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В Испании пройдут досрочные парламентские выборы
Эти выборы станут уже вторыми за последние полгода
Чубайс не верит в виновность Белых
Председатель правления Роснано считает, что губернатор Кировской области «попал в беду»
Спецпредставитель США по КНДР отправится в Сеул с рабочим визитом
Роберт Кинг планирует участие в симпозиуме по вопросам прав человека в Северной Корее
Валютний ринок - Валютный рынок в контексте - Forum.Finance.UA

Додано SerDem — Нед 26 чер, 2016 01:36

Кто знает что по фунтам ,как там с 5 фунт с портретом замене Элизабет Фрай (2002 г)на Черчилля -уже есть новая банкнота ? или нет , и когда отменят старую или уже отменили- в универсальном банке вчера отказали принять , хотел поменять на гривну. Есть ли какая то другая возможность? Спасибо кто ответит.Извините что Немного не по теме.
Обслуговування в українських банках (гарне і погане) - Траст - Forum.Finance.UA

Додано lubopytnaya — Нед 26 чер, 2016 01:44

  DmitryZP написав:
Ок, пусть дальше нарушают. Подождем других реалий

Нет, я ждать не буду :D
Я из Альфы - на выход, уже решено на 100%
С таким маразмом и беспределом, как там, я еще нигде не встречалась за 30 лет своих взаимоотношений с банковской системой. Даже совковая Сберкасса была порядочнее :mrgreen:
Childhood poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean
Following steep declines in poverty rates over the past decade, the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region reduced childhood poverty by a third and childhood extreme poverty almost by half between 2004 and 2014. Despite these gains, children in LAC have seen slower reductions in poverty than the overall population and continue to be more likely than adults to live in poverty. The incidence of childhood poverty in Central America and the Caribbean remains the highest in the region. Important socioeconomic and demographic factors are behind the slower gains in poverty reduction for children. The high levels of childhood poverty have significant consequences for the future of the LAC region. Today’s childhood poverty has significant implications for tomorrow’s labor force, limiting their potential to gain the skills necessary to exit poverty as adults. To prepare children for tomorrow’s jobs, policies need to prioritize access to good quality education and basic services, including nutrition, healthcare, and water.
Pakistan - Scaling up rural sanitation and hygiene in Pakistan completion summary
The concept note falls under the work program of water and sanitation program (WSPs) global business area scaling up rural sanitation and hygiene. The program is developed based on multiple aspects of program design including the: (i) needs of sanitation sector in Pakistan, (ii) readiness and state of the government, (iii) resources and availability of skills in WSP, (iv) learnings from best practices around the globe, and (v) synergies available with partners and opportunities to deliver results. The aim in Pakistan is to enable all tiers of the government and sector partners to move towards a common vision based on sustainable and equitable service delivery in rural sanitation. This becomes possible through leveraging government to develop and implement a program that is supported by WSP activities. The role of WSP is to provide technical assistance (TA) support (policy and strategies), build capacity of government, focus on localizing learnings to link policy work to local level pilots, create and test innovations, create partnerships with like-minded organizations (for example, United Nations Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF)), and informs large donor investments to create multiplier effect for field level outcomes.
Nash on a rotary two theorems with implications for electoral politics
The paper provides a complete characterization of Nash equilibria for games in which n candidates choose a strategy in the form of a platform, each from a circle of feasible platforms, with the aim of maximizing the stretch of the circle from where the candidate’s platform will receive support from the voters. Using this characterization, it is shown that if the sum of all players’ payoffs is 1, the Nash equilibrium payoff of each player in an arbitrary Nash equilibrium must be restricted to the interval [1/2(n − 1), 2/(n + 1)]. This implies that in an election with four candidates, a candidate who is attracting less than one-sixth of the voters can do better by changing his or her strategy.
Очередная загадка блокчейн
Произошлаинтересная атака, которой в истории еще никогда не было. Суть вследующем: из фонда DAO без видимой причины начали выводиться средства сдикой скоростью. Кибератака почти сразу привела к обвалу курса токеновEhereum на 20%, а потом на 60% на биткойновых биржах.
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