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Episode 28 - Enterprise Java Newscast - Jul 2015
In this episode, Kito and Daniel discuss new releases from PrimeFaces, OpenWebBeans, DeltaSpike, Spring Boot, Polymer, AngularJS, WebAssembly, Play, Lucene, new JSF extensions...
generjee is a preview of a free online tool to generate comprehensive Java EE applications without any coding. generjee is still in development. But you can already use it to...
a port to Perl of the syntax highlight engine of the Kate texteditor.
Episode 26 - Enterprise Java Newscast - Mar 2015
In this episode, Kito, Ian, and Daniel cover new releases from Oracle, PrimeFaces, RichFaces, Hibernate, Spring, Apache, and more. They also discuss Angular.js 2.0’s decision...
Episode 27 - Enterprise Java Newscast - May 2015
In this episode, Kito and Daniel are joined by special guest Seb Rose (co-author of The Cucumber for Java Book: Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers). They...
Major Insurance Company Uses JSF to Build Customer Service Web Application
A major US insurance company used JSF to develop a customer facing web application that gives customers the ability to find the best rates for themselves, get quotes, and buy...
OmniFaces is a utility library for JSF 2 that focusses on utilities that ease everyday tasks with the standard JSF API. OmniFaces is a response to frequently recurring problem...
Material Prime
MaterialPrime is new JSF project built with PrimeFaces. It helps you create JSF applications that follows the Google Material Design guidelines. It's based on MaterializeCSS l...
Welcome to ButterFaces, a lightweight and modern JSF framework that combines the advantages from Twitters Bootstrap, jQuery and HTML 5 to develop fast, easy and modern web app...
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