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Facebook lässt diskriminierende Werbung zu
Wieder Ärger um das Werbesystem bei Facebook: Nach Recherchen der US-Organisation „ProPublica“ konnten auf der Plattform erneut Anzeigen geschaltet werden, die bestimmte Bevölkerungsgruppen ausschließen.
Today in GPF History for Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Personally, I want to see Helen of Troy naked...
Automated checkouts to cheer up the elderly by being more chatty

In an effort to make shopping less miserable for older people, automatic till systems are to become more friendly and welcoming in their interactions. The initiative follows a survey which indicates that senior citizens avoid automated systems because they’d prefer to waste time telling a complete stranger behind a till something trivial and uninteresting.

The study claimed that the elderly prefer to be served by a real person in order to have some human interaction. However, many shop workers want the exact opposite and are happiest when each of their mindless scripted questions such as ‘Do you want any help packing that jar of marmite and box of teabags’ are met with a ‘No thanks’ rather than having to endure a conversation about the price of carrots these days or getting asked one of the questions from The Chase.

Instead of merely informing customers about unknown items in the bagging area, the new automated systems will engage consumers in meaningless small-talk about all kinds of topics such as their grandchildren, the weather and the variety of medical ailments they are suffering from.

They will be capable of holding dull discussions on everything from the state of the local bus service to the state of next door’s garden. However, the longer term aim is for them to have the capability of addressing a lull in the conversation by introducing new subjects. For example, if a customer buys butter, the system will be able to say, ‘Don’t you wish you could get back to the old days of buying half a pound of butter instead of 250 grams?’

In addition to their reluctance to use automated systems, many of the old people surveyed expressed feelings of isolation and loneliness during shopping trips. This is despite them regularly spending half an hour clogging up the supermarket aisles gassing to all the other old people they meet in there every Tuesday and Friday.

Zoido expedientará los policias por loar a Hitler en lugar de Franco

Los policías municipales que alabaron a Hitler y a sus prácticas inhumanas no quedarán impunes, y es que el ministro Zoido ha decidido abrirles un expediente: "Es imperdonable. ¿Como pueden loar a Hitler teniendo un referente patrio como Franco?"

El ministro asegura estar muy dolido por el contenido de las conversaciones en el chat interno: "¡No se respeta la memoria histórica! Con todo lo que hizo el Caudillo por la cultura de la tortura y los muy imbéciles piden cámara de gas para los podemitas. ¿Porqué no piden el garrote vil? ¿Acaso no nos hemos gastado millones de euros en la marca España para dar valor a lo de aquí? Es como preferir McDonalds en lugar de bocata de calamares".

Zoido lamenta la falta de valor que se hace del trabajo de la Guardia Civil, le entristece profundamente.

"En las conversaciones abogan por la necesidad de tirar a los inmigrantes al mar. Y eso es muy triste ¿acaso no se consiguieron 15 inmigrantes ahogados en la playa de Tarajal? Eso es faltar al respeto al impecable trabajo de la Guardia Civil. Si es que ni que fueran independentistas", asegura el ministro.

Otra de las cosas que enfurecen al ministro es cuando durante la conversación los agentes traman la fantasía de colocar una bomba en el barrio de Lavapiés. "Ahí demuestran lo poco comprometidos que están con el país. Esa misma fantasía deberían tenerla pero con el barrio del Raval de Barcelona. Ahí también hay inmigrantes, pero sobretodo: hay hipsters y catalanes independentistas".

En cuanto al manifiesto que hacen esos agentes de que 'matar es su lema', Zoido replica que esa no es su función, y que si les interesa eso, haber solicitado la custodia de los testigos de la trama Gürtel.

Prospect Magazine

Prospect Magazine is a general interest magazine focussing on high quality journalism, and gives in dept information on the news behind the headlines. It is published monthly. Lectrr's first Prospect-cartoon will be used in the april issue.

Nominated for 'Stripschapspenning

Lectrr has been nominated for the prestigious Dutch comicbook-price for the first time. His album “Lars! Attacks” was nominated for the Album of the Year-award
in the category “Youth”. The jury described the nomination like this:

“The master of absurd jokes finally dedicates himself to newspaper comics. His fear of dogs inspired him to create a series of hilarious, Tom & Jerry-like jokes in which the main character, a dog named Lars, is the victim of it all.”

Other nominees in the same category are “Zzzzeur Meyer” by Gerard Leever and “Opa Laat Zijn Tenen Zien” by Floor de Goede and Erward van de VEndel.
The last book also won a Zilveren Griffel-award, an award for excellent childrens literature.
The winner of the Stripschapspenning 2009 wil be announced in september on the Stripdagen in Houten , where Lectrr is also doing a signing session.


I just saw the temporarily guestslist of the FACTS convention, and found out i’m in exceptionally good company this year. Guests so far: Dave ‘Watchmen’ Gibbons, Frank ‘Liberty Meadows’ Cho and myself. Not bad!

Hope to see you there in October. Or not. See if I care.

Interview: The Cartoonist's Survey

Just finished reading the interview I did for David Wasting Paper’s Cartoonist’s Survey-blog, an awesome blog about… well… cartoonists. If you ever wanted to know anything about any cartoonist you could possible imagine, that would be the website to go to. Really.
There’s no ninja-porn there, though. That’s one missed opportunity. Too bad.
But anyway, my interview is right here. If you ever wanted to read an interview with someone that mentions horses on bicycles, this is a must-read for you.

Clickie Award Nomination

Woohoo, great news! I’ve been nominated for the Clickburg Webcomic Award 2010, also known as the Clickie.
It’s the most important webcomic award in Belgium and The Netherlands , so being nominated is quite an honour.
My daily editorial cartoon for www.nu.nl made their shortlist in the category ‘Cartoons’. Fingers crossed! Being my second nomination for this prize I certainly hope to wheel it in.

UPDATE : Sad to announce that I didn’t win the Clickie Award this weekend. Did win the sexiest cartoonist on the globe-award, handed out by the League of Horny Disabled Middleaged Housewives though. It’s a consolation.

Angoulême 2011

Great news for all you comic-lovers out there, especially if you live in France! I’ll be visiting the biggest comic book festival of Europe this week, meeting with some french editors. And while I’m at it, I’ll be signing some Hara Kiwi books at the Flemish Literature Fund-booth . Of course these books are Dutch, but still: how many times do you get the chance to meet Belgium’s sexiest male cartoonist in the flesh? For those not interested in my irresistable body I’ll be doing free commissions.
And your mother.

So if you run into to me at the festival: say hi! I’m easy to recognize: I’ll probably be the only Belgian artist that’s able to hold his liquor.

When: 27 to 30 January 2011.
Where: Angoulème, France
Why: because you want to.

More information: BD Angoulême

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