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Prehistoric 'sauna house' unearthed in Orkney
Archaeologists in Orkney (Scotland) have uncovered the remains of over 30 buildings dating from around 4000 BCE to 1000 BCE, together with field systems, middens and cemeteries. The find includes...
Bronze Age burial site discovered in Omsk
Two graves dating back 2,700 years believed to date from the Bronze Age have been discovered in Omsk (southwestern Siberia, Russia) and could be part of an ancient necropolis still...
Another sign of Neanderthal intelligence and resourcefulness
It has long been thought that Neanderthals did not possess either the intelligence or the equipment to catch and kill large, fast flying birds. Recent findings, some going back to...
Daily Quiz for October 3, 2015
On November 23, 1584, the English Parliament expelled this group from England.
Largest dinosaur population growth study ever shows how Maiasaura lived and died
Research into a vast bone bed in western Montana has yielded the most complete life history of any dinosaur known.
Curtis Biographer Christopher Cardozo
Author, photographer, collector and curator Christopher Cardozo considers Edward S. Curtis the consummate Indian chronicler
December 2015 Readers’ Letters
In the December issue of Wild West readers share dispatches about detective extraordinaire Allan Pinkerton and director Anthony Mann's classic Western 'The Tall Target'
Тайна Нефертити накануне возможной разгадки
До сих пор археологам не удавалось найти погребение древнеегипетской царицы, признанной одной из самых красивых женщин в истории человечества.
Book Review: Wanted
Robert Utley explores the bandit-hero legends of America's Billy the Kid and Australia's Ned Kelly and compares the criminal paths they pursued
Book Review: The Oregon Trail
Rinker Buck relates the history of the Oregon Trial informed by his own 2011 wagon trek along the route with brother Nick
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