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Japanese Xbox One Boss Resigns Post After Poor Sales

Takashi Sensui has resigned as chief of Xbox in Japan and will instead relocate to the company's US headquarters. He will be replaced by Takahasi Minami, who joined the company in July after 25 years at Sony.

The change comes amid ongoing struggles for the Xbox One in Japan, where the console is failing to perform as well as either the Xbox 360 or original Xbox did.

The current tally for Xbox One sales sits at 38,461. Seeing as the console sold 23,562 of these back in the four days following launch in September, it seems progress has stalled somewhat. The Xbox 360 sold double these numbers in its first two days back in 2005.

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Getting the Creative Juices Flowing with LittleBigPlanet 3

You know how it is, you get in from a hard day in the real world and all you want to do to take the edge off is kick back, relax and save a princess/score goals/slaughter space goblins. For some, though, switching on the console is the start of a process that to many of us sounds suspiciously like work.

For these people, exploring the building blocks, Boolean logic and platform placement of LittleBigPlanet’s powerful toolset is a compelling act of self-expression; an irresistible opportunity to go beyond simply participating in play to actively collaborating on design and, in doing so, to help expand the series’ already expansive boundaries.

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Far Cry 4 Update 2 Out Now on Xbox

Far Cry 4's second update will address several issues affecting gameplay on both Xbox consoles.

"We are still working at improving your gaming experience," says Ubisoft, "and will keep you updated of upcoming patches in the near future."

The patch - which is rolling out now across Xbox One and 360 - seeks to fix a whole raft of problems, including: story mission progression page issues, shop menu functionality, missing radio call audio and QTE issues with some of Kyrat's animal life. It will also address some localisation troubles such as incorrect subtitles and cut-off text.

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IGN UK Podcast #256: Avatarse

"It'll make you s**t yourself", said James Cameron after listening to this week's IGN UK Podcast. Well, technically he didn't say it about the podcast (and we're not sure he listens to the podcast), but we talk about him saying it on the podcast so it's the same thing, right? Yes, the Avatar director has promised the next three films will terrorise colons the world over, but Gav, Alex and Rory are a bit indifferent.

There's a lot more excitement for Jurassic World though, and while Advance Warfare's zombie mode gets the thumbs up from most of the team, Rory's not convinced. But he's only reached level 50 in previous Call of Duty games so what does he know, eh?

So suit up and get this party started!

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Sony Balks at Renewing FIFA Partnership

Sony will not renew its sponsorship contract with FIFA when it expires at the end of the year, Nikkei reports, apparently opting to channel the funds into structural reforms.

Sony has been an “official partner” and FIFA sponsor for the past eight years in a contract worth 33 billion yen (approximately $280 million USD). "The existing contract with Sony runs until 31 December 2014 and we are currently in discussions with the brand," a A FIFA spokesman said in a statement issued to press.

Sony, allegedly, is the second body this month deciding not continue its support after Emirates Airline officially announced the conclusion of its partnership with the organization.

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Ni No Kuni Developer Working on New PS4 Title

Level-5 Games has revealed it plans to announce a new PS4 title at E3 2015.

Gematsu reports the news comes courtesy of company boss Akihiro Hino, who said in a livestream that the studio behind titles like White Knight Chronicles, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and Fantasy Life will be unveiling a new game.

Appearing on the stream to talk about White Knight Chronicles II - as the game is free to PS Plus subscribers in Japan this month - Hiro said he wanted to make a new title that exceeds the scale of White Knight Chronicles.

While we don't know if the title will be a PS4-exclusive or not, speculation is already rife about what we may be seeing. As for us? Well, our fingers are crossed for a sequel to the incredibly beautiful Ni No Kuni. If you haven't already, be sure to check out our review of the truly unique title.

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