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Extended deadline: DMKD - Special Issue on Data Mining for Geosciences
Please distribute
(Apologies for multiple posting)

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Springer (www.springer.com/10618)

Final Call for Papers
Special Issue on "Data Mining for Geosciences"

Modern geosciences have to deal with large quantities and a wide variety of data, including 2-D, 3-D and 4-D seismic surveys, well logs generated by sensors, detailed lithological records, satellite images and meteorological records. These data serve important industries, such as the exploration of mineral deposits and the production of energy (Oil and Gas, Geothermal, Wind, Hydroelectric), are important in the study of the earth crust to reduce the impact of earthquakes, in land use planning, and have a fundamental role in sustainability. In particular, the process of exploring and exploiting Oil and Gas (O&G) generates a lot of data that can bring more efficiency to the industry. The opportunities for using data mining techniques in the "digital oil-field" remain largely unexplored or uncharted. The purpose of this special issue is to be a breaking-edge showcase for applications and developments of data mining and knowledge discovery in the area of the geosciences with a special focus in the oil and gas exploration. Researchers are invited to submit original papers presenting novel data mining methodologies or applications to the geosciences, including but not limited to the following topics:

* Oil and gas exploration and production
* Mineral deposit/reservoir identification and characterization
* Exploration of well-log data
* Earth crust analysis and understanding
* Sensor data exploration
* Remote sensing
* Novel data mining problems in the geosciences
* Visualization of big data in the geosciences
* Geoscience data fusion for enhancing data mining solutions
* Data streams analysis in geoscience
* Feature extraction and data transformation from geoscientific data


* Deadline: 1st November 2017
* *Extended deadline*: 8th November 2017
* Notifications: 5th January 2018
* Revised versions deadline: 30th January 2018
* Feedback from editorial team: 15th March 2018
* Final versions: 17th April 2018
* Volume ready: June 2018


* Authors are encouraged to submit high-quality, original work that has neither appeared in, nor is under consideration by, other journals.
* All papers will be reviewed following standard reviewing procedures for the Journal.
* Papers must be prepared in accordance with the Journal guidelines.
* Submit manuscripts to: http://DAMI.edmgr.com. Choose “Data Mining for Geosciences” as the article type.


The original call from Springer can be downloaded in PDF format at https://goo.gl/f8jDHw.

For further information please refer to the special issue homepage at dm4og.inesctec.pt/dmkd-special-issue. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact the guest editors through Alípio Jorge (amjorge@fc.up.pt), with cc to Rui Lopes (rui.l.lopes@inesctec.pt)
Einführung der Lean-Startup-Methode mit MATLAB zur Entwicklung von Algorithmen für Big-Data-Analysen
Ein Team der Credit Suisse entwickelte mit dem Lean-Startup-Ansatz mit MATLAB eine Big-Data-Anwendung zur Identifizierung potenzieller Kunden und sparte so 300.000 USD an Softwarekosten.
MATLAB オーディオ処理アルゴリズムを使用した絶滅の危機に瀕したフクロウ種の保護
富士通九州ネットワーク テクノロジーズは森で録音されたオーディオからシマフクロウの鳴き声の独特なパターンを自動的に認識する MATLAB® アプリケーションを開発しました。
Re: drawingMesh function (Matlab Codes for FEA, Ferreira)
Em quinta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2011 18:56:10 UTC-3, RogerB . escreveu:
> I have been using codes provided from the book, Matlab codes for finite element analysis solids and structures, and I have come across a few functions (drawaingMesh, rectangularMesh and drawingField). I have Matlab2007 and I am not sure if these are inbuilt functions in Matlab or Mr Ferreira has produced it himself.
> Normally any functions he uses are given at the end of the code but not this, it is not anywhere in the entire book.
> Can anyone help with this or tell me where I can find similar functions that do the same job please.
> Thanks in advance!

Hi everybody,

I have the same problem. My Matlab is 2016. The site Springer Nature doesn´t work. If somebody know the solution, please, contact me.

Reinsurance: Actuarial and Statistical Aspects

Reinsurance: Actuarial and Statistical Aspects provides a survey of both the academic literature in the field as well as challenges appearing in reinsurance practice and puts the two in perspective. The book is written for researchers with an interest in reinsurance problems, for graduate students with a basic knowledge of probability and statistics as well as for reinsurance practitioners. The focus of the book is on modelling together with the statistical

Re: How to speed up the code
On 21-Oct-17 6:55 AM, Sama wrote:

> Thank you very much for your reply, however, I didn't get ''one of the
> builtin solvers'' would you please suggest one?


   doc ode45

Re: How to remove "Search Documentation" box in toolstrip
On Monday, May 2, 2016 at 7:13:09 AM UTC-4, Yair Altman wrote:
> 2460acc@gmail.com wrote in message <8cde6093-5339-4faf-9f62-dc984ddc3b5f@googlegroups.com>...
> > And even better, replace it with a regular search box for searching the current document?
> Here's how to remove the current "Search Documentation" box in the toolstrip (note: strictly speaking it is not part of the toolstrip but a separate component within the same container panel as the toolstrip and the QAB [=Quick Access Bar]):
> jDesktop = com.mathworks.mde.desk.MLDesktop.getInstance;
> jPanel = jDesktop.getMainFrame.getQuickAccessBar.getComponent.getParent.getParent;
> jSearchBox = jPanel.getComponent(jPanel.getComponentCount-1);
> jPanel.remove(jSearchBox);
> To add your own components you could use jPanel.add(myJComponent). Naturally this would require some Java experience to create a functional Java component. But for removing the existing search box using the code snippet above you do not need any Java experience.
> Yair Altman
> http://UndocumentedMatlab.com

Hi Yair,

This is great. Just one small change. Use "-2" for search box. Use "-1" for login box (which is still useful).

jSearchBox = jPanel.getComponent(jPanel.getComponentCount-2);

Thank you very much.
Re: ebgm code
please give me source code in david_ahmad24@yahoo.com
Re: faster (vectorization) of code
dpb" wrote in message <osd0s9$1ak2$1@gioia.aioe.org>...
> On 20-Oct-17 8:28 AM, Michal Kvasnicka wrote:
> > Permutation: [2 4 3 1 5 8 7 6] is possible to decomposed to 5 cycles:
> >
> > 1 2 4
> >
> > 3
> >
> > 5
> >
> > 6 8
> >
> > 7
> If you say so...what produces those five results?
> --

OK ... never mind. There are others, who knows more about that:
Innovative smart watch and smart ring
Researchers have developed a smart watch that takes the user to another dimension and a smart ring that provides powerful feedback.
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