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Zensar Technologies Positioned in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Oracle...

Zensar is one of 20 organizations cited as delivering Oracle application implementation and management services in North America

(PRWeb February 27, 2017)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/03/prweb14102618.htm

Hanging up Skype glitch?

I'm in a group chat with 78 people. We often do group calls. normally every time more then four people join the call it starts to hang up on people randomly. At first we thought someone was using the new hang up button. But that was thrown out when we all turned on out cams and showed that our hands where not touching our devices or keyboards. It's really annoying.. :/ we made a new group chat to see if it wouldn't happened.. it Still did it. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? 

Re: Ongoing Webcam issues.

It FINALLY worked!!  You were right with giving me the link you attached in the last note!  It worked and when I reset the video mode I saw myself!!  YIPPEE!!  Thank you so very much for your persistence and patience.  I lost my patience a very long time ago.  I really appreciate what you have done in getting me prepared for my new job tomorrow.  THANK YOU!!!

回應: skpye視訊對方聽不到聲音

P會不會 B電腦音量沒調整 去開始》控制台》音響設備 跟麥克風 看一下有沒有調整好開啟

Problema tras última actualización. Skype no funciona en Windows 7

Hola mucho gusto, quiero comentarles que desde hace meses traigo problemas con la actualización de Skype desde mi ordenador. NO se porqué no me la actualiza?


Descarga la versión nueva, pero a la hora de actualizar me sale un texto que dice ERROR, porque no se puede borrar la versión anterior.


Agradecería que me apoyaran en ese aspecto por favor.


En amistad,

Mynor Francisco Burgos

Petén Guatemala


Hi!! is it true SKYPE is not authorized to use in UAE .. because my Skype calling is not working before some days .. before was working good without any VPN or else now its not working normal even not sign in and msgs not sending.. after that i called ETISALAT helpline for this issue they said it is not allowed in UAE u cant use any calling messenger else in UAE ... please help ....??? 

Skype login issue on windows desktop app

When I try to login onto my desktop skype app Skype is stuck on the loading screen - the loading icon keeps spinning for a very long time.  I can login onto skype online, but not on my desktop app. How can I fix this?



Re: Can't hear other people, rest of audio working

Yea i am using the kraken as well and it only happens when i use then

Can not make video call

When i make video call it lasts for few seconds then line cut i need help

Re: Skype call to a computer goes to cell phone instead

Please be advised that that this is a peer-to-peer support community; Skype does not provide direct customer support to you via these boards. You can review the support FAQs for official latest user guides.


One of the Community members has replied to this Topic Here stating "I would guess no one has replied because this area is for Windows RT, RT only runs on the original Surface, Surface 2 and the Nokia 2520 and is in effect a dead part of Windows 8 and 8.1 so most people never come in here.

Windows RT never ran on laptops, standard PC's or phones."


Please post your questions in the correct Forum

Skype for computer and Xbox

Skype for mobile


If you require immediate assistance directly from Skype, please contact Skype Customer Service

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