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August Software Update

It may appear quiet but lots is happening behind the scenes at www.chrisdunn.name.

The SQL driven reporting framework for Print Queue Manager 6 is nearing completion and the first version will be released shortly to members. Additional new features in the next version include the ability to import/export application settings.

A new program called Alerts will be released shortly. This is a broadcast messaging application which requires no backend infrastructure. This small clickonce application allows any business, ideal for service providers, managed services providers and software as a service providers, to create user accounts for their clients and broadcast status messages. All data is generated in a single XML data file encrypted using a combination of MD5 and SHA1 security that can be easily posted on any website. Upon login users receive the latest updates from your XML and a callback feature allows you to check when customers have last logged in and received an update. Messages are formatted in HTML allowing ultimate flexibility in their look and feel, the application refresh rate, notification size and more. This is in final testing stages with documentation and a release to come shortly.

use strict;
Cache response to be polite
Qooxdoo JSON-RPC support for the Mojolicious Perl framework
IO::Async support for SPORE REST definitions
Object Oriented Interface for the Instagram REST and Search APIs
An application to run a single instance of a command
Qooxdoo JSON-RPC support for the Mojolicious Perl framework
An application to run a single instance of a command
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