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Key Features and Benefits of Agile Development
Discover ways agility can help you synchronize development work with business priorities, so you can coordinate teams to deliver apps on a predictable cadence. Published by: CA Technologies
How to Kill Agility: Nine Metrics Mistakes
Today, organizations embrace rework and rely more heavily on user feedback to improve their products. Access this white paper to explore the role of metrics in software development, and nine common metric mistakes to avoid. Published by: CA Technologies
Highly Available Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform
This video provides detailed guidelines for configuring Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform for high availability. Published by: Red Hat
Your Agility Survival Guide
Building agility into your organization means sensing, creating, and adapting to change quickly and confidently. Access this white paper and learn how to leverage delivery agility, portfolio agility, and business agility for higher profits and faster revenue growth. Published by: CA Technologies
MIT is dragging hard-wired network chips into the agile era
Cloud computing is changing the demands on networks more quickly than ever. Now researchers say it’s possible to program routers all the way down to their packet-forwarding chips in the quest to keep up.
AFP to stage new raid in NBN leaks investigation
Labor’s Senator Stephen Conroy has revealed that Australian Federal Police “will conduct a raid on Department of Parliamentary Services at Parliament House this morning to access the emails of Labor staff members”.
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