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The Departure Lounge • Re: Fairly busy Gatwick Clubhouse.
Ubique is part of the motto for the Royal Artillery meaning "Everywhere" again have a great trip to Jamacia :-D

Statistics: Posted by jfenney — Today, 14:04

The Departure Lounge • Re: A346 snooze zone moved?
The flights that have snooze zone still show it on your seat map.

I've got a VS12 flight in Aug on a A346 and the snooze zone is showing as rows 1-4.

Statistics: Posted by mitchja — Today, 14:18

Your Brain Might Be a Radio
How "fantastic" stories unlock the nature of consciousness.
Glenn Greenwald: How I Met Edward Snowden
A shortened and adapted version of Chapter 1 of Glenn Greenwald’s new book, "No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and...
Bert Berns: Original Rhythm and Blues
Bert Berns was a pioneer of a new style of rhythm and blues, one that pulsated with Afro-Cuban notes.
Польша закрыла границу для «Ночных волков», собиравшихся в Берлин
Колонная байкеров из мотоклуба «Ночные волки», которая совершает пробег Москва-Берлин в преддверии Дня Победы попыталась пересечь белорусско-польскую границу. Польские пограничники, как и в прошлом году не пропустили российских байкеров. Об этом сегодня, 1 мая, сообщил журналистам глава крупнейшего...
BBC Studios: a win for talent or an own goal?

Tony Hall’s bid to boost and retain talent faces fresh challenges from white paper

Recently top BBC executives have been disappearing faster than characters in BBC2 hit drama Line of Duty. Eight have gone in as many months, three of them from the newly launched BBC Studios – the new £400m venture that now houses most of the BBC’s in-house shows, including hits such as Top Gear and Strictly Come Dancing.

The latest to announce his departure was Mark Freeland, who was due to head up scripted comedy and drama. He quit on Thursday on the eve of the creation of BBC Studios, declaring that “proposed … strategic changes … will not give me the creative platform I need to be at my very best and add maximum value to the Studios project”.

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From Sun to TLS: Stig Abell on phone hacking, Leveson and books
Former director of the PCC says the watchdog’s hacking report was wrong

As Stig Abell settled into the editor’s chair at the Times Literary Supplement last Wednesday he may have been relieved that his days as managing editor of the Sun were over. It was the day his former paper faced a barrage of protest for failing to cover the inquest verdict of the 1989 Hillsborough football tragedy on its front page. When asked Abell wouldn’t say what he would have done if still at the Sun, but it seems unlikely the sensitive man colleagues describe would have agreed with the story’s treatment.

Nevertheless there is an incongruity to his change of jobs. He agrees that, after spending the best part of three years at the populist red-top, his move to a highbrow literary weekly review is remarkable. “It’s a very strange old thing, isn’t it,” he says. Anyone studying his CV would concur and might also believe he has enjoyed something of a gilded life.

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