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Crown Point, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Weather :: 26C Mostly clear

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13 KMH
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ENE (060°)
1012 mb
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11 km
Crown Point, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Weather :: 25C Light rain showers

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Tobago schools bigger next year says Cadette
Monday, November 24, 2014

Tobago will return bigger and stronger at next year’s Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) says Huey Cadette, secretary for Sport, Education and Youth Affairs in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA).

He said the new structure adopted for the 2014 season negatively affected the academic progress of athletes; a reality that neither the Assembly nor civil society could not accept.

The premier league concept was the new feature of the championship which coincided with the 50th Anniversary of the League.

Cadette said, “I did have discussions with the SSFL and the Tobago Zone and indicated that because of the new structure, which saw the introduction of a premier league, it would have placed significant pressure of Tobago teams by way of travel, which ultimately would have created a challenge on their ability to function in the school environment.”

He added, “This year, the Tobago Zone winner would have participated at a Big Four level only. I have had some discussions with both the SSFL and the Tobago Zone in terms of determining what happens for 2015 onwards, to ensure that in a real sense Tobago teams can participate for the entire premier league. That is something they would have to revisit, but obviously, I would have been disappointed that a Tobago team would not have had the opportunity to play through the league and therefore have an opportunity to compete against the best in Trinidad, and maybe hone their skills and have more competitive action.” 

Providing an overview on the state of sports in Tobago, Cadette was clear that sport was in a “very good” place.

Having former Soca Warriors captain and ex-Manchester United star Dwight Yorke as its ambassador for sport, as well as fielding four athletes on the T&T Senior Women’s Football team, he said, Tobago undoubtedly added tremendous value to the national sporting foot-print.

In table-tennis, he said, athletes on the island seemed to dominate judging from results over the past two decades.

“We have seen excellent performances over the years in term of athletes in particular table tennis. We are seeing our dominance in Secondary School Champions over the last 23-24 years. But we also feel, though, that while we are seeing that success in the number of individuals making it to the elite level, we still feel the need for us to do a little more in terms of (the) community involvement and our facilities maintenance. We feel in some sporting disciplines there is still an opportunity for more Tobagonians to be seen and to get involved in the national set up,” he said.

To achieve that, the division of Sport was in discussions with national governing bodies seeking ways to ensure the structure for screening and selection in Tobago, allowed for more persons to be exposed.

Cadette said, “We also realise that there is constantly a need to improve our facilities and that is something that we are working on. We recently installed at the Dwight Yorke Stadium a certified new track which has been certified class 2 and we are extremely proud of that. We are hoping that in the coming months, we will see some activities to commission that track, and for 2015 we will see a season of athletes in Tobago: Zenith Relays coming back, the Falcon Games coming back to Tobago, (and) the Tobago Games, all in a bid to ensure that good things are happening for sport in Tobago.” (SN)

Lewis sails on with new coach
Monday, November 24, 2014

Olympic sailor Andrew Lewis is revamping his training technique in preparation for participation in pre-Olympic qualifying event now taking place around the world, as he works to secure a place for T&T in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. 

Having previously worked with a coach from Peru, Lewis was now in the care of an Italian.

In a G-Sport interview, he said, “This is something completely opposite from what I used to do. I used to work with a South American coach in Peru, now I am working with an Italian. The European style is totally different from the South American style. I would say it’s very military-like; a day-to-day programme, which is set in stone. And, it has a very nice progression to it.”

He added, “I never had a programme like this. I am really looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I’ve been feeling excellent. I have had a lot of positives coming of it so far.”

Lewis, through his relationship with American laser sailor Charlie Buckingham, travelled to Long Beach, California, where he joined the United States training camp for two months in preparation for the World Championships, which took place in Santander, Spain, back in September. That event marked the start of qualification events for Rio Olympics 2016.

Of that experience, he said “You don’t get into jar with these guys very often. It’s a big privilege for a small guy like me from T&T to join the Americans. They realised my talent in the light-wind, which they were still working to master. Similarly, I wanted to achieve their technique when dealing with heavy winds. We have a little bit to get from each other. We are competitive, but we are very good friends and the only way to get better is training with the best. We’ve got to take what we can from each other and may the best man win,” he said.

