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Some thoughts on recent events (repost)

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It was suggested by Monty that the posts I've made about MariaDBare for publicity. This simply isn't true. I would have muchpreferred a different outcome in my interactions with MariaDB. Ifigured that they would end up giving me a hard time, and I'd bestubborn and we'd both hate each other for as long as I couldkeep from leaving. A quick separation actually seems much betterin such context. Regardless, I would have preferred to speakamicably to the MariaDB Corporation about switching the licenseback, or at least moving to the new license at the time of thenotification of the community, ie, changing the license so …

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Apple announces iPhone 7 event is taking place on Sept. 7th
Apple has confirmed what we've known all along: its iPhone 7 is going to be revealed on September 7th.
Japan Is Getting A Special Metal Gear Bundle
Both current-gen Metal Gear games look as though they'll be included in the package. 
OpenStack Days East — MySQL Options in OpenStack

I recently had the pleasure of attending the first OpenStack DaysEast conference in NYC. This was the first OpenStack Daysevent that we’ve had on the East Coast of the US, but I hope thatit’s the first of many!…

Batman Star-Director Ben Affleck Teases Deathstroke

Batman star Ben Affleck has revealed a mysterious teaser on his social media accounts depicting the DC villain Deathstroke in action.

While Affleck is currently shooting Justice League in London, he also has a standalone Batman movie in the works which he will co-write and direct in addition to starring in. It's unclear which of these projects the Deathstroke footage is related to. Check out the video below:

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EA: PS4 Neo, Xbox Scorpio 'Absolutely' Great for Industry

Electronic Arts is very excited about Sony and Microsoft's forthcoming console upgrades, according to company executive Peter Moore.

When asked whether or not the hardware revisions we're seeing with Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Neo are good for the industry, EA's Chief Competition Officer responded with a definitive "absolutely" on the latest episode of IGN Unfiltered, which airs next Tuesday.

Moore said there was "huge excitement the moment they were announced," highlighting the fact that "it extends console generations" and may bring forth a time when we no longer have traditional hardware launches like we've seen in prior generations.

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Mutant Mudds Dev Renegade Kid Shuts Down

After working together for 10 years at Renegade Kid, co-founders Jools Watsham and Gregg Hargrove have decided to go their separate ways and close down the studio.

According to an announcement from the studio, Watsham will continue to develop games at his new company Atooi, while Hargrove will go on to make games at his new studio Infitizmo. The closure of Renegade Kid was a "difficult decision" for Watsham and Hargrove, whose parting of ways is said to be on good terms.

All of Renegade Kid's 2D titles, including the critically acclaimed Mutant MuddsMutant Mudds Deluxe and Treasurenauts, will be owned by Atooi. Meanwhile, Infitizmo will acquire the rights to the 3D games, including the Dementium franchise and Moon Chronicles, the latter of which is a 3DS-exclusive remake of the hit 2009 DS game Moon.

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Yoga Hosers Review

At the end of the credits for Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers, there is a line proclaiming that the main characters, the Colleens, will return in the future. The name of their next movie is even given. Whether this is intended as a joke or a promise, those who have watched Yoga Hosers are more apt to view it as a threat.

With the movie, Smith—who, as he regularly does, serves as both writer and director—revisits characters and themes we have seen before. However, rather than functioning as a greatest hits moment for Smith, Yoga Hosers serves up a bunch of lowlights.

Smith returns to his last film, Tusk, to find the main characters – Colleen McKenzie (Harley Quinn Smith, Kevin Smith's daughter) and Colleen Collette (Lily-Rose Depp). In Tusk, the younger Smith and Depp play cameo roles as Canadian convenience store clerks working at the Eh-2-Zed. They have little to do and it functions mainly as an amusing reference to Smith's previous convenience store- and mall-based films.

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Watch Dogs 2's latest gameplay trailer highlights free-roam and multiplayer options
Ubisoft has made some significant improvements to Watch Dogs 2, and today, a new video has been released to highlight many of them.
AdwCleaner version 5.104
Removes Adware, Toolbars, Unwanted Programs and browser Hijackers.
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