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100 Years Ago: "Lions Loose in a New York Theatre," Norwich Bulletin, December 18, 1914
In a scene straight from a dime novel, in December 1914 the Norwich Bulletin (Norwich, CT) reported the dramatic story of six lions in a vaudeville show escaping their handlers and leaping into the packed audience in the heart of New York City. Dozens were injured in the rush to escape the pride's path as the terrified animals raced through the theater. One lion even escaped to the street front and entered a nearby apartment building....Read more about it!
Daily Quiz for December 20, 2014
After completing a concert tour in Southeast Asia at the request of the U.S. State Department, this celebrated opera singer was appointed as a UN delegate in 1958.
حدث في مثل هذا اليوم في الكويت

الكويت - 19 - 12 (كونا) -- التاسع عشر من ديسمبر -------------------- 1959 - أمير الكويت الشيخ عبدالله السالم الصباح يصدر المرسوم رقم 19 لسنة 1959 بتنظيم القضاء وجعله شاملا لجميع الاختصاصات القضائية في جميع النزاعات التي تقوم داخل نطاق سيادة الدولة بعد أن كانت بعض القضايا تنظر أمام هيئات غير......

Daily Quiz for December 19, 2014
What is generally called "the last stagecoach robbery" took place in this year.
New, tighter timeline confirms ancient volcanism aligned with dinosaurs' extinction
A definitive geological timeline shows that a series of massive volcanic explosions 66 million years ago played a role in the extinction event that claimed Earth's non-avian dinosaurs, and challenges the dominant theory that a meteorite impact was the sole cause of the extinction.
550-million-year-old fossils provide new clues about fossil formation
A new study is challenging accepted ideas about how ancient soft-bodied organisms become part of the fossil record. Findings suggest that bacteria involved in the decay of those organisms play an active role in how fossils are formed -- often in a matter of just a few tens to hundreds of years. Understanding the relationship between decay and fossilization will inform future study and help researchers interpret fossils in a new way.
Archaeologists unearth royal entry complex at Herodian Hilltop Palace
Archaeologists have unearthed a unique royal entryway to the Herodian Hilltop Palace. The main feature is a 20-meter-high corridor with a complex system of arches, allowing the King and his entourage direct passage into the palace courtyard.  During the excavations, the original palace vestibule, decorated with painted frescoes, was also exposed.
Using power of computers to harness human genome may provide clues into Ebola virus
New work is blending the power of computers with biology to use the human genome to remove much of the guesswork involved in discovering cures for diseases. A corresponding article describes how key genes that are present in our cells could be used to develop drugs for Ebola virus disease.
Topics in Chronicling America: "The Wright Brothers
The Wright Brothers' “flying machine” lifts off for the first time in history on this day in 1903. The journey, lasting a mere twelve seconds, happens “as easily and graceful as a bird.” This topic page provides useful information for searching about the Wright Brothers in Chronicling America's historic newspapers, including significant dates, associated search terms and sample article links....Read more about it!
حدث في مثل هذا اليوم في الكويت

الكويت - 18 - 12 (كونا) -- الثامن عشر من ديسمبر -------------------- 1990 - فشل قوات النظام العراقي في طمس الهوية الكويتية ما دفعها إلى تمديد جديد أسمته "مهلة استبدال الهوية الكويتية".
2000 - دولة الكويت تنضم إلى مجلس رجال الأعمال العرب الذي تأسس في القاهرة بهدف تنشيط حركة......

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