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Where's IGN's The Sims 4 Review?

Because EA did not provide advance review copies of The Sims 4 until just hours ago, we were unable to produce our usual review in time for tonight's launch. You can expect our full review early next week, but in the meantime we'll be updating this page regularly with written and video review-in-progress impressions of how The Sims 4 stacks up. For everything we knew about it before release, check out our Sims 4 character creation preview and house-building preview.

If you're playing, please tell us what you think in the comments, and help us build The Sims 4 wiki!

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Hundreds of Developers Call On You To End The Hate

Hundreds of AAA and independent video game developers and publishers are signing an open letterto the gaming community to end hateful speech, harassment and make the community a more inclusive place to occupy.

The letter, created by Independent Game Designer Andreas Zecher, reads the following:

We believe that everyone, no matter what gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion has the right to play games, criticize games and make games without getting harassed or threatened. It is the diversity of our community that allows games to flourish.

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Under the Dome: "The Fall" Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow...

To say the absolute least about "The Fall" (if one were scraping to find something in its favor), it figured out a way to keep everyone inside the dome. By the end of the episode, all hopes for escape were nixed as the underground chasm sealed itself up - complete with jagged stalagmites for Phil to impale himself on. Bye, Phil. You sure were an interesting, layered, consistent character.

And, to be honest, Barbie and Julia had started to come up with a halfway decent plan to get everyone out of Chester's Mill. Then they trusted Big Jim. I repeat - they trusted Big Jim. For absolutely no reason. Oh yeah, that's right. His family was inside the dome. His crazy son who he's been arguing with since the Season 1 premiere and his wife who he recently discovered had faked her death and abandoned him and Junior just so she could go live one town over. They were sure to keep Jim straight.

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Titanfall Update Six Dated

Titanfall will receive update six on Xbox one and PC tomorrow, developer Respawn Entertainment revealed on Twitter today, introducing new game mode Pilot Skirmish and the permanency of the Marked for Death mode.

Pilot Skirmish removes the AI non-playable characters and Titans and increases the player count to 16 people with two teams of eight. Marked for Death mode, where one pilot from each team becomes the target for a limited period of time, is now a permanent game mode and won’t be replaced by another.

Update six sees the integration of three colorblind options, including protanopia, deuteranopia and tritanopia. As previously outlined, the update also features a slew of new changes to the burn card economy, bug fixes and game balances.

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Pure PHP Text Render
Render text in an image in pure PHP
This class can render text in an image in pure PHP...

Read more at http://www.phpclasses.org/package/8762-PHP-Render-text-in-an-image-in-pure-PHP.html#2014-09-01-13:41:27
Cron PHP Job Manager (New)
Load and run periodic jobs executed by classes
This class can load and run periodic jobs executed by classes...

Read more at http://www.phpclasses.org/package/8770-PHP-Load-and-run-periodic-jobs-executed-by-classes.html
Checker (New)
Validate the values of function arguments
This class can validate the values of function arguments...

Read more at http://www.phpclasses.org/package/8758-PHP-Validate-the-values-of-function-arguments.html
JSFCentral Episode 32: Shay Shmeltzer discusses Oracle's ADF Mobile and ADF Faces Rich Client
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Enterprise Java Newscast - Episode 20 - May 2014
In this episode, Kito, Ian, and Daniel discuss new releases from Spring, JBoss, ICEsoft, PrimeFaces, Apache, IBM, and TypeSafe. They also discuss build tools, the future of JS...
Enterprise Java Newscast - Episode 16 - July 2013
In this episode, Kito, Ian, and Daniel cover new releases from SpringSource, PrimeFaces, ICEsoft, JBoss, IBM, Oracle, an TypeSafe. They also try out recording the newscast usi...
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