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Paleolithic diet may have included snails 10,000 years earlier than previously thought
Paleolithic inhabitants of modern-day Spain may have eaten snails 10,000 years earlier than their Mediterranean neighbors. Snails were widespread in the Late Pleistocene and Holocene, but it is still unknown when and how they were incorporated into human diets.
Seals and sea lions likely spread tuberculosis to humans
Scientists who study tuberculosis have long debated its origins. New research shows that tuberculosis likely spread from humans in Africa to seals and sea lions that brought the disease to South America and transmitted it to Native people there before Europeans landed on the continent.
Jurassic mammals were picky eaters, new study finds
New analyses of tiny fossil mammals from Glamorgan, South Wales are shedding light on the function and diets of our earliest ancestors, a team reports. Mammals and their immediate ancestors from the Jurassic period (201-145 million years ago) developed new characteristics - such as better hearing and teeth capable of precise chewing.
British schoolboy archaeologists make amazing discovery
It shows that you can never start a love of archaeology too early. On a site in Kirkhaugh, Northumberland (England) a local group with the lengthy title of the North...
Finland's love of milk dates back to the Stone Age
Evidence has been found to prove that animal domestication occurred in one of the earth's harshest environments much earlier than previously thought. A combined team from the Universities of Bristol...
Illegal landscaping threatens Bronze Age burial site
In Plymstock, a suburb of Plymouth (Devon, England), lies an ancient woodland, which is subject to a Protection Order, to prevent unauthorised felling of trees. Added to this, evidence has...
Daily Quiz for August 20, 2014
Jean-Francois Champollion translated this archaeological find.
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Baptist has written a book that truly deepens and broadens our understanding of slavery, Acquittal illuminates the arcane process of successful jury selection, essayist Shenk explores the dynamics of creative pairs

Neither too hot nor too cold: Evolution of marine crocodilians constrained by ocean temperatures
The ancestors of today's crocodiles colonized the seas during warm phases and became extinct during cold phases, according to a new Anglo-French study which establishes a link between marine crocodilian diversity and the evolution of sea temperature over a period of more than 140 million years.
حدث في مثل هذا اليوم في الكويت

الكويت - 19 - 8 (كونا) -- التاسع عشر من أغسطس ------------------- 1961 - أمير الكويت الشيخ عبدالله السالم الصباح يصدر المرسوم الأميري رقم 13 لسنة 1961 بإنشاء دائرة للخارجية. تم تعيين الشيخ صباح السالم الصباح أول رئيس لهذه الدائرة. تحدد مقرها في ضاحية عبدالله السالم قرب مبنى الصحة......

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