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Universal Mobile Keyboard Microsoft-Tastatur für Windows, Android und iOS - aber nicht Windows Phone
14:12 -Microsoft hat neues Zubehör vorgestellt, darunter ist auch das Universal Mobile Keyboard für Smartphones und Tablets. Die neue Tastatur soll als eierlegende Wollmilchsau für alle Plattformen dienen - nur nicht für die eigene.
Goat Simulator Endlich auch auf Android und iOS zur Ziege werden
14:42 -Was als durchgedrehter Programmierer-Spaß begann, entwickelte sich zum Kult-Spiel: der Goat Simulator, bei dem das Leben einer Ziege simulliert wird. Jetzt gibt es den Goat Simulator auch für Android und iOS, damit der geneigte Spieler auch unterwegs seine tierische Seite ausleben kann.
FC Barcelona Quiz game

Hi guys!I build game:
You love Football? You support Barcelona? Check the knowledge of club? Whether real you are a fan? And you can check the knowledge in one appendix and is absolutely free! You support Barsa? You prefer Real Madrid or Manchester United Chelsea, Spartak Moscow , Zenith and others. Specially for you there is an appendix with your favourite club soon!
Sorry for English:-)
1 mobile market:FC Barca Quiz ENG
Link: www.1mobile.com/redirect/com.wFCBarcaQuizENG

How to fix Chromecast problems: can't get apps to connect to Chromecast in my TV

Hey everyone!

Are you having issues casting apps to your TV when using Chromecast? You might want to check you have a few of these points done, you might be missing one of these simple steps. Before you cast to your TV, check that:

  • you are connected to Wi-Fi, and not to mobile internet.
  • The Cromecast, and your smartphone, tablet or computer are using the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Ensure that the app has been updated to its latest version. The most recent update might have brought Chromecast support, while previous versions may still not have it. Go to the Google Play Store (or Apple App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad), and check for updates. Update the app if need be.

If you have checked all of these steps, then the issue could be coming from the individual apps and something you aren't doing right. Check the app's Q&A or help section if you need guidance, or email the developer directly if there is a bug.

I hope that has helped you! :)

Google Chromecast tips and tricks
What is Chromecast? Google’s brilliant streaming device explained
The best Android apps for Chromecast

RE: Is there too much Google in Android 4.4 KitKat?

Android 4.4 that is kitkat has many feature but most of them are allready in previous version
10 new feature that new and improve feature are :-www.techsnext.com
Just say “Ok Google” ( Voice Command )
A work of art
Faster multitasking
A smarter caller ID
Easy Print wherever
read more here

2GIS Dialer — the Dialer One replacement

Hi everyone,

Many of us used to know the good old Dialer One. It is one of the most popular dialer apps for Android. Dialer One has been downloaded more than 2 million times since its first release in 2010. We want to thank the community: cheers to all who helped testing the app, made custom skins for it and provided feedback.

But the times have changed, today values are not the same they used to be 4 years ago. It's time to move on and keep up with modern trends.

We have just released our new product — 2GIS Dialer. It's a powerful dialer app with a built-in business directory and a bunch of other new features. Some other features you got used to in Dialer One (like custom skins) are also going to appear in 2GIS Dialer.

We hope you like our new product and are looking forward to your feedback. You are welcome to download 2GIS Dialer for free on Google Play.

Dialer One is also available but its development has been discontinued.




How to get more money in Sims Freeplay

Hey Sims lovers!

Today we are sharing some nice tips on how you can get more money.

  • Complete all tasks and activities, like drinking espresso as much as you can, use the fridge to eat, watch TV, play on the - computer, pet the dog, talk on the phone, and hang out with others.
  • Be funny as much as you can, a sense of humor counts in this game.
  • Buy cupcakes for LP or buy a cocktail at the nightclub when you are getting jiggy with it
  • Make things, and then sell them, like cookies, pancakes, chocolate cake. First you will have to buy a stove though.
  • Dig up money with your dog. Get a more expensive one so that it will dig faster.
  • Get a job and go to work. Work regularly, get promoted.
  • Grow a garden full of veggies, like bell peppers!
  • Master skills and hobbies, like fashion design, figure skating.
  • Go for a drive.
  • Watch advertisement movies

Doing these things on a regular basis will bring in a higher cash flow! Enjoy your winnings :D

Want more tips and tricks? Check out our Sims FreePlay tips and cheats (get simoleons fast!)

RE: What do you think of the Apple Watch?

i think everyone is waiting for it me too and many people will like apple watch especially teenagers and young fashion workers and designers, design and the sense of beauty of apple watch do attract many of us!

RE: How to Hard Reset your Google Nexus 7 (2013)

Hi Kris,

I have the 2013 Nexus 7. My device is rooted and is running the stock ROM. I can't get into Recovery. When I try I get the fallen down Android with the red triangle. I followed your example and did the factory reset, but still can't get into Recovery. I can't use the System Update download; when they device reboots as part of the install I get an error report, the first part of it stating that the calculator.apk has unexpected contents and then a full error string followed by Installation Aborted.

I can boot up and use the device all day. I just can't get into Recovery. Your thoughts?


RE: What was the best Android device at IFA 2014?

Kris Carlon

Haha, ok, fine: Gear VR with a Note 4 inside it

I'm gonna be a snob and say don't knock it till you've tried it. For me it was at least something exciting and not just another phone with slightly better specs. Who knows if anyone will actually buy it, but its super cool.

I'm with you there. Last years phone with slightly better specs, or some new and interesting technology. Fair play.

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