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México: Axtel acuerda fusión con Alestra del Grupo Alfa
Axtel, telco con sede en Monterrey, cerró un acuerdo de venta del 51% de sus acciones al Grupo Alfa, lo que concluirá con su fusión con Alestra, proveedor de servicios de telecomunicaciones minoristas (telefonía e internet) y corporativos controlado por Alfa.
DNS query name minimisation to improve privacy
10 ways to implement fast IT without risking failure
Fast IT relies on flexible methodologies to deliver quick results. Here are 10 ways to do it effectively.
Can the first true smartwatch deliver?
If you're looking for a smartwatch that can perform without an associated phone, you might be in luck. Omate is about to unleash the TrueSmart+. But can it succeed?
Démographie, mobilité et catégories consultées... le point sur l'audience digitale dans le monde
Comscore passe au crible la population numérique mondiale dans son "Digital Future in Focus 2015". Découvre l'état de l'Internet dans le monde et ses principales tendances.
Amazon wants to eat your database, too
Amazon's DynamoDB is outpacing every other major database in the popularity rankings. Will it win your cash next?
How you connect to the Cloud matters
Creating a high performance application environment with Level 3 Cloud Connect. Cloud is a key enabler of improved business performance. Better and more consistent application perf...
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