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Star Citizen Free Fly
The Roberts Space Industries website informs us that the Fall 2016 Free Fly is now underway for Star Citizen, the upcoming space exploration and combat game. There is just a very brief, saying: "The...
IoT Makes the Perfect Microwave Burrito
Creating a Microwave Oven IoT Application
Evening Patches
Oriental Empires major patch released. Team Fortress 2 update released.
World of Tanks Blitz Beta Weekend
Steam News announces a beta weekend is underway for World of Tanks Blitz, offering the chance to check out this upcoming free-to-play tank MOBA. Word is: Play in the World of Tanks Blitz Beta Weekend...
Killing Room Released
Killing Room is now available on Steam, offering a Rogue-like first-person shooter for Windows with a parody reality show element. Alda Games' release features randomly generated levels with unique...
Shadow Warrior 2 Sales Soar; Free Content Coming
Devolver Digital announces a successful launch for Shadow Warrior 2, Flying Wild Hog's just-released sequel. They say this has sold four times as many copies as their first installment in the shooter...
Skyrim Special Edition Trailer
With the Skyrim Special Edition expected next week, Bethesda Softworks offers a new trailer from this updated edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and its add-ons. The clip includes gameplay from...
Scream Fortress VIII Begins
The Team Fortress 2 website announces Scream Fortress VIII is now underway in Team Fortress 2. Just over a week ago they revealed this would be a smaller event since they are working on a Pyro pack,...
How to Share Lib Between Cores When Using solr
Recording one solution to share lib between solr cores
Evening Mobilization
Samsung Introduces 8 GB LPDDR4-4266 Package for Mobile Devices.
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