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Poronhoitoalueella kaadettiin 44 karhua
Suomen riistakeskus on määrännyt karhunmetsästyksen poronhoitoalueella lopetetuksi, koska itäisen poronhoitoalueen alueellinen 30 karhun kiintiö täyttyi maanantaina.
Des dinosaures aux oiseaux : une brusque bouffée d’espèces ?
Après avoir analysé une série de squelettes de dinosaures à deux ...
Waste Cooking Oil-Powered Trucks ...
Ultra Biofuel incorporating waste cooking oil now be...
Turbine "Jacket" Installation Solution UK-Bound
Novel approach to wind turbine installation will be put through its paces during UK waters-based trials, after debuting in the North Sea last month
Obama Expands Protected Pacific Mar...
US President Barack Obama expands existing Pacific Remote Islands Marine Na...
Your 10-Day Forecast for Alabama, NY
Today: Mostly Cloudy & High 72°F / Low 55°F.--- Wed: Partly Cloudy & High 74°F / Low 55°F.--- Thu: Mostly Sunny & High 76°F / Low 57°F.--- Fri: & Beyond.... For more details?
Pollen Trend for Alabama, NY
Steady. View complete PollenCast?
Current Weather Conditions In Alabama, NY
Mostly Cloudy, and 72 ° F. For more details?
Your Local Doppler Radar
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
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