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10,744 more Kennedy assassination records released
The National Archives is releasing 10,744 more records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963
Landing Back-Flips Is A Breeze For Latest Humanoid Robot By Boston Dynamics

BOSTON (CBS) — Meet Atlas, he’s like the guy on Facebook who always shares workout videos, only he doesn’t need any protein shakes.

Why? Atlas is a humanoid robot built by Boston Dynamics.

robot1 Landing Back Flips Is A Breeze For Latest Humanoid Robot By Boston Dynamics

Atlas the robot (Courtesy: Boston Dynamics)

For his latest trick, Atlas can land a back-flip. Twitter was quick to judge Atlas’ skills.

A Navy Combat veteran wrote: “Boston Dynamics is making great strides. Like any new technology, it can be used for ultimate good or ultimate evil.”

Just last year, Atlas was struggling to stand as scientists bullied him to test the robot’s balance.

Others said Atlas could turn into the Terminator, or he could be competing in the 2028 Summer Olympics first.

An Easy Way To Collect Cash: Joining Settlements On Class Action Lawsuits

BOSTON (CBS) — “Wow, there’s a lot of mail today.” Julie Struble may like to check her mail more than most. That’s because it’s not unusual for money to come her way. “Hey, who doesn’t love to get a check in the mail?” The checks all come from class action lawsuits.

“These are all the class actions of the last year,” Julie said while flipping through a green office folder she uses to keep all her paperwork together.

“I get checks for everything,” including a $59 check in a fluoride prescription settlement, more than $350 for a diamond class action, and $110 for a case involving car insurance.

juliegreenfolder An Easy Way To Collect Cash: Joining Settlements On Class Action Lawsuits

Julie Struble reviewing her class action lawsuit files (WBZ-TV)

Julie doesn’t spend a second tracking these lawsuits down herself. She’s alerted to most of them thanks to weekly emails from http://www.TopClassActions.com.

“It’s money I wouldn’t have known about.”

Top Class Actions keeps tabs on lawsuits that thousands of consumers may not know they qualify for. Julie has joined class actions involving Johnson & Johnson, milk, Sirius XM, cd drives, potatoes, and robocalls, to name a few.

Robocall lawsuits can be particularly lucrative, like the recent $12 million settlement against telemarketers promoting a free cruise. “Not only are they annoying, but you can actually get paid back. So, that’s nice,” explained Scott Hardy.

Hardy runs the website Top Class Actions. He tells us hundreds of millions of dollars meant for consumers go unclaimed every year.

class actionscott An Easy Way To Collect Cash: Joining Settlements On Class Action Lawsuits

Scott Hardy (WBZ-TV)

“You have to be patient. If you start submitting a claim now you’re not going to get paid for months,” he said.

To see if you qualify for any open class action cases check out the website. On the top menu bar click on Settlements, then click on Open Settlements and you’ll find a long list.

If you do submit a claim be sure to manage your expectations. Some paydays won’t even come close to covering dinner. “I have had a checks for 46 cents,” said Julie and she still says it’s worth her time.

“It’s just something that is simple for me and a way to help out my family.” Julie, a mom of three young kids, estimates she files at least one class action every other week and has racked up nearly $2,000 in settlement cash over the past 5 years. “It’s definitely a positive thing to look at when you’re counting pennies like most of the world is.”

Police Look To Identify Man Wanted In Connection With Indecent Assault

BOSTON (CBS) — Boston Police have asked the public to help them identify a man wanted in connection with an indecent assault that happened early Friday morning in the North End.

A woman told police she was approached by a stranger, described as a black male, approximately 5’10”, medium build, wearing dark clothes similar to a security guard uniform, who told her she had to come with him because he had something important to ask.

After she followed him a short distance, he stopped and attempted to indecently assault her.

bpd north end assault Police Look To Identify Man Wanted In Connection With Indecent Assault

Suspect in an indecent assault in the North End Friday morning (Photo Courtesy: Boston Police)

The woman said she was able to run away and that is when she called police.

According to officials, the incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. on Hanover Street.

The incident is under investigation and anyone with information is asked to call the CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 1-800-494-TIPS, Sexual Assault Unit detectives at 617-343-4400 or text the word ‘TIP’ to CRIME (27463).

BU says geology professor sexually harassed grad student in Antarctica
Boston University plans to fire a well-known geology professor after a 13-month investigation found that he sexually harassed a graduate student while on a field expedition in Antarctica.
Parents sue over boy's death in rotating Atlanta restaurant
Family of 5-year-old boy whose skull became crushed in rotating wall of a hotel restaurant sues Atlanta hotel, accusing it of negligence in his death
Amazon Driver Accused Of Stealing Packages From Apartment Building

BROOKLINE (CBS) — An Amazon delivery driver is accused of stealing two packages from a Massachusetts apartment building.

