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National Gallery to show Michelangelo statue for first time in the UK

The image of a naked Christ will star in a 2017 exhibition celebrating the works of the great artist and his less famous friend Sebastiano del Piombo

A Michelangelo statue of a naked Christ will be shown in the UK for the first time as part of major exhibition at the National Gallery next year.

The gallery’s director, Gabriel Finaldi, revealed details on Thursday of a show that will explore a friendship and collaboration between the Florentine Michelangelo, arguably the greatest and most influential artist ever, and a Venetian artist whose talents have been relatively overlooked in modern times, Sebastiano del Piombo.

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5 x Nederland is er toch bij op het EK
Zelfs zonder Nederlands elftal heeft het EK toch een Hollands tintje!
Rio Tinto ends mining involvement in PNG
Rio Tinto said it was ending its involvement......
UBS slashes FTSE 100 and Stoxx 600 year-end targets on Brexit
UBS has slashed its year-end targets for the FTSE 100 and Stoxx 600 indices, and downgraded its forecasts for UK and eurozone growth......
South Africa approves SABMiller's merger with AB InBev
The Competition Tribunal of South Africa has approved with conditions
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