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Matthew McConaughey battles Michael Caine in Interstellar and the rest of the day's breaking pop culture | As it happened
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And thats it, thats all from us on the blog for today tune in for #ReviewAnything tomorrow on the blog. And as per usual we will be rolling through the days breaking pop culture news. We leave you with all of this Thursday evenings options for distraction, that is outside of being outside.

Morrissey was accused of asking his bodyguard to hurt one of his fans behind the website morissey-solo.com. The singer, allegedly, fired his bodyguard for his unwillingness to provide the address of the fan and carry out what may, or may not have been violence against said fan. What is obvious is that Morrissey does not understand the difference between employing someone to protect and employing someone to hurt. Though it could be that Morrissey fired his bodyguard to make a statement on the right of self defense. Or whether online fanning is actually a form of abuse.

Makes this face for one and half minutes during his DJ set at Belgiums Tomorrowland. You need to watch the video with sound for the full effect. The horns are stifling.

Features six horses. The poster for the flick confirms his comic-con confirmation from last week that he will go ahead with the film despite his anger at the leak of a few script pages.

The eight seasons long PBS series about a young bear, his pup Pal and his irritating sister, DW, has had a post-conclusion musical revival with Chance the Rappers cover of the opening theme.

The Chicago hip hop artist took on the anthem for eleven-year-olds in the mid-nineties with the likes of Jessie Ware, Wyclef Jean, Elle Varner, and Frances & the Lights. In a cooing and cinematically climatic version of the original, performed by Ziggy Marley, Chances version is sentimental and nostalgic for the pre(?)millennial generation.

What do Legolas, a Victorias Secret model and a post-teen pop prince all have to do with one another. Well, let me tell you. Or rather, show you.


Thrilled about the new Christopher Nolan epic? Stoked by the black hole and alien landscape the horizon of the moon? Want to see if Anne Hathaway looks better in a space suit then Sandra Bullock did? Wondering if the music will be as memorable and chest throbbing as Inception?

Turn off your video, ignore the background twangs and listen to the voices. Imagine you are sitting on the floor in a dark room, you can feel other bodies around you but you can not see them and as your listening senses intensify you hear the exhales of everyone around you. And Mathew McConaugheys voice begins...

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