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Hawaii Judge Bars Travel Order From Taking Effect
[VOA] A federal judge in Hawaii has blocked President Donald Trump's latest order restricting travel which was to go into effect at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday.
Is Business Trumping Peace Efforts in Libya?
[ISS] A few weeks ahead of the crucial 5th African Union (AU)-European Union (EU) summit in Abidjan at the end of November, most officials on both sides are aware of the many potentially explosive issues in the relationship between these two organisations.
Three Girls Return Home After Escaping Isis Captivity in Libya
[Nairobi News] Three girls who had left Kenya to join ISIS in Libya have been brought home.
Security Council Endorses UN Plan On Restarting Political Process
[UN News] The Security Council today endorsed the United Nations' action plan to resume an inclusive political process in Libya.
Citizens Among Migrants Found Trapped Amid Libya Fighting
[Shabelle] Thousands of migrants have been found trapped in camps in Libya the past days after they were caught amid the fighting over the northwestern city of Sabratha, officials said Sunday.
Kenyans Lured to Libya By the Islamic State Brought Back
[Nation] Three Kenyan women who were lured to Libya by the Islamic State two years ago have been brought back after they were arrested in Egypt.
UN Mission Condemns Deadly Bombing in Misrata
[UN News] Condemning an attack against a court house in the Libyan city of Misrata, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) underscored that those behind the incident must be held accountable.
Another 138 Nigerians Return From Libya
[Premium Times] After failed attempts to cross over to Europe from Libya, about 138 Nigerians on Tuesday returned to the country.
RSF to Compensate for Deadly Sudan-Libya Border Clash
[Radio Dabanga] Saraf Omra -The paramilitary Rapid Support Forces has handed over five of its vehicles following the death of 17 Border Guards members near the Sudanese-Libyan border last week. The handover is a first step of an agreement between the involved parties.
Islamic State Regrouping in Libyan Desert, Experts Warn
[VOA] As the Islamic State group faces military defeats in Syria and Iraq, the group has an eye on war-torn Libya, hoping to re-emerge there and organize in the country's desert, officials and experts warn.
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