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Project Morpheus coming to PlayStation 4 in the first half of 2016

Project Morpheus coming to PlayStation 4 in the first half of 2016Sony announced that the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset is indeed a real product coming to retail, and we can expect a release in the first half of 2016. It was also announced that the PlayStation 4 was designed to offer developers the option of outputting at 120 frames-per-second, a major selling point in the now-competitive world of virtual reality hardware.

[in Polygon]
The secrets behind This War of Mine's emotional impact

11 Bit Studios Pawel Miechowski talks about how disrupting players' expectations, studying their decision-making process and creating opportunities to imagine helped make This War of Mine acclaimed and impactful. ...

Writing presence: How good storytelling helps a VR game feel real

It's hard enough to make a VR game that's comfortable and satisfying to play for extended periods of time; how do you tell a good story in the process -- and why should you bother? ...

Slender: The Arrival Xbox One and PS4 Release Date Unveiled

PS4 vs. Xbox One featureOne of the biggest and most terrifying internet phenomena of recent years is coming to a next-gen console near you. And soon! The Slender: The Arrival Xbox One and PS4 release date was announced today as March 24, just three weeks away. The official video game adaptation of the internet phenomenon, Slender: The Arrival will […]

The post Slender: The Arrival Xbox One and PS4 Release Date Unveiled appeared first on Daily Game.

Just Flight – Tornado VC preview

Just Flight Tornado VC Preview March 15

Thanks to Just Flight last preview of the Tornado they are developing with an internal team, the future pilots can already imagine how close to real life the featured systems will look : Terrain Following Radar, ILS, and TACAN.

The post Just Flight – Tornado VC preview appeared first on simFlight.

Shacknews Live: Crit Camp plays Zombicide

The Crit Camp are back, and tonight, they'll be playing Zombicide starting at 9pm ET. Be sure to set a reminder so you can watch the gang as soon as it starts, and most importantly, try your best to survive the zombie invasion.

Watch live video from Shacknews on www.twitch.tv

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