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UK Entrepreneurs Fear Brexit Backlash
The UK's Brexit vote has left many entrepreneurs concerned about funding, skills shortages and aggressive competition from the rest of Europe
In One Chart: 10 most stable housing markets in America
Where homeowners don’t see many significant pricing downturns.
Outside the Box: Investors must adjust their portfolios now for a changing climate
Even climate-change skeptics would be smart to look at their portfolios through the lens how companies are adapting to rising sea levels and regulatory changes.
The 10 least affordable cities for buying a car
Bankrate's study shows how buyers in these cities are furthest from affording a new car.
Banque : les analystes de CFG tablent sur une stabilité des résultats en 2016
La contribution des filiales africaines devrait augmenter sur les années à venir. En 2016, les dépôts devraient croître de 5,4% et les crédits de 2%. Le coefficient d’emploi s’établirait à 92,1%, son niveau le plus bas depuis 2007.
Don’t rush to buy this new entrant yet
NBV: On Tuesday last week, the Nairobi Securities Exchange welcomed its fourth baby in the Growth and Enterprise Segment (GEMs) category.
Man’s best friend is my source of income
As far as the Kenyan society’s unwritten rules are concerned, handling of dogs is a man’s territory.
Economic Report: U.S. house prices roar higher but city-by-city view still shows divide
There were double-digit gains in the hot metros in the Northwest, but higher monthly increases in most cities in April compared to March.
MBS Day Ahead: Identifying Normal Pull-Back vs an Actual Reversal

Posted To: MBS Commentary

Bond rallies don't last forever 2 ways for rates to move higher: temporary, nominal corrections, and full-scale reversals Here's one easy way to tell which is which At the moment, bond markets have weakened slightly overnight, causing some question to pop into our minds about whether or not this rally has run its course. Depending on how closely our faces are pressed up against a chart of rates, we run the constant risk of overthinking and overdramatizing the normal, gentle pull-backs. Over the years, I can't even count the days where I thought the sky was falling for a few minutes, hours, or even days, only to see rate fall even lower shortly thereafter. The only way to make peace with this internal debate is to remove the emotion and focus on some objective framework. One of the...(read more)

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