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Reducing Attack Surface: SANS’ Second Survey on Continuous Monitoring Programs
Discover how continuous monitoring (CM) is slowly, but surely improving security practices and shifting the focus of today's security teams. Because CM programs do not necessarily call for new resources, learn what you can do right now to improve your existing CM program or establish a new one. Published by: IBM
Three Golden Rules for Safe and Sound Endpoints
Discover best practices and new strategies to help mitigate security risk as your enterprise perimeter expands to include new endpoints. Learn a three-part approach to address vulnerabilities, increase control over your environment and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Published by: IBM
Enable Advanced Ethernet Fabric Capabilities and Scalable Networking
Read this white paper and learn about network switches that allow you to overcome key challenges, and enable you to support cloud-optimized networking and greater enterprise agility. Learn about Ethernet fabric technology, and how it is helping organizations overcome barriers to network optimization. Published by: Brocade
Different Approaches to App Modernization and Development
In this expert e-guide, we examine the different approaches to app modernization, including how to leverage the third platform, redesign cloud-native apps, and couple modernization efforts with PaaS. Find out how each of these approaches makes integrating the cloud into your architecture and updating legacy apps an easier, more streamlined process. Published by: Metavine
Designing a Modern Enterprise Architecture
In this expert e-guide, we examine the key attributes of cloud-connected, modern architectures. Discover how to foster API-centric enterprise architectures and learn about the emergence of progressive web apps, as well as how they're creating new, mobile app-like experiences. Published by: Metavine
Australia lacks imagination: study
A NEW update to the Uber app means it can now track you after you’ve been dropped off. Customers are furious - and more than a little creeped out.
AT&T starts testing 5G wireless with Intel in Austin
Don't get too excited; it'll be a long time before 5G rolls out to normal humans.
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