Apart from that training camp, Lewis described his US tour experiences for 2014 as “successful,” having achieved top ten places in almost all of his races, leaving him in a good competitive position.

Lewis said, “That’s where I need to be right now. My goal is to consistently be in the top ten to be able to target medals. I am hitting my target which is nice and I am improving as much as I can. I went to Europe to do some meets. I suffered an injury, but everything is good now. I finished off the tour very well with some top five races, which is what I needed to be doing. Eventually, it would be the top three and then the medals start to come.”

Andrew Lewis...achieved top ten places in almost all of his races in 2014, leaving him in competitive position.
Sports tourism—tool for development
Monday, November 24, 2014

Mega and small scale sport tourism has the potential to contribute to the social, cultural, economic and infrastructural development of the host country or city. Sport tourism involves the travel of persons for non-business reasons to participate and or observe sporting activities (Hall, 1992). Mega sporting events include the hosting of World Cups for such sports such as football, cricket, and rugby. Small scale sporting events include triathlons, marathons and a leg of the formula one grand prix. 

According to Zauhar (2003), sport tourism involves a number of activities. In addition to either participating and or observing sporting events, persons who travel for sport tourism may also have a vested interest in visiting state of the art sporting facilities such as stadiums. These may include for example, Lords cricket ground in England, Roland Garros in Paris, Maracana Stadium in Brazil and the Millennium rugby stadium in Wales. In addition to the iconic sporting stadiums appeal, sport tourists may also show an interest in sporting hall of fames and sport museums such as the Legends of Barbados cricket museum. 

Sport tourists may not always be interested in traditional competitive sports and may find adventurous activities far more inviting and appealing to their leisure taste. Some of these adventurous activities may include bungee jumping stations, zip line canopy tours, hiking trails, water adventures such snorkeling and golf. 

Sport tourism offers several economic benefits to local communities, the region and or the country. An estimated 680 000 persons from overseas attended the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. These visitors generated enormous economic activity through different forms of expenditure on sporting and non-sporting activities. There was an increase demand for various forms of accommodation-hotels and guest houses. 

Similarly, there was an increase in demand for sporting paraphernalia such replica tee shirts, sneakers, etc. Non-sporting products expenditure included food, beverages, phones, cameras, and other electronic accessories that are associated with travelers. According to Hassen (2003) the 2003 Cricket World generated 1.3 billion Rands for the South African economy. 

Sport tourism provides the host country with high media coverage. This coverage will cover not only the sporting event but also provide important information about the country’s cultural and entertainment locations as well as an overall country profile. Such information would have been provided when the Caribbean played host to two cricket world cups in 2007 and 2010 respectively. Additionally, Trinidad and Tobago would have benefitted from the media coverage when it hosted the 2001 FIFA U17 World Cup for boys and the 2010 FIFA World Cup for girls. 

Mega and small sporting events not only offer athletes and officials opportunities to establish strong social bonds but also allow sport tourists the opportunity to forge long lasting social connections with persons from host cities and countries. These bonds have the potential to result in future travels between countries and so deepening the benefits of tourism.

According to Morrison (2005) mega sporting events provide a platform to incorporate social and cultural features of the host community/city/country into the overall tourist experience. These events are good occasions to showcase the cultural heritage of the country such as its history, historical sites, food, music, art, architecture, and overall what makes the host unique and interesting to want to return in the immediate future.

Sport tourism do not only result from the visiting and expenditure from tourists but also involves the development of local infrastructure such as stadia, hotels, transportation networks, roads, telecommunication, airports and other infrastructure. Such developments will provide long term benefits to communities where they have been established.

The potential benefits of sports tourism can only be realized if several challenges are overcome especially in the developing world. 

In countries where crime and matters of security are a major concern persons considering to travel to these destination maybe discouraged to engage in any form of sport tourism. Additionally, the allegations of corruption and financial scandals may also serve as a discouragement.

