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L'Algérie déplore la faiblesse du commerce interafricain
Les échanges commerciaux interafricains stagnent à un niveau trop bas, l'Afrique consommant ce qu'elle ne produit pas, a déploré samedi le Premier ministre algérien Abdelmalek Sellal à l'ouverture d'un forum africain…
Ύστατο, σπαρακτικό αντίο στα θύματα της Σαπεκοένσε
Μέσα σε βαρύ κλίμα πένθους, με δάκρυα και με τραγούδια των οπαδών της Σαπεκοένσε, το μικρό χωριό Τσαπέκο στη νότια Βραζιλία απέτισε το Σάββατο τον ύστατο και σπαρακτικό φόρο τιμής στα θύματα της αεροπορικής συντριβής, που αποδεκάτισε την ποδοσφαιρική του ομάδα τη Δευτέρα στην Κολομβία.
Former German PoW leaves £384,000 to Scottish village in will

Heinrich Steinmeyer wanted to thank village of Comrie for its kindness ‘when he was at the lowest point of his life’

It’s the stuff of TV drama: schoolgirls befriend a German prisoner of war being held in Scotland during the second world war. After learning that he had never seen moving pictures, they smuggle him out of the camp for the day and take him to the cinema so he can watch a film for the first time.

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UN to pursue further inquiry into death of Dag Hammarskjöld

General Assembly to pass resolution recognising need to investigate death of former general secretary who died in 1961 plane crash

What caused the 1961 plane crash that killed former UN secretary general Dag Hammarskjöld? A Swedish-led UN inquiry the following year concluded that the plane, the Albertina, had crashed in northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) as a result of “pilot error”. But this failed to satisfy many who have long suspected foul play.

There were claims that the Albertina, which was carrying Hammarskjöld and a 15-strong team seeking to negotiate a ceasefire in the breakaway African republic of Katanga, was riddled with bullets. Several witnesses said they saw as many as eight white men, armed and in combat fatigues, at the crash site.

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Drivers warned to manually lock cars after thefts at service stations

Police believe spate of thefts at Berkshire services linked to radio jammers which interrupt signals for remote locking

Drivers using motorway services are being warned to check their cars are secure after a spate of thefts believed to be linked to technology that stops them remotely locking.

Thames Valley police said there had been 14 recent thefts from cars at motorway services in Berkshire and that in many cases there was “no obvious sign of a break-in and no damage caused to the vehicles as items were stolen from them”.

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Critics say Trump's call with Taiwan may alter decades of foreign policy

The political fallout from Donald Trump’s phone call with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen continued on Saturday, as critics said the president-elect could be paving the way to an alteration of decades of US foreign policy.

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