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Toshiba, Western Digital talking again but they'd better agree lickety-split

Pair chase deal on flash stakes sale before month's out

Toshiba has restarted talks with Western Digital Corporation about buying its flash joint-venture interests after their CEOs met in Tokyo.…

Identity fraud in the UK at 'epidemic' levels as cases rise 5% – report

Crooks now operate 'almost exclusively' online

There were almost 90,000 cases of identify fraud recorded in the first six months of 2017 – 5 per cent higher than the first half of last year, according to data released today.…

The paranoid Windows traveler’s data-protection checklist
Going overseas with your Windows laptop? Make sure corporate data is secure when crossing the border.
Speaking in Tech: I am Wink, Wink.i.am, do you dig my smart home jam?
Podcast This week we go hard on IoT with special guest Splunk's Hal Rottenberg
What is Rust? Safe, fast, and easy software development
The Rust language’s unique approach results in better code with fewer compromises than C, C++, Go, and the other languages you probably use
Pssst... wanna participate in a Google DeepMind AI pilot? Be careful

Lessons from the NHS's 1.6 million data-records shovel

Imagine you’re in charge of technology and data for part of the UK’s chronically cash-squeezed National Health Service. A world-famous technology firm offers you a cool new service, either free or for very little money. All it wants in return is access to the patient data that will make the service work. What are you going to do?…

Igexin : un spyware qui a infecté au moins 500 applis Android
Une des dernières nouveauté d'Android 8 Oreo, le système de sécurité intégré, n'aurait rien pu faire contre ce nouveau malware qui a été identifié par les experts du spécialiste de la sécurité informa [...]
Spotify cleared of exposing kids to self-love innuendo in TV spot

Ad regulator says kids unlikely to watch Britain's Got Talent

Spotify has been cleared of exposing children to sexual and masturbatory innuendos because the Advertising Standards Authority thinks Britain's Got Talent is unlikely to be watched by kids.…

So you're planning on outsourcing some enterprise security

Should you keep your in-house crew? What's your plan...

It makes sense to have a solid collection of security expertise within your organisation. And in fact most of us do: security is so core to most of what we do in IT that it’s a standard part of the syllabus for all the courses we do on, say, router configuration or Windows administration.…

Trump-Kritiker im Visier: US-Justiz rückt von massenhafter Datenabfrage ab
Das Justizministerium in den USA wollte von dem Provider Dreamhost Daten zu 1,3 Millionen Nutzern, die eine Trump-kritische Seite besucht hatten. Die Firma wehrte sich. Nun reagierte das Ministerium.
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