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Met police launch inquiry into Kids Company over child abuse claims

Investigation into charity founded by Camila Batmanghelidjh is being led by the Met’s sexual offences, exploitation and child abuse command

Kids Company, one of Britain’s most high-profile children’s charities, is being investigated by the Metropolitan police over allegations involving child abuse and sexual exploitation.

The investigation into the charity, which began on Thursday, is being led by the Met’s sexual offences, exploitation and child abuse command.

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Más Claro Agua' alcanza los 575 programas triplicando su audiencia
El espacio informativo 'Más Claro Agua' de 13TV está de enhorabuena. Tras casi tres años de emisión, este 30 de julio de 2015 ha celebrado su programa número 575 y está a punto de cerrar su tercera temporada con unos datos de audiencia excepcionales. El programa presentado por la periodista Isabel Durán ha cuadriplicado los datos de audiencia en [...]
Long Telomeres Associated with Increased Lung Cancer Risk
Using genome data from 51,725 cancer cases and 62,035 controls through the GAME-ON (Genetic Associations and Mechanisms in Oncology) network, the scientists compared telomere ...
Xchanging procurement faces restructure following ‘poor performance’
The procurement division of outsourcing provider Xchanging is to be restructured following its “very poor and disappointing performance” during the first six months of the year.
New Zealand government takes control of Serco-run prison following evidence of inmate 'fight club'
The Department of Corrections has invoked a “step-in” clause in the NZ$300 million contract after video evidence posted to YouTube emerged of a “fight club” among inmates.
IMF will refuse to join Greek bailout until debt relief demands are met

Fund official confirms it will not sign up to any formal support programme unless eurozone creditors reach ‘explicit and concrete’ agreement

The International Monetary Fund will refuse to participate in a new bailout for Greece until there is an “explicit and concrete agreement” on debt relief from the country’s eurozone creditors, an IMF official has confirmed.

Without the IMF’s involvement, Greece’s eurozone partners will have to find more funds to meet Athens’ short-term financing needs, raising questions about whether the outline €86bn (£60bn) bailout thrashed out earlier this month will prove workable.

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Those soulless US motels are good for the soul | Emma Brockes

They may be a favourite of serial killers and runaways, but a night in a rest stop where no one knows your name is better than therapy

I was in California last week, in Los Angeles for a night, where I stayed in a chain hotel in Beverly Hills, and then in San Jose, where I checked into an airport motel. The latter was situated on a traffic island between interstates, one running towards Oakland, the other in the direction of San Francisco to the north and LA to the south.

It was a transitional place, the kind where no one stays for longer than a night or ever returns to, and where, for dinner, you have the choice of walking along the freeway to a branch of Chipotle, or using the vending machine in the lobby. More pertinently, it was the kind of place that features in American pop culture as a rest stop for serial killers, runaways and those with no final destination in mind.

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Mel Gibson has taken on Jesus and Jews. Now for the second world war

The actor-turned-director’s new movie is about a misunderstood religious loner. Sound familiar?

Felicitous tidings. Mel Gibson is back – and he’s Australian again! I know. So much to take in. Let’s begin with what we can be sure of, which is that, despite being US-born, Sydney-raised Mel was for many years one of Australia’s six celebrities, all of whom are routinely referred to by their first names only. Nicole, Cate, Hugh, and so on. Back in 2006, however, an incident we shall refer to as The Unpleasantness caused Mel to be cast from this firmament, and be considered wholly American by a country unwilling to be represented in Hollywood by a man who claimed: “Fucking Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” Those comments, you’ll recall, were made to an LA cop, who – along with his partner, Officer Sugartits – opted to pull Mel over for erratic driving and subject him to a breathalyser test.

Anyway, that was then. As a tweet from deputy New South Wales premier Troy Grant now puts it: “Welcome back Mel Gibson. New movie Hacksaw Ridge to be filmed in NSW bringing 720 jobs and $26 million.” And an estimated 637 tonnes of unfortunate baggage. Still, a movie! (Incidentally, I don’t know much about Troy – or indeed Australian parliamentary rules on secondary earnings – but his Twitter profile picture suggests he’s just two teeth-whitening treatments shy of cleaning up as a Walter Palmer lookalike once the Cecil story moves into its ironist phase.)

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