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Amerikalı gençlerin yeni hobisi: Balta fırlatma
Kanada’dan sonra de ABD’de açılan “balta fırlatma poligonu” farklı eğlence arayışındaki gençlere hitap ediyor.
Huracán Matthew llega a categoría 5 y está cerca de La Guajira

El huracán Matthew, que amenaza a Colombia, Cuba, Haití y Jamaica, ascendió esta noche a categoría 5, la máxima en la escala Saffir-Simpson, con vientos...

KMI: "September was zeer abnormaal warm
September was zeer abnormaal warm. Dat zegt het KMI zaterdag in zijn klimatologisch overzicht van de maand. Voorts viel er afgelopen maand zeer
MacGyver: It's Jack's Turn for an Old Love to Haunt Him
[...] Sarah wasn't in a damsel in distress who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, she was gathering intel on Barrios that could put him away for good, and, well, when you do that to fearsome arms dealers, they tend to lock you up in their dingy dungeons. MacGyver (Lucas Till) MacGyver'd an arc welder using a car battery to cut down a steel door and fashioned night-vision goggles out of a TV remote, a microscope and some glasses, Riley cut the power to Barrios' hideout to give MacGyver the advantage and Jack made some jokes ("Anyone call for an Uber?") and probably shot someone. [...] the rest of the team was on board despite it going against protocol. Holed up in a maximum security evil arms dealer's lair, Barrios was a tough get, but luckily, he kept large piles of ammunition boxes just lying around outside, because he's an evil arms dealer and that's what they do when they can't find a place to put all their ammo, I guess. [...] the team caught Barrios and saved the day. Back at HQ, Jack contemplated giving his relationship with Sarah another shot, but fate is cruel and Sarah's fiancé showed up to thank Jack for rescuing her. MacGyver spent several scenes sitting on the floor of Nikki's (Tracy Spiridakos) apartment (after he broke in, of course) trying to find clues as to her whereabouts and what led her to betray his trust and strike out on her own.
Dancing's Derek Hough: I Was Not Upset with Marilu
Cirque was actually one of the inspirations behind it, so when I found out we were doing Cirque, I was, "Oh, I can integrate this into it." The loyal audience has seen a lot of paso dobles and cha chas. Throwing a fire-breather in there is going to be interesting for them to watch. On Saturday, I'm going to be performing at the Motion Picture Fund. When I found out the other attendees, I was like, "Crap!" No pressure, right? The theme is Old Hollywood, so I'm going to do Singin' in the Rain, which I've done before, and also an Argentine tango.
Het is gelukt! Babypanda Tian Bao zet zijn eerste stapjes
Vlak voor zijn vierde vermaandag heeft babypanda Tian Bao zijn eerste stapjes gezet. Dat heeft het dierenpark Pairi Daiza met een schattig
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