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This function plots QQplot for two empirical data sets.

An Efficient Median Filter

Median filtering is a nonlinear process useful in reducing impulsive, or salt-and-pepper noise. It is also useful in preserving edges in an image.This Filter gives better result compared to other median Filters

Logical Indexing- Please help
Hey guys,

I would really appreciate your help in this.

I have a matrix of logical (i.e. for each row I have a lot of ones and zeros). The matrix is (100 x 100).

Now for each row (say first row) I would like to select the "one" element. Then I would like to compare the logical of each cell in the first row with the logical of other cells in the following rows. Then I would like to select the cells in the (other) rows that have similar logical expression with the cells of the first row i.e. (1,1) and ignore (1,0) or (0.0).

At the end, instead of having a matrix of (100 x100) say:

A=[ 1, 0 , 1,0 , 0....; 0, 1; 0; 1];

I would get a new (smaller) matrix A_new that only have elements that have similar logical expression that the first row of the matrix A:
A_new= [ (1,1) , (1,1) ; ...];

 I would really appreciate your help on this one. Thank you

Re: Finding repeated elements in a cell array
On Monday, 21 September 2009 00:24:15 UTC+5:30, NouveauIX wrote:
> okay, say I have cell array:
> 1a
> 2b
> 3c
> 4d
> 5d
> 6f
> 6g
> 8h
> Is there some function I can use to determine if there is a letter or number repeated in any element of this array? For example, in this there are 2 d's as well as 2 6's. So I need some way to check if there is a repeat in the first character of any element in this array as well as if there is a repeat in the second character of any element, and then produce a 1x1 logical vector with a 1 if there are no repeats and a 0 if there are any repeats of a letter and/or a number. The array above would return a 0. However:
> 1a
> 2b
> 3c
> 4d
> 5e
> 6f
> 7g
> 8h
> would return a 1, because there is neither a repeated letter or a repeated number. Theoretically I could see if the number of element 1 equals that in elements 2, 3, 4, etc. and then repeat for the rest of the numbers as well as letters but that would be a ridiculous number of lines of code. :p

We can find out the duplicate element by using Set, list or trvaersing using loop on array.
Below link can be useful to find out the algorithm to find duplicate or repeated elements in an array in java

<a href="http://newtechnobuzzz.blogspot.in/2014/07/find-out-repeated-or-duplicate-element.html">Find out duplicate or repeated elements in an array in java</a>


Re: Importing Data from Excel to MATLAB in Real Time
Hi, Anindya Dutta,
Did you solve this problem? I would like to know detailed solution from you as well.

"Anindya Dutta" wrote in message <hnpns3$m90$1@fred.mathworks.com>...
> Hi,
> I want to import data from an Excel file onto MATLAB in realtime. I am currently importing using a xlsread(), processing the data and then plotting it using the tools on MATLAB. Consequently, the data I see is only valid for the time at which it was imported. Is there a way to make it constantly refresh and update the data from the Excel file? (The Excel file has been setup to import data from another software, and hence updates itself every few seconds).
> Would really appreciate a detailed answer, as I am not still at a beginner/intermediate stage in MATLAB use.
> Thanks!
> Anindya
scheduling algorithm
Hi guys
I'm looking for these algo over LTE in matlab

Round robin (RR)
Proportional fairness (PF)

Exponential/ proportional Fairness (EXP/PF)

Modified Largest Delay First (M-LWDF)
I need these (models)"codes" for these algorithms (for LTE) because I have to run some applications over these algorithms to be able to measure performance metrics .....
if these codes are not available for matlab which tools that I should search for these codes ?
I have seen many papers, they used these models ... but I couldn't know from
where they bring these models.. I googled it ... find nothing
thx a lot.
How to use excel data in simulink?
Dear all
plz guide me how to use excel data in simulink?
pushbutton only responds right-click event
I'm using guide and I need a typical push button that responds for left clicks.
But every push button I dragged to the main figure only responds for right clicks.
What I have made sure:
1. The 'Selection type' property of the figure is 'normal'
2. I edited the correct callback function (xx_ButtonDownFcn) and it would be called when the button right clicked.

p.s. I'm not a native English speaker.
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