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Mohsin Raza, S. Ahmed, N. Javaid, Z. Ahmed, R. J. Qureshi, "AMCTD: Adaptive Mobility of Courier nodes in Threshold-optimized DBR Protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks," published in BWCCA, 2013 Eigth International Conference on Broadband, Wireless Computing, Communication and Applications, Compiegne, France, 2013.


Mohsin Raza, N. Javaid, A. Javaid, Z. A. Khan, "Maximizing the Lifetime of Multi-Chain PEGASIS Using Sink Mobility," published in World Applied Sciences Journal, 21 (9): 1283-1289, 2013 (ISI-Indexed)


This code will generate the coherent state of any dimension of field.Here the inputs are complex amplitude and dimension.
Ex: Coh=coherentstate(3,40)
here 3 is the amplitude and 40 is the dimension of field. It will generate a column matrix of dimension 40.If u will plot this state, it will be a poissonian distribution with peak at 'alpha'*alpha'.
in my example, peak will occur at 9.

degree generator in raptor code

according to the paper 'raptor codes' by amin shokrollahi

Object oriented program demo: animated traffic lights on road intersection

Only 31 lines of code in start.m is used to control animated traffic lights on road intersection. LampSuperclass and three clases (trafficLamp, tLamps, map) are used in program. Classes define (1) single Red-Yellow-Green traffic lamp, (2) set of four lamps (North, South, East, West direction) and (3) map of street intersection. Menu is used to change the mode of traffic light operation.

positive degree day for normally distributed temperatures

PDD fraction in a normally distributed climate
  Calculates the probability weighted positive degree days for normally distributed temperatures:
    T_june = 3; %degC
    sigma_june = 7; %degC =std(daily_average_temps_june)
    PDD_june=30*normalpdd(T_june,sigma_june) % units: degC*days
    PDD_factor = 8e-3 %m/day/degC <- different factors exist in litterature.
    melt_june = PDD_factor*PDD_june % meters of melt.
  reference: Braithwaite 1985.
  Aslak Grinsted 2012

Metaheuristics in Uncertain Environments

A comprehensive book on the design and implementation of metaheuristics in uncertain environments, Metaheuristics in Uncertain Environments provides a thorough background on designing and deploying algorithms to solve complex optimization problems. Numerous real-world examples of problems and solutions demonstrate how metaheuristics are applied in such fields as telecommunication, logistics and transportation, bioinformatics, engineering design, scheduling

1,001 Algebra II Practice Problems For Dummies (1-Year Online Subscription)


Questions about equations?  Inequalities have you in a quandary?

Fear not, help is here. Your one-year, renewable, online subscription to 1,001 Algebra II Practice Problems For Dummies gives you 1,001 opportunities to practice solving problems that you’ll encounter in your Algebra II course. Starting with a review of algebra basics and ending with sequences, sets, and counting techniques, it covers everything from solving non-linear equations and

Re: fsolve problem - "fslove stopped because of local singularity
> Is the problem locally singular? If so, you might have to reformulate
> it, if you can, to remove the singularity.
> For more help, see
> http://www.mathworks.com/help/optim/ug/when-the-solver-fails.html#br7o7ou
> Alan Weiss
> MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation

Thanks Alan,
I don't know whether my problem is locally singular or not. Can you suggest me how to check local singularity.
Is there any options in fsolve for this type of functions?
Compare current image with previous image
Hi all,

I need some help with the coding. How to compare current image with the previous image? I want it compare image 2 with image 1, image 3 with image 2,image 4 with image 3 and so on.


for image=1:10;
     img = imresize(im2, [360 480]);
     img = rgb2gray(img);

     im1 = img-1; ******* problem part
     uv = estimate_flow_ba(img, im1);

This is what I do but it seems uncorrect. Anyone can help me?
Thanks a lot.
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