The overall success of any sporting tourism event is dependent upon management. Poor management due to financial impropriety, poor planning, lack of efficient customer service, and a host of other management’s drawbacks may serve as a major Achilles heel for the success of any sport tourism event. 

According to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (2011) sport tourism has the potential to being powerful tool for development and progress. However, for this to be accomplished to reap the benefits of sports tourism proper planning and management of events have to be undertaken.

Sookoonsingh tops South-East Zone
Monday, November 24, 2014

Ishwar Sookoonsingh walked away with the prestigious Cricketer of the Year honour when the South-East Zonal Council of the T&T Cricket Board (TTCB) staged its annual prize distribution function for the 2014 season, on Saturday.

Cedar Hill United collected the Club of the Year prize at the well-attended function held at the spacious Haji Ralph D Khan Hall of the Ashmead Ali Sporting Complex at Jordan Hill, Princes Town.

The function was chaired by zone chairman Kelvin Mohammed and was also graced with the presence of Minister of Public Utilities Nizam Baksh, Member of Parliament for Naparima and top officials of the TTCB.

Sookoonsingh, who plays for Blended in the South-East Zone’s Division One competition took 48 wickets for the season, the most by any bowler to finish with an outstanding average of 10.9 and land the top award.

The spinner took five or more wickets on three occasions, the identical number of times he also recorded match-hauls of eight or more scalps which also earned him a place among the zone’s Five Cricketers of the Year. 

Joining Sookoonsingh in this elite group were the brother of the world’s number one rated T20 bowler Samuel Badree, Charanlal Badree of Renown; Faoud Bassarath of St Mary’s; Mike Smith of Nazarite; and Kelly Seecharan of Union.

The other top performer in Divison One was batsman Smith of Nazarite who scored the most runs, 501, to finish with an average of 62.63 for the season which in no small way helped Nazarite clinch the top spot in Division One.

Also taking pride of place at the awards function were the Four Youth Cricketers of the Year headed by Under-19 allrounder Justin Persad and including Jervon Webber (U-17), Cephas Cooper (U-15) and Isiah Gomez (U-13).

Cooper, who made 543 runs in the season for an average of 90.5, also captured five wickets on his way to being adjudged the zonal council’s Youth Cricketer of the Year.

Also being recognised for their outstanding results of the last year were Coach of the Year Shiva Rambaran; Umpire of the Year Inskip Watson; Administrator of the Year Neil Ramdass; and Patrick Harriot who was hailed for his long and meritorious service to the South-East Zonal Council and cricket in general.

A special award was also presented by Minister Baksh to Krishna Balgobin, a representative of Cedar Hill who was rewarded for coming out on top in the 35-overs competition.

Ishwar Sookoonsingh, right, South-East Zonal Council’s Cricketer of the Year receives one of his many bowling awards from Baldath Mahabir, executive member of the T&T Cricket Board (TTCB), on Saturday night. PHOTO COURTESY TTCB
John boots W Connection out Toyota Classic
Monday, November 24, 2014

Former Soca Warriors striker and all-time T&T leading scorer Stern John converted the decisive penalty and National Super League outfit, WASA FC stunned holders and three-time champions DirecTV W Connection 4-3 on penalty-kicks after a 1-1 draw in the Toyota Classic round-of-16 opener.

This was in the feature match of a double-header at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on Saturday night, one the “Savonetta Boys” past winners in 2005, 2011 and 2013 would surely want to forget.

John, a 74th minute substitute grabbed the glory when he scored the winning kick against a side that really booted themselves out of the tournament.

W Connection's Hashim Arcia sent his team’s third kick onto the crossbar and on the fourth team-mate Neil Benjamin Jr blasted overbar as the finishing problem that marred the Pro League team’s regulation time performance continued before John converted the winner.

W Connection had taken an early 1-0 lead in the seventh minute of play when right full-back Alvin Jones smashed in a right-footer past a fully spread goalkeeper Glenroy Samuel.

