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Teenagers who watch screens in free time 'do worse in GCSEs

Cambridge University study suggests that 14-year-olds who spend even an hour a day watching TV or online fall behind peers

Teenagers who spend hours on screens during their free time, either watching TV, playing computer games or surfing the internet, appear to achieve lower grades at GCSE, according to a study published on Friday.

Research from Cambridge University suggests that 14-year-olds who spend an hour a day on screens during their leisure time score nine fewer points at GCSE when the sum of their grades is calculated – the equivalent of dropping two grades from a B to a D. Two extra hours results in 18 fewer points at GCSE.

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Guatemala accepts Perez Molina resignation
Congress in Guatemala has accepted the resignation of Otto Perez Molina, who stepped down Thursday amid a deep graft scandal. The question for Guatemala now, however, is how to move forward with elections on Sunday.
Spyglass Resources Corp. Provides Credit Facility Update
All values are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated. Conversion of natural gas volumes to barrels of oil equivalent (boe) are at...
Un diputado inglés afirma que Aylan Kurdi murió por la "codicia" de sus padres


  • "El niño sirio estaba bien vestido; bien alimentado. Murió porque sus padres fueron codiciosos con la buena vida en Europa", afirmó en un tuit.
  • Peter Bucklisch ha tenido que retirar la publicación a causa de la presión social.


Un polémico tuit publicado por un diputado del partido UKIP, Peter Bucklitsch, de la corriente euroescéptica y conservadora, ha indignado a muchos de sus compatriotas.

"El niño sirio estaba bien vestido; bien alimentado. Murió porque sus padres fueron codiciosos con la buena vida en Europa. La cola está disparando los costes", afirmaba el tuit que ya ha sido retirado.

Sin embargo, el político llegó a responder a las críticas con otro mensaje en su perfil de Twitter: "Ira irreflexiva predecible. Turquía no es un lugar donde la familia estuviese en peligro. Dejar ese lugar seguro puso a la familia en peligro".

Algunos usuarios han llegado a recordar a Bucklitsch que Amnistía Internacional ha advertido del peligro que corren los ciudadanos sirios en Turquía.

Donald Trump loves Kanye, hates Jeb, but most of all adores being Trump

The Republican presidential frontrunner addressed the ardent and the curious at Trump Tower in a freewheeling performance that included a pledge of allegiance

At a “special announcement” press conference in New York during which he revealed that he had signed a pledge not to run as a third-party candidate, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tackled a wide range of other issues, slamming GOP challenger Jeb Bush, complimenting rapper Kanye West and reaffirming his “great relationship” with Mexico.

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