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Diving Watch Comes Packaged In A Bag Of Water
To highlight its moisture resistant design, the Festina Profundo watch is sold in clear bags filled with liquid.
Samsung werkt aan Chromebook met afneembaar toetsenbord
Hiervoor werden aanwijzingen gevonden in de broncode van Chromium, zo schrijft Chrome Unboxed. Chromium is de opensource-code waarop de browser Chrome is gebaseerd. In de code wordt gesproken over 'Nautilus', zoals het nieuwe apparaat voorlopig zou heten.  Helemaal nieuw is een hybride Chromebook niet. Zo zijn er al laptops die het toetsenbord helemaal naar achteren kunnen buigen om hem als tablet te gebruiken. De versie van Samsung zou daarin anders zijn, omdat het scherm...

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Gigi Hadid Cancels Fashion Show Appearance After Her Visa Was Allegedly Revoked By Chinese Authorities

Last year, supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid became the first sisters to ever walk the catwalk together at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. But this year, Bella will be walking without her famous sister because of a distasteful video posted on Snapchat in February. The video showed Gigi squinting her eyes to imitate Asians as she held a cookie that resembled Buddha.

The video offended many in the Asian community, not only for the eye gesture, but also because it was disrespectful to Buddhists as well.

On Thursday, Gigi tweeted that she would not be appearing at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, China. According to reports, Gigi’s visa was denied so she wasn’t allowed in the country for the event. 

It’s also believed that singer Katy Perry was scheduled to be a musical guest on the show but her visa was pulled as well. Perry wore a sunflower-themed dress at a concert in Taiwan back in 2015. The sunflower is a symbol associated with anti-China protestors.

The Global Times ran an editorial on Sunday claiming that although it was unknown whether Hadid and Perry were denied visas, it made sense for political reasons. “Political correctness cannot be ignored,” the Global Times said. “Payback was unavoidable. Those who are serious about developing careers in the Chinese market can draw lessons from this case and learn to abide by the rules in China.”

Victoria’s Secret recently opened its first retail store in Shanghai, but there’s no telling if the recent controversy will affect the brand’s big launch. China’s market for women’s underwear is worth an estimated $25 billion, nearly double that of the United States. 



At This New Gym For Pregnant Women, Moms-To-Be Aren’t Treated Like Invalids

At the first brick and mortar gym for new moms and moms-to-be, students receive instruction on how to exercise their changing bodies–and experience a sense of community.

“Pretend these two 8-pound weights are newborn twins,” commands my fitness instructor as she hoists dumbbells above her head. Between a few huffs and puffs, she ups the ante, adding, “Your baby will want to be held all the time, so get used to it. You have enough time to train those muscles!”

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A Tenacious HS Sophomore Grills Her Congressman As He Refuses To Answer A Question About Her Family's Fate

Gisele Mendez is a high school sophomore represented by Congressman Dan Donavan of New York. During a recent town hall forum, Mendez introduced herself to Donovan as the daughter of immigrants, a youth leader for immigrant rights group Make the Road New York, and the sister of someone protected by the DACA, which Donald Trump stated he wished to end. 

As a member of Congress, Dan Donovan is one of the representatives tasked with voting on new legislation that will decide the fate of Mendez’s family members and millions of others like them. 

Of concern to many Americans is whether Congress will pass a “clean” Dream Act that will continue to protect the children of immigrants without also including border security and immigration reform line items that will serve to tear their families apart in other manners. 

When confronted by Mendez on where his support lies, Donovan played both sides of the issue, claiming to be “in favor of fixing DACA, and ... in favor of securing our borders.” 

That answer didn’t satisfy Mendez, nor many other concerned citizens in attendance. She stated, “I want to personally hand this to you so that you would know that Staten Island … does not support having to see families like mine ripped apart.” 

Upon presenting Donovan thousands of petition signatures, the high schooler pressed her Congressman for a more accountable response.

Below is a transcript (via Jezebel) of the frustrating interaction between the concerned Mendez and the waffling Donovan. 

Congressman Dan Donovan: I support the president’s desire to secure our nation. About a month ago, about nine people died in the back of a van that was brought across our country because they weren’t given any water or air conditioning in that van. And my belief is that if that van had been stopped at the border maybe–I’m not sure when those poor people died–but maybe those people would still be alive today. So I support DACA, but I also support protecting the border. And there’s not enough votes in Congress right now to get a clean DACA–clean Dream Act bill passed without attaching some moneys for some kind of border security.

Gisele Mendez: And if we do get enough voters, will you vote yes?

Donovan: I support the president in securing our borders.

[Audience member: Ask him again!]

Mendez: I’m sorry sir, you need to be a little more specific.

Donovan: I’m in favor of fixing DACA, and I’m also in favor of securing our borders.

Mendez: So that’s a no.

Audience member: Do you support a clean Dream Act?

Mendez: Like I said before, when we do get enough voters and supporters, you’re going to be one of those that say no.

Donovan: I’m going to be someone who supports DACA and border security.

