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Zimbabwe Govt Losing the Plot On Priorities
[Zimbabwe Independent]ONE would have imagined that the chastising experiences of returning home empty-handed, after extending the begging bowl for financial assistance to fund the country's economic recovery programme to our "all-weather" Chinese friends, would have taught Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa the value of frugality in conserving the little financial resources in government's coffers.
ZMDC Must Value Marange Diamond Reserves
[Zimbabwe Independent]The Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) must value Marange diamond reserves to ensure the state is not prejudiced in joint venture deals, Zimbabwe Environment Law Association (Zela) has said.
Mugabe Utterances Spawn Farm Invasions
[Zimbabwe Independent]ZANU PF activists including war veterans have reportedly embarked on a renewed farm invasion spree in many parts of the country, disrupting operations at mostly the few remaining white-owned farms, the Zimbabwe Independent has learnt.
Success All About Skills, Mindset
[Zimbabwe Independent]BUSINESS organisations emerge, grow and most of them eventually disappear for good.
Zim Economy in More Trouble
[Zimbabwe Independent]At a presidential shooting competition last week, President Robert Mugabe had good news for the troubled nation: the economy is recovering.
Chigwizi Camp Clinic Overwhelmed
[Zimbabwe Independent]THE government has come under attack for its failure to provide adequate medical care for displaced families relocated to the Chingwizi section of the Nuanetsi Ranch in the aftermath of flooding fears at the Tokwe Murkosi dam's basin.
Mpofu's Tollgate Fee Figures Do Not Add Up
[Zimbabwe Independent]TRANSPORT minister Obert Mpofu's defence of the tollgate fees hike has shocked many Zimbabweans after he claimed US$40 million cannot develop more than 20km of tarred road.
How Government Can Reduce National Debt
[Zimbabwe Independent]LAST week this column addressed the colossal magnitude of Zimbabwe's national debt.
Police Quiz Moyo Over Baba Jukwa
[Zimbabwe Independent]MINISTER of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Jonathan Moyo was on Wednesday summoned by the law and order department of the Zimbabwe Republic Police for questioning as part of investigations into the shadowy Facebook character Baba Jukwa.
Ministry Borrows to Purchase Luxury Mercedes-Benz Cars
[Zimbabwe Independent]THE Ministry of Finance is set to purchase luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles after successfully negotiating a US$1,4 million loan with the African Banking Corporation of Zimbabwe (BancABC), the Zimbabwe Independent has learnt.
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