But despite dominating on chances W Connection failed to find the back of the net again after ninety minutes plus stoppage time and had only themselves to blame.

Jones got close to a second in the 37th minute when his powerful free kick took a deflection to fly inches wide of Samuel's goal.

And before that teammates Tremain Shayn Paul and Akeem Garcia were also just wide of the target.

Connection also lost the advantage early inside the second period when former Trinidad and Tobago international Gary Glasgow pulled WASA level, 1-1, in the 49th minute with a delicate finish from the top of the six yard area.

Three minutes later WASA thought they had the lead when Mario Kissoon found the back of the net on a second bite from close up.

However referee Neal Brizan disallowed the goal and awarded Connection a free-kick, ruling that goalkeeper Julani Archibald was fouled in the process.

Kissoon was later replaced by Stern John with just sixteen minutes left and on his first involvement, seconds onto the pitch, the former Major League Soccer (MLS) star and England-based forward had an attempt at goal, hitting just wide from distance. But that was it for his involvement until stepping up for the winning hit on kicks from the penalty spot.

As for the Stuart Charles-Fevrier coached-Connection, sporting a new kit—arguably the best looking uniforms ever to be worn in Trinidad—failed to execute on the night.

Paul troubled the back support of the netting in the 67th minute when his effort from distance flew inches wide of the target.

Substitute Jerrel Britto also sent an effort inches wide of the target in the 81st minute and four minutes later Samuel was forced into a low save to deny Paul.

But the most disappointing misses came in stoppage time when substitute forward Keon Boucher struck high over bar from close up after Samuel blocked out a stinger of a free-kick by Jones, and then at the death Britto also spilled over bar with the goal at his mercy after making contact to a low cross from the right by Jones. In the end W Connection paid the price of exit.

With the exception of defending champions W Connection, the prowess of Caledonia AIA, Defence Force and San Juan Jabloteh were beyond their Super League opponents in other matches on Saturday.

Defence Force's Super League outfit felt the brunt of the Pro League, falling 3-0 against Caledonia, in the first match of the Couva double-header. Nathan Lewis, who was denied by the upright once on either half and even had a strike cleared off the line by Super League's Defence Force's Dwight Scott in the second period, broke the soldiers in the 32nd minute for a 1-0 advantage by blasting his strike past goalkeeper Dillon Prince.

It was not until the 76th minute that Caledonia got to its second item for a 2-0 cushion with Pernell Schultz, who earlier struck the crossbar, deservingly the scorer.

Substitute Kyle Adams then sealed the 3-0 win in the 82nd minute to send Caledonia through to the quarterfinals.And the scoreline could have been richer had Dominican forward Julian Wade put away just a couple of his chances, one of which he shockingly hit wide of an open net in the 16th minute. 

At the Marvin Lee Stadium, Caledonia's Pro League rivals, Defence Force Defence Force, was the biggest winner on the day, trashing Petrotrin Palo Seco 6-0 in the second match of a double-header.

Devorn Jorsling bagged a hat-trick for Defence Force, netting in the 30th, 45th and 69th minutes, while team-mates Kerry Joseph (53rd), Jemel Sebro (77th) and Darryl Trim (81st) added one each to send Palo Seco packing. 

Surprise Digicel Pro League leaders San Juan Jabloteh were also celebrating a Super League scalp in that of Tobago's 1976 FC Phoenix 4-0.

The Tobagonians trailed 1-0 from as early as the 17th minute when Simon Nedd scored an own goal by knocking in a Brendon Boucaud rebound which crashed off the crossbar.

Jabloteh followed-up with a first half double by Troy Moses, netting in the 31st and 40th minutes, for a comfortable 3-0 lead before the break.

In the 60th minute Jabloteh failed to improve the advantage when it seemed that the San Juan club’s Tobagonian forward Andell Noray felt a bit of sympathy for his former club when he struck the crossbar from the penalty spot.

But teammate Johan Peltier showed to mercy by making it 4-0 on the 69th minute to complete the scoring for Jabloteh, tournament champions in 2008 and runner-up in 2005, 2007 and 2009. 

