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Lights out for Ada Initiative – women's group closing shop

Management decides to wind down advocacy group after four years

Women in tech advocacy The Ada Initiative is shutting down.…

Telcos won't get specific regulatory relief: Brandis

Carriers get website blocking, data retention and the same red tape removal as other industries

Australia's carriers won't be offered the tit-for-tat regulatory relief the government says is due to other industries.…

Epson: Cheap printers, expensive ink? Let's turn that upside down

Razor blade biz model in retreat with two-year ink tanks in US

There can't be many printer owners who haven't had an apoplectic fit about the outrageous cost of inks for their machines, and now Epson is trying to change that business model and lower the cost of printing.…

Avon calling with updated pledge on sustainable palm oil
An inquiry into the commissioning of elective care services in north east London has been opened by the health service watchdog following a complaint.
Drone delivery sparks Ohio prison brawl

Geez, you would think they had never seen a heroin-dropping quadcopter before

An exercise-yard fight at an Ohio prison is being blamed on a drone's failed drug-smuggling attempt.…

Wait, what? TrueCrypt 'decrypted' by FBI to nab doc-stealing sysadmin

Do the Feds know something we don't about crypto-tool? Or did bloke squeal his password?

Discontinued on-the-fly disk encryption utility TrueCrypt was unable to keep out the FBI in the case of a US government techie who stole copies of classified military documents. How the Feds broke into an encrypted TrueCrypt partition isn't clear.…

The Register WHEELY needs YOU to help raise charity funds

Join or support our cycling team: biggest fund-raisers score a "Vulture Velo" cycling jersey

The biggest event on Sydney's cycling calendar is the annual "Gong Ride", a 90km trip from Sydney to Wollongong.…

Google's Project Tango coming to 12 more countries
Google's Project Tango tablet development kit is going on sale this month in 12 additional countries.
If you read anything today about ICANN taking over the internet, make sure it's this

Hodgepodge of flawed ideas, bad processes

Analysis The internet community has published its plan to pull the United States government out of its role at the top of the internet's hierarchy.…

Marvell-LESS! Chip giant slashes $1.5bn judgment in CMU patent fight

Or not ... judge calls for new trial

Chipmaker Marvell has managed to whittle down the amount of patent infringement damages it must pay to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) after a US court of appeals found that it was only liable for chips that were imported into or sold in the United States.…

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