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Legends of the Hidden Temple' TV-movie trailer debuts at Comic-Con - CNET
Nickelodeon's '90s game show turned TV movie features all kinds of reimagined nods to its source material, including scary temple guards, the Steps of Knowledge and the infamously difficult Shrine of the Silver Monkey.
Wonder Woman' movie costumes on display at SDCC 2016 - CNET
The DC Comics booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 features an up close and personal preview of the costumes we'll see in the upcoming "Wonder Woman" movie. Plus, the heroine's original costume and concept art from the 1970s "Wonder Woman" TV show with Lynda Carter are also featured.
New 'Justice League' teaser debuts -- and it's almost funny? - CNET
Our first official look at the team inspires more confidence, but it still doesn't show off the big guy(s).
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' is bringing the fiery Ghost Rider to life - CNET
At Comic-Con, showrunners unveil the newest cast member, discuss season 4 developments and share some of the show's lighthearted moments.
Wonder Woman' gets a badass official trailer - CNET
Finally! Women are kicking ass and taking names in the first full-length trailer for the 2017 DC film.
Quiz: Can you name these video game controllers? - CNET
Think you're a die-hard video game expert? It's time to prove it.
Bildbearbeitung: So bringen Sie Farbe in Ihre Schwarz-Weiß-Fotos
Mit einer neuen Web-Applikation kann jeder seinen Schwarz-Weiß-Fotos Farbe verleihen. Das System liefert gute Ergebnisse, scheitert aber ausgerechnet an den interessantesten Aufgaben.
I was Harley in 'Suicide Squad' thanks to VR - CNET
Warner Bros. and Samsung Electronics tap virtual reality to immerse you in the set of the highly anticipated DC film.
Smartphone-Warnsystem für Notfälle: So funktioniert Katwarn - oder auch nicht
Am Freitagabend warnten die Behörden die Bewohner Münchens auch mithilfe von Katwarn: Wie funktioniert das Informationssystem, wer bekommt die Pushmeldungen - und warum gibt es jetzt viele Beschwerden?
Pokemon No: All the ways you shouldn't play the latest app craze - CNET
It's easy to find tips about how to catch the best Pokemon. But what you won't find is a list of all the hazardous ways people are playing Pokemon Go. Yes, there are wrong ways -- unfortunately.
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