Yesterday, host Pt Fortin Civic got a goal each from Marcus Joseph, Andre Toussaint and Andrei Pacheco to blank St Ann’s Rangers 3-0 at Mahaica Oval in the only Pro League tie of the round while Police FC turned back last season’s semi-finalists Guaya United of the Super League at the St James Barracks.

Due to heavy rainfall, last Friday’s preliminary round clashes between Central FC and La Horquetta SA; and Club Sando and North East Stars will be contested next weekend.

The tournament winners will receive $50,000 while the runner-up gets $20,000. The top “Goalscorer” and “Coach of the Tournament” will receive $1,000 eah while $1,500 will be awarded to the “Most Valuable Player” overall.

Toyota Classic 2014

Saturday’s results
San Juan Jabloteh 4 (Simon Nedd own goal 17th, Troy Moses 31st, 40th) vs 1976 FC Phoenix 0
Defence Force (Pro League) 6 (Devorn Jorsling 30th, 45th, 69th, Kerry Joseph 53rd, Jemel Sebro 77th, Darryl Trim 81st) vs Petrotrin Palo Seco 0
Caledonia AIA 3 (Nathan Lewis 32nd, Pernell Schultz 76th, Kyle Adams 82nd) vs Defence Force (Super League) 0
WASA FC 1 (Gary Glasgow 49th) vs W Connection 1 (Alvin Jones 7th) – WASA won 4-3 on penalty-kicks

St. James Barracks
Police FC vs Guaya United—4 pm  (Boris Punch 794-3541)
Pt Fortin Civic 3 (Marcus Joseph 37th, Andre Toussaint 58th, Andrei Pacheco 62nd) vs St Ann’s Rangers 0 
Quarterfinals: Friday November 28 & Saturday November 29
Semifinals: Friday December 5
Final: Friday December 12

San Juan Jabloteh’s Andre Reid, left, and 1976 FC Phoenix’s Mickaeel Gordon battle for the ball in their Toyota Classic round-of-16 clash at the Marvin Lee Stadium, Macoya on Saturday. Jabloteh won 4-0. Photo: Anthony Harris
Warriors takes Ultimate tag team triathlon
Monday, November 24, 2014

Rainbow Warriors were again victorious at the recent TDC Ultimate tag team triathlon held at Las Cuevas. 

Head coach & race director, Jason Gooding along with Tamiko Butler, Alexandra Consten and Ancil Green took the RWTC & Friends to the finish line in a time of 1:19:38 ahead of the RWTC Earthquake 1:22:41 (Jodi Gomez, Ricardo Chacin, Christiane Farah, Matthew Chung) and Team OAW#2 (Jordan Van Reeken, Pedro Zalama, Lily Stauble, Christian Gillette) completing the their event in 1:23:24.

RWTC’s The Judgement 1:36:38 (Maegan Ifill, Alistair Beadle, Kiyomi Rankine, Ian Chin) took the top prize in the Masters category while Team XO Young Stars 1:41:51 (Shinelle Padmore, Derek Daniel, Kristen Jacobs, Stephen Welch) and XO#3 2:05:01 (Kelly-Ann Charles, Ron Mollineau, Arlene Hamblin, Elson James) finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Juniors were represented with Emma Chin Lee, Andrew Gillette, Lauryn Pounder and Logan Raymond of Team +OAW also finishing 5th overall in a time of 1:33:24. Second place went to RWTC – Crackerjacks 1:39:25 (Ariel Franco, Scott Marchack, Maia Nieves, Jean-Marc Granderson). Taking bronze was RWTC-Radioactive (Kirsten St. Omer, Troy Llanos, Jodi Nieves, Darion Nimblette) in a time of 2:03:44.

There were also awards for the fastest male and fastest female on the day to complete the 200m swim, 5km bike and 1km beach run, and those awards went to Matthew Chung 18:48 (RWTC) and Alexandra Consten 20:01 (representing RWTC).

