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Twin Prime Twin Black Hole Conjecture

This program is to calculate Average Twin Prime Distance for the region defined by 36n(n+1), we wish to verify Godfrey Harold Hardy & John Edensor Littlewood Twin Prime distribution pattern conjecture, to that end, we created a Twin Black Hole, defined by: Write down the natural number successively from any starting number and any ending number, and count the twin prime numbers in between, the number of the prime numbers and the sum of two numbers. Repeat the procedure, the finally trace will fall into the black hole of 000 or 022.

Re: get my plp
majed <majedbadra@hotmail.com> wrote in message <ef405b0.-1@webcrossing.raydaftYaTP>...
> Sorry, I don't know how to get my plp.
> So now I can't install the Matlab on my computer.
> Would you send my plp to my e-mail address?
Sunrise Sunset

Year, month, day, lambda (Geographic east longitude of the observer in [rad]), phi (Geographic latitude of the observer in [rad]), zone (Difference local time - universal time in [h]) and twilight (Indicates civil, nautical or astronomical twilight) are received, then rising and setting times of Sun and Moon and twilight times are computed.
Moon and Sun positions are computed using Brown's high precision analytical theory.

Unit Conversion Tools

Command line, GUI, & Simulink block to convert physical units. It is hoped that relationships between units are specified in an easy to extend manner.
unit_conversion is an m-script that allows one to convert physical units from the command line or a script. It can also provide lists of available transformations.

unit_conversion_gui is a simple graphical interface to unit_conversion.

lib_unit_conversion is a Simulink library block that uses unit_conversion to determine appropriate gains & offsets.


Simulation and animation of simple passive dynamic walking models
Simulates and animates the “Simplest Walking Model” passive dynamic walker by Garcia, et al. (1998) and other passive dynamic walking models.

See: http://dx.doi.org/10.1115/1.2798313

automatic generation control

load frequecy control

Local Circumstances of a Solar Eclipse

The geometrical requirement for observing first or fourth contact at solar eclipses is that the observer shall be located somewhere on the curved boundary of the Moon’s penumbra. Second and third contact, in contrast, occur when the observer is at the boundary of the umbral shadow.
EclTimer program receives date of new Moon (year, month, day, hour), geographical longitude and latitude of the observer in [rad], then returns possibility of observing solar eclipse at the observer's location.
For computation of time of new Moon, you can use "Phases" program from
O. Montenbruck, T. Pfleger, "Astronomy on the Personal Computer", Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 2000

Moon Phases

Year is received as input and phases of the Moon are computed and then eclipses are checked.
O. Montenbruck, T. Pfleger, "Astronomy on the Personal Computer", Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 2000

Solar Eclipse

Year, month, day, hour and step size are received as input, then center line and duration of solar eclipses are computed.

YUV processing tool for Matlab R2015

This toolbox contains Matlab functions for conversion .yuv file to .avi and image sequence with the use of demosaic() method for extracting truecolor data. The converter is updated to work with Matlab 8.5 (R2015a).
Original code by Nikola Sprljan ( http://uk.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/36417-yuv-files-reading-and-converting/content/YUV/yuv2avi.m )

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