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Why Narayana Murthy wasn't reclassified as public investor
Retention of Murthy within the promoter group was crucial for Infosys as the company believed the promoters' relationship would help the company in difficult times.
Pregnant woman loses unborn child after being shot in chest in South LA
A homicide investigation is underway after a pregnant woman was shot in the chest in South Los Angeles, which resulted in the death of her unborn fetus.
Republicans who won after rowdy town halls now avoiding them
Republicans who benefited from rowdy town halls six years ago are learning a hard lesson this week as they return home: The left is happy to return the favor.
Oscars fashion 30, 20, and 10 years ago
Fashion trends at the Oscars have changed over the past 30 years. But one thing that has remained constant is that stars are dressed to impress when they hit the red carpet.
24 arrested in Anaheim amid protests against off-duty officer confrontation with teen
Authorities arrested 24 people after hundreds took to the streets of Anaheim to protest an off-duty officer's confrontation with a teen that was captured on video the day before.
US average 30-year mortgage rate edges up to 4.16 percent
Long-term U.S. mortgage rates rose slightly this week, continuing a holding pattern that has prevailed this month. Mortgage buyer Freddie Mac says the rate on 30-year, fixed-rate loans edged up … Click to Continue »
How to buy a home when you haven't sold yours yet
You've found the perfect new home for your family, but your current house hasn't sold yet. You can't afford to carry two mortgages, or maybe you were counting on money … Click to Continue »
Woman shares warning after discovering shirt on windshield
It had to have been intentional the way it was put on there," Michigan woman Ashley Hardacre said after discovering a shirt on her windshield. She posted a warning for others who are alone in a dark parking lot.
What Will The Next Epidemic Be? Mosquito-Borne Ross River Virus On Par To Become New Zika
Mosquitoes could be responsible for causing yet another outbreak of disease throughout the world, according to a recent study. The Ross River virus, currently found in Australia and Papau New Guinea, might be the next big mosquito-borne global epidemic, researchers from the University of Adelaide and the Australian National University revealed.
‘Pokémon GO’: How To Know If Gen 2 Baby Pokémon Tyrogue Is Evolving To Hitmontop, Hitmonlee Or Hitmonchan
Among the more than 80 Gen 2 Pokémon that arrived in “Pokémon GO” late last week, baby Pokémon Tyrogue stands out not because of its boy-like frame, but because of the fact that it has three different Evolutions. Just like Eevee’s Evolutions, Tyrogue‘s evolved forms are distinct from each other and there is typically no way for one to know which Evolution he or she is getting.
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