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Re: Busco conversación en español (soy Inglés)
Hi My skype is [quitado por razones de privacidad]
Group call - icon not enabled

I used to be able to make group calls (I  use this function every day) until one day it just doesn't enable. Other people can invite me to group calls, and the button is enabled for individual calls.


When I add another person the button just fades / disabled. 


Any idea why? 

Buttons to hide sidebar and chat do not work

My skype is supposedly up-to-date and I've uninstalled and re-installed twice now but no matter what, I cannot click the buttons that up until three weeks ago hid the chat bar and the left-hand sidebar with my history/contacts. I can't figure out what is going on (and of course, text support isn't working). Anybody have any ideas?

Re: Publicidad lateral

Tengo la versión


Re: Unwanted Contact Requests

i  have had at  least  3  invites in the last 3  days and ask them  where they  get my address  from and  2 of them  have  said, they  go thro the forums  and  add random  people  from there, another actually  copied and pasted a comment i made into my chat box and pionted out that  no where  does it say add me,so the idiots are  goting thro  everyone that  has posted in here, and  skype does nothijg about it.the laqst one was a 19yr old  from america ---im in the uk---FFS.  this is  PISSED OF  FROM THE UK.

Skype Premium

My Premium account periodically drops out and I am told I need to top up my Skype Credit as my balance is low. When this happens I have to delete Skype and then re-install to get it working. Very annoying especially when an urgent call is required. Any suggestions ?

Re: Skype for modern UI feature requests

zskazi wrote:

Hello there,


I have been using Skype for modern Windows for a while. I'd like to see some features that seem to be missing:

-Screen sharing

-Renaming contacts

-Video settings (brighness etc.)

I understand that these features are available on the desktop version and I run both versions because of that.. but for people to start using the new app, these features need to be implemented.



I stopped using metro because it would reload itself if you left it minimized for a short time (unlike other metro apps that rarely do).  If I remember correctly, video settings should now be under the settings charm.  As for screen sharing, I never knew how to use that in the first place, so sorry about that.

Correct me if I'm wrong, please?

Re: Can't Sign Out of Skype (Macbook Air)

Same problem here. I logged in with my live.com account-Now...I can't log out...

Connecting to Callnote or similar, API settings in modern Skype?



I am desperately trying to change my Skype API settings to accept Callnote for voice recordings.


I have looked through the skype help sections on How-to but they're so useless that its more of a How-don't!









I found this last help page particularly useful as its completely incorrect for windows 8 users with skype 3.1.0 1107 which I have.  


Does anyone have any ideas how I can chnage my API settings so that I can start using Callnote (a program that skype themselves suggested will work with Skype).





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