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Re: Video becomes dark after starting normal on Samsung Galaxy s5

I'm getting the same issue as well. Whatever my phone updated to does not seem to co-operate with skype

Skype keeps logging me out(both PC and Phone)

About 2 hours ago while watching tv, my Phone kicked me off, I figured it was a update, but it kept logging me off within a few seconds after logging in. So I tried uninstalling it, and re-installing it, but did the same, so I tried it with my PC and its doing the exact same thing.


I tried looking up any helpful things, but I do not have my account linked to FB, as well as I am able to log onto here, and skype site itself just fine. I am also aware that this problem is common although some people couldn't find an answer to it.

Re: All of my contacts disappeared

Chethdog wrote:

OP here on an update:

Make sure you update your skype on all devices and wait for all contacts to come back. Just give it some time, it took me about 5-6 hours

Didn't work for me

Skype for Business on Android dial more than 16 digits phone number

I am using Skype for Business on my Samsung A9. It has been noticed that when i dial a phone number more than 16 digits (including 16 digits), the Skype for Business APP will tell Not a valid number, cannot dial. While the dialled phone number is less than 16 digits, it works fine. Anybody out there has the same issue? It sounds like a BUG. 

deletng multiple contacts

How do I delete multiple contacts at a time?

Re: Cannot start Skype because system is unavailable

After doing this "fix", Skype will work OK once.   If I quit Skype and then if I try to run it again, the error message reappears.


The easiest solution I've found is to download and reinstall the current version of Skype.  This will work for one session, much like the "fix" above, then the error message comes back in subsequent sessions. It's just easier to do.


Microsoft really needs to address this problem.  I'm running Skype under Windows 10. BTW

Porque minha foto não aparece nas mensa

Porque minha foto não aparece nas conversas, nas mensagens?


Re: Skype 7.26 (328) keeps asking to update - the install does not seem to work

bublik_v2 wrote:

Check it now.

7.31(304) is out

But after update you need to repeat procedure and delete orphan com.skype.skypeinstaller again.

I have it again right after successful upgrade

$ sudo find / -name com.skype.skypeinstaller
find: /dev/fd/3: Not a directory
find: /dev/fd/4: Not a directory


bublik. don't manually delete the install files anymore. I left mine as stated in that previous post and guess what, the update worked! It installed correctly and when I restarted skype and clicked "check for update" manually, it told me it was up to date. Seems that MIcrosoft/Skype have finally got the update to clean up after itself and properly set the flags to indicate a successful update. Previously the problem was it would for instance go to update from say 7.29 (297) to 7.31 (304) but it would not set the flag to say it updated to 7.31 (304), the installer would say it updated from 7.29 (297) to 7.29 (297)!!! So Skype would then think it had to update over and over. This was actually logged in the console on OSX (Other ---> Console). Seems now Skype updater correctly increments the update to the next version rather than leaving at the same version, so there is no need to manually get rid of the install files.




"Оформленное" безобразие. Обман потребителей. Хотя обставлено вроде бы пристойно: одна сторона (Microsoft/Skype) решила не заниматься бизнесом (=поддержка Skype на телевизорах), а другая сторона (производители телевизоров) не возражала, потому что это не ее дело. Вероятно, Microsoft решила получить от производителей ТВ часть денег от продаж телевизоров. Производители телевизоров ответили отказом. Сделка между сторонами не состоялась, ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛИ ОКАЗАЛИСЬ В ДУРАКАХ. Скандал может быть выгоден одной из сторон, догадаться просто.

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