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PlayStation Plus Games for March Offers Tearaway Unfolded, Disc Jam
Severed for PS Vita and Earth Defense Force 2025 for PS3 are also on the list.
Super Smash Bros. Melee A.I. Good Enough to Beat Some Pros
The artificial intelligence is the brainchild of a team at MIT.
Kingston Now Shipping a 2TB Flash Drive
This massive USB storage marvel is available for the paltry sum of $1,625.
Xbox Game Pass Won't Change Games With Gold

Xbox Games with Gold will remain unaffected by the new Xbox Game Pass programme.

Yesterday Microsoft announced its new Game Pass subscription service, offering you timed access to a library of games for monthly payments. It differs from Sony's PlayStation Now in that you download these games to your console rather than streaming them.

Kotaku has asked Microsoft to clarify some of the less in-depth points of the announcement, namely whether the new service will change how Games with Gold works.

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Works With PC

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will work with Bluetooth-enabled PCs, a feature Nintendo has not mentioned previously.

As demonstrated by YouTuber DreWoof, the Pro Controller can be synced with a PC via the Windows Bluetooth Settings menu. IGN has independently verified this with its own controller.

However, the controller currently cannot sync with a PC using a USB-C connection (and it also cannot be charged through USB-C while using the Bluetooth connection).

DreWoof has also tested the controller with other devices and programs - Android devices will apparently pair with the controller, but input can be laggy. Steam Big Picture will notionally also work with the controller, but certain games will not function depending on the controller input style supported.

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Nintendo Switch Review In Progress

The Nintendo Switch isn’t unlike a NASA spacecraft, in that nearly every part of it has been specially designed to pull double or even triple duty. The system’s modular design means that it has to function as a traditional home console, a portable system, and stand-alone tablet with wireless controllers. Getting a piece of hardware to do that much while also making it easy to use and understand would be an engineering miracle, and although Nintendo has come close in some regards, it has fallen well short in others. Overall, the Switch is an attractive and powerful but oversized portable gaming system that struggles to be a convincing or reliable home console.

Keep in mind that this review is still tentative, as we haven’t yet had the opportunity to test the Switch’s online capabilities, the eShop store, or a wide variety of games that use the individual Joy-Con as stand-alone controllers. Those functions and others (such as SD card compatibility) won’t be enabled until the launch-day patch, which we’re expecting to see either late Thursday or early Friday. We plan to have this review finalized in the following days.

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4 Things You Need to Know About Alien: Covenant

“Alien was a posh horror film,” says Ridley Scott. “I never think about it as a horror film, it just scared the sh*t out of people. It had too much class, to be conceited about it, to be classified as horror. Nothing wrong with horror but I think of horror as… well I better not get into that too much.”

We’d momentarily caught Scott by a stroke of luck as he prepared to shoot a scene inside a cavernous ceremonial hall, framed by enormous concrete heads of ancient gods, their aquiline features evocative of Prometheus’ Engineers. ‘The Hall of Heads’ was an interesting spot to chat to Scott, as it was a very Prometheus-like set - with all the enormity and gravitas that evokes in your imagination - within a very Alien-like movie.

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Mads Mikkelsen 'Got Lost' Having Death Stranding Plot Explained To Him

Mads Mikkelsen says the Death Stranding plot is so elaborate he found himself "lost", but intrigued to find out more.

Speaking at Saudi Comic-con, Mikkelsen spoke about meeting Kojima, who attempted to explain his new project's storyline:

"He was trying to tell me the full plot of the game, and it's so elaborate that, I mean, I got lost but I really wanted to learn more. It's a big honour to be there.”

The Hannibal actor also discussed how he ended up on the project, crediting an unlikely source for helping him get involved:

“Kojima approached me for this video game and I didn't know what it was,” says Mikkelsen. “And then


told me who he was, and then I

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