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Troubling Trends in Network Security
Learn about which key issues are complicating network security, making it significantly harder than ever before, and find out how to combat with strategies for automation, networking monitoring, and analytics. Published by: Gigamon
See What Matters: Closing Gaps in Network Visibility
Explore some of the top reasons why IT and security pros struggle to drive deep visibility across their networks and uncover strategies for closing critical gaps in network security. Published by: Gigamon
iiNet founder to chair Superloop’s board
Michael Malone, the founder and former chief executive of iiNet, has been appointed chair of Superloop’s board.
ACMA mulls 5G future for 3.6GHz spectrum
The potential re-farming of spectrum in the 3.6GHz band for use in fixed and/or mobile broadband services could begin as soon as soon as Q4 2017, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).
How to deploy a Docker container with Shipyard
Looking for an easier way to deploy Docker containers? Jack Wallen shows you how, with the help of the Shipyard web-based GUI.
SA government funds expansion to ‘Gig City’ program
The South Australian government has upped its funding for Adelaide’s ‘Gig City’ program.
Government moves to implement NBN subsidy
The government has introduced legislation to implement the so-called ‘NBN tax’: A levy on superfast broadband services that will help subsidise services on the National Broadband Network that would not otherwise be commercially viable.
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