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Re: Skype Cannot Connect Issues?


I have exactly the same problem. Only difference is  I am using XP. But it was working perfectly, only changed once i did the update.

Can not get any sense out of Skype.. bloody ridiculous.

New Features in Skype

There are a massive amounts of postings that say "Do not change anything", and being one that leads this pack, I start this thread.


So, given the context of Skype: you write small messages, you speak, you interact with video in real time with others, what else can you do that will really improve Skype.

But be careful and also free: If it is really valuable to you it is most likely valuable to many.

But it may be limited to just one platform, leave the details to the engineers!


Заказчики-мошенники (для контентщиков-фрилансеров)!!!

Мошенница БАГИРОВА ЕЛЕНА ВИТАЛЬЕВНА, якобы гендир компании веб-студия МОСТ (г. Тула, ул. Луначарского, 35) под видом киевской одноименное компании подыскиваеи фрилансеров на сайтах вакансий, обещает 2 у.е. за 1000 знаков и оплату через месяц.


Получив желаемый объем работы, впадает в игнор и исчезает.


Корпоративного имейла нет, скайпа нет (или открывается тут же), страницы сайта компании нет - киевская компания "Студия веб-дизайна МОСТ" с ней не имеет ничего общего.


Будьте бдительны!

Re: не удалось установить соединение
скачайте портативку 4,2 модифицированную и будет вам счастье. ненадо убивать комп инсталяторами а особенно 6 версии скайпа.
Re: New Features in Skype

Can you make it possible to send a message to myself? - and let me set a time to deliver the message?


Use: I can then use Skype to dictate to myself, say in the car what to do at work, or the shopping list.


I can remind myself to do this on next Wednesday before it is too late - from my phone, and be reminded on my laptop that I also use for Skype.


BUT: You can even charge say 0.05 for the feature: hold the mesage to the specified time - and then send it to someone else: "Just called to say I love you - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". Some of us travel, and cannot deliver in real time the message. Fine with the Skype cards, fine with the Skype Test Calls: Put it to use!

Re: Проблема с соединением.
в лес по грибы пусть идет майкрософ со своим 6 скайпом. сижу на 4,2 модифицированном и рад что не надо ставить убожество в которое превратился скайп 6.
Re: Friend can't use mod privelages - is creator

The ability for to edit/remove messages from group chat was taken away some time ago.  No currently supported version for Skype (6.14 or above) has that capability.  The newer cloud-based style chats don't have the ability to modify the group picture as of yet.  It kind of defeats the purpose of having a managed chat but that's what it's evolved/de-evolved to.



Re: missing credit

I personally have no details no your account of whether credit is actually missing or not.  You can check the details of your account history.  The purchase history is the history of what you purchased and what did or did not go through.  Your usage history is a history of how what you purchase was used.  If something doesn't match up you will still need to contact Skype Customer Service as no one here in the Community has full access to your account or can correct account-related issues.


Purchase History



Usage History


An example of contacting Skype Customer Service following the guidance in the Customer Service FAQ:


1.  Going to the support request page:



2.  Filling out the support request page details and getting support from customer service by e-mail or text chat.  Different sections will give you different support options.  This example offers text chat support.





Friend can't use mod privelages - is creator

So recently we've been getting all worked up over the fact my friend, the creator of our chat can't remove messages, can't remove people, or change the conversation picture.


The list is:

  -the host- CREATOR
  [Removed for privacy] SPEAKER


I removed the other people, but they're all speakers.


Is it related to version numbers? Why is it like this. We like to customize our chat, not have it sit there. We can only change the topic, that's it.


Please help.

unable to join group chat
please help. i was invited to join a group chat by the administrator, but the group doesn't show up in my "contacts" list. i've opened up all my privacy settings, but still can't see them. i'm new to skype & don't know what else to try. the administrator got on with me (screenshare) and had me add another new person as a contact, which worked (well, i apparently sent the new person a request), but couldn't get the group to show up in my contact list. i also tried searching for the group name, but it didn't show up. anyone have any other suggestions? thanks, susan
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