow start but we figured them out catching them on the A rig. Caught most of our fish fishing in 15
whitakermk, Soddy, Crappie, 01/07/18
Cold and frozen! Fished around Shady Grove while checking on our boat and visiting. Most of the shallow top water is frozen. Inch or two thick towards
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