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Music-mad Brits drive up hardware sales too – claims BPI

Chicken and egg - but which was first?

Amazingly, 12 per cent of British people watching TV are listening to music from another source as they watch. Or maybe that isn’t so amazing. Maybe you need to play Napalm Death while watching The X Factor - and who could blame you?…

The magic storage formula for successful VDI? Just add SSDs

They're cheap, they're plentiful... why not?

Every pure solid-state disk (SSD) and hybrid storage vendor on earth would like you to know how brilliant it is at handling virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) workloads.…

Ingredient found in TASTY BEER is GOOD for your BRAIN

You only have to drink 2k litres a day to see the effect...

It may come as a surprise to anyone nursing a hangover, but beer might actually be good for your brain.…

Apple bats away yet another WiLAN patent sueball

Judge gives fruity firm summary judgment win in LTE lawsuit

Patent licensing firm WiLAN has lost another intellectual property case against Apple, this time related to LTE.…

Ofcom chief exec Ed Richards to step down in December

Top bod reckons 8 years is enough time to spend running the regulator

Ofcom’s board has announced that Ed Richards is standing down as chief executive from the end of December this year.…

Netztest: So gut sind die deutschen Mobilfunknetze
Die Computerzeitschrift "Chip" hat die deutschen Mobilfunknetze getestet und ist zu einem klaren Ergebnis gekommen: Die Unterschiede sind immer noch groß, es gibt einen klaren Sieger.
Apple, Google mobe encryption good news... for TERRORISTS – EU top cop

At least he didn't ask us to 'think of the children'

People don’t know the difference between privacy and anonymity, says EU top cop Troels Oerting: they want the former, but the latter will make life too easy for criminals.…

TalkTalk and Three want to make it easier to switch mobe networks

... to them, natch. Why else make the effort?

TalkTalk and Three want to make it easier for mobile customers to switch networks – but they're going about it in a very odd way.…

L'Etat estime à 207 millions d'euros en 2013 sa dépense en logiciels
En réponse à une députée, le gouvernement a révélé que l'Etat avait dépensé 207 millions d'euros en 2013 en logiciels contre 308 millions d'euros en 2011.

Angry Birds developer slashes up to 130 jobs to 'reignite growth
Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish company behind mobile game hit Angry Birds, will lay off up to 130 people in its home country.
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