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Cloud sounds: What the latest tech revolution means for the future of making music
As cloud collaboration changes expectations, the music industry is primed for disruption. A new breed of cloud tools is enhancing how artists in separate locations create beautiful...
Maria Klawe: Esteemed Computer Scientist. Proud mathematician. Watercolor painter.
Maria Klawe, a well known computer scientist and mathematician spoke to TechRepublic about her career journey and her passion for building a supportive environment for undergrad CS...
A One-Way Delay Metric for IPPM
A One-Way Loss Metric for IPPM
Re: Please delete my account

Hi, qwertyasd1234, and welcome to the Community,


Please see here:



You will find a wealth of information and tips in the previous pages of this thread (topic), as well.




Проблема с паролем

А если я хочу использовать пароль который мне нравится и мне без разницы считаете вы его безопасным или нет. Как в такой ситуации поступить?

Re : nokia lumia 610
Ou skaype Nokia 610:wink:
RE: English/Korean language exchange (Also I can speak little bit of Japanese)

Seems like opening an ID is impossible.

Please reply me so that I can answer. 

Re: Can't answer incoming call - buttons do nothing when clicked

SKYPE SUPPORT: Do you not see that NONE OF YOUR SUGGESTIONS are working? NO ONE is accepting any of your suggestions as a fix, because NONE OF THEM ACTUALLY FIX THE PROBLEM. THis is a serious issue that impacts multiple SKYPE users... some, like myself, were even former paying customers, because it used to be a system that I could rely on. I NEED TO BE ABLE TO RECEIVE CALLS!!!

HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY TALKED DIRECTLY TO SKYPE AND/OR MICROSOFT about actually fixing this problem???? or do we have to jump through all these hoops, the re-installs, the data files, etc... to no avail....

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