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Daredevil Concept Art Teases Season Two
The Man Without Fear returns to Netflix in 2016

Pan has moments of great spectacle and looks gorgeous. But it’s too hurried, and its action sequences badly deteriorate as the movie goes on, rendering it a lackluster start to a potential franchise
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Larry Brezner, Longtime Manager and Producer, Dies at 73
Larry Brezner, a principal of Brezner Steinberg Partners with extensive producing credits, died Monday night at City of Hope Hospital in Duarte of complications from leukemia. He was 73. The well-liked Brezner entered the hospital for treatment in July after he was diagnosed with the disease, according to longtime business partner David Steinberg. Brezner played... Read more »
Keke Palmer on ‘Scream Queens’ Latest Twist: “I’d Be Very Suspicious” (SPOILERS)
Spoiler alert: Do not read until you’ve watched the October 6 episode of “Scream Queens.” Each week on “Scream Queens,” the Red Devil killer has been wreaking havoc on the campus and claiming his victims with unbridled glee. But this week, things took a surprising turn when, rather than murdering college student Zayday (Keke Palmer),... Read more »
‘Suffragette’ Writer Didn’t Set Out to Make a Feminist Film
Abi Morgan discusses women's empowerment in the industry and the hurdles female-driven films face.
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