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Linux 3.16.y.z Extended Stable Support
The Ubuntu kernel team has announced that they will be providing extended support for the 3.16 kernel series. The team will pick up where Greg Kroah-Hartman left off, with 3.16.7, and will provide support until April 2016.
Microsoft 'Loves' Linux? Then Stop Attacking Open Source
If Microsoft wants to show it is a member of the Linux community worthy of respect, it will take more than smiles and pink hearts.
The Benefits of Software Defined Networking
How one telecoms company benefited from Software Defined Networking (SDN)...
Has The Sky Fallen? Qualcomm Contributes To Freedreno's DRM/KMS Driver
In an interesting change of events, Code Aurora on the behalf of the Qualcomm Innovation Center has added Adreno A4xx product support to the Freedreno-spawned DRM/KMS "MSM" driver...
Running & Monitoring Docker Containers at Scale #re:Invent
Containerization (à la Docker) is increasing the elastic nature of cloud infrastructure by an order of magnitude. If you have adopted Docker, or are considering it, you are probably facing questions like:...
Sanbolic Talks: Replication with Data Corruption Protection
When architecting an Enterprise Storage solution one main concern is Disaster Recovery (DR). DR is a major undertaking due to costs, resources, infrastructure, and many other factors. Even with the obstacles in order to design the right solution a solution is needed. DR should never be overlooked or under tested....
BYOD, BYOA dream can create shadow IT nightmare
In an office somewhere in Sydney, a mobile phone beeps and is checked. It's a tech support email for an HR manager with a request to change her corporate password. She clicks irritably....
Fronting Citrix XenMobile MDM with NetScaler
Here is a simple and straightforward document to get you started. Jon and I have provided a port layout so that you can load balance with the NetScaler device. In doing so, you ensure the placement of your MDM server securely inside your datacenter while the NetScaler handles the DMZ traffic....
ThinIO facts and figures, Part 4: Storage design and dangerous assumptions.  
Welcome back to this blog series discussing our new product ThinIO. Please find the below three earlier articles in this series:ThinIO facts and figures, Part 1: VDI and Ram caching.ThinIO facts and figures, Part 2: The Bootstorm chestnut.ThinIO facts and figures, Part 3: RDS and Ram caching.In the final blog post in this series, we're going to discuss storage design and a frequent problem face when sizing storage. Lets get right into it:"Designing for average, is designing for failure"Peak IOP...
Download 'Azure Readiness Content
The Azure Readiness Content provides a set of presentations and demos designed to help learn the latest Microsoft Azure features and services....
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