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Entwicklung vorerst eingestellt: Notebooks mit Touch-Displays sind nicht gefragt
Mehrere Notebook-Hersteller sollen die Entwicklung von Touch-Geräten gestoppt haben. Nutzer bevorzugten Maus und Tastatur, bei Detachables sowie Ultrabooks sei Touch noch gefragt. (Display, Notebook)
Information Lifecycle Governance Leader - Reference Guide
Data is growing at unprecedented rates. But how much of it is useful to your business? Read this leader guide from the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council (CGOC) to learn ...
OS X bash Update 1.0 - For all OS X
Today Apple release a update for the Shellshock vulnerability.
Tripleplay blijft duur in België
Wij vergeleken de verschillende tripleplayformules, dat zijn combipakketten voor internet, digitale tv en vaste telefonie. Wat blijkt? De drie groten, Belgacom, Telenet en VOO, hebben nog steeds 90% van de markt in handen, hoewel er wel degelijk lagere tarieven te vinden zijn!
Shellshock Patches Not Enough
From the It's only just begun... dept.:
The Shellshock vulnerability in the commonly used Bash command line interpreter shell is likely to require more patches, as security researchers continue to unearth further problems in the code.

Google security researcher Michal "lcamtuf" Zalewski has disclosed to iTnews that over the past two days he has discovered two previously unaddressed issues in the Bash function parser, one of which is as bad as the original Shellshock vulnerability.
Comparative Analysis of IPV6 Based IS-IS and OSPF-V3 Protocols
In this paper, the authors deal with the critical issues of OSPF V3 & IS-IS in IPV6. As IPV6 is becoming popular day-by-day; due to its wide range of applications; and great hierar...
Welcome to the NEW Sling Community
Hello fellow Sling enthusiasts! As some of you have noticed, we have upgraded our Sling community software. With this new look and feel comes several new features. We will expand on these new features/upgrades over the next few days, but in the meantime
Brave Frontier: Fun guaranteed

The mobile game industry has come a long way in recent years. A variety of high-quality games can now be found in the Play Store and our latest review candidate Brave Frontier is undoubtedly one such example.

Why Brave Frontier casts a spell on the player, and whether there is long-term motivation to stick with it, you can learn in today's review!

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MeteoEarth: Pocket-sized animated world weather

For those who have tried out WeatherPro, MeteoEarth is likely to provide the weather much more realistically on your smartphone or tablet; displaying the world’s weather on a 3D globe which can be explored using a number of figure gestures. The app offers a great amount of detail, and continuous zoom, as well as various prediction options- enough to impress even the most fanatic of weather aficionados. The app can currently be purchased at a special price of £0.99 in the Google Play Store (normal price £3,99). Whether you should spend 99p on MeteoEarth will be explored in detail in this app review.

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ADV: 4 redenen om smartphonebeveiliging vandaag serieus te nemen
Smartphones van medewerkers op het bedrijfsnetwerk zijn een grote zorg voor netwerkbeheerders. De apparaten vol spelletjes en privé-apps slaan grote gaten in de zorgvuldig opgeworpen beschermingswallen die bedrijfsgegevens en –systemen moeten beschermen.
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