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Pas de problème ... Quebec just passed a website blocking law

ISPs legally obliged to prevent access to servers political masters don't want you to see

Canada's second largest province, Quebec, has passed a law that obliges ISPs to block gambling websites.…

Watch this teen do the impossible with a water bottle - CNET
Technically Incorrect: YouTube is slightly gaga over a teen who tosses a bottle full of water and then...
Google honors legendary swing dancer in doodle - CNET
The search giant honors Frankie Manning on his 102nd birthday with a couple of cool cats jumpin' and jivin' on all over the Google logo.
Electrician finds a dead snake trapped a inside Sony Playstation 4 - CNET
An electrician in Brazil got a slithery surprise while trying to fix a broken PS4.
Two Twitter executives fly the coop - CNET
Two top execs take flight as the social network's shareholders approve a stock plan designed to keep employees.
IBM Opens Big Data University with 400K Students & Free Courses

IBM recently created a buzz when they announced their Big Data University initiative to educate students in big data, where there’s currently a gap in course coverage at colleges across the nation. It has been forecast that data science and analytics majors will be in shortage within the next few years. Big Data University will offer the free classes at the student’s pace and leisure, allowing them to work from home.

Read more here.

$10bn Oracle v Google copyright jury verdict: Google wins, Java APIs in Android are Fair Use

Big Red tells us it immediately plans to appeal

Google has won the latest round in its long-running battle with Oracle over the use of Java class library APIs in Android.…

Email & Phone Are Starting to Lose Out to This Form of Customer Service

The web hosting industry is simple enough to enter, but harder to stay relevant and visible in. With new companies starting every day and seriously low prices being the industry standard, one of the best ways web hosting companies manage to stand apart is by offering customer support that goes above and beyond what the customer expects.

Live chat support is now essential

Live chat support had been considered a ‘bonus’ offering for customers – one that was enjoyed because of its convenience, but wasn’t yet considered necessary for small company websites.

But recent statistics on web hosting industry support say more than half of all web hosting customers use live chat support as the main criteria for whether or not they’ll return to the website. That makes live chat support pretty essential for web hosting companies.

Live chat brings higher satisfaction rates

This study found that 63% of web hosting customers said they were more likely to come back to a website that offered live chat as opposed to one that didn’t. In fact, live chat beats out all other forms of customer support, earning a 73% satisfaction rate compared to the telephone at 41% and email at 61%.

Faster, user friendly, more convenient

Interesting to note is the amount of time the average live chat support session takes – can you guess how long the average session lasts? On average, live chat sessions are resolved in just 42 seconds, faster than any other means of customer support. It’s no wonder that 79% of customers said they prefer live chat primarily because of the immediacy it provides.

Drives more sales

Seventy-seven percent of the customers surveyed said they wouldn’t make a purchase on a website that didn’t offer live chat support. Customers want to be able to get help with checkout issues or clear up any pre-purchase questions by quickly asking via live chat rather than drafting, sending, and waiting for a reply from an email, or finding the number and calling the business. Companies that offer live chat support gain the advantage of keeping those customers from leaving by being able to answer questions and remove any barriers to sales.

Will Sony VR experience suck so much that the firm has to offer a souped-up console? - CNET
Sony will introduce its widely expected PlayStation4 Neo only because its PlayStation VR headset would have been "terrible" on PS4 consoles, magazine says.
Google wants to solve password problems by tracking more of you - CNET
Google thinks it can rid us of passwords with a series of tests in a "trust score." And Microsoft is getting tougher on what types of passwords it allows.
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