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Destiny: Vault Space, Fan Art, and Superstitions

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This week Fran is back with Destin discussing the vaults in Destiny, other uses for the d-pad and our favorite Destiny Superstitions. We also showcase some fan art and a group that managed to complete the Crota challenge from a few weeks ago. Download the audio version or watch above.

Also new this week was our community challenge. This time we're challenging you to complete a strike on any difficulty and post your completion time in our Facebook Group. Ideally we would like a full video of your run so get at it and good luck!

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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Review

It’s been over 20 years since I first encountered Final Fantasy IV’s Mist Dragon, but I still remembered that attacking it when it turns into vapor is as futile as punching air. So when she pulled this trick again in Final Fantasy: Record Keeper I ordered my party to defend themselves and wait; the moment the dragon re-emerged, I ordered the dragoon Kain to perform his signature Double Jump move, then had Cloud finish it off with a heavy sword blow. Yes, Cloud. That burst of novelty and nostalgia makes this free-to-play turn-based RPG for mobile devices briefly entertaining, though it began to fade away as I realized that Record Keeper has little depth or breadth.

Record Keeper relies heavily on fans’ knowledge of Final Fantasy lore, and doesn’t waste much time with plot or character development. In doing so, it ends up being a bland presentation of what we know are actually interesting people and places. Each Final Fantasy realm is represented by nothing but a numbered door, and the magical paintings that represent a realm’s story are just screenshots with a brief summary of events below them. There’s no world exploration and very little character interaction, which made Record Keeper’s world and characters feel strangely nebulous. I was especially disappointed that I couldn’t unlock videos of iconic moments from each Final Fantasy, because I would have loved to see Yuna sending souls to the Far Plane (FFX) or re-watch the epic battle between Alexander and Bahamut (Final Fantasy IX).

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Gotham: What's in Store for Riddler?

A new video promoting the final four episodes of FOX's Gotham features Cory Michael Smith speaking about how his character Edward Nygma has evolved -- and what's in store for the man who will be Riddler.

Check it out:

Gotham returns April 13 with its last episodes of season one.

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Someone Made Valve's Faceless Rex Joke Courier

Earlier this month, Valve jokingly shared an image of what one of its Dota 2 characters would look like if he were transformed into a teeny tiny T-Rex.

Now, there's a chance that creature could officially make its way into Dota 2.

His name is Faceless Rex (modeled after the playable hero, Faceless Void), and he's a courier who brings your armor and items to you so you don't have to leave the battlefield. He looks like this:


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Looks Like Ness Amiibo Is GameStop Exclusive

The upcoming fourth wave of Nintendo amiibo will be coming to stores this May, but at least one of them will be a GameStop exclusive. Fan favorite Ness will be available only at the games and tech retailer.

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Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader Gets a North American Release Window

If you don’t have a fancy New Nintendo 3DS, don’t worry: you can still use your amiibo with your handheld using an NFC adapter.

Nintendo announced the NFC reader adapter last year, and we haven’t heard much about it since then. Now, we know it’s coming this fall on the same day as the newly-announced Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. If you’re curious how it's changed, take a look at the new design first, followed by the original image.

nfc reader


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Mario Kart 8's DLC is Coming in April

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced today that Mario Kart 8’s previously announced DLC has been moved up for an April 23 release.

The company unveiled a first look at the new Animal Crossing course during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation. The course features seasons that will switch each time you race. Nintendo also showed off two new rides: a new bike called the City Tripper and the Streetle, a kart that’s shaped like a beetle.

The previously announced Animal Crossing DLC pack includes playable versions of male (and female) Villager, Isabelle, and Dry Bowser. It also includes 8 new courses in the Crossing and Bell cups.

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Mario Kart 8 Is Getting a 200cc Mode

A 200cc mode is coming to Mario Kart 8, Nintendo announced today during its Direct presentation.

200cc is 50cc faster than the series' previous maximum. Nintendo added that when racing at such high speeds, it will be important to master your braking skills.


Every course in the game will allow the 200cc class, and the free update is coming on April 23 alongside Mario Kart 8's second DLC pack, which was detailed today as well.

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Still Miss Firefly? Check Out Rebel Galaxy

From the brief sample I’ve had so far, Rebel Galaxy has already become one of my personal most-anticipated games of 2015. Developed by Double Damage Games (a small team that broke off from Torchlight developer Runic) this space-combat-based action RPG looks tailor-made for anybody whose favorite Star Wars character is Han Solo and still carries a grudge against Fox for canceling Firefly. So basically: me.

There’s a story that you’ll run through (of which I’ve seen only non-spoilery snippets so far), but what’s more interesting is that it takes place in a large, dynamically generated area of space that you’re free to roam and explore. Space feels big, but not empty - in my demo there was definitely no shortage of pirates to fend off and miners and traders to prey on (if you’re into that) and it was densely populated with colorful nebulae, asteroids, planets, and space stations that contribute to a busy backdrop instead of a blank void.

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Agents of SHIELD Inhuman Makes Marvel Comic Debut

Warning: Beware of spoilers for the bonus story in Uncanny Inhumans #0!


The eyeless Inhuman named Gordon from Marvel's Agents of SHIELD TV show made his comic book debut in a bonus story at the end of today's Uncanny Inhumans #0. The story was written by Ryan Stegman with art by Ryan Lee.

Uncanny Avengers #0 Review

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