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Roll out Ruby on Rails applications with Windows Azure
Tony Patton walks you through the steps of hosting a Ruby on Rails application on Windows Azure. He points out the cloud solution isn't Windows-only.
Bringrr, la etiqueta inteligente que te dice dónde está lo que buscas
Bringrr, la etiqueta inteligente que te dice dónde está lo que buscas

Era necesario, llevamos años esperando algo como esto, y finalmente está entre nosotros. Bringrr es eso con lo que los olvidadizos llevamos soñando toda la vida, un gadget que podemos añadir a nuestras llaves y demás cosas, y mediante el uso de nuestro smartphone nos va a indicar dónde dejamos esas cosas.

Todo esto funciona mediante el uso de etiquetas inteligentes, y da la impresión de que su inventor solía perder mucho a su gato, jugando por el nombre que decidió ponerle. Sea como sea, tendrás que saber que el Bringrr no es precisamente económico. Si deseas hacerte con esta maravilla, tendrás que desembolsar 99 dólares, a cambio de lo que obtendrás cuatro etiquetas, protectores a prueba de agua, y el receptor.

De cualquier modo parece que el costo no es demasiado problema, y en Indiegogo está teniendo bastante éxito, y a 15 días del fin de su campaña, han recogido 6 veces lo que necesitaban para financiarse.

Cloud and consumerization edge IT vendors out of the mid-market
Major tech companies have done a poor job of serving the mid-market. Patrick Gray explores the reasons why these IT vendors are about to be pushed out of the market entirely.
FCC will seek input on latest net neutrality proposal
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will take public comments before moving forward with a new set of net neutrality rules that sparked controversy when they were leaked in a news report earlier Wednesday. Read More
Apple to Microsoft: Better late than never for Office on iPad
Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks Microsoft could have benefitted from bringing the Office suite to iPads earlier, but it was better late than never. Read More
Q1’14 iPad Sales Down 16% Y/Y to 19.5M

Josh Lowensohn, The Verge:

One other closely watched metric is iPad sales, which were down 16 percent from the 19.5 million the company sold during the same quarter last year. Wall Street was expecting a modest improvement of 20 to 22 million units sold. In a call with analysts, Apple’s VP of finance Luca Maestri said the company viewed the drop in sales as closer to a 3 percent decline due to year over year channel inventory changes. Cook also chimed in, trying to put the overall sales of the iPad in comparison with the company’s other products.

“We’ve sold over 210 million, which is more than we or anyone thought was possible in that period of time,” Cook told analysts. “That’s almost twice as many iPhones as we’ve sold in a comparable amount of time… we’ve come a long way, very very quickly.”

That’s the past, and the past looks pretty rosy for the iPad. A 16% Y/Y unit sales decline isn’t though. Do you know what I think is happening? Large smartphones like the HTC One series, Samsung Galaxy S series, Galaxy Tab series, LG G series, Samsung Xperia Z series, etc. are happening. They question the need for a tablet, especially the smaller 7.x-inch ones. The rumored LG G3 will have a pixel format of 2560×1440 (3.68 megapixels), which is considerably more than the retina iPads (2048×1536, 3.14 megapixels) have. Resolution, or pixel density, is not even close: 534 ppi vs. 326 ppi for the retina iPad mini. With these large smartphones you get some of the size, almost all of the pixels, and a lot more portability.

I am starting to dislike the complexity of having to manage two devices (iPhone and iPad) and would rather have one device in the middle. That’s exactly what these large smartphones offer. Now if a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 were to be an option…

Quip issues API for mobile word processor, aims it at enterprise IT
Quip has released an API for its browser-based word processor that it hopes enterprise developers will use to make the application do more jobs in workplaces. Read More
24-битные I2C датчики давления HP203B и HP206C от Hope Microelectronics
История началась, когда одна китайская компания по имени Hoperf прислала мне их новые датчики давления, на пробу. В статье описаны основные характеристики сенсоров, фичи, тесты ну и самое главное их результаты в виде графиков и словесных описаний к ним. В конце статьи выложены драйвера для этих датчиков, максимально абстрагированы от аппаратной части.imageС лева на право: HP206C, HP203B и BMP085 от Bosch для сравнения (в тестах также участвует).
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