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Taiwan ICT vendors have to offer turnkey solutions in Indonesia market: Q&A with TAITRA representative
Taiwan has adopted a New Southbound Policy eyeing trade opportunities from ASEAN and South Asia economies. The government-sponsored Taiwan External Trade...
Software definer wants you to befriend the 'BFC', do a bit of 'reverse virtualization

What's that, TidalScale? The Big Friendly what?

Analysis  TidalScale is building a software-defined server product. But how would that work, as it needs to run in a server and you can’t really redefine the server you are running in, can you?…

Поставки ноутбуков выросли во втором квартале на 3,6%
Поставки ноутбуков выросли во втором квартале на 3,6%

По данным TrendForce, мировые поставки ноутбуков во втором квартале выросли на 3,6% в годовом исчислении и составили 39,96 млн единиц.

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Квартальный доход Fujifilm превысил 5 млрд долл.

Fujifilm отчиталась за третий квартал своего 2018 финансового года. Компания получила доход в 5,15 млрд долл., что на 4,7% больше в годовом сравнении. Прибыль достигла 285,6 млн долл., увеличившись в 3,6 раза.

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The Why and How of Great Corporate Voiceovers - Sponsored by CPSL, Language Services
From the smallest start-ups to multinational corporations, an increasing number of companies are now using voiceovers to bring credibility, closeness and a human touch to their corporate communication materials. The right human voice is able to reach out and engage culturally diverse audiences in a dialogue. What's more, voiceovers offer countless possibilities for multilingual adaptation of prime content.
Dr. Graham Dixon à la tête du département R&D chez Zaluvida
Dr. Graham Dixon a été choisi lundi, pour prendre la tête du département R&D chez le groupe Zaluvida,...
New NIST draft embeds privacy into US govt security for the first time

Federal agency addresses the new world of Alexa, smart cameras and IoT

A draft of new IT security measures by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has for the first time pulled privacy into its core text as well as expanded its scope to include the internet of things and smart home technology.…

Where there's smoke there's a Galaxy Note: refurbished Model 4 batteries recalled

Phablets sent to AT&T customers with batteries from FedEx are at risk

Samsung's got another combustible phablets SNAFU on its hands, after the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled the batteries used in its Galaxy Note 4.…

Lenovo expects data centre profits in two years, if it can fix China

For now the company is just happy with growth for the first time since buying IBM's servers

Lenovo has reported flat quarter-on-quarter revenue, but is content to have achieved that as it reflects stabilisation in its data centre and mobile businesses.…

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