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Facebook sticks vid ads on faux retro photo app biz Instagram

Maybe it'll make some money off users now

Photo filter and poster biz Instagram has started serving up those pic and video ads it has been promising for a while now, with marketing from folks like Disney and the CW starting today.…

Islamophobie: Rassismus vorgetäuscht, blutige Nase geholt
Kanadier verfügen offenbar nicht über allzuviel Toleranz - wenn es um Rassismus geht. Diesen Eindruck vermittelt zumindes ein Video des Filmstudenten Omar Albach. Es ist ein Test, bei dem sich einer der Macher eine blutige Nase holt.
Hands on: Implementing Azure Active Directory

Learning with the experts

Broadcast The Register’s Tim Phillips is joined by Paul Gregory, from QA, to deliver a live hands-on session on Azure Active Directory on the 25th November at 11am. It’s your chance to learn from the experts and get answers to any questions you might have.…

Popular Science site shrugs off malicious code infection

No warning, no response... at least it killed the code

Surfers visiting Popular Science would be well advised to check their systems following an attack that has left the site compromised and harbouring malicious code.…

Fragwürdige Ermittlungsmethoden: FBI-Agenten verkleiden sich als Internet-Techniker
Die US-Bundespolizei sieht sich erneut mit Kritik an ihren Methoden konfrontiert. Ein Video dokumentiert, wie sich FBI-Agenten als Internet-Techniker ausgeben, nachdem Verdächtigen der Netzzugang gekappt wurde.
Hungary PM ditches internet tax plans after mass protests

Want cash from internet? Say, $100/hour in your spare time?

Following mass protests across the country over the past week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced on Friday that he would scrap a planned internet tax.…

Pixel mania: Apple 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display

Cupertino computer in value for money shocker

Review It’s kind of ironic really, that the most expensive, over-the-top version of the iMac ever released should actually turn out to be pretty good value for money.…

Khrushchev Visits IBM: A Strange Tale of Silicon Valley History

When the world's most famous Communist saw one of the West's greatest capitalist enterprises, he found much to admire--in its food.

In September of 1959, Nikita Khrushchev, the premier of the Soviet Union and first secretary of its Communist Party, spent 12 days touring the United States. The trip--which occurred during a brief thawing of the Cold War, and was intended to thaw it further--included meetings with notables such as President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon, and Eleanor Roosevelt; visits to American institutions such as a movie studio and a supermarket; and encounters with ordinary citizens, including both well-wishers and protesters. It captured the nation's imagination and dominated newspaper headlines and TV news broadcasts.

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Android-Miterfinder: Andy Rubin verlässt Google
Mit dem Kauf der kleinen Firma Android legte Google den Grundstein für seine Spitzenposition im Smartphone-Geschäft. Andy Rubin, der das Betriebssystem miterfand und entscheidend vorantrieb, will sich nun einer neuen Aufgabe widmen.
How many telecoms firms left in Europe? Another mega-billion deal slated in France

Numericable's acquistion of Vivendi's SFR approved

French cable telecoms operator Numericable has won conditional approval for its multi-billion-euro takeover of Vivendi's SFR mobile network operator, paving the way for the firm to close the deal by the end of the year.…

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