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A configuration management plan needs to be a custom fit
A successful configuration management process means looking at a lot of tools and finding one that fits comfortably with your team and business goals. Published by: SearchITOperations
Indispensable Channel Analysis
Vision of the future - What does virtual reality have in store for the channel? Published by: MicroScope
The ADC Guide to Managing Hybrid (IT and DevOps) Application Delivery
With the shift towards microservice app delivery, IT departments will have to support both traditional IT practices and newer DevOps microservice applications. In this guide, uncover information on hybrid app delivery infrastructures and the role they will play in bridging the gap between traditional delivery and microservices. Published by: Citrix
If software eats everything, are network engineers on the menu?
If you're a network engineer, don't rush out and learn a programming language. To compete in the new world of software-defined networking, it might be more important to start thinking like a programmer. That was one of the ideas that emerged this week at the ONUG Spring conference.
The Top 6 WAF Essential Features for Achieving Application Security Efficacy
Due to the nature of web security and how it constantly evolves, it is increasingly difficult to integrate comprehensive security into applications and keep them up-to-date. In this white paper, learn the 6 essential features your web application firewall (WAF) needs to maintain a high degree of security, Published by: Citrix
How to install Citadel groupware server on Ubuntu 16.04
If your company needs an in-house groupware solution, but you don't want to break the bank, Jack Wallen shows you how to get Citadel up and running on Ubuntu for a cost-effective solution.
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