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Доходы чиновников после сокращения зарплат только растут
Десятипроцентное сокращение в 2015 году зарплат сотрудников администрации президента, аппарата Белого дома и Счетной палаты не сказалось на общей сумме доходов чиновников. Согласно данным Росстата, средняя зарплата федерального госслужащего на данный...
Mud From Brazil Dam Burst Is Toxic, UN Says
Mud from a dam that burst at an iron ore mine in Brazil earlier this month, killing 12 people and polluting an important river, is toxic, the United Nations' human rights agency said on Wednesday. The statement contradicts claims by Samarco, the mine operator at the site of the rupture, and Samarco's co-owner, BHP Billiton (BHP.AX)(BLT.L), that the water and mineral waste contained by the dam are not toxic.
Iran Nuclear Deal: No Assurance Program's Aim Is Completely Peaceful, IAEA Chief Says
A senior United Nations official in charge of the probe into Iran’s nuclear program said that he would provide a final report on the issue by next week, but warned he could not guarantee that Tehran’s greatly reduced program was meant completely for peaceful purposes.
Obama's Thanksgiving Address: US President Urges 'Compassion And Care' For Refugees
Amid intensifying domestic debate over whether the United States should accept Syrian refugees, President Barack Obama urged Americans to lend a helping hand to those fleeing war and persecution at the hands of militants such as the Islamic State group. In a Thanksgiving address, the U.S. president likened the plight of these refugees to that of the Pilgrims who came to America in 1620.
El gran reto de Sunat será que microempresas de provincias usen facturas electrónicas

José Vidal de Paperless Perú indicó que cada vez más empresas están motivadas a usar las facturas electrónicas debido a que las grandes compañías ya usan este mecanismo.

French Human Rights Court Upholds Ban On Headscarf In Muslim Hospital Worker Case
A top human rights court in Europe upheld France’s ban on headscarves Thursday in a case where a Muslim social worker lost her job over not agreeing to remove her headscarf. The case dated back to 2000 when Christiane Ebrahimian was fired from working in the psychiatric department at a public hospital in Nanterre, a western suburb of Paris.
CERN LHC Update: Large Hadron Collider Smashes Energy Record With Lead Ion Collisions
In a major step toward understanding what the universe was like moments after the Big Bang, scientists at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on Wednesday began colliding stable beams of lead ions -- lead atoms stripped of negatively charged electrons -- at unprecedented energies. The LHC was successful in colliding lead ions at 1,045 teraelectronvolts (TeV), which is approximately twice as high as that of any previous collider experiment. 
David Cameron Seeks Support For Airstrikes Against ISIS In Syria As UK Shouldn't 'Subcontract' Its Defense
British Prime Minister David Cameron has called for support from all political parties to bomb Islamic State targets in Syria, saying that the terrorist group is using the north of the country as a safe haven to launch attacks against Western targets, including the recent coordinated one against Paris.
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