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Re: connection problem


    I have been having a serious problem with Skype lately. I cant seem to have a proper conversation without my video call being dropped every single time. I have a HP Elitebook and running windows 7 and I have the latest version of Skype as well. Im not sure if it is my internet connection either, my downloading speed is 5.75mbps and the upload is 6.23mbps. Is this a good enough quality to have a good video connection or skype ?

Re: Mouse causes Skype to become choppy

PrimeDC escribió:

Ever since the Skype UI overhaul in the new update, whenever I move my mouse over the application, it causes video to stutter and the whole response of Skype tobecome choppy. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

could be your video drivers not installed or not updated, also could be Direct X not updated. 

Ton funktioniert nur beim ersten Anruf, bei weiteren nicht mehr

Hallo ihr LIeben,


ich habe das Problem, dass mein Mikrofon von Skype nur bei dem ersten Anruf erkannt wird. Sobald ich eine weitere Person anrufe, oder die Verbindung unterbricht, hört mein Gegenüber mich nicht mehr. Der PC mit Windows 7  muss komplett neugestartet werden, damit der Ton wieder übertragen wird. Alle Soundeinstellungen wurden überprüft und Skype neu installiert. Das Mikrofon an sich wird erkannt, aber der Ton nicht übertragen. Was kann ich tun?

Ich würde mich sehr über hilfreiche Tips freuen!

Vielen Dank!



Re: Skype disappeared after update

marcabela escribió:

Yes. Same problem confirmed here at my end as well.

Installed Skype (over Windows 8.1 Pro) and the software disappeared (literally) from my computer. The shortcut disappeared from the toolbar, and if I go in the upper right hand corner to "search" over my computer - my PC has no (zero) knowledge of anything named Skype nowhere on my computer.

I then visited the following folder:

C:Program Files (x86)

And discovered that the "Skype" folder was intact and well, and that the following file was indeed still present on my computer:

C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhoneSkype.exe

Why did the shortcut get erased? Why does the search function of Windows not see Skype anymore? I just don't get it - but it's a pain to manage.

The problem happened once last week - and I re-installed Skype. Then the problem happened to me again today.


that sounds like an antivirus or a security suite or a system restore app is deleting Skype automatically for some reason.

Re: Stays stuck on the blue 'signning in' screen

this happens when you use a Skype account or with a Microsoft account ?


if with a Microsoft account, open your Microsoft account in www.outlook.com, and make sure that your account is working properly and that there is no pending verifications or something to confirm in your account.

Re: Cant connect to skype

wiz99 escribió:

My command line reports that there is no such command as "netsh advfirewall reset"

if you are using XP then try... netsh firewall reset

Re: Regarding Outlook problems
I still need help, ASAP. Thanks guys!
Constant split-second hourglass appearances

This is an odd issue I've been having lately. While Skype is running, and only while Skype is running, my mouse cursor will change to the loading hourglass about once or twice a minute for half a second, sometimes a little longer if I'm checking a program or something. My system isn't performing any differently, and virus scans have turned up nothing, but it's kind of annoying. Does anyone know what might be causing this minor issue, and if there's something I can do to disable it? Thanks for your time.

Cant sign in (Freezes)

When I click on skype and open the application (windows 7) (ver It opens up and says sign in and gives me the options of skype name or microsoft account (no matter which one i click) I click on one of them and click on the username field, I hit one letter on my keyboard and it freezes and dosnt respond and turns white and I have no choice but to close the application, How can I resolve this issue?

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