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Best investment advice from 15 legendary investors
They researched their companies well, didn't believe in the market chatter and advise to stay invested for long term.
Going abroad? Don't forget your travel card
Travel cards are like debits cards-loaded with the currency of your choice or which the lenders offer.
The Burger King Deal: What Happens If Your Job Moves Across The Border?
The recent merger of Burger King and Tim Hortons spurred a lot of comments about the tax benefits that could result from the company setting up their headquarters in Canada.
Debt From KPMG Tax Shelter Survives Bankruptcy
Reading appellate tax decision, there is as bad as it gets, which is appealing your sentence after you have been incarcerated.  Almost as bad as it gets is appealing a bankruptcy court refusing to discharge your tax debt.  That is what James Charles Vaughn was seeing the Tenth Circuit about.  He did not get any help, so his multi-million dollar tax debt survives his bankruptcy.  Even though, I wasn't rooting for him as I read this case, I do feel really bad from him.  Primarily,[...]
European stocks close mixed (AFP)
London (AFP) - European stock markets closed mixed on Tuesday, with Frankfurt's main DAX index edging up 0.30 percent to 9,507.02 points.
Station gives Yawuru a chance to rebuild (The West Australian)
Historic agreement gives Broome's traditional owners freehold title to 276,000ha of Kimberley cattle country.
France likely to lower 2015 spending cuts target - Sapin to AFP (Reuters)
PARIS (Reuters) - France will probably have to scale back its budget savings plans for next year due to low inflation, its finance minister said in an interview published on Tuesday, ruling out extra ...
U.S. judge approves settlement in eBay case over tech hiring (Reuters)
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Tuesday approved a settlement in a lawsuit between federal antitrust authorities and eBay Inc over allegations that eBay agreed it would not solicit employees...
Drunk History' Season 2: Derek Waters Talks Drinking and Season 3 Before The 'First Ladies' Finale

Drunk History The Season 2 finale of "Drunk History" will feature a "First Ladies" themed episode.  Comedy Central

Asian Camel Crickets Invade US, Scavenger Insect ‘Driving Out’ Native Cricket Species

An invasive species of cricket has outnumbered domestic crickets in the eastern United States, according to a new study published in the journal PeerJ. The Asian camel cricket, Diestrammena asynamora, has occupied U.S. homes, particularly basements, garages and cellars. While the crickets do not pose a threat to humans, scientists say they know very little about how the species could impact local ecosystems.

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