A woman in Brookline posted a video online Monday that appeared to show an Amazon driver taking the packages.

Amazon quickly apologized and admitted there was a problem. A statement said, in part: “This individual will no longer be delivering to Amazon customers, and we have reached out to the customer to make this right.”

amazon theft setup Amazon Driver Accused Of Stealing Packages From Apartment Building

Surviellance video of an Amazon worker taking packages from a Brookline apartment (Courtesy: Khushnoo Indorewalla)

While a driver taking packages is unusual, it is not uncommon to hear about packages being stolen from front steps.

So how can you be sure your deliveries go the way they’re supposed to?

“Tis the season, unfortunately, for package stealing,” explained consumer advocate Edgar Dworsky, the founder of consumerworld.org.

amazon theft2 Amazon Driver Accused Of Stealing Packages From Apartment Building

Edgar Dworsky, founder of consumerworld.org. (WBZ-TV)

“Everybody likes to shop online these days, but you have a problem. If you get a delivery and you’re not home, that package could be sitting out on your doorstep for hours, and that’s an attraction for thieves.”


Dworsky said start protecting your packages by signing up for delivery tracking. “Some of these trackers now even give you a window of when it might arrive, so you can be sure to be home.”

And if you can’t make it home, “you can have it delivered to a neighbor. You can ask a neighbor to keep their eye out on your front door for the delivery person,” according to Dworsky.

Or choose to have your package delivered to an Amazon locker where it will be secure.

Some other ideas: request a signature for your delivery, and if you can, have your packages delivered to your workplace.

Keller @ Large: 2017 National Turkeys Of The Year

BOSTON (CBS) – Thanksgiving is at hand, and you know what that means – time for our annual lists of the biggest turkeys on the national and local scenes. (Added bonus: this year we’re adding a list of major pop-culture/sports turkeys.)

Confronted with such a cornucopia of delicious options, it’s best to eat slowly. So we’ll start the season off with the national turkeys who stood out for their foolishness, ineptitude and/or failure:

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer 

“These attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong,” Spicer bellowed in his very first appearance in the White House briefing room. But it turned out the only thing shameful and wrong was Spicer’s credibility-shredding effort to claim that the Trump inaugural had drawn “the largest audience to witness an inauguration ever.”

seanspicer Keller @ Large: 2017 National Turkeys Of The Year

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Perhaps this is to his ultimate credit, but Spicer proved unable to lie convincingly, and things went downhill from there. His comical bluster won Melissa McCarthy an Emmy for her uncanny Spicer impersonation on “Saturday Night Live.” And his game-but-lame effort at self-parody at the Emmy Awards apparently failed to jump-start his flagging post-White House career.

Hillary Clinton 

The stunning election loss was hard on the former Secretary of State, we get that. And she has every right to tell her story and remain a public figure.

hillary clinton concession Keller @ Large: 2017 National Turkeys Of The Year

Hillary Clinton delivers her concession speech after the 2016 election (Photo by Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)

But her subsequent book about the campaign, remarkably free of self-awareness and mea culpas, did nothing to restore her image or repair the damage her campaign incompetence caused. And given her enduring status as one of America’s most polarizing figures, her continued high profile has left many Democrats wondering – how can we miss you if you won’t go away?

President Trump’s Lester Holt Interview 

The ink was barely dry on the carefully-constructed White House spin on the firing of FBI Director James Comey when the president sat down with NBC’s Holt and blew it up. “Oh, I was gonna fire him regardless of recommendations,” said Trump, who admitted he canned Comey because he didn’t like the way he was handling the Russia collusion investigation, a move that directly led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and which may wind up being a key piece of evidence of obstruction of justice.

President Trump has plenty of enemies, but his worst enemy is himself. Perhaps he just got tired of so much winning.

Facebook Guru Mark Zuckerberg 

“The challenge for our generation is to create a world where everyone has a sense of purpose,” said Zuckerberg at the Harvard Commencement last spring, when he was still viewed as a visionary. Since then, we’ve learned that Zuckerberg’s negligent oversight of his lucrative company opened the door to the poisoning of our political discourse.

markzuckerberg Keller @ Large: 2017 National Turkeys Of The Year

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Zuckerberg continues to be generous with his philanthropy. But his business practices paint a different picture – of just another greedy, pretentious corporate turkey.

Al Franken apologizes to woman who says he forcibly kissed, groped her
Minnesota Sen. Al Franken has personally apologized to the woman who has accused him of forcibly kissing her and groping her during a 2006 USO tour
Future of groundbreaking show 'Transparent' may be in flux
The future of the groundbreaking show "Transparent" may be in flux after an actress accused the show's star Jeffrey Tambor of pressing his body against hers in a sexually aggressive manner
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