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Amazon Web Services and containers could be one-two punch against OpenStack
The thriving container ecosystem threatens to be even more dangerous to OpenStack progress than public cloud.
EMC doubles down on digital transformation and hybrid cloud with new technologies
EMC recently announced some new tools, and updates to existing products, to make itself more cloud-ready.
Brasfield and Gorrie builds productivity and security with paperless collaboration
Mobility is becoming the business norm. This means that security needs to account for the flexible nature of mobile devices. Access this resource to learn about a solution that allows employees to collaborate and share files and data remotely without taking visibility and control from IT. Published by: Citrix
Juniper Professional Services Marketplace: Powerful Services Exchange Unites Juniper Partners and Customers
Access this data sheet to unveil the simple step-by-step process of getting started with professional networking services. Read on and you'll also explore real customer scenarios that illustrate the practical benefits of Juniper's marketplace. Published by: Juniper Networks, Inc.
Juniper Professional Services Marketplace Reinforces Juniper’s Commitment to Customer and Partner Success
Access this forum to explore the progression of online professional services marketplaces in recent years, and how one early adopter of this approach is changing the game for all stakeholders involved from partners to VARs. Published by: Juniper Networks, Inc.
The Four Key Trends Impacting Mobile Infrastructure Strategy
Mobility is a relatively new technology that is permanently changing the way business is done. It used to be "nice to have" a mobility strategy. Now it's a necessity. Access this white paper to learn about the key building blocks needed to deploy a successful mobile enterprise infrastructure. Published by: IBM
Security From the Inside Out
This e-book discusses the failings of traditional perimeter-based security measures, and shows how specialized internal segmentation firewalls can help your network respond to modern threats. Published by: Fortinet, Inc.
7 Factors for Selecting a Rapid Mobile App Development Platform
Find out what the ideal rapid mobile application development platform looks like. Discover the 7 features you'll need to improve time-to-market for your mobile apps. Published by: Kony
Budget 2016: NBN approaches limit of government funding
Barring disaster, this year’s federal budget will mark the final government injection of capital into NBN, with $8.8 billion earmarked for the National Broadband Network rollout.
The IoT company behind the curtain
Greenwave Chief Scientist Jim Hunter explores the promise of the Internet of Things – and the challenges it still faces.
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