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GTA 5 - Radiosender der Next-Gen-Version werden erweitert
Das Open-World-Actionspiel Grand Theft Auto 5 ist unter anderem für die Bandbreite an unterschiedlichen Radiosendern bekannt. Für die Veröffentlichung für PC und Next-Gen erhalten die Musiksender wohl ein Update.

Instap PC - augustus 2014
Het uitgangspunt van de Instap PC is: een complete configuratie die exclusief het besturingssysteem niet meer dan 500 euro mag kosten. De belangrijkste, maar niet enige, taak is een vlotte internetervaring mogelijk te maken. Dat betekent niet de goedkoopste processor gebruiken die er is, want moderne webpagina's (en internet applicaties) vereisen ook enige processorkracht. Daarnaast moet het aan internet gerelateerde taken voldoende snel uitvoeren: eenvoudige beeldbewerking (crop/resize om een f...
HTC One E8 Trades M8's Metallic Body For Plastic, Lands At Sprint For $100 On-Contract
You don't hear too many smartphone owners complaining about the premium design of their handset, and certainly the metal construction of HTC's One M8 is a highlight of the device. However, there's something to be said for plastic -- it's lighter and cheaper, which are two traits of the new polycarbonate HTC One E8 available at Sprint. The...
Nintendo - 190 weitere Arbeitsplätze in Deutschland gestrichen
Der japanische Videospiel-Riese Nintendo hat 190 weitere Mitarbeiter in Deutschland entlassen. Zuvor wurde die Nintendo-Zentrale in Großostheim geschlossen und 130 Arbeitsplätze gestrichen, nun ist die Übersetzung-Abteilung betroffen.

Dell Tempts Gamers With Curvy 34-Inch UltraSharp Monitor, Slated For Holiday Release
It's not easy to make a splash in tech news when you're going up against a major processor microarchitecture release like Haswell-E, though Dell managed to do just that by unveiling its uniquely redesigned Alienware Area 51 desktop yesterday. Interestingly, that wasn't the only thing Dell had up its sleeve. Mentioned almost as a side note...
Huawei Ascend P7 Banished From 3DMark Ice Storm Rankings For Alleged Cheating
In Futuremark's world, you either play by the rules or you're banished from the benchmarking kingdom. It's happened before -- on more than one occasion, actually -- and it just happened again, this time to Chinese handset maker Huawei and its Ascend P7 smartphone. Futuremark discovered that the Ascend P7 was using a trick to artificially inflate...
Каталог процессоров AMD пополнился моделями Athlon X2 450, Athlon X4 840 и Athlon X4 860K
Недавнее обновление каталога процессоров компании AMD привнесло в него три новые модели CPU линейки Athlon - Athlon X2 450, Athlon X4 840 и Athlon X4 860K.
Google уже тестирует хромбуки на основе платформы Intel Broadwell
Ситуация с новым поколением процессоров Intel (Broadwell) пока остаётся туманной.
MSI представляет новый комплект для сборки малогабаритного ПК: ProBox130
Каталог MSI пополнился новым базовым комплектом ProBox130.
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