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Secure and Efficient Data Transaction over Cloud Based On Signature Generation Technique
In cloud, transactional database provides authorization, it is one of most important for proof of authorization, it I the base for performance evaluation. In this paper, the author...
Криптографические решения. От облачной подписи к доверенной среде
Данная статья является продолжением статьи «Криптографические решения. От криптопровайдеров до браузерных плагинов» и охватывает криптографические решения:

  • облачная подпись
  • отдельные браузеры с российской криптографией
  • отдельные почтовые клиенты с российской криптографией
  • российская криптография в фреймворках, платформах, интерпретаторах
  • настольные криптографические приложения
  • средства формирования доверенной среды

A PKI-based Improvement Scheme of SAML 2.0 SSO Protocol
The rise of cloud computing accelerates the development of network service and helps people to get service conveniently through the Internet. However, it also makes the security pr...
Reliability of Fingerprint Verification in Ghana
Biometric recognition refers to the automatic recognition of individuals based on their physiological and/or behavioral characteristics. It is used to confirm an individual's ident...
Wireless Fingerprint Attendance Marking System
In this paper, the authors explain based upon the idea of making the attendance system automated by using the concept of biometric scanning. The attendance marking system is very t...
Highly Secure Authentication Scheme
The increased level of effective security control and transaction fraud in the world of electronic and internet commerce, demands for highly secured identification and personal ver...
Cuckoo Search Based Optimization for Multimodal Biometrics (Signature, Speech and Palmprint)
Biometric system based on unimodel biometrics are not able to meet the desired performance requirements for security purpose due to problems such as intra-class variations, noisy d...
2014 showed the reach and limit of technological innovation
The digital domain landmark Supreme Court ruling, the impact of open data, the 'right to record,' and data transparency were key topics in 2014 related to how tech drives societal ...
Novel Strategies Practicing Quality of Service in MANETs
Researchers are working on securing MANETs by implementing more and more complex techniques like cryptography, digital signatures and hashing etc. These empirical techniques are hi...
CEAACK Based Detector for Malicious Nodes
MANET stands for Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork. The ad hoc network that is used for mobile communication is called MANET. The MANETS are used when the user is moving. Because MANET does no...
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