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Euro 2016: Why France have everything to play for

France’s 1998 World Cup-winning ‘rainbow’ team, with its stars such as Lilian Thuram, created hope of a new multicultural spirit, but it descended into discord and rancour. Can the Euro 2016 squad lift a nation beset by terrorist fears and racial strife?

The days and weeks after the Paris attacks last November were especially harrowing and strange for those who lived in the city. Mostly people just wanted to get back to feeling normal again as quickly as they could, but this was impossible. Everywhere you went you saw something that reminded you of what had just happened – armed soldiers on the Métro, barbed wire at tourist sights and other public places. Everybody was tense, angry or depressed, often all at the same time: it was like living in a city on the edge of a collective nervous breakdown. Strangely, however, one of the few cheering moments during this raw time was the friendly football match between France and England played at Wembley stadium on 17 November – a mere four days after the slaughter.

That the match was played at all was a brave and reassuring gesture. Most importantly, the prelude to the game was organised as a symbolic show of solidarity with France. The slogan Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité was emblazoned on the heights of the stadium. The terraces were decked out in the red, white and blue of the French flag. In a pre-match tribute to the victim of the attacks, English and French players stood together to observe a perfectly sustained minute of silence. Most incredibly, and movingly, the whole crowd, including English fans who had never handled a French irregular verb in their lives, roared out the Marseillaise at full throttle.

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Upplevelser populär mors dag-present
På söndag är det dags att fira alla mödrar runt om i landet. Varje år spenderar många svenskar pengar på att hitta den ”perfekta” mors dag presenten. I år väntas upplevelser hamna på topplistan.
13.000 räddade på Medelhavet senaste veckan

668 människor räddades från osäkra båtar på lördagen, enligt italienska myndigheter. Därmed har cirka 13.000 personer räddats sedan i måndags – den högsta veckosiffran hittills 2016.
Victorian protesters could face mask ban under laws flagged after violent rally

Police taskforce to be created to catch people who hid faces and sparked violent clashes during Melbourne rally against both Islam and racism

Protesters could be banned from wearing masks and there are calls to reinstate laws that give police more powers at rallies after violent clashes at a Melbourne rally.

Seven people were arrested as more than 500 people rallied in heavy rain against both Islam and racism in Coburg on Saturday.

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Tory rift over EU risks widening as attacks on David Cameron intensify

Brexit campaigners Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Priti Patel target prime minister’s credibility as war of words gets personal

The Conservative party’s divide over the EU referendum is in danger of widening in the wake of a series of personalised attacks by Brexit heavyweights Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Priti Patel against David Cameron’s credibility.

Johnson insisted the prime minister was having a “corrosive” impact on public trust in politicians, while employment minister Priti Patel accused the leaders of the remain camp with “luxury” lifestyles like Cameron of being too rich to care about people’s concerns regarding migration.

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Police register more cases after attacks on Africans in New Delhi
Delhi's police have lodged three cases of assault and criminal intimidation of three Africans in the Indian capital's southern area. The incidents occurred shortly after a Congolese man was beaten to death last week.
Şırnak'ta PKK'ya ağır darbe
TSK, Şırnak il merkezinde bölücü terör örgütüne yönelik operasyonlara kararlılıkla devam edildiğini açıkladı.

Vuoden kylällä oli villit vuotensa
Matkailijaryhmä täyttää Jyrkän Ruukin tuvan kahvilan ja autoja surahtelee tasaisesti Jyrkän kylän ohi viitostieltä Sotkamoon johtavaa tietä pitkin. Siinä Pohjois-Savon vuoden 2016 kyläksi valitun Jyrkän nykyiset rauhanrikkojat.Toista oli sotavuosien jälkeen ja vielä 1970-luvulla. Sukevan vankilalta Jyrkän...
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