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Overwatch Skill Rating Bug has been squashed ... with malice
Feedback reported it, the testers found it, and the coders killed it.
Rock Band 4 DLC for July 5 includes Hinder and the Pixies
Harmonix reveals more artist track releases for the month.
FAQ: Highlight GridView Row on Click and Retain Selected Row on Postback
Create virtual machines in the cloud using Amazon EC2
Different Ways of Material Design Implementation
Modern Material design and discovering its implementation in different web frameworks
Game of Thrones, Person of Interest and Penny Dreadful Spoiler Chats

The end of June saw some big finales air, as Penny Dreadful and Person of Interest came to an end with series finales, while Game of Thrones wrapped up its big sixth season.

After some news on recent renewals for Preacher, 12 Monkeys and Curb Your Enthusiasm (welcome back!), we focus on spoiler-packed conversations on those aforementioned series and what we thought of their seasons overall. For those who want to skip past those spoilers, here's some time code for ya!

00:00-16:00: Preacher, 12 Monkeys and Curb Your Enthusiasm renewals

16:30-29:15: Penny Dreadful spoiler discussion, including the series finale

29:15-45:00: Person of Interest spoiler discussion, including the series finale

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The Origins of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

In the three years since a Shin Megami Tensei / Fire Emblem crossover was first announced, the project has changed a lot. Rather than mashing together existing characters from separate games in the style of Persona Q, Atlus instead took a battle system inspired by SMT and spinoff Persona and added Fire Emblem characters to the mix.

In an interview with IGN, Atlus producer Shinjiro Takata and Nintendo designer Hitoshi Yamagami explained how the project evolved from the team’s original vision.

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The Bootstrap 3 Grid Deconstructed
Login Functionality in MVC using Form Authentication
GridView: Dynamic Cascading DropDownList using JavaScript
It's been a while since we've had a religious brawl.
The Woods, Cell and 31 to Play FrightFest

The line-up for the 2016 edition of FrightFest has been announced, and it features a whopping 63 films and 19 world premieres.

The London genre festival opens with Sean Brosnan's revenge thriller My Father Die and closes with Sang-ho Yeon's Train to Buscan.

In between highlights include...

Cell - a Stephen King adaptation that reunites 1408 co-stars John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson and revolves around a mysterious pulse being transmitted through phones and turning the population into murderous predators (see brand-new trailer below).

31 - Rob Zombie's newest bloody opus, which pits carnival workers against deadly clowns.

The Woods - the filmmakers behind You're Next and The Guest craft a woodland horror about a group of college kids who discover they aren't alone on a camping trip.

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