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Chuck Jaffe: Skip the Black Friday shopping, and do this instead
If you want to give your family a really valuable holiday gift this year, try making a change in your spending habits, writes Chuck Jaffe.
Early Christmas cheer for motorists as world oil plunge sees petrol prices slashed to lowest in four years
Asda said it will knock 2p a litre off its petrol and diesel from tomorrow, and Tesco responded by doing the same from this afternoon. Brent crude fell as much as 8 per cent.
NewsWatch: Oil continues to collapse a day after OPEC stands firm on production
WTI Intermediate oil prices are bearing the brunt of the OPEC decision to not cut the oil-production quota to help boost oil prices.
Bond Report: U.S. 10-year yield slumps to 2.2% as oil collapses
U.S. Treasurys gain ground, sending the 10-year yield down to 2.2%, as a collapsing oil price sets the stage for low inflation.
India's economic growth slows to 5.3 percent in September quarter (Reuters)

By Manoj Kumar
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Data released on Friday showing a slowdown in India's economy will put the central bank under renewed pressure to cut interest rates, while Prime Mi...

Metals Stocks: Gold prices drop sharply as Swiss referendum nears
Gold prices fall sharply as weekend vote over Switzerland’s gold reserves begins to rattle the market.
Russia Holds Drills Involving Ships And Support Vessels In English Channel: Report

The Russian navy is conducting drills in the English Channel, the country’s military press service announced Friday. The latest move by the Russian navy is considered to be a demonstration of military power since the country’s ties with the West deteriorated over the Ukraine crisis.

ISIS' Indian Captives In Iraq Still Alive, Claims Indian Government

The Indian government on Friday denied reports that 39 Indian nationals being held hostage by the Islamic State group have been executed. The Indians, most of whom worked for construction companies in Iraq, have been missing since June, according to media reports.

Centipede Genome Sequencing Reveals Animal Has 7K Fewer Genes Than Humans

A team of scientists has sequenced the genome of the centipede for the first time and found that it has around 15,000 genes -- about 7,000 fewer than humans do.

Arthropods -- the most species-rich group of animals on Earth -- are divided into four classes, including insects, crustaceans, chelicerates and myriapods. The latter group, which includes centipedes, is the only class for which no genome had yet been sequenced, scientists said in a study, published in the journal PLOS Biology.

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