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Paperchase rejecting the Daily Mail is another victory against hatred | Owen Jones

One of the most vindictive bullies in Britain has the chutzpah to say Paperchase was bullied into dropping its ads. This is a rightwing press lashing out from its death spiral

Paperchase bowing to pressure from campaigners and committing to no longer advertising in the Daily Mail has upset all the right people. It is a victory for basic decency. Britain’s tabloids are among the most hateful and vicious in the western world. They have long dictated what is deemed politically permissible – rallying behind policies that benefit the country’s rich elite, and either ignoring or demonising ideas, individuals and movements that challenge our unjust status quo. One of their key roles has been to deflect anger at injustice away from the powerful vested interests at the top, to scapegoats instead: immigrants, refugees, public sector workers, benefit claimants, you name it.

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Nieuwe aanhoudingen na Brusselse rellen

Het parket is erin geslaagd om al negen verdachten aan te houden na de rellen in hartje Brussel van zaterdag 11 november. Tien andere relschoppers zijn geïdentificeerd, en zullen naar verwachting de komende dagen worden aangehouden. Ook in het kader van de rellen van woensdag 15 november zijn nieuwe aanhoudigingen gebeurd.

IOC to export jet fuel to Myanmar, explore LPG marketing deal
Will ship 12,000-14,000 tonnes of the fuel and an equivalent amount of diesel from Paradip refinery
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