Mendez: It’s a yes or no question sir.

Donovan ended the exchange unable to muster an answer to her straightforward question, much less an acceptable explanation of his stance.

Congressman Donovan’s inability or disinclination to answer an important question may be disheartening to champions of democracy — but, on the bright side, we have Gisele Mendez on our side to give us hope. 

New Study Shows That Early Childhood Education Programs Have Big Benefits For Students And School Boards

The United States is woefully behind the rest of the industrialized world when it comes to early childhood education (ECE). A 2016 study found that out of 36 countries, the U.S. ranked 29th in enrollment rates for its 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds. In 2014, only 42% of 3-year-olds and 68% of 4-year-olds were enrolled in early childhood (ECE) or preschool programs in the U.S. In comparison, France, Belgium, Israel, Spain, Norway, Germany, Sweden, and Italy all have enrollment rates of 90% and above for both age groups.

According to a new meta-analysis by the American Educational Research Association, low ECE enrollment does students and school boards a major disservice. The organization’s study found that students who were enrolled in ECE programs showed increased high school graduation rates, reduced special education placement, and reduced instances of grade retention. 

<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/seattlecitycouncil/10877286404/in/photolist-hzbWhL-ndLF7s-7eFCVc-2ZiXJs-ghbwQV-qBMU2K-eN1j2n-4Yz494-aSCwjZ-nWcwXW-eg3ZTY-T7zdGA-7eFERP-4PHqgg-9fTk4r-p9VRGD-T9xkju-qzeREt-7eKz8u-7eKyE1-4zd3EJ-5DCQG-dDCbG7-5yozeu-nSX97a-fUrP3L-7eFCFB-eN1kBp-Tq8n87-anUJFn-5yozCA-kJL4ai-dDwMSi-dhQMmR-hzaVma-fetUKV-dSybs-qasuZx-5yovCC-4zjGui-feJam3-YzsWvr-kJMFqJ-8PCwt2-6htJQk-oYDGCX-hzb7Jm-hzcv2T-eUF7k3-4tah2K"  />Photo by Seattle City Council/Flickr</a>

Researchers reviewed 22 studies published between 1960 and 2016 which tracked students enrolled in ECE programs. Participation in high-quality ECE programs reduced future special education placement by 8.1%, decreased grade retention by 8.3%, and increased high school graduation rates by 11.4%. “Early childhood education programs on balance seem to be effective for these important school outcomes,” Greg Duncan, professor of education at the University of California said. “These differences are big enough to translate into real dollars being saved for K-12 schooling.”

The study also shows the economic benefits of ECE programs. According to the American Educational Research Association, when students are held back in school it costs districts an additional $8,000 to $12,000 per student. Dropping out of high school costs students and society a serious amount of money as well. It’s estimated to cause a $689,000 reduction in lifetime earnings, and adds a $262,000 cost to the broader economy as well.

“It is exciting that our results show that the benefits of early childhood education are sustained through elementary school and beyond,” Dana McCoy, a study coauthor, said. “These results provide further evidence for the potential individual and societal benefits of expanding early childhood education programming in the United States.” Studies like these provide solid evidence of the benefits of ECE and can help to further the expansion of programs designed to increase enrollment. 



Intel announces: First commercial 5G modem in development

Intel announces: First commercial 5G modem in development

The world's second largest semiconductor manufacturer, Intel, has announced a major project in mobile chips. The company has introduced a future portfolio for commercial 5G modems.

According to a press released, the XMM 8060 is the first commercial 5G modem developed by Intel and will take on major 5G suppliers, including the likes of Qualcomm and Nokia, in the next decade's fight for wireless supremacy.

In addition to the super-speedy 5G modem, Intel also announced a new XMM 7060 which improves the LTE speeds on mobile devices starting next year. As for the 5G modem, we'll have to wait a few year.

While we are waiting for the first commercial devices to equip the XMM 8060 in mid-2019, we'll have the 1.6 gigabits per second, Cat-19 LTE chip to speed our way through the last few years without 5G.

Intel also said that it is going to expand the XMM 8000 series with other modems that will bring 5G capabilities to computers and vehicles among other connected things.

This obviously solidifies Intel as a potential mobile powerhouse of the future, but it still has a long way to challenge long-running modem makers as proper competitor, and conquering the mobile sector has always been a struggle for Intel.

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This Dedicated Wrestling Ref Moves Like A Cartoon Character To Keep His Eyes On The Action

Refereeing a wrestling match can be a difficult proposition because the action often takes place so close to the ground and usually obscured by two flailing bodies. To obtain a vantage point that allows them to most effectively judge the match, refs are known to contort and move in very strange — but often effective — ways. 

This high school ref became quick friends with the ground to survey the action in front of him. Not content with maintaining a static view, the ref, arms by his side, writhes with machine-like efficiency to follow the action as the wrestlers quickly rotate in the course of their match. 

The video catches the ref passing through in slapstick fashion, clearly putting it all out on the line to maintain his view. 

