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How to Overcome the Complexities of Mobile App Development
In this expert e-guide, explore how organizations are adapting to the growing complexity of mobile app development with mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) platforms and a hybrid approach to cultivating mobile developer skills. Published by: Applause
App Testing and ALM: Selecting Your Tools for the Cloud
In this expert e-guide, Tom Nolle examines what it takes to create effective app testing and ALM techniques for cloud development. From test data management to horizontal integration, explore the key considerations for app testing in the cloud, and discover tips on what to look for when buying app testing and ALM tools. Published by: Applause
Organisierte Kriminalität: Beute dank Kryptowährung verzehnfacht
Der riesige Anstieg geht allerdings auf eine internationale Gruppe von Geldwäschern und Anlagebetrügern zurück.
DevOps, Low-Code, and the Democratization of App Development
In this expert e-guide, learn about the debate about which parts – if any – of app development should be handled by LOB employees and IT professionals other than developers themselves. Enter the discussion and find out how DevOps and no-code/low-code tools are reshaping the way cloud and mobile apps are being built. Published by: Applause
Google gibt AR-Plattform Tango auf
Google stellt die Entwicklung seiner Augmented-Reality-Umgebung "Tango" für Smartphones wie erwartet ein. Der Support endet am 1. März 2018. Das Nachfolgeprojekt "ARCore" stand bereits fest.
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