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Re: Blocked Contacts showing as "top contacts

Just to let you guys know that I'm in process of updating to 6.18 - thanks to the "growling Tiger".

But, as Ctessadee pointed out: Immediately after updating, MUST always go through Tools>Options, page-by-page and scrutinize that not something has been changed, reset, or otherwise affected after an upgrade. Sometimes these things are either so small or so "hidden" that we overlook them. And, as Ctessadee pointed out: SAVE afterward, or all you just did is invalid.

I had set to "not update" because with all the previous frustrations, I didn't have the time to fool with another one.... Keep on trucking!

Villagekid 12/7/14  at 11:57A


Re: Постоянный дисконнект при попытке звонков из скайпа

ia vkluchil bezlimitni rasgavor na 1 mesec i platil 13 $ ,zakonchlsa za 8 dneii,eta shtoo abmanuvaitee ilishtoo  aferistt vi ili kakk pi**bleep**e drugoi i delaite drugoiii

Re: he pagado y no me ha sido activado el plan

Pague un plan de 120 minutos a Francia para teléfono móvil y no puedo realizarlas, al marcar me dice que tengo crédito insuficiente y en mi pefil dice que tengo disponibles los 120 minutos.

Re: How do I sign onto skype at work?

The computer at work is running Windows 7 (not a business account).  I clicked on Skype icon there was already 1 person in the drop down menu.  I then clicked on the "sign on with a different account" which gave me the option to sign on with MS account not the skype accout.  How do I get added to the skype account on that computer?

Re: 6.18: Quality improvements based on your feedback

Thanks for your reply :happy: But actually I've done what you said before even I tell U the problems and done all the steps to completely disable the autoSILENTFORCINGupdate. I just dont want to always use older versions. I want to have updates, and have them working FINE and better :happy:

I just came to answer the Claudius's request that he said "He's looking forward to hear our feedback here, to continue making Skype BETTER & not WORSE!! :wink:"

To-make-Skype-better Suggestions:

1- Put a "Appearance" Tab in the "Options...". & put an option to choose between the standard UI and Message Styles and the new Mobile Look.

2- An option to choose between using the Name of person or the Avatar.

3- You've made the "Automatic Update Off" button, but you tell people a long steps manual to turn it off actually. Why not putting the button into work and into honesty!?!

With Kind Regards to Skype Team :wink:

Re: Исчезли деньги со счета

abmanshiki, gavariat bezlimitni ,no ia palajil  13$ i ishezlii za 8 dneii,a gavariat na mesecc ,abmanshikii ,aferist vetam skaipeee

Re: Skype won't quit nagging me to install the latest version

Skype is Greedy there adds ruin it now they forced my hand to upgrade .


Im making a patch that will remove there adds from my system  and bounce the  requests to there own server . replacing there adds with a picture of what ever i pick off my own computer  Tell skype enough is enough  and take back your own computer..

HackerUno wrote:

Every time I update Skype, it seems to break something or change sometime I semi-like into something I hate. I'm running a stable version of Skype that I can reasonably tollerate, and I do NOT want up upgrade!!



(1) I Preferences I have 'Always keep Skype up to date' UNCHECKED, yet EVERY time I loging, Skype nags me that a new version of Skype is availalbe and please allow Skype to install it.


(2) If I select 'Skip this update' to the nag message from (1) above, the very next time I login to Skype, I'm again nagged to update Skype.


What is the purpose of the ability to turn off 'Always keep Skype up to date' and to 'Skip this update' if those selections are TOTALLY ignored by Skype???


This is insane!! Why won't Skype just leave me alone and let me run a version of software I'm happy with (which is


This is nearly enough to make me finally try to find a replacement for Skype!!


Will someone PLEASE tell me how to turn off the Skype 'nag the user to death' feature??



Re: How do I remove Skype Chat History from iPhone?

Since the new skype installation, I cannot delete my chat history on my IPhone 5C.  i did somehow delete one, but havent been able to figure out how i did it, so I'm sure the option is there, but I need help.

Re: Skype on N95 8GB, will not install, message incompatible.

hi... i have n95 8gb having s60-v........ skype won't work in my mobile..... cany anyone help for me

Conta Skype Premium ilimitada

Bom dia, Assinei o abonamento Skypy Premium Ilimitado por um mês e paguei R$ 29,90 mais icms com boleto bancario. Passaram-se 9 dias e até hoje e ainda não foi efetivado, mas no meu histórico de compras consta como pendente.

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