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Reelio Launches Reelio Greenlight
Reelio, a data-driven platform that aims to simplify and optimize influencer marketing, announced the launch of Reelio Greenlight, a new product that allows brands to sponsor premium creative projects, produced by today's digital stars. Marketers can browse through a library of original content ranging from a motorcycle race between rivals that ends with a parachute jump off a cliff; to an honest and refreshing web series that sheds light on what it's like to live with a mental health disorder; to a music producer who creates music out of everyday objects.
Cloud Server Plan For Startups Launched By RAX
RAX (rax.bg), a provider of Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud computing, today announced the launch of vCLOUD Mini, an entry level VMware powered cloud service for startups and small businesses.
Bildungsabschlüsse international vergleichen
Stellen Sie sich vor, es kämen unerwartet viele potentielle Arbeitnehmer aus unterschiedlichen Ländern nach Deutschland. Stellen Sie sich weiterhin vor, Sie würden gerne prüfen, ob diese Menschen ...
Google, Alphabet Q2, 2016, Profit up 24pct to $4.88 billion
Google's, or I should say, Alphabet's, latest result for its Q2, 2016 show that its Year on year profits growth of 24% to $4.88 billion was ahead of analysts expectations. ...
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