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Unified IT Monitoring: A Necessity in the Era of Customer
This exclusive whitepaper details how unified IT monitoring can be used to deliver the customer experience your users demand. Read this report now to learn about a real life compan...
Why Most Organisations Miss User Response Monitoring – and What to Do About It
This guide looks at the challenges of user response monitoring, and it shows how you can overcome these challenges and start to get a real handle on your infrastructure performance...
What you really want from Infrastructure Management
This whitepaper explores the benefits of a complete and unified visualisation system that can monitor everything in IT operations environment, monitoring the performance, and avail...
Появилось очередное свидетельство того, что в смартфоне Motorola Droid Turbo используется SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 805
Первые подробности о смартфоне Motorola Droid Turbo появились в августе, тогда сообщалось, что в устройстве используется однокристальная платформа Qualcomm Snapdragon 805.
Новый моноблок Apple iMac может получить 27-дюймовый дисплей разрешением 5120 х 2880 точек и 3D-карты AMD
В прошлом месяце мы писали о том, что Apple может готовить новый 27-дюймовый монитор с разрешением 5K.
Touchpad shuts off just after login
I have an unusual and very specific problem.

I have an ASUS laptop with a Synaptic touchpad. Every time I boot up the computer, the touchpad works fine at the login screen--so I know the device itself isn't entirely broken--but every time without fail it simply stops working anywhere from a few seconds to about two minutes after I log in.

I don't think it's a driver problem, because I have tried rolling back and even reinstalling the driver entirely.

I tried multiple virus scans, both with Microsoft Security Essentials and with Malwarebytes.

I also did a complete factory reset on the entire computer. The problem stayed.

I'm out of ideas. Can anyone help me?
Belkin's Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock offers tidier, faster connections
Belkin's Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock offers tidier, faster connections

For tablet and notebook users who constantly find themselves wishing for additional ports, Belkin has got you covered. The connectivity device manufacturer has released the second iteration of its Thunderbolt Express Dock - a new eight-port docking station for PCs and Macs.

The Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD is optimized for high-speed data transfer, multiple device charging and tidier office spaces. The unit features two Thunderbolt 2 ports and full support for HDMI, USB 3.0, and Gigabit Ethernet.

The Thunderbolt 2 Express can support eight devices through a single cable, including smartphones, tablets, one 4K display, and it can daisy-chain up to four additional Thunderbolt devices for even more conenctivity.

Changes to the original Thunderbolt

The new Thunderbolt is two times faster than the original Thunderbolt, and Belkin claims it is four times faster than USB 3.0 and up to 25 times faster than FireWire 800.

The original Thunderbolt Dock, which we reviewed last year, was a welcome addition to the list of docking stations produced by Belkin, Dell, Lenovo, and others. However, TechRadar was disappointed the unit wasn't capable of reaching USB 3.0 speed, an issue Belkin has remedied with its latest release.

The new dock costs $299.99 (about £239 or AU$320).

Lenovo: Watch out HP, Dell; 'we are ready to attack
Wants US$5 billion in revenue in first year.
Brennan IT preps $30 million for acquisitions
Australian managed services provider (MSP), Brennan IT, is prepared to spend $30 million in the coming year as part of an aggressive pursuit for acquisitions and investments within infrastructure.
Стали известны характеристики 17 мобильных CPU Intel Broadwell U
В прошлом месяце компания Intel анонсировала новое поколение процессоров под названием Core M (семейство Broadwell Y).
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