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Why I’m hooked on #AlDub
Do you remember your childhood sweetheart, your high school almost-boyfriend or your early version of romantic love? Have you had the kind of infatuation that makes your heart pound almost out of your body, or turns your tummy into a butterfly haven? The kind of feeling that makes you smile no matter how hard you […]
Celebrating with RED x Maureen Disini
We thought it was important we look for a designer who embodies the Red lifestyle. Maureen Disini well-traveled, always open to learning new things, is driven and hasn’t stopped pursuing her dream. She doesn’t stop at design, her clients get quality craftsmanship, and fabric the designer has sourced from all over the world.
Photoshop CC
Pour PC et Mac
Homeland's Season 5 Trailer Will Leave You Breathless
Picking up two years after the end of Season 4 (which you can tell by how insanely big Carrie's daughter has gotten), the new season finds Carrie living as a civilian, working as the head of security for a philanthropist in Berlin. [...] when a security breach leads to the release of hundreds of classified surveillance documents, Carrie's former CIA colleagues turn their attention to her - as a suspect.
Invite the Light by Dâm-Funk
The second full-length release for Damon Riddick features guest appearances from such artists as Computer Jay, Flea, Junie Morrison, Nite Jewel, Q-Tip, Snoop Dogg, Novena Carmel, and Jody Watley.

Label: Stones Throw

Release Date: Sep 04, 2015

With eye on future foreign flights, Vegas airport to grow
LAS VEGAS (AP) — Airport officials say they're doubling the number of international gates in Las Vegas with the expectation that foreign travel to the destination will climb.
أسبانيا تتهم رجلا بإدارة شبكة لأنصار الدولة الإسلامية في المغرب
 أفادت وثائق قضائية اليوم الخميس أن رجلا مغربيا اعتقل في أسبانيا هذا الأسبوع اتهم بتنسيق شبكة من أنصار تنظيم الدولة الإسلامية في مدن مغربية ينشرون رسالة التنظيم ويجندون متشددين للقتال في العراق وسوريا.

واعتقل عبد العظيم الشريعة يوم الثلاثاء ...
العقود الاجلة للخام الامريكي تقفز اكثر من 10% إلي 42.75 دولار للبرميل
قفزت اسعار العقود الاجلة للنفط الامريكي أكثر من 10 بالمئة اثناء التعاملات اليوم الخميس بفعل مشتريات قوية لتغطية مراكز مدينة مع تعافي اسواق الاسهم وانباء عن تعطل في الامدادات.

وصعدت عقود الخام الامريكي تسليم اكتوبر تشرين 10.28 بالمئة الي 42.75 ...
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