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Mr. Magafe, the Libyan Warlord Who Feeds On Immigrants
[Dalsan Radio] Somalis are very good at nicknaming things and even people. The name Magafe literally means the one who never misses in Somali and that is what Somalis use to describe a Libyan warlord who has made a business out of kidnapping poor immigrants heading to Europe via the Sahara desert.
Don't Let Hillary Clinton Escape the Blame for Libya's Anarchy
[Fahamu] There are no consequences for the woman who could be the next leader of the "free world" for the deadly chaos she is responsible for in Libya. It is all part of America's doctrine of humanitarian anarchy.
UN Chief Praises Egypt's Efforts On Libya, Gaza
[Egypt Online] United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon hailed as important Egypt's role in reaching a political settlement to the Libyan crisis and contributing to the Gaza reconstruction process.
Mediterranean Carnage and the Harvest of Empire
[Al Jazeera] How to digest the reality of 1,500 dead migrants when most of the victims are lost to the sea; their hopes, dreams and even their names drowned with them?
Hundreds of Migrants Rescued Off Libyan Coast
[Al Jazeera] The Italian coastguard has rescued 228 migrants off the Libyan coast in the Mediterranean Sea.
Amnesty International - 'We Need a Fully Fledged Humanitarian Search and Rescue Operation
[Deutsche Welle] EU leaders sat down for crisis talks on Thursday on possible military action against human traffickers in Libya, in a desperate bid to halt the tidal wave of refugees trying to reach Europe by sea.
Does the Tragedy in the Mediterranean Illustrate a New British Africa Policy?
[African Arguments] Suddenly the British election has an international issue: African migration to Europe. The sight of boatloads of poor Africans heading towards our southern European beaches induces primeval fears of being overrun. Keep them out!
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