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Arrow: "The Man Under the Hood" Review

Warning: full episode spoilers follow.

Arrow returned from its (thankfully) final hiatus of the season for this last batch of five episodes. And there was certainly no lost momentum from the week off, as Ollie's war with Slade took ever darker and more dramatic turns. The show continues to capitalizes on months of effective build-up as it maneuvers these two deadly enemies closer and closer to their final confrontation. It was only the odd inclusion of some setup material for the Flash TV series that kept this episode from rivaling the best of Season 2.

"The Man Under the Hood" opened with our heroes finally going on the offensive for a change, electing to destroy Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences building before Slade could claim his centrifuge. It was fun seeing Felicity joining Ollie, Diggle, and Sara for a little black ops action, even if she clearly wasn't very adept at staying quiet and hidden. After weeks of trying to go it alone, Ollie has finally learned the value of teamwork.

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