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Видео с пурпурным экраном и другие 3 способности Dell

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Чем новее сервер, тем дольше он грузится. Особенно это раздражает при диагностике или в ходе обновления прошивок, поэтому однажды я покопался в закромах Dell и нашел несколько полезных утилит для экономии нервов.

И еще одну условно-полезную
RMM-системы: удаленный мониторинг и управление корпоративной сетью (с примером быстрого внедрения)

Совсем не праздный вопрос: как можно более качественно и эффективно обслуживать корпоративную сеть, но при этом тратить на ее управление значительно меньше времени и ресурсов? С этим могут помочь полнофункциональные RMM-системы. Читать дальше →
Japan's new passenger plane completes US flight (AFP)
Tokyo (AFP) - Japan's problem-plagued new passenger jet on Thursday completed a flight to the United States for testing, its maker said, after aborting two earlier attempts.
Frydenberg defends focus on renewables (AAP)
Federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg has defended linking SA's renewable energy program to the state's power failure, caused by strong winds and lightning.
China property tycoon warns on real estate bubble (AFP)
Beijing (AFP) - China's richest man, real estate magnate Wang Jianlin, has warned the country's property market is the "biggest bubble in history" -- the latest alarm bell to be sounded on the world's second largest economy.
Spray on skin' maker sets sights on Iran (AAP)
Avita Medical's 'spray on skin' products for the treatment of burns, wounds and skin defects will be available in Iran thanks to a new distribution deal.
Former Deutsche Bank FX trader banned (AAP)
A former Deutsche Bank foreign exchange trader significantly inflated the company's revenue by making many false trades over two years.
SA blackout hits businesses big and small (AAP)
South Australia's statewide blackout has caused severe disruptions for the likes of BHP, AGL Energy and OZ Minerals, plus many smaller businesses.
Aspen Group appoints new chief executive (The West Australian)
Aspen Group has appointed the founder of AMB Capital Partners, Joel Cann, as chief executive.
Energy firms lead Asia market rally on OPEC deal (AFP)
Hong Kong (AFP) - Energy firms led a rally in Asian stock markets Thursday, while high-yielding currencies advanced after OPEC's shock agreement to cut oil output sent crude prices soaring.
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