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Zero rating poses a conundrum for net neutrality advocates around the world
The trade-offs globally for affordable internet access are tricky. "Zero rating" provides free data for some sites and services, but not all.
Apple Has China to Thank for Its Blockbuster Earnings
As Apple revels in its blockbuster earnings, it should send a thanks to China.
Apple iPhone Sales Set New Record, Stock Pops
IScream, you scream, we all scream for iPhone. After a rough day for the markets and for tech in particular, Apple Inc.’s earnings report Tuesday is providing a much needed lift for the markets after hours.
Data Center Security Report: The Increasing Standards of Data Center Security
In the following report from Infonetics Research, Principal Analyst Jeff Wilson discusses the data center market and adoption drivers for firewalls, integrated security, and other appliances. Wilson introduces criteria for datacenter class capabilities, and discusses the leading vendors who are poised to deliver on the new requirements. Published by: Fortinet, Inc.
​Live in Harmony: Dive into JavaScript 6 now with transpilers
ECMAScript version 6, codenamed Harmony, brings great new features and changes to JavaScript's core language. Learn how transpilers allow you to use Harmony now.
DDoS Attack Mitigation Technologies Demystified
This exclusive whitepaper dives into the technologies used traditionally to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks, and how they evolved to the stands they're at today. Read on to learn more. Published by: Fortinet, Inc.
Implementation of TCP/IP Ethernet Web Services on ARM7 LPC2148 for Embedded Ethernet Applications
As computer networks and embedded Internet technology rapid development of embedded systems in industrial production and daily life have been widely used. Embedded real-time operat...
Moto G Screen Goes Blank During Call

When I call and it's dark or something casts a shadow on the camera facing twards me the screen goes black.


How to Re-Create it: Call someone and cover the camera.


It happens every time.

Re: Urgent: Recovering the deleted chat history

can you please help me to retrieve the chat history.



Re: Шантаж, вымогательство денег через скайп!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

juliasadaa login вымогателья--шантажиста

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