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Адаптивное хеширование

Preview. Эта идея уже очень давно мучала мой воспаленный криптографией мозг.
TL;DR идея хеш функции которая генерируется на основе входных данных
ARM 9 Based Intelligent System for Biometric Finger Authentication
Most of the universities are enforcing affiliated colleges to implement biometric fingerprint attendance system to monitor student attendance. Biometric fingerprint scanner need to...
An Empirical Model of Intrusion Detection System with ID3 Classification
Identification and prevention of unauthorized access (intrusion detection) is still an important research issue in the field of information security. In mobile ad hoc networks ever...
5 Bitcoin and finance startups to watch from DEMO 2014
Finance innovations like Bitcoin are creating huge waves in tech communities around the world. Here are five startups you should pay attention to from the 2014 DEMO conference.
Hiding and Extracting Secret Data from Digital Media
Extracting embedded data without understanding the analysis over a wide band in a spectrum domain of a digital medium like image, audio, and video and it considered a problem of ac...
Twelve South's new HiRise Deluxe and SurfacePad iPhone 6 accessories
Now that the iPhone 6 has been out for a few months, more specialty accessories are hitting the shelves. Here are a couple options to add to your wish list.
A Preliminary Study of Fake Fingerprints
Fingerprint is a widely used biometrics. Its extensive usage motivates imposter to fabricate fake fingerprints. Vitality detection has been proposed to prevent counterfeit finger a...
A Novel Crypt-Biometric Perception Algorithm to Protract Security in MANET
Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANET) are networks that have properties of self configuration and multi hopping. These networks do not have any fixed infrastructure and need to be dynamic...
Modified RSA Digital Signature Scheme for Data Confidentiality
As the people know that digital signature is an authentication mechanism that enables the creator of a message to attach a code that acts as a signature. This signature guarantees ...
Fast Image Retrieval Method Based on Controlled Self Organization Map Neural Network on Biometric Feature
Face recognition is proving to exist single of the majority dependable biometric traits for personal recognition. In information face prototype have steady, invariant and idiosyncr...
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