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The super vacuum ban isn't meddling EU bureaucracy - it's absolutely vital
Does the EU really want to ban powerful electrical appliances? Despite what the tabloid papers think, it's actually about getting designers to come up with energy-efficient appliances

As someone who must admit to being still something of a beginner when it comes to buying (and using) vacuum cleaners, the glee with which the Daily Mail and some other papers have rounded on Brussels for banning machines rated above 1,600 watts has been shocking. Stories about the ban have prompted a "stampede to buy powerful vacuum cleaners", with online sales up by as much as 400%, and reports of customers "stockpiling two or more high-power models". Can Mail readers' houses really be so dusty that they need a turbo-charged, Jeremy Clarkson-approved machine to clean their floors? Can a vacuum cleaner be a good reason to leave Europe? Do people really have enough money to stockpile vacuum cleaners?

The reality is that this is a tabloid-induced summer storm that has little to do with cleaners and everything to do with political vacuums and the right of the right to be as thick as it likes. The idea behind the albeit Orwellian-sounding Ecodesign for Energy-Using Products and Energy Labelling directives is to make the world's designers come up with machines that need less power, make less noise and cost less to run. Which sound pretty reasonable ambitions as long as the new machines continue to do their jobs efficiently. All vacuum-cleaner makers, including Sir James Dyson, as well as most fridge, washing machine and telly makers, have known about this directive for years and have quite easily adapted their models. Just a few Brits, it seems, demand the right to ignore labels showing how much money they can save and to carry on using obsolete, super-powered machines.

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Great Train Robbery cash was passed on to Catholic church, claims film
Robber Gordon Goody identifies 'Ulsterman' of 1963 Royal Mail raid, saying he gave hundreds of thousands to church in Ireland

A documentary due to be released next month suggests that the Catholic church in Ireland was the likely beneficiary of hundreds of thousands of pounds stolen by the Great Train Robbery.

It also claims to solve one of the mysteries that dogged investigators at the time the identity of the infamous "Ulsterman" credited with being the inside man at Royal Mail.

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Спуск на воду 45-тонного плавучего крана
25.08.14 на слипе судостроительного подразделении Порта Коломна был спущен на воду головной плавучий кран новой серии.
Плавкран с индексом 4501 строится по проекту разработанному собственным проектным бюро с использованием изготовленной фирмой Liebherr  крановой части модели CBG 350. На вылете 32 метра его грузоподъемность составляет 45 тонн на крюке, и 35 тонн в грейферном режиме.
Мазутное дело // В Ростовской области может быть построен комплекс по переработке нефтесодержащих отходов
Ростовская компания «Успенский перерабатывающий комплекс» заявила о намерении построить в регионе производство по переработке нефтесодержащих отходов и нестандартных нефтепродуктов. Объем инвестиций в проект — порядка 1 млрд руб., которые инвестор рассчитывает окупить за три с половиной года. Такого рода предприятия в России крайне немногочисленны, и при грамотной стратегии комплекс может иметь успех, говорят эксперты.
Добрый день я пишу одно ...
AWE hits significant discovery
Newly-discovered formation to be tested in Perth basin well
New ifm optical particle monitor for continuous oil condition monitoring
New ifm optical particle monitor for continuous oil condition monitoring
ifm efector introduces a new optical particle monitor designed to assess the degree of cleanliness or level of contamination in fluids.

The post New ifm optical particle monitor for continuous oil condition monitoring originally appeared on Ferret.com.au
После проведения всех испытаний государственная приемная комиссия приняла буксир “РБ-407” стр. № 626 пр. 16609
До конца года буксир будет поставлен в Петропавловск-Камчатский, где он будет введен в эксплуатацию в составе Тихоокеанского флота РФ.
В сентябре должна состояться уникальная операция по погрузке буксиров «РБ-407» и «РБ-406» на борт грузового судна, который доставит буксиры в порт базирования.

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