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For the record

Jim Perry: In the Nov. 25 California section, the obituary of Jim Perry, a former host of "Card Sharks" and other game shows, said that he worked in Armed Forces Radio during World War II. He did so during the Korean War.

"Creed" review: In the Nov. 25 Calendar section, a review of the new movie...

The 10 Most Perfect Pixar Moments
The Good Dinosaur is here and you know what means: prepare for tears, laughter, awe, etc. Pixar, the envy of all animation houses and the home to some of the most brilliant storytellers in the film industry, are here to win us over again. It's hard to imagine their new movie, which follows a young dinosaur and his pet human on a grand adventure, lacking in at least a few stirring moments.So let's take a look back at some of the best moments in the Pixar canon. These scenes are funny and sad and dramatic and, sometimes, quietly revolutionary. But each and every one is perfect. From the Bottom Up (Monsters University)Although it is minor Pixar, Monsters University concludes with an epilogue of stunning and hopeful honesty. Kicked out of college and looking at...
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PIP AHOY! - CHRISTMAS AHOY! was passed U on 25/11/2015. no material likely to offend or harm. Directed by: Brian Cosgrove. Cast includes: Not known.
Better than breakfast at Tiffany’s
I can’t believe I just attended a cooking demo with a club of homemakers who obviously are good...
Epicurean heaven: A whisky-pairing...
Hunter Laing & Company enjoys unrivaled pedigree as blenders and bottlers of the finest Scotch...
Tuesday Previews: Creed Sets Record with Good Dinosaur Close Behind


Creed set a record last night with $1.4 million in previews. That's the biggest box office for Tuesday night previews before the Thanksgiving holiday. Before you get too excited, there are simply not enough similar releases to judge this result or use it to predict the film’s opening weekend. It’s better than the $1.0 million Horrible Bosses 2 managed last year, but less than Dumb and Dumber To’s $1.6 million from earlier that month. Hopefully Creed’s reviews will translate into positive word-of-mouth and that will help it over the weekend.

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