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Libyan Health Care On Life Support
[IRIN]Tripoli -The political chaos and unrest in Libya is taking a serious toll on health services, with the departure of medical staff and humanitarian agencies increasing the strain on health workers seeking to treat those injured in the clashes taking place since June.
Who's Fighting Whom?
[Deutsche Welle]With violence and chaos raging in Libya, dozens of militias are fighting for control of the country. But what are their objectives, and who's supplying them with funds?
Militias Seize Tripoli Govt Offices
[Deutsche Welle]Ministry and state offices in Tripoli have been seized by armed militias. The loss of control comes just days after the country's interim government resigned, following the creation of a rival Islamist administration.
Libyans Rejoice Over UN Resolution
[Magharebia]Benghazi -Libyans hail the United Nations' move aimed at ending the violence in their country.
Eyes of World Turn to Libya
[Magharebia]Libya is no longer just a local problem. Alarms sound from Egypt to New York about the international threat emanating from a country torn asunder.
Generals Drawn Out By Libyan Islamist Threat
[African Arguments]For decades, Egypt has felt like a world unto itself. The state's preoccupations were internal: containing protests and arresting its critics and alleged terrorists. National concerns revolved around the availability of bread and work, the daily challenges of power blackouts and traffic jams, the latest football results.
Libyans rejoice over UN resolution
Libyans hail the United Nations' move aimed at ending the violence in their country.
[in Magharebia.com ]
Sisi Stresses Respect for Libya's Internal Affairs
[Egypt Online]President Abdel Fattah El Sisi expressed respect Thursday for the internal affairs of Libya, asserting that Egypt refrains itself from intervention in the Arab neighbor.
Govt Resigns After Islamists Restart Congress
[Deutsche Welle]Libya's interim government has announced its resignation days after a rival Islamist administration was created. The international community has become increasingly concerned at the chaotic situation in the country.
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