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Libyan Crisis Could Jeopardise Tunisia's Chances to Revive Its Economy (ESCWA)
[Tunis Afrique Presse]Tunis -The Libyan crisis could have a negative impact on Tunisia's trade, the energy sector and tourism and jeopardise its chances of reviving its economy by 2015, according to a study conducted by the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) published last August 12.
Political Crisis Splits Libya
[Magharebia]Nadia Radwan in Benghazi contributed to this report for Magharebia - 26/08/2014
U.S. Accuses Egypt and UAE of Conducting Airstrikes in Libya
[Aswat Masriya]Cairo -United States State Department Spokeswoman and Pentagon spokesman accused Egypt and the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday evening of conducting airstrikes on Islamist factions in Libya, reported Reuters.
Libya - the House of Cards Has Collapsed
[Daily Maverick]Ever since Gaddafi's grisly death, Libya has been a state in name alone, held together by a delicate balancing act of rival militias. But even this is now beginning to unravel, with devastating consequences for the country - and, potentially, for the rich Gulf petro-states who are watching these developments with barely-disguised terror. And unfortunately for them, no amount of unilateral airstrikes are likely to help.
Political crisis splits Libya
Libya has two rival governments, after the outgoing General National Congress convened in Tripoli on Monday (August 25th) to name its own premier.
[in Magharebia.com ]
Foreign Intervention in Libya Seen As Further Destabilizing a Fractured Country
[VOA]Senior U.S. officials say Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have launched airstrikes against Islamist militants twice in the past week in the Libyan capital. The move caught the United States off guard.
Fighting, Fuel Fires and Fear in Tripoli
[IRIN]Tripoli -Things are bad in Libya right now. Black smoke from a massive fuel depot fire has been lingering over the heads of the residents of the capital Tripoli for more than four weeks. While the smoke has lessened since July, the fuel fires, water-supply cuts and regular gun-fire are signs that the country is going through one of the most difficult periods since the 2011 revolution.
Libya Boosts Gambia Agric Sector With Tractors
[Daily Observer]The Libyan embassy in Banjul Monday handed over 13 brand new tractors and accessories to the government of The Gambia through the Ministry of Agriculture for the latter's agricultural development.
Libya Boosts Vision 2016 Initiative With Tractors
[The Point]The Libyan government through it embassy in Banjul Monday handed over 13 tractors to the Gambia government.
Libyan Ambassador - Egypt's Initiative Aims At Defusing Libya Crisis
[Egypt Online]Libyan Ambassador to Egypt Mohamed Fayez Jibril said an initiative that was recently floated by Egypt is aiming at defusing the Libyan crisis and restoring stability in the country.
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