In wrestling, no act is as decisive as pinning your opponent. However, to determine that a pin has taken place, the referee must establish that a wrestler’s shoulders or shoulder blades remain on the ground for a certain amount of time. That can’t be done if a referee’s vision is blocked by either wrestler’s body. Hence the incredibly low stance to monitor the match. 

Sure, it makes sense, but it’s also plenty funny, especially for those of us used to seeing referees in a more traditional, less worm-like “standing” pose. 

Celebrities' Sexual Misconduct Apologies Become Shorter And Far More Honest When All The Nonsense Is Removed

Along with the disturbing prevalence of sexual misconduct complaints aimed at celebrities comes a familiar cycle: Following an accusation, an oftentimes rote and formulaic “apology” will follow from the celebrity’s PR camp, conveying sadness and perhaps shouldering an abstract blame, but often failing to express genuine contrition.

Celebrities know that hedging their words may satisfy the public’s desires for an admission while still stopping well short of accepting responsibility and consequences for their actions. The vaguer the apology, the less damning the charges may ultimately be — and the more likely the celebrity in question may recover from their scandal with career and reputation intact. 

It’s understandable why any celebrity, guilty or innocent, would do this, but that doesn’t make the act of submitting a hollow response to serious charges any more palatable. 

Poet Isobel O’Hare has found a clever approach to the empty words that many celebrities are offering up in response to sexual misconduct charges: Armed with a black marker, they’ve (O’Hare uses gender-neutral pronouns) taken to redacting the superfluous and distracting language to get to what many are seeing as the heart of the matter. 

O’Hare’s edits may, to many, be just as distasteful and subjective as the original statements. However, their desire to take meaning from words that have been written solely to serve the accused rather than the victims offers a fascinating perspective on what underlies these Machiavellian apologies. Below are a few of their works amid the nauseating cycle of accusations and apologies. 

Harvey Weinstein

Jess Lacey

Jeremy Piven

Louis C.K. (Version One)

George Takei

Louis C.K. (Version Two)

Speaking to The Daily Dot, O’Hare explained why they undertook 17 revisions of C.K.’s statement. “The Louis C.K. statement in particular, to me, seemed like it was Louis C.K.’s last chance to make everyone look at his dick one more time,” O’Hare said. “Really, dude? Did you have to say ‘my dick’ in your statement about what you did?” 

O’Hare, a survivor of sexual abuse, originally created these modified apologies to share with friends, but upon witnessing the surprisingly positive reaction to the more candid edits, shared the works online. Modifying the narrative to suit someone other than the accused is a powerful weapon at the public’s disposal.

“If I have in some way provided survivors with a tool of empowerment that they can bring into their art and their conversations, then I think that’s fantastic,” O’Hare said. 

The World Should Pay Attention To How Canada Is Apologizing To Its LGBTQ People

Canadians may say “I’m sorry” a lot — but this apology is truly justified. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that the Canadian government will formally apologize to its LGBTQ citizens for the “persecution and injustices” they’ve endured. The symbolic move will help the country “advance together on the path to equality and inclusion.”

The prime minister’s apology — expected to be delivered on Nov. 28 in the House of Commons — will be “the most comprehensive ever offered by any national government for past persecution of sexual minorities,” according to The Globe and Mail.

A primary intent of the apology is to help heal the wounds carried by LGBTQ people directly targeted by the Canadian government in decades past. From 1950 to 1992, thousands of queer Canadians lost their government jobs or were discharged from the military because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Although the details have yet to be finalized, part of the apology will include financial compensation for those who were fired or pressured into quitting because they were LGBTQ.

"It's amazing," Martine Roy, who lost her military job over three decades ago because she’s a lesbian, told The Canadian Press. "Even though, if you fight all your life for that, it's always hard to believe it will happen."

Canada — consistently ranked one of the world’s most LGBTQ-friendly countries — has passed anti-discrimination laws aimed at protecting queer people in recent years. In July, the country took steps to ban discrimination and hate speech targeting transgender and non-binary Canadians. Marriage equality has been the law of the land there since 2005.

Justin Trudeau attends LGBTQ Pride in Toronto in 2017. Photo by Geoff Robins/AFP/Getty Images.

The country’s formal apology lays in stark contrast to the direction of LGBTQ rights in the U.S., which has taken a hit under President Donald Trump. This past summer, Trump moved to ban transgender service members from the military (a decision that’s since been blocked by a federal judge). The U.S. Justice Department, overseen by notably anti-LGBTQ Attorney General Jeff Sessions, intervened in an employment lawsuit in July to argue that lesbian, gay, and bisexual workers shouldn’t be protected from discrimination because of their sexual orientation.

In Canada, however, time and social progress are moving in-sync, and LGBTQ Canadians are more than happy to put the dark days of discrimination behind them.

"It means a lot,” a teary-eyed Roy told The Canadian Press of her country’s formal apology. "It means even more coming from [Trudeau] because I know it's going to come from his heart."

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