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Пароль не помню, почты нет

Здравствуйте, у друзей сегодня скайп попросил обновить программу и вышел из аккаунта. Сегодня-завтра ожидают важный звонок по скайпу, а войти не могут. Пароль не помнят, а электронку даже и не указывали...Что делать?

их логин oreoalla

можно привязать их профиль на вот этот ящик akcioner07@yandex.ru



Re: Speaker option on phone?

I want to turn the speaker off!! It's a nuisance having everyone around being able to hear my phone conversations. Yes, I can step outside but I live in a country where daytime temperatures exceed 120 degrees. Come on skype - sort an update.....

Betreff: Skype Nummer
Hi Aimi!

Danke für deine Antwort.

Heisst denn das nun konkret, ich brauche eine Datenverbindung nur, damit Skype klingelt?

Alles andere läuft über das normale Mobilnetz und kostet mich nichts zusätzlich?

Danke wenn du mir das nochmals erklären kannst.







Re : désinstaller skype



Je profite de ce topic car j'ai le même problème.


Windows 7 service pack 1.

Version skype : je ne sais pas, je l'ai supprimé manuellement car il ne se trouvais pas dans le panneau de configuration, introuvable par le mode de recherche.

A priori j'avais la dernière MAJ avant celle-ci puisque je le met à jour dès que j'ai un message allant dans ce sens. Le dernier était relativement récent.


En tout état de cause, je ne peux le désinstaller par la voie normale, je ne l'ai plus puisque je l'ai enlevé et quand je veux mettre à jour / réinstaller, ca me dit "erreur, une version plus récente existe déjà, veuillez la désinstaller".


Je vous remercie pour votre retour.

Re: Skype cannot detect webcam

odonov8 wrote:

@kerojarun could I get the beta fix too because my Asus computer has the exact same issue.


I'm not quite sure how the Geforce driver is related... when I contacted Geforce they said that the webcam has nothing to do with their video drivers.


There's a guy "ruwin" responding to me on other threads who just told me to upgrade my Windows Vista to SP2. I'll do this but my hunch is this problem isn't going to go away.

After updating your Vista to Service Pack 2 you should try to install the Skype version:





Re: Skype drops connection and cannot reconnect after network change

Besed wrote:

techfreak, many words, but nothing to say about the issue and solution. With all respect.
Guys tell you that when they quit Skype and start it again, it connects well! It means nothing to do with local IT configuration. The problem started few months ago. There is a proxy configuration for VPN defined in Skype settings and it always worked fine, switching connection accordingly to the network. Now it loses connection when we switch between VPN and regular network and vice versa. The Skype restart is required each time to restore connection and it is REALY annoying. :sad:

If you claimed it worked differently before what changed on your end?  Does it behave differently in an older version of Skype (harder to test since they're discontinuing older versions)?  Most people who connect to a VPN use a VPN client to do so like the Windows  PPTP VPN, Cisco VPN client, etc..   People use varying VPN servers and VPN client versions and they can behave differently.   If users have a Proxy server they define that in the Proxy configuration.  I've personally never attempted authenticating to a VPN server using the Skype's proxy configuration in connection settings.   Split-tunneling is one setting that affects how traffic is handled and can produce a different result.  I wish I could tell you there is one solution to your problem.  If  you determine the process differed in a earlier release, it would be helpful to post the last release it behaved in the fashion you are accustomed to.


A contact of mine uses a VPN connection and toggles it on and off especially when we have bandwidth related issue.  That does disrupt his Skype connection momentarily but he hasn't had to ever completely exit Skype.  However he relies on the VPN client and does not place that authentication information in the proxy configuration.

Re: Прекращена работа программы "Skype

Скажите что делать, я устонавливал даже  более старую версию всё равно не помогает

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