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3BLACKDOT Snags Machinima Vet For Game Development Effort
Los Angeles-based 3BLACKDOT--founded by Machina Vets Angelo Pullen, Luke Stepleton, Adam Montoya, and Tom Cassell--said Tuesday that it has snagged another Machinima vet, Marwan Abderrazzaq, to head up game development at the company. Abderrazzaq was previously Director of Franchise at Machinima. The company said that he worked with Warner Bros. and Microsoft on premium content efforts tied with Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, Mortal Kombat: Legacy II and Street Fighter: Assassins Fist....
Flywheel Targets LA Airport Rides With Advance Booking
Flywheel, the venture backed startup offering up an Uber-like experience for users--except via licensed taxi and transportation services--is rolling out advanced booking to Los Angeles users this week. According to Flywheel, the new service lets customers pre-book a ride to the airport, via either its iOS or Android apps. The company had been offering up pre-booking over the last month for the San Francisco area....
Intuit Chops 120 In Woodland Hills
Financial software developer Intuit is cutting 120 employees in Woodland Hills, according to a state Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, part of a larger cut involving locatoins in Illinois, Virginia, and Arizona. The layoffs--first uncovered by the San Fernando Business Journal--apparently are due to a shift at the company towards more cloud-based services....

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