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Testing Windows 10 Continuum over Miracast…on a very big screen! Video Demo.

Testing Windows 10 Continuum has been something I’ve wanted to do since, well, the second it was announced. Today I got to play with the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and I took the opportunity to get it running over Miracast for a completely wireless Windows 10 Mobile, extended screen experience. For someone like me, interested in highly integrated mobile computers, this was a groundbreaking moment.

Testing Continuum over Miracast. (Video below.)

Testing Continuum over Miracast. (Video below.)

As I played around with a keyboard and mouse connected via a USB-C -> USB 3.0 adaptor (from an HP Spectre x2 that I am also testing here) I thought about that barebones laptop scenario, the Continuum Laptop and large-screen Windows 10 Mobile tablets. (7-10 inches) that could be used in a similar way. Naturally I also thought about the BIG hurdle that is Universal Apps. Progress is very slow in this area. With Continuum and the knowledge that there are 200 million Windows 10 devices out there and millions more coming soon it might be enough to convince some app developers to get to work on porting apps but Microsoft needs many millions more Windows 10 smartphones out there. The chicken-and-egg situation continues.

My video demo is below and I hope that gets a few develops thinking but there’s one thing I can’t get over and that’s my current need to switch to Android because of, well, productivity. As you might have read in an earlier post I’ve started a new project and because of that I need to be using apps like Periscope. I’m also testing a Basis Peak so I need an Android phone or iPhone for that too. I’m missing Google Plus and the Lumia cameras, while excellent are now better than what I need. In some cases I’m even finding some better features on Android. The face-in-video dual-cam overlay is great on the Sone Xperia Z5!

But back to Continuum. It’s a great feature and something that could tempt a lot of developers to move their Win32 apps over to the Universal Windows Platform standard. That’s why Windows 10 Mobile Tablets and even Windows 10 Mobile laptops could be in the limelight later in 2016.

The full review of the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is available at Notebookcheck and I’ll be creating a summary video of that over the next few days.

Think about the Continuum Laptop.

Welcome to the new studio.

If you’ve followed me, Chippy, on Twitter you might not have noticed many changes. If you’ve followed here on UMPCPortal you’re probably wondering what happened. It’s over one month since I last posted. Fortunately I can report good news because I’m about to ramp-up again here on UMPCPortal…but it won’t be my main gig anymore.

Since October I’ve worked in my new role as Head of Video over at Notebookcheck. My aim: To make detailed review videos of as many products as possible.

If you don’t know Notebookcheck then here’s a little background. Notebookcheck operates in Germany, Austria and USA, in English and German languages, and runs two very successful websites. Their review process is extremely detailed and having worked as a reviewer for them for over a year I can tell you that a lot of hard work goes into every review. There are around 15 editors reviewing devices from smart-watches to gaming laptops and many of those devices now end up with me. Our first three months were a success and on the back of that and a new coworking project I’ve decided to build-out a new studio so that we can make even better videos. It took a lot of money and a lot of time and UMPCPortal just had to be put on ice for that period. I missed CES and I’ve even lost ground on new developments in the ultra-mobile space but there’s been a huge plus-side to this.

First, here’s an example of the video’s I’m making in the new studio.

And some photo’s of the new studio…

Building the studio We've included  'viewer' space. ...and we have a photo-wall. The new studio glory.


I’ve created over 30 videos for Notebookcheck since October and because the range of equipment has been so diverse I’ve really learnt a lot. In front of me now is a Sony Xperia Z5 Premium with 4K screen. Last week I tested two amazing Dell XPS 15 laptops.. I’ve had the ASUS T100HA and a bunch of other 2-in-1s. Tomorrow I’ll be unboxing the Lenovo Miix 700 and a Lumia 950 XL. I’ll finally get to test Continuum. You could say that I’m very well positioned for hands-on testing of some of the top computing products in the market.

Now that the studio build is nearly finished and the review process is getting more efficient there’ll be time to get back to writing here. But that’s not all.

The new studio was set up for live streams and I’ll be doing that as a free service to my readers and followers. I’ll be starting with Periscope streams next week and if the finances hold out I’ll be finalizing the purchase of some full-HD streaming equipment that I’ll be using for more detailed sessions. I’ve also been speaking to my old mate Saschaand we’ll be getting together, in the same studio, to bring you something fun and informative that should lead into a regular slot on a show hosted by Sascha in Taiwan.

Before I sign-off I wanted to go back to where I mentioned Periscope. I’m a Windows Phone user, but that changes too.

Tomorrow I’ll be buying a Sony Xperia Z5 (not the Compact, not the Premium) and returning the Lumia 830 to Microsoft. It was, and still is, a great cameraphone and it does most social media and web-based jobs well but as I completely refresh my apps and activities for my new business I have to say good-bye to Windows mobile phones for the time being. I’ll still be keeping a lookout for the first Windows 10 Mobile convertible laptop / tablet…but won’t be holding my breath for it.

From online-only to bricks-and-mortar. Smartwatches, gaming laptops and Apple products.  Buying an Android smartphone. Offering my services to local businesses. This is the biggest change I’ve had since I started Carrypad.com 10 years ago and it’s a reflection of what happened not only in the mobile computing business but in the business of blogging too.

Please stay with me here and on my other channels. I’m focusing on these five:


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