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The myth of the cybersecurity skills shortage

Everyone seems to think that there’s a lack of qualified security professionals, and that the reason is that there aren’t enough people entering the field with the required skills. There is a fallacy behind that thinking, though. People think that security is a stand-alone discipline, but it is actually a discipline within the computer field. Treating it otherwise is a mistake.

Most of the people who have been in the security profession for more than a decade, including me, entered the field without a cybersecurity degree. We might have certifications, but we don’t claim that those certs are the source of any expertise we may have.

My own experience is not atypical. In all of my years of working, as an employee or contractor, for the National Security Agency and other military and intelligence agencies, I never performed specifically what would be considered security work.

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Beyond bitcoin: 7 ways to capitalize on blockchains

From the beginning, bitcoin has assumed a shadowy, almost outlaw mystique. The technology’s origin and founder remain shrouded in mystery, even to this day. Add to that the Silk Road scandal, in which anonymous users traded bitcoins to buy drugs, landing its pioneer in prison for life, and it’s easy to see why many initially viewed bitcoin as a funding mechanism for the underworld. Even the mathematics of the technology are inscrutable enough to believe the worst.

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Spy equipment suppliers: Report exposes who sells surveillance tech to Columbia

“We always assume we are being watched. It is part of our understanding. We think it’s a tactic to wear us down. We get tipped off by people in the state. They tell us ‘people are listening to you.’...” Would you be surprised to learn that a priest said that? Father Alberto is just one person living under surveillance in Columbia; he was interviewed by Privacy International as it investigated the shadow surveillance state in Columbia. The second investigative report looked into more than a dozen international companies selling surveillance equipment to Columbian government agencies and police.

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Of Black Hat and security awareness

In the past few weeks, I was able to go deep into security issues (this was during my yearly pilgrimage to the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas), and then concentrate on the basics (by getting our employees to fulfill our security awareness requirements). Both were highly satisfying.

Black Hat came first. If you’re able to attend just a couple of conferences per year, I highly recommend RSA and Black Hat to all security professionals, regardless of level. They’re conveniently spaced about six months apart, making it easier to get your boss’s approval.

HP beefs up enterprise security suite with tools to root out malware, app vulnerabilites

Hewlett-Packard has devised two new ways of securing enterprise systems in the endless war on malicious network attackers.

One service inspects the Internet addresses being requested by employees for malicious links and the other service learns how an organization's coders write their programs.

The two new releases aim to "protect the interactions among your most valuable assets: your users, your applications and your data," said Frank Mong, HP vice president of solutions. The company announced the new software at the HP Protect security conference, held this week near Washington.

HP DNS Malware Analytics (DMA) monitors outbound DNS (Domain Name System) requests to ensure employee browsers aren't contacting rogue or malware Web sites. A DNS server provides specific numeric Internet addresses to end-user computers requesting Web sites by their domain names.

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Tanium review: Endpoint security at the speed of now

Many security monitoring products gather information from computers over the network and store it in a centralized database, where it can then be analyzed and queried. The biggest problem with this approach: The data is only as fresh as the last collection, which might happen nightly at best. A better strategy would be to pull fresh data from the endpoints on the fly when it’s needed. The issue there is getting query results from a network of hundreds or thousands of computers in a reasonable time. This is a problem that Tanium solves.

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VMware pitches network virtualization for better security

VMware is making a case that network virtualization can improve security in the enterprise.

VMware, one of the biggest proponents of virtualizing the entire data center, says CIOs concerned about protecting their IT infrastructures from attackers should look at virtual networking, which has been around a while but isn't as popular as server virtualization.

"The security industry is messy and complicated, and we spend the bulk of our dollars on products that don't really solve the problem. It simply isn't working," said Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, in a keynote speech at the VMworld conference in San Francisco.

For VMware, virtualization supplies the missing piece of the security puzzle, because it could provide a common base for defining all the security requirements for applications, people and data, Gelsinger said.

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Cybercrime by wire fraud – what’s covered?

Perhaps the only thing worse than falling victim to a business email compromise or “CEO fraud” that results in millions of dollars in wire fraud theft – is wondering whether your insurance will cover any of the loss.

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