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Машины "Скорой помощи" предложили продать, чтобы заплатить педиатрам
Участники круглого стола Объединение усилий общественности в решении проблемы кадрового дефицита врачей-педиатров предложили губернатору региона Андрею Турчаку продать не используемые специализированные автомобили Скорой помощи , чтобы поднять зарплату врачам-педиатрам. Круглый стол состоялся в Пскове 22 октября, сообщил FlashNord источник в профсоюзах региона. Кадровый дефицит врачей-педиатров близок к критическому показателю. Ставшие уже традиционными ночные очереди в детские поликлиники регионального центра, дефицит детских медиков в школах
Will Federal Reserve Raise Interest Rates? Maybe 3 Times In Next Year
Chicago Fed President Charles Evans said Monday interest rates could go up three times next year but need to be tied to inflation while his St. Louis counterpart, James Bullard, advised a 25-basis-point increase to boost the rate of return on safe assets.
How To Prevent Heart Disease: Have Tons Of Sex And Eat Garlic To Stop Heart Attacks, New Book Claims
Approximately 610,000 people in the United States die from heart disease every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. In 2014 alone, more than 365,000 people died from coronary heart disease and someone in the country reportedly suffers from a heart attack every 42 seconds.
Cubs-Indians World Series tickets could cream Super Bowl pricing
A ticket to this year’s World Series, especially the games played among the bricks and late-season ivy at Chicago’s historic Wrigley Field, are on track to be the most expensive professional sports event in recent memory, topping $6,000 in some cases.
Capitol Report: T-Mobile’s profit beat obscured by non-standard numbers
The company focuses its press release on operating metrics and other non-GAAP numbers, even though its reported results were something to shout about.
Bank founded by Alexander Hamilton embraces its newly hip heritage
Bank of New York Mellon, founded by Alexander Hamilton, is taking advantage of the interest fanned by Broadway’s hottest musical.
Wind Energy Production In The World: Spain Working Toward 100 Percent Renewable Energy
The streets of Pamplona, Spain, become filled with energy every July as thousands of tourists flock to the city for the famous running of the bulls. But if the Spanish company Acciona meets its goal, 100 percent of all of Spain’s energy could soon come from the city increasingly known as a hot spot for renewable energy, according to media reports Sunday.
What’s New On Netflix? Top 8 Movies And TV Shows Added In November 2016
A new month means new options on Netflix. November is going to bring over 70 new titles to the streaming service, but we’ve already picked out the best of the new material. Whether you’re looking for something family friendly, post-apocalyptic, hilarious or historical, Netflix has you covered with these additions. “The Crown” Season 1 — Nov. 4
Project Syndicate: China may be wobbly, but it’s only thing standing between us and recession
Without China’s contributions to growth, the global economy would be in a recession, writes Stephen Roach.
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