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Database Tour (Trial)
Manage a large variety of databases with the help of a wide array of powerful functions by relying on this streamlined and user-friendly app
[in Softpedia Windows / All]
AccessToPostgres 1.9 Release 1 Build 161114 (Trial)
A simple to use application that allows you to import information from an Microsoft Access database to PostgreSQL easy and quickly
[in Softpedia Windows / All]
fre:ac - free audio converter (BonkEnc)
Flinker Konvertierspezialist wandelt Audio um
Komfortabler FTP-Datenübertrager mit SSL & FXP
Feuerwerk App
Schicke Feuerwerk App für den Jahreswechsel mit vielen Einstellungsmöglichkeiten bei Pyrotechnik & Silvesterfeuerwerk
Windows von Datenmüll befreien und Datenspuren verwischen
2Printer 5.2 (Freeware)
Automate the printing of batch files, documents, images, PDFs or worksheets with the help of this reliable command line application
[in Softpedia Windows / All]
Vital Pixels (Freeware)
Develop, edit, analyze and debug image processing algorithms, with this powerful Integrated Development Environment that includes a set of simple image editing tools
[in Softpedia Windows / All]
Azure Data Expert 2.1.12 (Freeware)
Manage your Azure Cloud data and perform analysis on your documents by turning to this handy application that integrates multiple features
[in Softpedia Windows / All]
Video Manager Beta (Trial)
Organize your movie collection by building an index, renaming tags and files based on tags as well as by running advanced searches
[in Softpedia Windows / All]
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