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Success for first non-beating heart transplant in Europe

Surgeons say that new technique will allow far more donor hearts to be used and could increase transplantation by up to 25%

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News story: PM call with President Rouhani of Iran, 26 March 2015

A Downing Street spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister spoke to President Rouhani earlier this afternoon and they had substantive discussions on 3 issues: the E3+3 negotiations on Iran’s nuclear programme, bilateral relations and Yemen. At the start President Rouhani thanked the Prime Minister for the message he had sent at the weekend offering his condolences for the death of President Rouhani’s mother.

On the E3+3 negotiations, both leaders expressed their commitment to securing a deal. They both agreed that the ongoing discussions in Switzerland and the possibility of securing a political framework by the end of the month presented a historic opportunity. The Prime Minister emphasised the importance of Iran showing flexibility on the outstanding issues in order for a deal to be reached. The Prime Minister also pointed out that Iran needed to address the concerns of the wider international community by showing that Iran’s nuclear programme was being developed exclusively for peaceful purposes.

On bilateral relations they both welcomed increased engagement between British and Iranian officials and the gradual rebuilding of bilateral relations. The Prime Minister said that we were still keen to reopen our embassy in Tehran but that there were still a number of outstanding issues that would need to be resolved. As and when they are, this could lead to a real step change in relations.

Finally, on Yemen, they discussed the importance of ensuring that Al Qaeda and ISIL were not able to take advantage of the deterioration in the political situation to gain a foothold there. The Prime Minister said that the best way to do this is by supporting President Hadi as the legitimate leader of Yemen. The Prime Minister emphasised that there needs to be a political process to restore stability and, as part of that, other countries should not be supporting the Houthi rebels but rather encouraging all the different parties in Yemen to come together in a political process.

Terugbetaling belastingen vertraagd door staatshervorming
Veel belastingplichtigen moeten dit jaar langer wachten op de terugbetaling van hun belastingen. De reden is de zesde staatshervorming, die de berekening van de belastingen ingewikkelder maakt. Dat bericht De Tijd donderdag. Binnenkort valt…
Speaker John Bercow fights tears after surviving Tory ambush - video
John Bercow fights back tears after a motion to introduce a secret ballot to oust him as Speaker is defeated by 228 votes to 202. William Hague, the outgoing leader of the house, and the chief whip, Michael Gove, are accused of 'a grubby, squalid and nauseous' plot to unseat Bercow. The vote was met with enthusiastic and rare applause in the chamber Continue reading...

Election 2015: Cameron and Miliband face grilling from Paxman - live updates

With six weeks to go until polling day, the two contenders for No 10 face a grilling from Jeremy Paxman followed by an audience Q&A moderated by Kay Burley. Gear up for the 9pm (GMT) kickoff with our politics team

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Press release: UK and Norway: Building links to deliver energy security and prosperity

The UK and Norway have worked in partnership for many decades to create a strong North Sea oil and gas sector, which continues to provide many thousands of jobs and shared infrastructure that delivers safe and secure energy supplies.

We now warmly welcome a new link: the North Sea Network (NSN) electricity interconnector, which moves ahead with the final investment decision announced by the National Grid and Statnett:

  • the infrastructure is first-class technology leadership; when completed, NSN will be the world’s longest subsea interconnector with the capacity to transmit 1.4 GW of electricity
  • by linking our electricity markets, the project is a forward-looking endeavour that will maximise the potential economic benefits of our national energy systems
  • NSN strengthens mutual security of supply, enhancing energy security in both countries by linking our power markets, and reinforcing capacity in times of system stress

The North Sea has long provided our countries with abundant resources that have underpinned economic growth. Recent developments such as the UK’s new Oil and Gas Authority and the Johan Sverdrup field, Norway’s biggest industrial project, will help maximise the potential of both the UK and Norwegian Continental Shelves for future generations.

Natural gas imports from Norway will continue to be a fundamental part of the UK’s energy mix, and as a reliable supplier, Norway will continue to facilitate exports to maintain supplies to the UK and other European markets.

The deployment of marine renewable energy resources is at the forefront of our innovation and climate change agenda. With the UK as the leading hub for offshore wind, both Norwegian and British companies are working together to expand this industry. We look forward to onshore construction works beginning at Dudgeon wind farm this year, and welcome Statkraft and RWE’s new partnership to develop Triton Knoll later this decade.

On carbon capture and storage (CCS), Norway and the UK are leading the way in Europe, with Norway the only country with operational full scale CCS projects. The UK’s projects in development under the £1 billion Commercialisation Programme could result in world firsts for commercial scale CCS projects on a gas fired power station at Peterhead, and using oxy-combustion technology at White Rose.

By connecting our 2 countries, the decision announced by National Grid and Statnett today marks a strengthening of our energy partnership.

Press release: State Opening of Parliament to take place on 27 May 2015

Parliament has been prorogued and will automatically dissolve on 30 March under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act.

The Prime Minister will ask Her Majesty to summon the new Parliament to meet on Monday 18 May, when the business will be the election of the Speaker and the swearing-in of members.

The State Opening of Parliament will follow on Wednesday 27 May.

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