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Google app test makes editing photos more social
The last thing Google needs is another app.
China says Apple isn't cloning a local phone maker
A court has reversed a ban that treated the iPhone 6 as a knock-off.
How to securely hide your files and apps on Android

Handing your phone to a friend or family member probably isn't a rare occurrence, but it's probably a good idea to hide those files and apps you need to keep private

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Android O...h my god launch Andromeda already, Google!

Google says that it's not going to merge the Android and Chrome OS platforms, but doing so would provide a level of simplicity that would appeal to average users.

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Re: How to listen together in real-time to an audio file (without sending the file to the other list

.I have the same problem....Could you help me please? I teach Spanish online, so I  often need to play audio files from my computer at the same time I am speaking to my students…I have tried many ways and I can’t…could you help me please?

Thanks a lot!

Re: How to play computer audio through call

yes ,I have done that,and nothing happens .....

Re: intercambio español por coreano

Hola ah todo soy nuevo en esta aplicación

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