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Digs uncover buildings in Cyprus' 11,000-year-old village
Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of more than 20 round buildings between 3 and 6 metres in diameter at the site of Ayios Tychonas-Klimonas in Limassol, the earliest known village...
Homo erectus walked as we do
Recently discovered multiple assemblages of Homo erectus footprints in northern Kenya provide unique opportunities to understand our ancient ancestors. Using novel analytical techniques, researchers have demonstrated that the footprints preserve...
Holding hands for 5,000 years, a couple with jade rings and dagger
The grave of a couple believed to be from the Bronze Age Glazkov culture has been excavated in Siberia. "In the grave we found male and female skeletons, lying on...
Daily Quiz for July 24, 2016

Walter Camp created the American version of this sport.

The post Daily Quiz for July 24, 2016 appeared first on HistoryNet.

Early Pacific islanders may have used obsidian to make tattoos
Skin normally decays, leading to a lack of evidence of tattooing in ancient peoples. Some researchers have looked for the tools which might have been used, yet many are assumed...
Megalithic structures unearthed in northeastern India
Prehistoric megaliths and tools discovered in Meghalaya's Ri-Bhoi district, in the northeastern India state of Assam, indicate that the Khasi tribe, one of the major tribes in the state, had...
Les sanctuaires de la politique : en Vendée, l'île d'Yeu veut oublier Pétain
Chaque 23 juillet, date anniversaire de la mort du maréchal, chef du régime collaborationniste de Vichy, une cinquantaine de ses admirateurs se pressent toujours autour de sa tombe, sur l'île vendéenne. Un mort bien encombrant pour la municipalité.
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