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حدث في مثل هذا اليوم في الكويت
 الكويت - 18 - 4 (كونا) --18 من إبريل------------1968 - إنجاز وتشغيل مصفاة الشعيبة.
1972 - سمو أمير الكويت الشيخ صباح السالم الصباح يصدرمرسوما بقانون رقم 27 لسنة 1972 في شأن الموافقة على انضمام الكويت إلى اتفاقية تسديد مدفوعات المعاملات الجارية وانتقال رؤوس الأموال بين دول الجامعة......
Daily Quiz for April 18, 2014
This is considered the opening battle of World War I on the Eastern Front.
Vitamin B3 might have been made in space, delivered to Earth by meteorites
Ancient Earth might have had an extraterrestrial supply of vitamin B3 delivered by carbon-rich meteorites, according to a new analysis. The result supports a theory that the origin of life may have been assisted by a supply of key molecules created in space and brought to Earth by comet and meteor impacts.
There's something ancient in the icebox: Three-million-year-old landscape beneath Greenland Ice Sheet
Scientists were greatly surprised to discover an ancient tundra landscape preserved under the Greenland Ice Sheet, below two miles of ice. This finding provides strong evidence that the ice sheet has persisted much longer than previously known, enduring through many past periods of global warming.
The Artist’s Library, Tech Gadgets for Special Needs, The Price of Silence by Cohen, & More | Social Sciences Reviews
Breaking Through

Insights into The Price of Silence, police work, and prosecutorial excess, Breaking Through, a guide to evaluate tablets, applications, and their usage, Native America is essential reading

The story of animal domestication retold: Scientists now think wild animals interbred with domesticated ones until quite recently
A review of recent research on the domestication of large herbivores suggests that neither intentional breeding nor genetic isolation were as significant as traditionally thought. "Our findings show little control of breeding, particularly of domestic females, and indicate long-term gene flow, or interbreeding, between managed and wild animal populations," a co-author said.
New city wall discovered at ancient Roman port
Researchers have discovered a new section of the boundary wall of the ancient Roman port of Ostia, proving the city was much larger than previously estimated.
حدث في مثل هذا اليوم في الكويت

الكويت - 17 - 4 (كونا) -- السابع عشر ابريل ----------------- 1966 - اشهار الاتحاد الكويتي لكرة اليد.
1977 - مجلس الوزراء يقرر البدء بتوزيع الفلل السكنية للمواطنين ذوي الدخل المتوسط للمرة الأولى في الكويت.
1979 - أمير الكويت الشيخ جابر الأحمد الصباح يصدر مرسوما بقانون رقم 17......

Daily Quiz for April 17, 2014
The creator of Wonder Woman, William Mouton Marston, is also credited with this invention.
Earliest ancestor of land herbivores discovered: 300-million-year-old predator showed way to modern terrestrial ecosystem
New research demonstrates how carnivores transitioned into herbivores for the first time on land. Previously unknown, the 300-million-year old fossilized juvenile skeleton of Eocasea martini is less than 20 cm long. Found in Kansas, it consists of a partial skull, most of the vertebral column, the pelvis and a hind limb. By comparing the skeletal anatomy of related animals, scientists discovered that Eocasea martini belonged to the caseid branch of the group Synapsid. This group, which includes early terrestrial herbivores and large top predators, ultimately evolved into modern living mammals. Eocasea lived nearly 80 million years before the age of dinosaurs.
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