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SVG Integration Draft Published

The SVG Working Group has published a Working Draft of SVG Integration. This specification details requirements on how SVG documents must be processed when used in various contexts, such as CSS background images, HTML ‘iframe’ elements, and so on. These requirements include which features are restricted or disabled, such as scripting and animation. A number of referencing modes are defined, which other specifications that allow the embedding or referencing of SVG documents can normatively reference. Learn more about the Graphics Activity.

Consolidation Continues in the eLearning Market
eLearning has been a viable learning delivery modality for more than a decade. And while there was a significant "bust"  in 2002 and again in 2008, it remains a rapidly growing method for consumers and enterprises to learn the skills they need. ...
Orange Founds Partner Alliance, Strengthening Progression Toward Global Carrier Brands, Common Services, and Policy Interchange
On  April 11, 2014, Orange officially announced that it had established the Orange Alliance, an international partnership program that provides roaming agreements, access to Orange products and services, as well as some joint procurement and ...
Best Practices: IDC Maturity Model Benchmark — Big Data and Analytics in Financial Services

This IDC Financial Insights report presents IDC's 2013 Big Data and Analytics Maturity Benchmark Survey results for the financial services industry.

"Banking business models have been data-oriented for decades. But with the ...

Storage News: Period Ending April 14, 2014

This IDC update includes these stories and more:

  • EMC Enhances Data Protection Portfolio
  • Greenliant Debuts Its mSATA ArmourDrive SSDs
  • Infortrend Unveils EonStor DS 3024B Small Form Factor Storage
Japan Disk Storage Systems 2013–2017 Forecast and 1H13 Analysis by Vertical Segment

This IDC study (a translation of the Japanese document IDC #J14480101) examines the 1H11–1H13 revenue of the Japan disk storage systems market by industry and by company size, and presents ...

2014 CMO Tech Marketing Barometer Study: Tech Marketers - Place Your Bets for 2014 Budgets, Trends, and Spends!

Over the past several years marketing budgets have been a wild card for tech marketers. Many marketing organizations at large tech companies have received minimal increases in their budget and even some decreases. However, there may be a ...

Mobile App Opportunities for Hardcopy Vendors

This IDC study discusses mobile app usage and user behavior. Worldwide PC (desktop + laptop) shipments fell by 9.8% in 2013 to 315.1 million units, while worldwide smartphone shipments grew by 38.4% in 2013 to 1,004.2 million units. Consumers ...

Japan IT Security 2013–2017 Forecast Update

This IDC study, which is a translation of the Japanese report IDC #J14210101, presents an analysis of the Japan information security product market as of December 2013 as well as market ...

Canadian Consumer: Internet Indicators 2014

This IDC Presentation presents key indicators essential to business planning for residential Internet service and computing at home. Tailored for product managers and marketers, its main purpose is to prioritise areas of focus and fine-tune ...

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