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Mahachi Demands Typify Looting Mentality
[Zimbabwe Independent] THE outlandishly lavish exit package demanded by suspended Harare town clerk Tendai Mahachi is a window unto the utopian island inhabited by a minority rapacious elite in Zimbabwe's sea of poverty occasioned by a collapsing economy.
Young Sables Seek to Redeem Lost Pride
[Zimbabwe Independent] The Young Sables' mission against Namibia on Saturday is about more than just winning the Africa Cup and qualifying for the Junior World Rugby Trophy, as the Under-19 rugby team is also burdened with repairing the local game's battered image after the mauling of the seniors in Namibia recently.
ZNCC Top Managers Lose Jobs
[Zimbabwe Independent] INDUSTRY lobby group, the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) has embarked on a major restructuring exercise with a view to revamping the organisation which will result in top managers losing their jobs.
Zim Edges to Tipping Point
[Zimbabwe Independent] PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe's Tuesday state of the nation address -- which left many further worried about the direction of the country -- was ultimately a shallow exercise in denial and deception. The drab speech displayed Mugabe's chronic poverty of ideas and leadership, while also showing the country is on auto-pilot; edging towards a tipping point.
Mugabe Falls From Grace
[Zimbabwe Independent] WATCHING President Robert Mugabe being booed and heckled by opposition MPs in parliament during a state of the nation address on Tuesday was a sad spectacle and pitiful sight. It just showed how he has now fallen from grace to grass.
Poll Reforms Alone Inadequate in Zim
[Zimbabwe Independent] With three years to go before the 2018 elections in Zimbabwe, there are discussions on reforming the electoral management body, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), the Electoral Act through the recently gazetted General Laws Amendment Bill, but without understanding the nature of the regime in power and working to reform it, reforming laws and electoral bodies maybe inadequate and tragically reproduces electoral authoritarian practices.
French Company Acquires Anchor Yeast
[Financial Gazette] FRENCH company, Société Industrielle Lesaffre ("Lesaffre"), has acquired a 60 percent stake in Anchor Yeast (Private) Limited "Anchor Yeast" in a deal worth US$11,5 million.
Ccheap Imports Affect NTS
[Financial Gazette] In the tyre industry a lot of down trading is happening in favour of cheap substitutes
BNC Postpones AGM
[Financial Gazette] Bindura Nickel Corporation (BNC) on Thursday postponed its scheduled annual general meeting (AGM) to next week after breaching the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) rules and the Companies Act.
Govt Securitises U.S.$600 Million RBZ Debt
[Financial Gazette] GOVERNMENT has securitised the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) debt amounting to US$603,8 million.
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