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Meet ARM1, grandfather of today's mobe, tablet CPUs – watch it crunch code live in a browser

Gate-level blueprints restored for anniversary

Pics Chip geeks have produced an interactive blueprint of the ARM1 – the granddaddy of the processor cores powering billions of gadgets today, from Apple iPhones to Raspberry Pis, cameras, routers and Android tablets.…

Kostenloskultur: Das gibt es gerade im Netz geschenkt
Die ARD zeigt die Edward-Snowden-Doku "Citizenfour" - und Arte lässt Trashfilme der Sechziger- und Siebzigerjahre hochleben. Fünf Gratisangebote aus dem Netz.
Infos US de la nuit : Facebook étend sa politique de congé parental à tous les salariés
Facebook accorde quatre mois de congés parentaux payés pour tous les salariés. Apple Pay en Chine en février. Le NSA va stopper certaines écoutes téléphoniques. Le site web de Neiman Marcus inaccessib [...]

Court: Swedish ISPs can't be forced to block Sweden's Pirate Bay

Meanwhile, Germany says broadband providers may be liable in piracy claims

In brief ISPs in Sweden cannot be forced to block access to the Pirate Bay – the Swedish search engine used worldwide for pirating software, movies and music.…

Your Black Friday mall brawl highlights - CNET
Technically Incorrect: As people rushed to get electronics, little seemed to have changed from previous years. There was pandemonium, and there were fights.

Final countdown – NSA says it really will end blanket phone spying on US citizens this Sunday

We're leaving together ...

Come Sunday, the NSA will end its ferocious dragnet surveillance of American citizens' phones, the White House insists.…

Hack of toy maker VTech exposes families - CNET
A hacker got into a customer database for the Learning Lodge app store, where parents can download apps, games and e-books for VTech toys.

VW's Audi suspends two engineers in air pollution cheatware probe


In brief Volkswagen-owned Audi has suspended two engineers after it emerged the luxury brand's diesel engines had emissions test cheatware installed.…

A holiday treat: 'Star Wars' reimagined in gingerbread - CNET
Famous scenes from the original trilogy and the prequels are rendered in gingerbread, complete with an edible Jabba the Hutt and giant candy R2-D2.

Facebook offers all employees four months paid baby leave - CNET
As CEO Mark Zuckerberg prepares to become a father, the world's largest social network shakes up its parental leave policy.

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