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Battlefield 1 campaign trailer looks death in the eye - from a lot of angles
Lots of punching, shooting and killing to go with the human interest.
Battlefield 1 Single-Player Details & Trailer
The Battlefield website has a new feature on "the single player of Battlefield 1" (thanks ASLayerAODsk) though the omitted hyphen probably doesn't really mean they expect the game to sell only one...
Viado lance un service vidéo facile à prendre en main
Viadeo a annoncé ce mardi l’ouverture d’un service vidéo destiné aux utilisateurs qui n’aiment pas bidouiller. Ceux (...)
Using the super_read_only system variable

This blog post will discuss how to use theMySQL super_read_only system variable.

It is well known that replica servers in a master/slaveconfiguration, to avoid breaking replication due to duplicatekeys, missing rows or other similar issues, should not receivewrite queries. It’s a good practice to set


 on slave servers to prevent any (accidental) writes.Servers acting as replicas will NOT be in read-only modeautomatically by default.



 has an historical issue: users with the SUPER privilegecan override the setting and could still run DMLqueries. Since Percona Server 5.6.21 and MySQL 5.7.8, however,you can use the


 feature to extend the

read_only …
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