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Un ouvrage consacré à ce sujet parait en France: Albert Camus et l’impossible trêve civile
L’association Coup de soleil a organisé, le 19 mai dernier, à Paris, une conférence-débat sur l’Appel à la trêve civile du 22 janvier 1956 en Algérie. La soirée a été organisée à l’occasion de la parution du livre Camus et l’impossible trêve civile (Gallimard, 2015), codirigé par Yvette Langrand, Agnès Spiquel-Courdille et Christian Phéline. Les trois auteurs n’ont fait que corriger, augmenter et peaufiner un manuscrit, écrit par Charles Poncet.Paris/ De notre correspondant
Megalithic monuments discovered in India
A team of archaeologists discovered several new megalithic monuments in Karbi Anglong district (Assam, north-eastern India). The team, which was headed by Director Dr Deepi Rekha Kouli and comprised the...
The earliest depiction of a music scene
Israeli archaeologists found what they think is Israel's most ancient depiction of a music scene, Israel Antiquities Authority announced. The scene appears on a rare 5,000-year-old large storage vessel from...
Daily Quiz for May 28, 2015
World Vegan Day was first observed in this year.
Laser-beam scanning illuminates new details in dinosaur fossils
Scientists have developed methods of using commercial-grade laser equipment to find and analyze fossils of dinosaurs. The new laser method causes fossil samples to fluoresce, revealing complex details unseen with traditional visual enhancers like ultraviolet light.
Lethal wounds on skull may indicate 430,000 year-old murder
Research into lethal wounds found on a human skull may indicate one of the first cases of murder in human history--some 430,000 years ago--and offers evidence of the earliest funerary practices in the archaeological record.
New human ancestor species from Ethiopia lived alongside Lucy's species
A new relative joins 'Lucy' on the human family tree. Scientists have discovered a 3.3 to 3.5 million-year-old new human ancestor species. Upper and lower jaw fossils recovered from the Woranso-Mille area of the Afar region of Ethiopia have been assigned to the new species Australopithecus deyiremeda. This hominin lived alongside the famous 'Lucy's' species, Australopithecus afarensis.
Social media and archaeology: A match not made in heaven
The social web is bound up in relations of power, control, freedom, labor and exploitation, with consequences that portend real instability for the cultural sector and for social welfare overall. Only a handful of archaeologists, however, are seriously debating these matters, which suggests the discipline is setting itself up to be swept away by our unreflective investment in the cognitive capitalist enterprise that marks much current web-based work.
Daily Quiz for May 27, 2015
This man was the last US president who ever owned slaves.
Reading List: Admiral James G. Stavridis

"For nonfiction, I love military history, biography, autobiography, economic theory, and diplomacy; at the top of anyone's list about World War II is Churchill's magisterial The Second World War," writes Admiral James G. Stavridis. "But above all, I love

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