Gooding was very pleased with his team’s performances as they were able to make podium in every category, Open, Masters and Juniors. “It is good to see that our junior and senior training programs work. The team members train hard and the results are there to show”, said Gooding. Sponsors of this event include TDC, Boomerang Caterers, Mike’s Bikes, Gatorade, Blue Waters and Odessey Timing Co. (Electronic Race Timing).



Victorious members of the Rainbow Warriors after their success at the recent TDC Ultimate tag team triathlon held at Las Cuevas.
Fever on for Warriors
Monday, November 24, 2014
Fans all set to play 12th man for women

The hype surrounding the December 2 Fifa Women’s World Cup second leg intercontinental playoff between T&T and Ecuador is expected to reach fever pitch this week with the thrust of the “Be the 12th Warrior” campaign.

The Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain, the venue for the final showdown, can only seat 22,500 spectators and by all indications, almost half have already been claimed by ticket sales. 

The tickets are priced at $200 for covered seats and $100 for uncovered seats. 

Children under the age of 12 can enter free of charge. Tickets will also be sold on match day. That is, if there are any remaining.

Tickets went on sale a week ago at venues including The Fan Club (MovieTowne, Trincity Mall, and Gulf City Mall), Kenny’s, Skinner Park, All Out and according to Sheldon Phillips, general secretary of the T&T Football Association (TTFA), the original batch of 10,000 is said to be quickly diminishing.

So much so that agents have been calling on the TTFA for more tickets to be printed.

Phillips said yesterday, he was happy and excited at the hype and pleased to see so many fans are behind the women.

In an effort to make the experience as memorable as possible, the “12th Warrior” campaign was launched with a special commemorative fan T-shirt being sold for the match.

The original fan tee shirts will go on sale tomorrow at a number of venues including the three outlets of The Fan Club, at a cost of $150 (men and women) and $120 (children).

The Fan Club was contacted yesterday to give an indication of sale of ticket sales and Tyrone Alexander, manager the Trincity Mall branch indicated that his first batch of uncovered tickets were almost sold out. He said he will need to replenish tickets before the store closes today.

According to Alexander, The Fan Club’s most popular branch located in MovieTowne, Port-of-Spain, has almost been unable to keep up with the demand.

The “Be the 12th Warrior” campaign was created to rally support for the Women’s Soca Warriors, who have ambitions of becoming the first country from the Caribbean to qualify for the Fifa Women’s World Cup. 

Qualification would see T&T become the second smallest nation, behind Equatorial Guinea to claim such a feat.

Yesterday 22 players were named to enter the live-in camp, led by head coach Randy Waldrum at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain, from tomorrow.

Leading forward Kennya Cordner who recently represented T&T at in the women’s competition at the CAC Games in Mexico, has returned to join the team.

The remaining players include captain Maylee Attin Johnson, Ayanna Russell, Patrice Superville, Ahkeela Mollon, Mariah Shade, Janine Francois, Arin King, Khadisha Debbesette, Khadidra Debbesette, Tasha St Louis, Anique Walker, Dernelle Mascall, Jasmine Sampson, Lauryn Hutchinson, Brianna Ryce, Kimika Forbes, along with newcomers in sisters Nia Walcott and Amira Walcott.

Like the Debbesette sisters, the Walcott sisters have both represented T&T at youth level and will now begin preparing for the most important football match of their lives.

The Walcott sisters made headlines in 2010 when they were named in the T&T which hosted the Fifa Under-17 World Cup.

Where to get tickets

The Fan Club (MovieTowne, POS) 

The Fan Club (Trincity Mall, East)

The Fan Club (Gulf City Mall, South)

Kenny’s Sports Centre 

Skinner Park (San Fernando)

Ramsingh’s Sporting Goods (Chaguanas)

All Out (Queen’s Park Oval)

Econo Supermarket 

(Sangre Grande)

Heritage Sport (Scarborough). 

Tickets Cost: $200 (covered) and $100 (uncovered). 

Kids under 12: free in the uncovered section. 

Gates Open: 3pm.

