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Польша отмечает годовщину начала Варшавского восстания
Варшавское восстание было одним из крупнейших сражений польской армии в течение Второй мировой войны.
Daily Quiz for August 1, 2015
This children's author killed her mother with a knife.
The Fascist Gleam of Starship Troopers
AT FIRST BLUSH Starship Troopers  appears to have only a superficial connection with World War II. In the 1997 film, transports carry elite troops across long distances to a hostile shore, where the warriors clamber into landing craft that carry them into battle against an enemy who neither gives quarter nor surrenders. That sounds like […]
Topics in Chronicling America: "The Chicago 'Black Sox' Scandal
Striiiike! 8 Men Out!" The Cincy Reds win the 1919 World Series but rumors abound that gamblers bribed White Sox players to throw the series. An investigation is launched, a grand jury acquits, but the league bans eight players for life. This topic page provides useful information for searching about the Black Sox Scandal in Chronicling America's historic newspapers, including significant dates, associated search terms, as well as sample article links... Read more about it and follow us on Twitter @librarycongress #ChronAm!
Daily Quiz for July 31, 2015
In 1921, Earle Dickson created this invention to protect his wife's fingers.
A Valley Soaked in Rain & Blood
Perhaps no other battleground in Vietnam defined “war of attrition” better than A Shau Valley in the northernmost part of South Vietnam. The mile-wide, 25-mile-long bottomland running north-south along the Laotian border was a conduit for the Ho Chi Minh Trail as it bypassed the Demilitarized Zone. Containing an estimated 20,000 Communist troops by 1967 […]
Daily Quiz for July 30, 2015
Astronauts Wally Schirra and Thomas Stafford in 1965, made this song the first-ever broadcast from outer space.
Evolutionary link between diet, stomach acidity
An analysis of data on stomach acidity and diet in birds and mammals suggests that high levels of stomach acidity developed not to help animals break down food, but to defend animals against food poisoning. The work raises interesting questions about the evolution of stomach acidity in humans, and how modern life may be affecting both our stomach acidity and the microbial communities that live in our guts.
Henry V's Agincourt naval fleet much smaller than previously believed
The naval preparations that allowed Henry V’s army to travel from England to France in August, 1415 have been the focus of recent study. Using English exchequer rolls in the National Archives at Kew, London, along with other sources, the research has concluded that Henry had a fleet of ships less than half the size of that which accepted history suggests.
Brain surgery saved Russian general who helped defeat Napoleon: Scientists 'rewrite' history books
After more than two-years of international investigation, scientists have concluded that Napoleon likely would have conquered Russia in 1812 if not for the life-saving brain surgery performed on Russian general Mikhail Kutuzov by the French surgeon Jean Massot, who operated on Kutuzov after bullets twice passed through his head.
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