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Ensemble methods

There are four ensemble strategies--- random selecting samples, Bagging strategy, Random subspace method, Rotation forest method. They are ensemble methods which can obtain the samples of individual learner. Bagging method is a classical ensemble strategy proposed by Leo Breiman in Ref [L.Breiman. Bagging Predictors. Machine learning, vol.24(2), pp.123-140, 1996.]. Random subspace method is proposed by Tin Kam Ho in Ref [Ho T.K.. The Random Subspace Method for Constructing Decision Forests. IEEE Transactions on pattern analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol.20(8), pp.832-844, 1998.]. Rotation forest method is better than bagging, random subspace, adaboost methods and so on, which is proposed by Juan J. Rodriguez and Ludmila I. Kuncheva in Ref [J.J. Rodriguez, L.I. Kuncheva. Rotation Forest: A New Classifier Ensemble Method. IEEE transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol.28(10), pp.1619-1630, October, 2006.].


This function implements the Swann's method for bracketing the minima of a function.


This function implements golden search algorithm to find the minima of a function

insertImage(Ib, Is, ij)

It can be used to put an array inside another array at an arbitrary location. It is sensitive to edges and correctly crops as needed.
A = zeros(10);
B = rand(5);
ij = [7,7];
I = insertImage(A, B, ij);

axis equal tight

Communications System Toolbox Support Package for RTL-SDR Radio

For more details on capabilities for this support package, please visit

Opening the .mlpkginstall file from your operating system or from within MATLAB will initiate the installation process for this Hardware Support Package and acquire the latest support package available for the release you have.

This .mlpkginstall file is functional for R2013b and beyond

Free e-book: Software Defined Radio using RTL-SDR, MATLAB and Simulink


Thermographic Signal Processing Toolbox

Thermographic Signal Processing Toolbox provides many of the signal processing methods used in literature, particularly for pulsed and transient thermography.
The signal processing methods include:
- Contrast methods (absolute, running, standard, normalized contrast)
- Differential absolute contrast (DAC)
- Interpolated differential absolute contrast (IDAC)
- Skewness & kurtosis
- Matched filters
- Fourier transform
- Wavelet Transfrom (without the need of the wavelet toolbox)
- Principal component thermography (PCT)
- Thermal signal reconstruction (TSR) with derivatives
- Multiscale retinex enhancement
- Markov error contrast
- Thermal harmonic distortion
- Dynamic Thermal Topography
- Other basic image processing methods

The GUI will be submitted in a few days...

A certain range for each element of the matrix spectrum

Any equation of the family presented in file ID: #50939 has the unique solution, an algebraic eigenpair that allows supposing: each element of the matrix spectrum could be positioned in a certain bounded range.

Posible solución a un viejo misterio: por qué la Luna está inclinada
El ángulo de 5º que presenta hoy la órbita lunar respecto al plano orbital de la Tierra podría ser fruto de la acción gravitatoria que, en el pasado, ejercieron pequeños cuerpos planetarios de su entorno. Así lo indican las simulaciones de dos astrónomos, que ofrecen una posible solución a este problema irresuelto. La inclinación hace que veamos eclipses lunares cada seis meses, en lugar de uno al mes.
Improving graphics performance for images

This program will configure a large image to be optimized for best performance when used for animation (e.g. making a movie) or interaction (e.g. zoom/pan) purposes.

MATLAB code 8.24

MATLAB code 8.24

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