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DICOM to NIfTI converter

dicm2nii.m converts dicom files in a zip file or in a folder (including sub-folders) into nifti files. It can also convert Philips PAR/REC files and AFNI HEAD/BRIK files into nifti files.
1. Support nii(.gz) and hdr/img(.gz) output.
2. Create bval and bvec files if there is DTI series.
3. Store B0 unwarping parameters in nifti header, such as delta TE for fieldmap, and effective echo spacing, TE and phase encoding direction for EPI data.
4. Store slice timing related information in nifti header (except for Philips).
5. Unique and descriptive result file names.
6. Several useful dicom functions, like reading header or image, sorting dicom files, renaming dicom files, are included.
7. Included nii_tool can read/write almost any kinds of NIfTI files, including different NIfTI versions and RGB NIfTI for different software.
'doc dicm2nii' or 'help dicm2nii' for details and usage.

KOKO Mesh Generator

KMG is a set of MATLAB codes for the generation of unstructured (3-node or 6-node) triangular
meshes in two dimensions. As input, the code takes a signed distance function for the
domain geometry. A mesh size function, for the spatial node distribution, is constructed using an approximate
medial axis. As outputs, the code generates a 3-node or a 6-node triangular mesh with boundary data (edges and nodes).
The approach presented consists of three steps: (1) an initial nodes placement is obtained using a probabilistic node distribution, (2) an iterative smoothing is performed assuming the presence of an attractive/repulsive internode force, and (3) a fast refinement procedure is performed for 6-node triangular meshes or large scale meshes.


A collection of open-source MATLAB/Octave functions for reading, writing, and processing physiological time series data.

modulacion AM

Modulador y demodulador de una señal en AM

MATLAB cannot be launched (entry point not found)
When I try to launch MATLAB, I got this error.

Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point xxx@@xxx@xxx@@@x could not be
located in the dynamic link library libmx.dll.

This error happened after I upgraded MATLAB from 2012a to 2014b.

I checked the environmental variables that the new matlab.exe is in the variable and the old one is not. I also copyed libmx.dll from .../bin/win64 to system32 folder and sysWOW64 folder.
The error remains.

Please help me !!!

Re: how to convert a 2D image into 3D
On Friday, January 4, 2008 at 2:03:19 AM UTC-5, Muhammad Idrees wrote:
> Hello all matlab users
> I am working on image processing tool of matlab
> I need an algorithm written in matlab to convert the 2D
> image into 3D image.
> Is there any body to help me.

i know it's been a while but i was wondering if you were able to figure out the algorithm to convert a 2d image to a 3d image?
Barcode Encoder (Code 39 format)

Run Barcode_Encoder.m after extracting all the three files into your working directory.


This algorithm uses matrix operations.

Re: facial recognition using EBGM
I'm looking for it too. Please if you have found it email me here "oumayma30@gmail.com"
thanks a lot
Fast Circle fitting using Landau method

Based on the research paper "A Simple approach for the Estimation of Circular Arc Center and Its radius", Thomas and Chan, Computer vision, graphics and image processing 45, 362-370 (1989)
Use of geometric fit makes this more accurate than least square approximations.

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