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Caleb Logan Bratayley: YouTube-Star stirbt im Alter von 13 Jahren
Auf YouTube folgen den Bratayleys rund 1,6 Millionen Zuschauer, die US-Familie ist für ihre lustigen Alltagsvideos bekannt. Jetzt ist eines der drei Kinder gestorben: Caleb Logan Bratayley wurde 13 Jahre alt.
​CSC to acquire UXC for $428m
CSC has announced plans to acquire the shares of UXC (ASX: UXC) for $428 million, subject to board approvals.
Pinterest Expands Its E-commerce Program

The social network has found that allowing customers to shop on Pinterest pages is a very, very profitable idea.

Pinterest is expanding its Buyable Pins platform in a big way. The e-commerce project, which gives customers the ability to buy items on Pinterest without leaving the site, just picked up tens of thousands of merchants in a single swoop. In a blog post, Pinterest announced that Buyable Pins can now be integrated into e-commerce platforms like Bigcommerce, IBM Commerce, and eBay-owned Magento. Pinterest is also debuting Buyable Pins for a slew of new merchants, like Bloomingdale's and DVF—all of which are supported by its launch partners, Demandware and Shopify.

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Chancellor unveils National Infrastructure Commission to drive through projects
“The commission will calmly and dispassionately assess the future infrastructure needs of the country and it will hold any government’s feet to the fire if it fails to deliver,” said chancellor George Osborne.
Microsoft's big Tuesday reveal – new mobes and slabs? Win 10 shock?

Possibly new fitness hardware as well

Microsoft has scheduled one of its biggest press conferences of the year on Tuesday in New York, and The Register will be there for the show. But leaks ahead of time suggest we'll be seeing a lot of new hardware and possibly some software tricks as well.…

Lawyers win big in LinkedIn's $13m email spam lawsuit (you might get $10, maybe more)

Come and get your (probably miniscule) payout

Lawyers tasked with doling out LinkedIn's $13m "Add Connections" class-action settlement are advising people to collect their share of the payout.…

The importance of building trust to guarantee Australia’s cyber-secure future
The increasing digitisation of the Australian economy promises exponential economic growth opportunities and societal advances for our nations, with investments like the NBN dramatically enhancing our working environment and living standards.
Farmer in US Midwest unearths ancient woolly mammoth
A farmer digging in a Michigan soy field digs up giant bones from the Pleistocene era.

Steve Jobs lauded by Apple execs on fourth anniversary of his death
CEO Tim Cook, iTunes head Eddy Cue and others remember Apple's co-founder in messages posted to the company's internal site. One recalls the time Jobs mooned Al Gore.

IBM gobbles storage upstart Cleversafe

How very clever, to buy an object storage startup

IBM is buying object storage startup Cleversafe for an undisclosed amount of cash or shares.…

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