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Enermax Debuts Four PSU Lines, New Cases And Coolers At Computex
Enermax revealed four new PSU lines at Computex 16, along with some new cases, cooling solutions and several audio products.
Primeros pasos para crear un robot capaz de sentir
Investigadores de la Universidad de Leibniz están desarrollando un sistema nervioso artificial que podía enseñarle a los robos a sentir dolor. Presentaron los avances en una conferencia en Suecia y afirman que mejorar la seguridad. 
Высшая ипотечная лига: изменения в прозрачности условий

В проекте Высшая ипотечная лига в качестве индикатора конкуренции выбрана рыночная доля коммерческого банка на ипотечном рынке. Оценим воздействие ипотечного кредитора на своего потенциального заемщика. Начнем с простого вопроса о доступе к ипотечным продуктам на интернет-сайте банка. Исследуем скорость поиска условий и их наглядность.

Bugtraq: WebKitGTK+ Security Advisory WSA-2016-0004
WebKitGTK+ Security Advisory WSA-2016-0004
The Big Uneasy, by Nathan Heller, New Yorker

All across Oberlin—a school whose norms may run a little to the left of Bernie Sanders—there was instead talk about “allyship”: a more contemporary answer to the challenges of pluralism. If you are a white male student, the thought goes, you cannot know what it means to be, say, a Latina; the social and the institutional worlds respond differently to her, and a hundred aggressions, large and small, are baked into the system. You can make yourself her ally, though—deferring to her experience, learning from her accounts, and supporting her struggles. You can reach for unity in difference.

On February 25th, TheTower.org published an article that included screenshots from the Facebook feed of Joy Karega, an assistant professor of rhetoric and composition at Oberlin. The posts suggested, among other things, that Zionists had been involved in the 9/11 plot, that isis was a puppet of Mossad and the C.I.A., and that the Rothschild family owned “your news, the media, your oil, and your government.” The posts did not sit well with everyone at Oberlin, where, weeks earlier, a group of alumni and students had written the president with worries about anti-Semitism on campus; the board of trustees denounced Karega’s Facebook activities. As a teacher, however, she’d been beloved by many students and considered an important faculty advocate for the school’s black undergraduates. The need for allyship became acute. And so, with spring approaching, students and faculty at one of America’s most progressive colleges felt pressured to make an awkward judgment: whether to ally themselves with the black community or whether to ally themselves with the offended Jews.

ZTE all'attacco con Axon 7
La strategia cinese prevede anche il suo primo visore VR e l'apertura di 23 nuovi flasgship store. Per riguadagnare il terreno perduto nel mercato mobile
82% программного обеспечения в Украине остается нелицензионным

В прошлом году в Украине 82% программного обеспечения, установленного на компьютерах, было нелицензионным. Об этом свидетельствуют данные глобального исследования «Seizing Opportunity Through License Compliance» ассоциации BSA.

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Поставки Wintel-ноутбуков продолжают снижаться

Как сообщает Digitimes Research, в апреле нынешнего года глобальные поставки Wintel-ноутбуков (без учета моделей со съемной клавиатурой) от пяти ведущих вендоров достигли 7,38 млн устройств.

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NuTonomy, la empresa que busca automatizar Uber
Propone un servicio de transporte como Uber pero con autos autónomos. Ya logró recuadar 16 millones de dólares en financiamiento. Actualmente está en un período de pruebas en Singapur. 
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