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Cristiano Ronaldo se exprime para estar contra el Bayern en las semifinales de Champions


  • El delantero portugués y Marcelo trabajaron junto a sus compañeros en la primera parte del entrenamiento, aunque siguieron en solitario.
  • Se recuperan de sus respectivas lesiones pensando en la ida en el Bernabéu.
  • Los de Ancelotti volvieron este viernes a los entrenamientos tras ganar la Copa del Rey el pasado miércoles ante el FC Barcelona.
  • Sergio Ramos y Gareth Bale trabajaron en el interior de las instalaciones.

Cristiano Ronaldo y Marcelo

El Real Madrid ha vuelto este viernes a los entrenamientos después de proclamarse campeón de la Copa del Rey y lo ha hecho con la buena noticia de la presencia de Cristiano Ronaldo, que completó la primera parte de la sesión junto al grupo de cara a apurar sus opciones de estar el miércoles en las semifinales de la Liga de Campeones ante el Bayern de Munich.

Según informó el club blanco en su página web oficial, en el entrenamiento a puerta cerrada de este domingo, los lesionados Ronaldo y Marcelo completaron parte del entrenamiento con el que el Real Madrid retomó el trabajo tras ganar al FC Barcelona (1-2) el miércoles en Mestalla y levantar su decimonovena Copa del Rey.

En la sesión, compuesta por 19 futbolistas a las órdenes de Carlo Ancelotti, la novedad fue la presencia del delantero portugués, que trata de recuperarse de su lesión muscular que le ha hecho perderse los últimos partidos, para estar en el cruce europeo ante el Bayern. La ida tendrá lugar este miércoles en el Santiago Bernabéu.

Tras la primera parte del entrenamiento, Ronaldo y Marcelo continuaron en solitario sobre los campos 1 y 2. El resto de futbolistas llevó a cabo el entrenamiento con normalidad, con parte física y con balón, salvo Sergio Ramos y Gareth Bale, que trabajaron en el interior de las instalaciones. Arbeloa y Jesé fueron las otras ausencias sobre el césped.

Big Bang gravitational waves possibly in doubt

Ruh-roh. Remember the news last month about the detection of gravitational waves would have allowed scientists to see all the way back to the Big Bang? Well, that result may be in jeopardy. The problem? Dust on the lens. Well, not on the lens exactly:

An imprint left on ancient cosmic light that was attributed to ripples in spacetime -- and hailed by some as the discovery of the century -- may have been caused by ashes from an exploding star.

In the most extreme scenario, the finding could suggest that what looked like a groundbreaking result was only a false alarm. Another possibility is that the stellar ashes could help bring the result in line with other cosmic observations. We should know which it is later this year, when researchers report new results from the European Space Agency's Planck satellite.

You may also remember the video of physicist Andrei Linde being told about the result, which seemed to confirm a theory that had been his life's work. I don't think I want to see the video of Linde being told of this stellar ashes business. Although Linde is more than aware that this is how science works...you have to go where observation takes you. (via @daveg)

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Video: Dad Serving In Afghanistan Surprises Kids At Medieval Times
Video: Dad Serving In Afghanistan Surprises Kids At Medieval Times Medieval Times is a joyous place under just about any circumstances, but it was especially so for two NJ children yesterday when they were reunited with their father who has been serving in Afghanistan since November. "I thought it was just a knight that someone was going to come out and we would have to fight him," 10-year-old Troy told CBS about the surprise reunion with his dad, Staff Sgt. Deavin Lee. "It made me feel really happy inside because he was back." WARNING: it may get a tad bit dusty wherever you are, unless you're a robot, in which case you should probably have your oil changed. [ more › ]

8 Confirmed Mumps Cases At Hoboken College Campus
8 Confirmed Mumps Cases At Hoboken College Campus As if it weren't enough that Manhattan's been plagued by a recent measles resurgence, eight students at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ have reportedly contracted mumps. Up next: smallpox, rinderpest, bubonic plague, dodo bird stampede. [ more › ]

New Subscription Coffee App Gets Caffeine Addicts An Unlimited Fix
New Subscription Coffee App Gets Caffeine Addicts An Unlimited Fix Some food app ideas are awesomely terrible, some are pretty good, and most toe the line between the two—is it the mark of a good food app when its use requires you to acknowledge you might have a deeper problem? It's the digital equivalent of finally acquiescing to buying cigarettes by the carton or making the switch to mainlining heroin—you must determine whether the convenience is worth the conversation you're forced to have with yourself. I'm looking at you, Doughbot. [ more › ]

Early Addition: Everywhere Either Is Or Will Be The New Williamsburg
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Next Gen Console Wars Heat Up as PS4 and Xbox One Numbers Come in
Console war update! Sony’s winning on the surface, but going a little farther into the numbers suggests a tighter race than is immediately apparent.
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