Kick off: 6pm

T&T women’s team members from left, Ahkeela Mollon, Khadesha Debessette, Khadidra Debessette and Dernelle Mascall show off the "12th Warrior" T-shirts which have been launched to support the team for the December 2 match against Ecuador. The shirts are expected to be in stores tomorrow, including The Fan Club outlets at MovieTowne (PoS), Gulf City Mall (San Fernando) and Trincity Mall (East). Courtesy TTFA
T&T stickwomen narrowly fail to get bronze medal
Monday, November 24, 2014

T&T senior hockey women were left without a medal at the 22nd Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games after losing 2-1 to host Mexico in their bronze medal contest at the High Performance Centre, Veracruz, Mexico, yesterday.

Gold medal winners in 2002 and 2010, both in Puerto Rico, the “Calypso Stickwomen” went ahead as early as the second minute through co-captain Alanna Lewis, to lead 1-0 at the half.

However, within a minute of the restart, the Mexican backed by their home crowd drew level thanks to Michel Navarro while Ana Juarez got the go-ahead item in the 48th which turned out to be the winner for her team.

Today, the men’s national team will go after a first gold medal since 2002 when they meet Cuba in their gold medal contest from 5.30pm, in a repeat of their round-robin encounter, the Raphael Govia locals surrendered 2-3 after leading 2-0 midway through the second-half.

In the semifinals, T&T edged Mexico 1-0 on a 60th minute goal from Akim Toussaint to avenge a loss in the 2010 final while Cuba thrashed Barbados 6-0.The meeting between T&T and Cuba will be a repeat of the 2006 final which the latter won 4-3 on penalties after a 2-2 draw in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 

Included on the T&T team back then, and in the current team are Toussaint, Mickell Pierre, Kiel Murray, captain Darren Cowie and goalkeeper Andrey Rocke, who will all be out to exact revenge.


Colin Ramasra dispatched Barbadian Gavin Cumberbatch 11-5, 11-4, 11-6 in men’s singles round-of-32 action. Ramasra was carded to face Guatemala’s Edwin Enrique in the round-of-16 last night. Kale Wilson also made a winning start, dismissing Cumberbatch’s younger brother Rhett 11-2, 11-7, 12-10 to set up a meeting with Jamaica’s Lewis Walters for a quarterfinal spot.


Saturday night at the Wold Trade Centre, Veracruz, T&T’s Seanasi Charles stopped Nicaraguan Michael Rigby by Technical Knockout (TKO), two minutes and 48 seconds into their round-of-16 lightwelterweight bout.


T&T’s Kelly-Ann Arrindell made an excellent start in the women’s laser radial. Among the 15 sailors, Arrindell finished third in race one of the ten-race series. Olympian Andrew Lewis ended eighth (15 sailors) in race one of the ten-race men’s laser.


In the Mixed Team Badminton competition, the T&T team which includes Alistair Espinoza, Kerian Quan Chee, Kerwyn Pantin, Nekeisha Blake, Jada Renales and Will Lee did not win any matches against Guatemala, losing 0-5.


Roger Daniel failed to take the starting field for the Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Qualification opening round.


Varun Maharajh, who just missed out on a medal (fourth) in the men’s omnium, dropped out at the 38.6km mark in the men’s road race yesterday. Veteran rider Emile Abraham also could not complete the event opting out at the 19.3km mark. 


Patrice Edwards and Afeisha Noel tallied a 17 points each as T&T women defeated El Salvador 70-61 for fifth spot.

T&T entered the match as favourites but found itself behind 18-20 at the end of the first quarter, and then 38-31 at the half.

However, a dominant third quarter saw T&T outscored the Central Americans 28-13 to lead 59-51 before a 11-10 final quarter to seal the win.

Edwards was only four of 17 from the floor, but made up at the free-throw line sinking nine of ten while Noel was six of 15 from the floor and five of ten at the line.

Samantha Wallace added 16 inclusive of two three points and Jowan Ortega 14, with two from behind the arc for T&T which turned the ball over 23 times and made 12 steals of its own.

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