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Gesternova actualiza el sistema de contratación online de energía verde para hogares y empresas
Gesternova, pionera en la comercialización de energía de origen 100% renovable, ha actualizado su servicio de contratación online a través de su página web www.gesternova.com. El nuevo sistema está disponible desde este mes de marzo y permite contratar en unos sencillos pasos cualquiera de las tarifas en Baja Tensión de Gesternova en las modalidades de precio fijo o indexado.
Leading Canadian Real Estate Developer Continues Commitment to Invest in Vibrant Small Towns
Dream expands beyond city limits to foster connected communitiesCALGARY, March 23, 2017 /CNW/ - Following a milestone year in 2016, Homes by...
Go fullscreen: can Hollywood fight back against Netflix?

In the age of streaming and smartphones, cinema’s power of immersion is more precious than ever

In the future, after Hollywood’s movie palaces have been reclaimed by the Mojave desert sands and the once-grand Odeons and Empires are nothing but squats for pigeons, the last cinemas standing will all be in Pyongyang, Beijing and Shanghai. Why? Because, along with Crimea and Syria, North Korea and China are the only places left in the world where you still can’t get Netflix.

Streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes and Mubi represent such a grave threat to cinema that even Nato has waded in — albeit the National Association of Theatre Owners, not the other Nato. Last October, the industry body condemned Netflix’s decision to bypass the long-established “theatrical window” by releasing its war thriller The Siege of Jadotville, starring Jamie Dornan, online the same day it premiered in a handful of US cinemas. The theatrical release ensured that the film was eligible for awards, while the digital release furthered Netflix’s only real commercial interest: establishing and asserting dominance of this new distribution model.

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Macca’s banjo, Mellotron and a Monkee: the story of George Harrison’s Wonderwall Music

Almost 50 years ago, the Beatle stepped aside from the planet’s biggest band to create the soundtrack to Joe Massot’s movie Wonderwall. With the help of India’s finest musicians, he invented the idea of the world music crossover

Let’s call it the Riddle of the Dark Horse: what do you get if you cross a Monkee, two Beatles, the man they called God, Paul McCartney’s banjo, India’s musical elite and a film about a mad professor spying on a Biba girl called Penny Lane?

The answer is Wonderwall Music. Released on 1 November 1968, three weeks before the White Album, George Harrison’s heartfelt, happily eccentric film soundtrack was the first solo record by a Beatle, the first album on the Apple label and a world music crossover before such a notion even existed. That it later lent its name to a Britpop anthem is easily the least interesting thing about it.

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The Hatton Garden movies: how the British crime film lost its bottle

Upcoming films based on the jewellery burglary give us caricatured old-school villains and semi-fictional nostalgia – the perfect fit for Brexit Britain

Sometimes, a film arrives at exactly the right time. In Brexitland 2017, that film is The Hatton Garden Job, a nostalgia-rich and semi-fictional crime caper loosely based on the case also known as the Hatton Garden safe-deposit burglary. The turnaround has been quick. You will remember the Easter weekend two years ago, when parties unknown drilled through 18in of concrete under central London to steal £14m worth of gold, cash and jewellery. And how, when arrests were finally made, the movie pitched itself – the principal gang members aged between 60 and 76, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with a swag bag.

The gift kept giving. The heist involved no violence, granting the story family-friendliness. Then there was “Basil” – the unknown security expert who remains at large with his share of the proceeds, allowing it a hint of sun-kissed escape. Bingo! Or indeed blingo, as in “the biggest blingo blag in history”, the phrase with which the theft is described on screen by Phil Daniels, a fine actor doomed to be remembered by many as the voice of Blur’s Parklife.

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Coalatree Launches Newest Outdoor Product

Introducing the Revolutionary Trailhead Adventure Pant

(PRWeb March 23, 2017)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/03/prweb14179793.htm

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