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RDSAC: read a SAC seismic data file

RDSAC reads a seismic data file encoded in the IRIS/SAC binary format, and returns a time vector, a data vector and all header variables in a structure (field names correspond to exact IRIS variable names).

Gaussian Pulse FFT

gaussFFT code will show you how to convert transform limited Gaussian pulse to its frequency domain using FFT.

Loading GLODAP into MATLAB

This program loads version 1 of the Global Data Analysis Product (GLODAP) marine hydrographic data set (Key et al., 2004, Global Biogeochem. Cy. 18) into a MATLAB table (R2013b onwards) or structure (R2013a and earlier) for analysis. Documentation is available at http://dx.doi.org/10.13140/RG.2.1.2681.9687


This GUI allows users to test the hypothesis that certain components of distance profiles obtained from fitting time domain Double Electron-Electron Resonance (DEER) data are insignificant and can be removed from consideration when deriving a physical meaning from the distance profile.


One- and two-dimensional FR/CPR scalar advection examples using artificial diffusion.

Re: A possible bug

Note: this only hapens when after decrease the value to 1 we click to decrease again the slider.
A possible bug
if we set a slider to something like:

        set(handles.slideFC, 'Min', 1);
        set(handles.slideFC, 'Max', 2000);
        set(handles.slideFC, 'SliderStep',[1,1]/(2000 - 1));
        set(handles.slideFC, 'value',5);

when we decrement the slider to 1 if then we whant to increase the slider the first slider click dont increament the slider position, we need to click 2 times to get the slider to go from the value 1 to 2.
Re: function error or wrong example?
Steven Lord" <Steven_Lord@mathworks.com> wrote in message <mmrghh$ddv$1@newscl01ah.mathworks.com>...
> "Armindo" <armindomarq@gmail.com> wrote in message
> news:mmq3pr$6j5$1@newscl01ah.mathworks.com...
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Any help would be apreciated...
> >
> > I get this error:
> >
> > Error using iircomb>checkOrder (line 109)
> > The filter order N must be a positive integer.
> >
> > when I try to apply the iircomb function to create a notch filter with
> > harmonics. I followed this example:
> >
> > http://www.mathworks.com/help/dsp/ref/iircomb.html
> >
> > With the same example if we change the fs from 600 to 4000 Hz we get this
> > error...
> >
> > fs = 4000; fo = 60; q = 35; bw = (fo/(fs/2))/q;
> > [b,a] = iircomb(fs/fo,bw,'notch');
> What is 600/60 -- is it a positive integer?
> What is 4000/60 -- is it a positive integer?
> --
> Steve Lord
> slord@mathworks.com
> To contact Technical Support use the Contact Us link on
> http://www.mathworks.com

Thank you Steve Lord I dont know how I have missed that...
But in this case (4000/60) how should I procede since the noise can be at 60 Hz and the frequency used can also be 4000?

should I use something like this --> fix(4000/60)?

thank you in advance

Converts a structure into a table using struct2table, except that if the input is not a structure (e.g. it is already a table), s2t does not return an error but simply returns the input unchanged as the output.

Lynx MATLAB Toolbox

Lynx is a research-oriented MATLAB toolbox for designing in a fast way supervised machine learning experiments. Details of a simulation can be specified under a configuration file, and the toolbox takes charge of loading data, partitioning it, testing the algorithms and visualizing the results. Additionally, it has support for parallelizing the experiments, and enabling GPU support. This makes large experiments easily repeatable and modifiable.
We have currently pre-implemented several algorithms (e.g. support vector machines, kernel ridge regression...), optimization routines (grid-search procedures, searching the optimal feature subset...), and datasets.
You can see examples of use (taken from my research papers) on:

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any help. Problems and bugs can be reported also on the GitHub page where I will try to answer daily. The toolbox has been tested from MATLAB R2013a up to MATLAB R2015a.

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